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My little runaway

Here is a true story, of a girl I had in high school.

In the city I grew up in there were many parks, at the park we and my friends palyed in had a canyon next to with trees that came almost all the way to the ground, so in other words a great place to hide out. Me and my friends built this bad ass club house that had everything a teen would want. We had a toilet we found that we conected to a pipe that went into a storm drain, nobody could do #2 in there that was the only rule. so early one morning around 6 am I was going to the park to do some running getting ready for football, I decided to stop by the club house to use the bathroom, I knew we couldn't take a shit in there but I had to. So I climb thru the bush and saw someone laying on a old futon my buddies mom let us have. At first I was pissed because I thought it was this bum, who knew that it was our clubhouse and would sl**p in there abd fuck it up. So as I walked up to the futon ready to swing. I stepped on a brkoen branch and made a noise and a female shot up.

I really starrtled her, and she stumbled out of the futon and fell on the ground. I ran over to help her up. I asked "are you alright?" She said yes" yeah, you scared me". "I'm sorry" I said She asked " is this your clubhouse" I said "yeah". "Sorry I woke you up" I said I just came in here to take a shit" she almost actually scared the shit out of me. She told me she wasn't sl**ping, and I could now tell what she was doing. She had her pants around her ankles, and a stolen porno we had hanging around. "hi I'm Janette" she said I helped her off the ground. She pulled up her pants and buckled them. "I'm Neil" I said reaching out to shake her hand, but she wouldn't take my hand." Well I gotta go" she said, "sorry about breaking into your spot" she said. I told her she was fine and didn't have to leave. " you can chill here if you want, nobody else was going to be here today" I told her. "Are you sure?" She asked" oh yeah I said". Ill keep you company. We chatted for afew minutes and I told her I thought she was a bum who was sneaking in and fucking it up. She told me that she was a runaway, and had stayed there the last few nights after stumbling in one night.

I didn't know what to say say, so I change the subject to the porno she was looking at. " do you like our porno stash" I said. " yeah" she said" so you saw what I was doing?" She asked I said "yeah". " I'm so embarressed" she said said " don't be, I do it too, I have stroked off quite a few times on that couch many of times" I said " I won't tell my buddies that" I said, this was a time when you didn't tell anyone that. " I probably would have done the same after I went to bthe bathroom" at that point I realized how bad I had to go. " do you mind turning around so I can go" she said ok and turned around and I went. I wiped and pored water in the bowl and flushed it down to the drain. I turned and realized I had a huge boner" nice" she said and statrted walking toward me.

This girl was a classic runaway girl with koolaid dyed red and blonde hair with red lip stick on her teeth. She was wearing a tight tank top and a dingy white bra. Her pants were dirty and ripped and I saw earlier she had red thong on. I don't know got into me but as she walked up to me I reached out and grabed her and we started kissing. We stumbled over to the couch and started taking off clothes. She had a a nicely trimmed bush. She grabbed my cock and stroked it for a while while we made out then put me in her mouth.I had quite a few blowjobs by this time but this was something else. She could tell I was going to cum so she stopped and put my hand into her soking wet pussy and rode me hand. With my other hand I reached in between the couch cushions looking for a condom, tjhat we put in there. " fuck" I said" she jumped off my ahnd and said" what happened". " there was a condom in here" she pointed to the ground to a used condom on the ground. I was so mad but she said said it ok" and reached into her pocket and pulled out her pack of birth contol popped one in her mouth and layed on her back. I asked if she was clean and she said "yeah". So I put my cock in her, and experienced the wet feeling of pussy on the skin of my cock for the first time.

I had fucked before but never without a condom. We fucked for a few more moments and we both started to peak and she started digging her nails into my back as I blew my first ever cum shot inside her pussy. Sh I just collapsed and rolled over and layed there. " that was fun" she said and she fingered her pussy and pulled some of the cum outta her pussy and did something I wasn't ready for, she ate. My cum off her fingers. I was frwaked and asked her" what the hell are you doing" she told me I love the taste of cum and my pussy". Then got on her knees and strted sucking her juices off my now flaccid cock. I got up and asked her. What she was doing today" she said " nothing" I aksked if she wanted to hang out with me. She said yes and we got dressed and left . We got breakfast and went back to my house and was not surprised my parents weren't home so we went in and fucked some more. We repeted our routine everyday for a week then I went back to the clubhouse one morning and shw wasn't there but she left her cummed stained panties for me with a note that said" hey thanks for the fun but I'm gonna go back home." So I yanked one put into her panties, and finally got a good workout in.

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