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The Contest

The Contest - a story by D. Robins (

My wife, Lucy [28, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 9 and a half stone (about 130 lbs.), shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, pert 34B breasts, great figure] and I have been together for several years now, and although at first our sex life was great, it had started to become a little boring, so we decided to spice it up a little. The best way we thought to do this was to introduce some risk, danger and excitement.

It was Lucy who suggested that we get someone else involved. The idea she came up with was that I should compete against another guy in a variety of contests. The overall winner of the tournament would then be treated to a blow job, expertly administered by Lucy, and then if he so desired (and who wouldn’t?) he would be allowed to fuck her, whilst the loser sat and watched the victor receive his well deserved prize.

I thought that this sounded like an interesting idea, although I must admit that I was a little worried about losing, but I was quite confident as I expected that Lucy would weight the contests in my favour.

We set about finding an opponent for me to compete against and thought that the best way was to advertise in the classifieds on an internet site, which we did.

After only a couple of days we had received lots of e-mails replying to the advert. We made a short-list of about five men and from that we selected one, a 29 year old guy named Gus, simply because he was fairly young and lived close by. We replied to his e-mail and gave him our mobile phone number. He contacted us the following evening whilst Lucy was out at her aerobics class, so I spoke to him. He said he was really turned on by the description of Lucy that I had given him and that he was really looking forward to meeting us. I explained that she is turned on by the fantasy of men competing against each other to have her, so she wanted to set up a competition between me and him, the winner getting a blow job and the chance to fuck her, the loser having to sit and watch. Gus said he liked the idea of the game, and that he would probably thrash me easily. To make it a bit more exciting he suggested that the loser should pay the winner 200 pounds for the privilege of watching the action. I agreed to this bet and we arranged for the competition to take place the following evening. He also added that he didn’t like and never used condoms and wasn’t really prepared to make an exception if he won the contest. I told him that that was fine because Lucy much preferred the sensation of bare skin, and that she was on the contraceptive pill.

Lucy spent the whole of the next day organising the competition, thinking up the contests, the scoring system, what she would wear etc.

The doorbell rang at about seven o’clock. I answered it; a guy was standing on the porch, he introduced himself as Gus. I couldn't believe my eyes, he was huge: 6'3" he said, really well built and he had a very confident arrogant stagger as he entered the house. I immediately regretted making the bet with him. He looked me over and chuckled to himself. "Man, I'm gonna whip your ass no problem and take the prize." I introduced him to Lucy who appeared to be very pleased with what she saw. "Hmmm, he said, nice prize - can't wait to get my hands on that body!" Lucy smiled "You'll have to earn it!" she said jokingly.
After a quick stiff drink, Lucy got the competition underway by explaining the rules to us. There would be a series of contest where me and Gus would compete against one another, the winner scoring a point, the loser none. The first person to score four points would be declared the overall winner of the contest and take the prize.

Lucy announced the first contest; it was to be an arm wrestle. We sat on opposite sides of the living room table and clasped hands. Lucy blew a whistle (which she had purchased especially), I strained hard against Gus' arm, and I started to edge his hand toward the table. He looked at me and said "Man, this is even easier than I thought it would be, you'll have to try harder than that, I'm not even pushing", then SLAM! - my hand hit the table hard - it hurt. Gus laughed "One nil to me!". Lucy laughed and applauded Gus' victory.

The next contest was to be push-ups, who could do the most in a minute. Gus won the toss and went first. The whistle was blown, and he set off at rocket speed and didn't slow down much, Lucy had difficulty keeping count, but she reckoned that he managed 97 in the minute. Then it was my turn. The whistle blew, I had managed about 25 after 30 seconds but was really tired and was struggling to push myself up for 26, I collapsed to the floor with Gus' chuckling in my ears. Lucy applauded and said, "Well done Gus, two nil to you". Gus smiled, "Dead easy" he said.

Lucy announced the third competition "basically, you don't have to do anything for this" she told us. "If the winners going to fuck me, he has to have a big cock - it has to be both long and thick, I'm awarding one point for each" she said "Just to let you know, if Gus wins both points, he wins". Gus and myself removed our shoes and trousers; underneath I was wearing boxer shorts. He was wearing a blue pair of tight shorts; the bulge in the front of his shorts said it all. We were told to drop our pants on the count of three, which we did, his cock swung free between his legs and dangled there, Lucy couldn't take her eyes of it and to be honest, neither could I. I have no idea how big it was save to say that it was longer and thicker limp than my cock was when erect (just under 7 inches). Gus studied my cock, a smirk spread across his face "I've won!" he said to me "and now I get to give your wife a proper fucking! - if that pathetic little cock is all she's used to, then her pussy’s gonna be pretty damn tight!" he went on "but, first I think there's the little matter of 200 pounds?” Lucy turned to me "Go on, he won, well, thrashed you fair and square, pay him his winnings." After pulling our pants back up, Lucy went upstairs to get ready whilst I went to fetch my cheque book from my jacket which was hanging in the cloakroom. I returned and Gus watched me write out a cheque for 200 pounds, leaving the name blank for him to fill in himself and handed it to him. “Actually, I’d prefer cash if you don’t mind” he stated arrogantly. I angrily ripped up the cheque, binning it as I returned to my jacket in the cloakroom to fetch my wallet. I found that I only had 90 pounds in cash, which I handed to Gus "Thank you!" he exclaimed “You can write out a cheque for the remaining amount”. I did as he asked and handed it to him. He examined the cheque thoroughly and said “Just checking that you filled the date and amount in correctly - this really was easy money!” he gloated as he went and put the cash and cheque in his trouser pocket. "I can't believe I'm about to fuck your wife silly and you are giving me money for the privilege of watching me do it!" he laughed. "You done this kind of thing before?" he asked. I replied in the negative.

Lucy came back down the stairs, she was wearing her sexy little red dress and what looked like black stockings or tights underneath. Gus stared at her. "Wow" he said, "your wife gives me the horn!". She told him that she was wearing my favourite dress of hers. Lucy took him by the hand and led him up the stairs, I followed. She led him into the master bedroom. I noticed that Lucy had placed one of the dining room chairs facing the bed against one of the walls and I was instructed by Lucy to sit on it, which I did. Lucy sat Gus on the edge of the bed (which was about six feet away from me) and slowly began unbuttoning his shirt. When she had undone all the buttons, she pulled the shirt over his arms and threw it onto the floor. His socks rapidly followed. Gus stood up and said "Feast your eyes on this!" as he pulled his pants to the floor and his erect cock sprang up. I can't deny it, he was huge. On Lucy’s instruction, I fetched a ruler from one of the drawers in the spare room and handed it to her. She measured his cock at just over nine inches long! "Wow!" she said, "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen!". Gus smiled, "Yup", he said, "I've fucked a lotta girls and none of ‘em ever had anyone bigger!" he boasted. He stepped out of his pants and approached Lucy. He placed his hands on her firm breasts and groped them through her dress, “Mmmm, no bra” he said, he continued “You have lovely little titties and I can tell that you’re aroused because your nipples are erect.” Whilst being groped, Lucy eagerly took hold of his cock in one hand, and massaged his balls with the other. Gus looked at me “What do you think of my cock then?” he asked. “It’s quite big” I replied. “I bet you’d like to have one this big!” he chuckled as he put his hands on Lucy's shoulders and pushed her down so that she was kneeling before him. “Do you think she likes it?” he asked me. “I don’t know” I replied. “I think she does” he said as he pushed Lucy’s head down with one hand until her face was approaching his cock. She opened her mouth, and let his cock slowly slide in. She closed her lips around the thick shaft and gently began bobbing her head. Gus groaned with pleasure, he turned to look at me, “Mmmm, Oh I think you can safely say that she definitely likes it!” he looked down at Lucy “don’t you?” Lucy nodded her head vigorously with his cock still in her mouth. To watch your wife enthusiastically sucking on another man's cock is a very strange experience. I felt both intense jealousy and arousal at the same time. I watched as Lucy used her mouth expertly on his cock and fondled his balls with her hands. Occasionally, she would take her mouth off his cock and give his balls a thorough licking, gently sucking first one and then the other ball into her mouth. She would then lick his entire shaft from the base to the tip, before returning his cock to the warmness of her mouth. By this stage, his substantial tool was absolutely rock hard and he often let out a groan of pleasure. He looked across at me a few times and made comments purely designed to humiliate me, such as "Mmmm, your lassy gives great head", “Your wife’s warm mouth feels great on my cock” and "You like to see her sucking a huge, monster cock, don't you?". After a while, he beckoned me over "Come and have a closer look at the action" he said. I stood up and took a few steps toward them until I was stood right beside the action. I watched closely as Lucy eagerly slipped his cock in and out of her mouth, occasionally she would lick the head of his cock, collecting the pre-cum that had oozed out before plunging his member back into her mouth again, much to his pleasure. "It'll not be long before her tonsils will be coated with my cum!" moaned Gus. Lucy commented that I never came when she sucked me. Gus laughed as he looked at me "That doesn't surprise me one bit!" he chuckled. I stepped back to retake my seat. "Where do you think you're going?" asked Gus, "Don't you want to have a close up view of your wife’s mouth being pumped full of my spunk?" I didn't answer, but stayed where I was. Gus was obviously close to cumming, and Lucy sucked harder. Gus grabbed Lucy's head between his hands, holding it hard against his cock and let out a load groan of pleasure and all of a sudden Lucy began to choke as Gus erupted his hot sperm into her mouth. As her mouth filled, his thick semen started to run down her chin. Lucy had swallowed what she was able to keep in her mouth, the rest had squirmed out onto her lips and dribbled down her chin, she ran her tongue round her lips and used a finger to collect the remaining cum from her chin and pushed it into her mouth, licking the finger clean afterwards. Lucy went to the bathroom to clean herself up a bit and to have a drink of water and I sat down again. Gus' cock dangled semi-hard between his legs. He looked at me and said "Mmm I sure enjoyed that, your wife's a fucking great cock sucker, I just hope she's as good a fucker!" he continued "Now you've seen what my cock can deliver, do you think your wife’s pussy can cope with it?" I shrugged my shoulders and replied that I wasn't sure. "Well, it's gonna be a lot of fun finding out!" replied Gus.

Lucy returned, suitably refreshed. "Now for the main feature" said Gus. Lucy stood before him, he grabbed the bottom of her dress and lifted it up revealing that she was wearing black panties and a black suspender belt and stockings. I noticed that Gus' cock was now fully erect again so soon after cumming, a feat that I have never been able to achieve. He slowly ran his hands up her legs, over her stocking tops and along her thighs, he gently groped her buttocks. With both hands, he grabbed the waist band of her black panties and yanked them forwards aggressively. There was a load tearing sound as the panties ripped and came loose, exposing her hairy pussy. He threw the torn panties toward me and exclaimed “Here, you can have your wife’s ripped knickers as a booby prize!”, I caught them. One of his hands found it's way onto the inside of her leg and he moved it upwards slowly, caressing the inside of her thigh. His hand approached her pussy and his fingers quickly navigated their way through Lucy’s forest of black pubes. He began gently stroking the sensitive folds of her vagina "Mmmm" said Gus, looking at me, "She's extremely wet, which is just as well if I'm gonna get all of my cock in her! – I’d better make sure she’s as wet as possible." Lucy let out a little moan of pleasure as one of his fingers disappeared from sight as it slipped inside her, quickly followed by another and then a third. He gently fingered her pussy for a couple of minutes. Lucy’s juices were really flowing by now and she was really starting to get into it when Gus said to me “Do you think your wife’s lubricated enough for my thick cock yet?” I looked at her absolutely sopping pussy and said “Oh, I think so.” Gus removed his fingers and said to Lucy “Okay, your boyfriend thinks you’re wet enough for my cock to slip inside, let’s fuck!” Lucy started to remove her dress. "No!" shouted Gus, "Every time you wear his favourite dress I want him to be reminded of the time that he watched you being properly fucked by another guy with a huge cock!" Gus stood up and laid Lucy on her back on the bed. Her arse rested on the back of her dress, and he hoisted the front of it up over her hips, and pulled her legs apart. Her pussy lips were now clearly visible through all her pubic hair. Gus knelt between her legs and f***ed them even further apart, "You're gonna have to open your legs as wide as you can if we're gonna get all of this in" he said, motioning toward his enormous rock-hard cock. Lucy now lay on the bed, her legs further apart than I had imagined they could go. Gus placed one hand on either side of her head and eased himself forward, his swollen cock approaching her vagina. Lucy grabbed his cock in her hand and rubbed the head over her moist pussy lips. Gus looked at her "Are you ready for this?" he asked. She nodded vigorously. He continued "I'm not gonna stick it in you until your boyfriend asks me to, nicely.” He turned to me “and I feel I ought to warn you that once she’s tasted monster cock, she’ll be hooked on it" he said, motioning towards his cock. "Well?" said Gus. I said nothing. "Ask him to!" demanded Lucy. I thought hard for a few seconds - this guy was just about to fuck MY wife and he wanted me to ask him to do it! On the other hand, he had won the competition fair and square and we had come way too far, it was far too late to stop and besides, Lucy looked really up for it. I looked at Gus and said "Please.” He shrugged his shoulders, “Please what?” he replied. I couldn’t believe he was being this cruel, it was hard enough to go through with this anyway without him humiliating and embarrassing me like this. But then I realised that my cock was fully engorged and that I was actually extremely aroused, what the hell I thought. “Please Gus, Will you please fuck my wife with that huge cock of yours". He chuckled, obviously enjoying my humiliation, "With pleasure" he said as he eased himself forward. Lucy guided his cock toward her pussy. I watched closely as slowly his penis head pressed onto her vaginal opening, her lips parted to admit the tip of his cock. Lucy gasped and then moaned as the whole head disappeared inside. Gus eased in a little more - she slowly stretched to accommodate his thickness. Gus looked at Lucy "You're so fucking tight!" he exclaimed. Lucy smiled and groaned a little. Gus continued, "It's not hurting is it? You’ve almost got it all in now, just a little more...." with that he pushed himself forward and the remainder of his cock slipped inside. Lucy groaned and gasped "I'm stretched to the limit, I never thought I'd get all of it in me!" I must admit I was a little surprised too, she had always seemed pretty tight even with my relatively thin penis. Gus pushed on his arms and slowly withdrew his cock until only the head was left inside, then without warning he plunged it all back in which evoked a loud scream of pleasure from Lucy. Gus grinned and looked over at me "I hope I'm not stretching her pussy permanently for you" he said, insincerely. Gus started to speed up his action; with every thrust forward his balls slapped against Lucy's arse - much to her obvious pleasure. "God, your cock’s fucking big!" she exclaimed on more than one occasion. "The biggest you've had?" asked Gus. "Fuck yes!" she gasped in reply "by a long way". Gus began to slow down his thrusting, until he had almost come to a standstill, I wondered what he was doing but then realised that he was teasing Lucy as she began to squirm beneath him. He teased her, just keeping the head of his cock in her pussy. She started to buck her hips, trying to get more of his cock in her, but he wouldn't let her have it, I could see she was getting quite desperate. I could see the pleasure on Gus' face as he observed my wife in desperation for his cock. She finally broke "Come on, fuck me!" she shouted. "What?" replied Gus, pretending not to hear. "Please fuck me, fuck me hard!" screamed Lucy. This was Gus' cue to give Lucy the hardest hammering she's ever had, he was relentless and I am ashamed to say it, but she loved it - I've never heard her groan and scream so much. I looked at her face as she screamed, the ecstasy I saw there made it obvious she was about to experience her first ever orgasm (It is here that I must ashamedly admit to never having made her come and she has told me her ex failed to do so also). "Oh fuck, yes!!!" she screamed "Your so fucking good!” I sat and watched in silence as a stranger brought my wife the greatest sexual pleasure she has ever had. Once her climax was over, Gus withdrew his cock, it glistened with Lucy’s vaginal juices. He lifted Lucy’s legs up into the air and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her virgin arse – I couldn’t believe that she was going to let him bugger her, but she didn’t even utter a word of complaint as he pressed his cock against her hole. Gus seemed to be pushing forward quite hard, but Lucy’s sphincter was obviously giving too much resistance. Just when I started to think that he might give in, the head of his penis started to ease it’s way in accompanied by a few groans from my wife, then all of a sudden, Lucy gasped loudly as his cock was buried up to the hilt in her backside. Gus pulled it about half way out, then thrust it all the way in again a couple of times. This must have been sufficient to loosen her arsehole and he started to increase his rhythm, eventually his balls were slapping against her cheeks. He relentlessly slammed his cock as far into her arsehole as it would go. Lucy grabbed Gus' buttocks, looked him in the eye and said "Come on!". Gus began to grind into her even harder, edging ever closer to his inevitable orgasm. "Fucking hell!" he shouted, "I'm gonna empty my balls into your tight little arse!" He then pushed himself right inside her, groaned loudly and shuddered as he carried out his promise and pumped his hot semen deep into my wife’s backside. Once his balls were emptied, he rested on his elbows for a couple of seconds, and then withdrew his cock and knelt back. A blob of cum dripped from the head of his cock onto the inside of Lucy's dress. Lucy remained on the bed, relaxing after her first ever orgasm. Gus stood up, his now flaccid (but still huge) cock dangling between his legs. He quickly dressed in silence. He stuck out his hand toward me. I took it and shook his hand. "No hard feelings eh?" he said. I shook my head, lying. "That was great fun, we should do it again sometime, it really is something to fuck a tight little pussy like your lassies, I sincerely hope I haven't stretched her permanently for you, oh and thanks for the money" he said, "I'll cash the cheque tomorrow, I'll see myself out." He turned to go, but before he did, he kissed Lucy on the lips and said "thanks for that darling" to which she replied, "No, thank YOU!" Gus laughed and walked out of the room.

After he had left the house, I tidied up the bedroom and helped Lucy clean herself up in the bathroom. She stood over the toilet to let Gus’s cum drain from her and we were both amazed at the amount of semen that dribbled out of her arsehole. Lucy commented that when he came inside her, she could feel his cock pulsating and the spurts of cum shooting out into her, a sensation that she had not experienced before. Lucy’s vagina had been stretched so much that it was a little sore for a couple of days afterwards and so she did not feel like any sexual activity. After that time, the first couple of times we had sex I noticed that she was definitely looser than I remembered, but fortunately after about a fortnight I didn’t notice this any more. We sometimes talk about that evening and it seems to turn Lucy on and get her in the mood for sex, although unfortunately she has still been unable to achieve orgasm when we have sex. Since the contest, every time Lucy wears that lovely red dress of hers, I am reminded of what happened that night, and to this day there still remains a small semen stain on the inside of her dress.

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