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Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 8

Chapter 8.

After our picnic feast, some of the group went back to the beach, others hung around talking. I was by the trash cans throwing away my paper plate and plastic cutlery when Max joined me.

“Nice lunch,” he said. “Juan Carlos is a great cook.”

“I liked the Moroccan chicken,” I said. “And the watercress salad.”

“Time for a swim?” Max asked.

“Mother always said not for an hour after eating, I chided. “How about you introduce me to some of the others.”

We headed down the hill, back to the beach. ”Who have you met so far?” Max asked.

“Let’s see,” I said trying to remember the names. “Luke and Megan of course, the black woman, Kenya, Mark, Richie and the cute little blonde one…”

“Angel,” Max filled in.

“And your friend Courtney.”

You’ve been busy,” Max commented appreciatively. “Let’s see.” Max surveyed the beachfront towels. Some of the group had paired off into couples and were back to playing around with each other. We walked toward one couple casually copulating on a towel. It was David, the male part of the anniversary couple, and the woman I saw fucking Juan-Carlos so avidly. They were having an animated conversation as they screwed on the towel.

“Hi, David,” Max interrupted. “Sandra.”

The couple was fucking side-saddle. Both lay on their sides. His legs entwined hers, allowing the two of them to pretty much face each other Their genitals were locked together and both were gently pushing back and forth on each other, his cock sliding languidly in and out of her pussy. On the out strokes, her pink labia appeared around his cock.

“Hey, Max,” the blonde woman said cheerily. “What’s happenin’?”

“I want you to meet a friend of mine from college,” Max said. “Ellen, this is Sandra. Ellen, you’ve already met Richie.”

“Hi,” I said. I don’t know if I looked embarrassed or what, but what do you say to a couple you’re meeting for the first time who are lying naked on the ground in front of you and fucking? I extended my hand, which Sandra took politely.

“So how do you like it here?” David asked without missing a stroke in Sandra’s pussy.

“I like it…a lot!” I said. People here are so friendly.” In that instant, it sounded so lame.
David burst out laughing and looked at his partner. “Sandy, do you think we’re friendly here?” Sandra laughed and continued pumping her hips on his cock.

A voice piped up from down by the water. “David, where’s the sunscreen?” It was Courtney, the Asian girl, coming out of the water with Juan-Carlos. He had his hand on her butt. His dick was hard, standing straight out from his pubes.

“I put it in our beach bag, honey,” David shouted back without looking. ”By the red cooler.” He explained, I guess to me, the stranger in the group, “She’s Korean. Very sensitive skin, so she has to keep up with the sunscreen.”

I guessed David and Courtney were a couple. The fact that everybody shared with anybody made it hard to pin down who was actually with whom. Not that it mattered, but it helped keep names and people straight in my head. I was amazed how two people could casually fuck and carry on polite conversation at the same time. I think I was finally beginning to understand what Max said about the club.

We proceeded down toward the water. I asked, “Who’s Sandra with?”

“Juan-Carlos,” Max answered, “our resident Dominican comedian. We’ll meet him next.”

Juan-Carlos was smearing sunscreen on Courtney’s back. Her straight black hair moved in flowing waves down her shoulders each time he pressed forward from behind her. His cock was still hard, pointing straight at Courtney’s butt.

“Hey, Juan,” Max said loudly, “getting’ some Korean pussy there?”

Juan turned and slid his hands under Courtney’s arms, ending up with her perfect little breasts in his hands. “Yeaa,” he said, in a dirty-old-man voice as he squeezed her tits, “Not like Dominican pussy, but not bad.” He grinned a sly grin. His cock must have stuck Courtney in her butt crack when he reached forward, but she only reacted with a little smile and closed eyes.

“This is Ellen,” Max introduced. “We’re friends at school.”

Juan-Carlos turned to me and asked, “You fuckin’ this prick?”

“Not really,” I said, thinking about our oral sex. It wasn’t what I’d call fucking, exactly.

“Good,” he said. “You can fuck me when I get done fucking this Chinese girl.”

Courtney swung her arm around him and slapped Juan-Carlos hard on the side of his butt. “Korean!” she corrected, eyes still closed.

“Whatever,” Juan-Carlos said. “Nice meeting you. Maybe we’ll fuck next time.”

“I hope so,” I said.

Max and I strolled around the lake and looked at the beauty of the smooth water. I felt very grateful for being here. I thought for a moment, then said, “Max, I really want to thank you for bringing me to this place. I’d never have done this on my own.”

“No problem, Ellen,” Max said. “The pleasure’s been all mine. You’ve been a really great sport.”

“I don’t know if you realize it but this has been a life changing experience for me,” I said. “The idea of such sexual freedom is so, so… I can’t really describe it.”

Max replied seriously, “I like to think of it as the casting off of sexual restraint. So often we stand in our own way, afraid of doing something wrong socially. Here it’s understood that being sexual isn’t wrong. Like Courtney and me. We started having sex when we first came here. For us now, it’s like we can go back and enjoy each other again and no one cares.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I was wondering about that Indian Rock thing.”

“Would you like to see it?” Max offered. “It’s really kinda cool.”

“Sure,” I said eagerly. “I could use a walk after that lunch. How far is it?”

“Not far.”

“You said that when we were driving here.”

Max and I headed off into the woods, up a narrow, foot-worn path that wound around the lake. It was a steady but gentle climb, snaking around natural rock formations, trees and bushes.

It was again such a free, sensual experience, walking through the woods with no clothes on. Going through green passageways and feeling the leaves and grasses brush your bare skin was sheer joy for me. Just the idea of being able to go anywhere, walk for miles naked and unconcerned was amazing.

We crested the hill at a small opening in the trees. There in the sun was a huge boulder, the size of a car poking up through the grassy soil. It was gray and smooth, as if it had been worn by rushing water a few eons ago. It was irregularly shaped, and had several depressions and lumps on its gray face. We walked over to it and I felt it. It was warm from the sun.

“Here we are,” Max said proudly. “The site where Courtney and I lost our virginity together.”

“Oh, wow,” I said. “So it has some real significance for you.”

Max took my hand and we walked around to the other side of the rock. “Check this out.” He said, pointing to a deep depression in the rock surface about three feet off the ground.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Sit down in it, like a chair.”

I did.

“Now, lean back.”

I leaned back and laid down on the rock. It was warm and surprisingly comfortable, as if nature had carved it to perfectly support a human spine.

“Now hang your leg over that hump there,” he said pointing to a smooth lump above my right knee. “And put your left leg over that one there.” He pointed to a similar lump on the other side.

I put my legs up and realized immediately what Max meant. I was perfectly comfortable, and also perfectly spread wide open. My pussy pointed directly at Max, at the level of his cock.

“So this is what you lured me up here for,” I said. I reached down and started fingering my clit, just to tease him. Surprisingly, I felt a strong urge for Max just then. He was smiling, and holding his cock in one hand, kneading it as he stared into my pussy. I said to Max, “You know, I’ve been here for hours now. I’ve had sex three times and orgasms twice and I have yet to get a single drop of cum in my pussy.”

“Let’s fix that,” Max said, “now.”

Max knelt down in front of me and started licking my pussy as I massaged my clit. In a very short time, I was starting to get wet. Max’s tongue worked its way in and around my pussy, pressing, then sucking, then flicking it expertly. I had never masturbated in front of anyone before, but had no shame stroking my wet pussy with Max’s face just inches away.

Max stood up and I could see he had a fully erect cock in his hand.

“Max,” I asked coyly, “will you fuck me please?”

He stepped forward and gently pressed the head of his hard cock into the soft folds of my pussy. It slid in a few inches, and I felt the most amazing pleasure rising from my pussy. He rocked slowly, slipping it in and out, teasingly.

I laughed. “Is that all the longer it is?” I joked.

Max cracked up. “No, stupid,” he said. “It’s THIS long.” Max pressed forward, sliding his entire length into me. It was a stimulatingly glorious cock, that large head was everything I’d imagined in a fucking machine. I couldn’t wait any longer. I started rolling back and forward, trying to hump his stiff member, but my position on the rock made it difficult to do much but lay there and get fucked. So I that’s what I did.

Max started softly, carefully at first, but as he fucked me, his hips started thrusting harder and harder. Ribbons of pleasure streamed up my body as his cock massaged my clit, sliding through my labia and up into the most sensitive parts of my pussy. I could feel the passage of the bulb on the end that was its head. I began breathing heavily as the pleasure grew, panting with desire and lust. Max was also breathing harder. Each stroke sent me further and further into sexual oblivion, able to focus only on the ecstasy that was my pussy. He fucked me and fucked me, and I loved every minute.

Suddenly, Max pulled out.

“What are you doing?” I screamed. “That felt so good!”

“I almost came,” Max said. I don’t want to cum just yet. Get up.” Max extended me a hand. I took it groggily and sat up.

“Look at what you’ve done,” Max smiled, pointing at the face of the rock that had been below my pussy.

I stood up and saw a dark trail of wetness running from where my pussy had been down the face of the boulder.

“You’re very good with this thing,” I said. I grasped his hard, wet member and pumped it appreciatively. “Why don’t you do me from behind.”

I turned around and leaned my elbows on the rock, my tits dangling beneath me. Max slid his own rock into my pussy and in a few seconds, I was nearly back to where we’d left off. But this time, I wasn’t hindered by being in the cleft of the boulder and could pump back as hard as I liked. When Max reached around me and took my tits in his hands, I was in heaven.

We fucked like that for a long time, taking turns pushing and pulling each other’s genitals into waves of pleasure. Max’s thrusts got harder and harder, and I got more and more turned on. Soon I felt that old friend rising up inside me. Another orgasm on the way. What a great day.

I came, again gushing all over my partner’s private parts and pounding his cock as deep into my pussy as I could. My clit was buzzing with pleasure and my orgasms rolled over me in waves of pleasure.

As Max’s cock rammed me over and over again, I reached my sensory melt-down. “Stop, stop,” I begged. “It’s too much.”

“But I haven’t cum yet,” Max said. I knew he must be close to be so insistent.

“Try my ass, then,” I heard myself say. “Fuck my ass.”

Just to be clear, I hadn’t had that much experience in ass fucking. Actually, I hadn’t had any. I have no idea why that solution came out of my mouth. I wasn’t a little surprised how big Max’s cock felt as he pressed it up against my asshole. “Can that thing possibly fit my little butt,” I thought.

Max pressed, gently but firmly. Fortunately my cum-juices covered his cock and my anus, so we were well lubricated. I tried to relax, but felt just a little pain. Finally I felt that large head of his cock slide in me beyond my tight anus with a sudden rush of what was both relief and pleasure. With that past, I seemed to relax just enough. Max then pushed his cock all the way up my ass.

I must admit, having a cock in your ass is surprisingly pleasant and very sensual. Max pushed and pulled. It must have seemed a lot tighter than my pussy, because Max moved much more slowly. “Oh, God this feels good,” Max groaned.

The more Max fucked my ass, the better and easier it felt going in and out. Max was in his own sex world, and I could hear him moan, I felt drips of his sweat on my back.

Then Max started really moaning and I knew he was close. All of a sudden, Max started pumping my ass hard. Then I felt it, a gush of cum, like a whole bottle of lube inside me. He spasmed in me over and over, cumming in great bursts which diminished only slightly as he went.

At last, he was done. His cock softened and he pulled out. I felt a trickle of cum run down from between my ass cheeks. “That was amazing,” Max panted.

“Congratulations,” I said. You’ve just deflowered another virgin at Indian Rock.”

“Oh, God, really?” Max said, shocked. “You’ve never had it in the…”

“That’s right, I said. “And I STILL don’t have any cum in my pussy.”

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