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A f****y Friend 7: Revenge

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“Dad we need to talk…” I said to my father as he was eating his breakfast. “What is it son?’ he asked. “There’s something I have to tell you..and…. I don’t know exactly how to say it” I said. “Well just spit it out son” he said. Funny all this time I had been swallowing, now came the time for spitting. “Well…, here it goes” I responded. I told him everything. How Artie made a video of me wearing moms clothes and fucking him, the gangbang with his friends, the gay club that pretty much killed me, and the prostitution. Then I told him how I was Kelly. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t believe that his own son was the one that he fucked the night before. I told him how Artie isn’t really a friend at all and that he has been abusing me for weeks now. My father was now pissed off. Imagine the Hulk, except 10 times worse. He was about to rush to the door and kill Artie himself, but I stopped him. I told him that killing him won’t solve anything, it won’t put a bandage on all the cocks that have used me. Instead, we need to extract revenge. Me and my father spent all week coming up with a plan, this time we knew it would work. It was now Friday, and my mother was expected home on Monday.

Since it was Friday, that meant it was time for me to go to Artie’s for the weekend shift. I left the house feeling very confident and giddy. We were gonna expose that bitch Artie for everything. I arrived at Artie’s an hour early as expected. He got me all dolled up in a light blue lingerie set, white stocking, hot pink lipstick, and a blonde wig. Artie then chained me up and left me. I didn’t mind it this time, cause I knew it was the last. Finally, the clock struck 9. Part 1 of our plan was about to commence. *Ring* *Ring*…*Ring* *Ring*. Artie answered the phone. My father was on the other line telling Artie that he was feeling lonely again and wondering if he could stop by again. “Sure!” Artie said, “Kelly has been dying to see you again.” “Alright” my father said, “I’ll be there in 30.” Artie tried to tell my father not to come til alter but he was already on his way. He then unchained me and told me to wait on the couch. Only a few horny men arrived at the door looking for a good time, but Artie just shooed them off and told them to return in an hour or so. Then I heard my father pull up. Part 2 was about to happen. My father came to the door, talked up Artie a bit and then they sat down in the living room with me already waiting on the couch. My father sat next to me and we all talked for a bit. I had to make it look realistic, so I started rubbing my father’s cock through his pants. Artie and my father talked for a quite a bit, drinking with conversation. Part 2 of the plan was to get Artie pretty well hammered. But Artie knew he couldn’t drink too much, he had to shell me out to all those horny men waiting. But we had prepared for that. The two men continued talking for a bit, Artie did not notice me pull out a needle from my father’s pants pocket. My father eventually stopped and told Artie that he should be leaving. He stood up and walked towards the door, Artie followed. As the two men stood by the closed front door, I snuck up behind Artie and jabbed the needle in his neck. He turned around and gasped, but it didn’t take long for the d**g to completely knock him out. This was part 3 of the plan.

When Artie came to, he would find himself lying face down on his own bed with his arms and legs tied to each bedpost. He would also find out he was wearing the outfit that he had put on me. I was standing there in front of him wearing my jeans and shirt. To Artie’s surprise he was only u*********s for 30 minutes. We were now ready for part 4. My father unzipped his pants, whipped out his cock and stuck in Artie’s face, telling him to suck it. I did the same, except I was behind him. Artie started crying. He knew it was over. There we were now, my father’s cock in Artie’s face, and mine in his ass. We fucked him rough. Me and father switched holes over and over. And when it came time, we both spewed our load into his face. “Sweet justice” I thought, but the fun wasn’t over. It was now midnight. Artie was weary from the d**g and from the fucking. My father and I grabbed Artie and took him to the room where I would be kept. We threw him onto the swing and chained him, just as he had done to me so many times before. Now for part 5 of the plan. This was a two part step. My father would take over Artie’s role and invite the men in. I would stay away from the men (in case any of them happened to notice me) and get busy getting hard evidence for the police. One by one, cock after cock went into the room where Artie was being held and fucked him. As a nice touch, I decided to equip Artie with a blindfold just as he had done to me, so he wouldn’t know who anybody was. Screams of pain and terror rocked the entire house as Artie got fucked. I couldn’t believe it, this man f***ed me to do things I never dreamt of and yet, I never cried like a bitch. It was now 2am. I guess Artie had another group party planned, because a large group of 8 men came in saying they had an appointment. My father showed them to the room and told them to have fun. Boy did they ever have fun. They unchained Artie from the swing and fucked him harder than I had ever seen. It almost made me jealous. It made me even more jealous seeing those large cocks spew incredibly lofty loads of cum all over Artie. But it made me laugh even harder. The group of men finished around 4am. Artie sat on the floor crying, dripping buckets of cum. And I guess Artie had scheduled another group fuck that night because around 5am another fairly large group arrived. This time about 5 men came in and were shown where to go. I knew know, that this is why Artie was crying. He knew what was in store for him because he set it all up for me. These 5 men were brutal. They jerked, tossed, and threw him around the room fucking him in every position imaginable, even some I don’t think I had seen before. They left at around a quarter after 6am. Now it was time for part 6 of the plan, the police. We called the police and told them everything. As we waited for them to arrive, my father stashed all the money Artie had been keeping from exploiting me into his car. The police arrived shortly after and we showed them all the video evidence that Artie had been keeping around. By this time Artie was cleaned up, incredibly sore however, and lying on his bed. The police swiftly arrested him and sent him to jail. We could now fulfill part 7 of the plan, living out our lives in peace. We went home that morning in triumph. We grabbed a few beers and sat around talking watching the sunrise. Well, I did anyways. My father passed out before me. We enjoyed the rest of the weekend we had and waited for my mother to come back home. We never told her what happened, and had no plans to do so whatsoever.

My father and I attended Artie’s sentencing, luckily I wasn’t called up to trial since Artie pleaded guilty right off the bat. I guess he knew he didn’t stand a chance in hell of getting off. Artie was sentenced 30 years in prison without bail. I thought it was a little harsh, but I guess prostitution wasn’t the only thing Artie was guilty of. He had apparently been wanted down in Georgia fraud and d**g manufacturing. He came back home to try and escape from the police. So now instead of me getting fucked every night by a large amount of random guys, it was now Artie, who I had heard was the new prison bitch. And everybody was taking a turn, every day. Remember how Artie threatened to take me down to the prison for a conjugal visit with the inmates? Well now that’s his job whenever an inmate’s visitor doesn’t show. This really was the sweetest of justices. Artie finally got what was cumming to him, and he was getting it every night.

As for me, well, outside of Rick and Henry I never told a soul about what happened. And only a handful of people actually knew. I continued my schooling that fall, going to college and getting an education. One day I actually bumped into Megan, the one from the bachelorette party. She didn’t recognize me, but I told her who I was. She apologized for that night and told me that they were just really d***k and wanted to have fun. I accepted her apology and asked her if she was friends with Alexis. She said she was and that they hung out all the time. I told Megan that I was infatuated with Alexis, and she said that she’d talk to her and work something out. I have now been dating Alexis for 2 years now and I plan to propose after graduation. She wasn’t much older than me, but had already graduated from college with a degree in biology. Her cock is now the only one I suck. I would often suck my friends or my fathers if he was lonely (and d***k) enough. But I stopped once me and Alexis began to get really serious with our relationship. My friends and f****y don’t know about Alexis, and we feel it’s best to keep it that way. We plan to have k**s one day, Megan has already agreed to be the surrogate mother. I’ll just have to keep Alexis away from my folks for a few months, it’ll be hard to explain how we had a k** without her actually getting pregnant. We lived our lives as happily as ever, putting my bad past behind me, once and for all.

The End.

I just want to take this time now to say, thank you to everyone who has read, enjoyed, and commented on this series of stories. It was really fun for me and I really enjoyed doing it. This may be the last of the series, but it will not be the last of my writing. Thank you everyone! And may porn be with you!

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