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Invitation to a Beach

Chapter 11.

The name couldn’t have described it better. As we got closer, I could see that every person was having sex with at least one other person in the group. Mark was on his back and Courtney was astride his waist, pumping up and down. Kenya was on Mark’s face opposite Courtney, sliding he pussy back and forth. Courtney and Kenya were embraced in a long deep kiss and feeling each other’s breasts.

Luke also lay on his back and was obviously fucking Sandra who was on top. But Juan Carlos was taking Sandra from behind as well. I couldn’t make out if they were both in her pussy or if Juan Carlos had taken a rear entry. Megan was, not surprisingly, face planted in Angel’s pussy. Angel was giving a passionate blow-job to Richie, who moved his hips as he fucked her face. The sounds of moaning and passion rose from the group.

They didn’t notice us approach until Max shouted, “Hello, fuckers!” We were standing right over Juan Carlos and his threesome. The Dominican looked up, and without missing a stroke said, “Where you been? You’re missing the orgy!”

“We had a date at Indian Rock,” Max explained. “but Ellen has been complaining that she’s been here since morning and still doesn’t have any cum in her pussy.”

“Hey everybody,” Juan Carlos shouted gleefully, “we got a cum bucket!”

I tugged Max’s arm. “What’s he mean by that?” I asked.

“Well,” he said, “It could be you, if you like. Sometimes one of the girls wants to finish up all the guys. When they’re just about ready to cum, they switch off into you.”

“That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard!” I said. “It’s messy enough with just one load, not five.”

“Four,” Max corrected. “I’m empty, remember? And you can douche it all out afterwards. We have running water in the clubhouse.”

I watched the writhing mass of naked copulating flesh before me. After my experiences today, nothing I’d done so far seemed that out of line, kind of a natural extension of the philosophy Max had described. They were all so casual, and so friendly.

I took a breath. “OK,” I said. “Sounds fun. What do I do?”

Max led me to our blanket and I got on my back. He took a bottle of lube from someone’s bag. “This might be a good idea, at least at first. You won’t need it after a while.”

I squirted a bunch of the slick liquid in my pussy and rubbed it around inside with my fingers as Max watched from his towel next to me. It wasn’t long before we heard, “Oh shiiiiit!” It was Mark, all muscles and a rigid erection running up the bank for us.

“Now, now, now!’ he shouted as he ran.

I spread my legs for him and his cock was in me in a flash. He pumped my pussy as I lay on my back and I felt my cunt get very wet very quickly. He came in me, pounding it in and moaning as he filled my pussy with jizz.

When he finished, he pulled out and thanked me, then walked down the beach. I could see droplets of semen fly off his cock as he walked. When he got to the water, he fell in face first.

My second customer was Richie, whose cock was standing straight up from Angel’s blow job. “She doesn’t usually swallow,” he said. He didn’t need an excuse. Richie came hard after a few minutes in my pussy.

Juan Carlos was next. He had been doubling up on Sandra’s pussy with Luke, which must have been painful because he and Luke were both pretty well endowed. “How’s Sandy?” I asked, concerned, as Juan Carlos mounted me and slid his cock into my now overly lubricated hole.

“Ahhhh,” said Juan Carlos as he slid into the mush. “She love Dominican cock,” he said, “and she very loose in the pussy.” Juan Carlos lasted longer than most, but came in gushes. His load finally filled my pussy with cum and I felt it running out of my cunt and down my ass.

David came over with his cock in hand, stroking it tenderly. “Looks like a swamp down there,” he commented on all the semen which I felt dripping out of my slit. “Get on your knees for me. I like doing it from behind.”

I obliged, getting up and presenting my ass to him. I looked between my legs from underneath and could see his balls as he pushed a lovely large cock into my messy wet hole. He held my hips and pounded me until I heard him grunt, and felt it fill my cavity once more.

Finally, to my surprise, Luke, Mister I-Never-Cum came over, his lovely studded cock standing straight out. “Are you full or do you want some more?” he asked sarcastically.

“Bring it on,” I said. Always room for one more.”

Luke had me on my back, so I could feel those wonderful studs again. They ripped over my clit, sending thrills up my pussy just like he had in the water by the dock. I felt like cumming but before I could, his cock sent what felt like gallons of cum spurting up inside me.

I’d done it. I was cum bucket for everybody except Max. I felt sorry for him but after all, he’d been the first to fill up my little asshole, so he shouldn’t feel left out.

I stood up, intending to go into the lake to clean up, but Max reminded me of the douche in the club house. Everyone was walking up the hill together, so we joined them.

I can’t tell you how much cum was pouring out of my pussy as we walked up that hill. It streamed down the insides of both legs and dripped in gobs off my pussy lips.

At the clubhouse, champagne was being passed around. I was going to ask about the showers when Juan Carlos put a glass in my hand. “Nice goin’ little lady,” he said, toasting me. “Hey everybody, let’s hear it for our cum bucket!”

He raised his glass and clinked mine, then gestured toward the group, as if I was supposed to walk around and clink with everyone else. So I did, the guys cum still dribbling out of my clit each time I moved or laughed. But it was fun to cheer everybody and as soon we dissolved into cocktail conversation, I forgot my wet cunt and joined in.

I talked for a long time with Megan, who told me she was proud of me for going so far on a first day. “You really are a trooper,” she said. “A lot of firsts?”

“Well, let’s see.” I thought for a second. “First time naked in front of people. First time fucking a stranger. First time destroying a dock while fucking. First time having sex with a woman, first anal sex…”

“No! Really?”


“With who?” Megan asked, astonished.

“Max, on that rock thing.” I continued, “First group sex and first gang bang. That’s a full day. My pussy feels like turkey jerky.”

“Wow. For a new nudist you went pretty far with our little philosophy.”

“Well, I may not get to do it again. You never know.” I winked, “It’ll be something to tell the grand k**s.”

Megan and I were laughing as Max walked over to us. “Can I get you girls anything?’

I thought about my soggy pussy, which was slowly drying into a crusted mass between my legs. “I’d still like to find that water you said the club had.”

“Oh, sorry, Max apologized. I thought you already had. Follow me.”

Max led me around the far side of the building to a garden hose hanging in the sun on the wall of the shack. He pulled off a length of it and handed it to me. “Let me turn it on.”

The water ran out of the hose in a lazy stream. It was warm, and I let it run all down my front. “Want some?” I offered it to Max. “It feels really nice.”

“Thanks, but I’ll shower when I get home.” Max said. “Speaking of which, it’s about four o’clock. When do you want to head back?”

Cold, fresh water was now coming out of the hose and I rinsed it down between my thighs as we talked. “I’m good for a while,” I said, stroking my legs in the stream. “This is a fun group. Are the other members as friendly?”

“Mostly,” Max said. “Like they say, ‘The group that fucks together…’ ” He let the sentence drift off unfinished, but I got the point.

I put the nozzle of the hose against my pussy lips and pushed it so the stream filled my vagina with cool, cleansing water. It splashed out down my arm. “Yeah,” I mused. “Guess it’s easier to be friendly that way. Doesn’t anybody get jealous?”

“Not really,” Max said. Most of the members here are pretty secure in their relationships. And everybody seems to ‘get it,’ to get the concept that it’s just sex. I’ll bet most of the people here will go back home and make love tonight and it will be just as romantic as ever.”

I pulled the hose out of my pussy and handed it to Max. “Thanks,” I said. I’ll be a lot less sticky.”

Max shut off the faucet and wrapped the hose back on its hook. “I overheard you telling Megs your list of firsts today,” Max said as we walked back to the party. “I had one today myself.”

“Really,” I said. I couldn’t imagine coming here since the age of eighteen and not having done everything possible. “What was that/”

Max looked at me and smiled, “I’ve never chatted with a woman while she douched her pussy with a garden hose. You must feel pretty comfortable in this place.”

I hadn’t realized it but he was right. I had become so accustomed to being naked, to being intimate in front of everyone, and being completely open about my sexuality that I had douched myself in front of Max without a thought.

Max continued, “So would you like to come back if they open for the summer?”

“Sure,” I said. “Just let me know when. Next time I won’t bring my bikini.”

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