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A sexy night withmy cousin s****r

one day i visited my cousin s****rs house. my cousin s****r was three years older then me. all the people in her house went out for a tour. it was 10.00pm. myself and my cousin were alone and we were in one cousin went to change her night dress in bathroom. she came out she was too sexy.her boobs were so tight in the dress. her ass was so sexy.i became so horny.she bent down to take something down i saw her cleavage and i became so horny.we started talking.i thought of touching her boobs so i asked her to write her phone number in my hand so she took my hand to near to her boobs at that time i just tried peep over her and saw her boobs.while she was writing i just acted as taking my hand and touched her was so soft.after that we watched the t.v and we slept.she turned over i saw her ass it was so round and i slightly touched it.if was so soft.then i just tried to open her shirt button. she was so tired so she was sl**ping so well.she was wearing a white thin bra i and slightly tried to touch her boobs.she suddenly walked up. she was shocked and asked me that do u want to touch her boobs. i slowly said yes.she turned strait and removed her shirt and said me to touch he boobs i enjoyed doing that.and i slowly removed her bra i touched her nipples and i licked it she was moaning and moaning. she said enough and she wore her dress and told me to sl**p and was so horny i just touched her boobs again and i turned back and i slept. morning she did not ask anything about the things happened. it was sexy night for me.

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