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Invitation into a virgin ass #6

Tied up on all fours, I f***ed you to come two times.
Try and pry your pee-hole next. Suck it long.
Till its get swollen like your love lips.
Try to insert my smallest finger.

Tied-up baby squeals like a seal.
Try my tongue. That try you like.
Twat relaxes. Love lips open.
Try to open your tighest hole.

Teen tummy convulses and you come.
Torrent lover licks hot holes still.
Teen comes again and again in my face.

Try to keep a silent grip on your clit.
That´s doing it! You keep coming.

Told you a secret: keep your lips on her
Tasty ´Tower of love´ and don´t move! ;-)P

Taste your juices on my lips.
Turns me on terribly.
Try to enter you again.

Taste your holiest hole inside!
Tasty teen, I love you, as your ass.
Time to take you now, my love!
Tongue in chick´s cheeks first.

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