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The Morning After

It is a warm summer morning, the sun just beginning to clear the horizon. The birds just beginning to look for breakfast, their song in the air. The soft sound of a breeze through the leaves of the trees overhead.

The sweet aroma of pine and fresh brewed coffee feels the air. You awake slowly, the soft silk sheets gently against your skin. The thoughts of last nights encounter bringing pleasure to your morning thoughts and an ache to your loins. You slide from the bed and pull on your silk robe and head to the aroma of coffee. As you pour coffee and review the evening you see that he is on the patio, you approach him from behind seeing his bare back. You set your coffee on the table and reach your hands around his chest and gently kiss him from behind. Seeing that he is completely naked this morning. His hands caress your arms and he gently returns your kiss, wishing you a good morning and asking you how you feel? You respond that you’ve never felt better. As you sit and talk over your morning coffee your mind racing with lust to have him again.

The talk is light and enjoyable, your mind replying the gentle and erotic love last night. Your mind having trouble concentrating on anything more than the warm erotic feeling growing within you. Watching his naked body, you feel your hands moving about you, nervously touching yourself not sexually but almost like in response to the erotic tingle it feels. You wonder is he thinking about you, does he ache for you like you do for him. You decide to see if he is watching you, by brushing your silk robe open exposing yourself slightly. Touching your skin and closing it, spreading your legs while they brush your thighs. You watch with delight as your teasing, creates some swelling of him, he crosses his legs to prevent you from noticing. You tell him it’s Ok, I feel the same way. I was hoping you might. You approach him and open your robe to expose your breasts slightly.

Brushing against him as you kiss him gently. Uncrossing his legs you sit across his legs, not touching his manhood, you kiss his lips, neck and chest. Your hands caress his chest and back. His hands caressing your back, sliding smoothly against the silk, he caresses your entire body moving gently from your back across your breasts. His kisses responding to you with his tongue in your mouth and across your neck. You pull up and position your breast for him to take it with his mouth. He gently holds your breast with his hand and uses his tongue and mouth around it, licking at the nipple bringing it erect. Gently moving back to your other breast and giving it the same gently erotic attention. Your press your warm love triangle against his thigh, rubbing it softly and gently. You feel the juices begin to flow, aching for his manhood to feel your body. His manhood knows what you want from it and is fully erect, as you spread open your legs, gently mounting him. His hands caressing your ass and gently spreading you to allow you to take him. Your hand guiding him gently into your warm, wet pussy. The head of him gently pressing the lips of your love hole, your wetness and desire making it easy to take him. You push down on him, taking just a few inches of him on each push down on to him. His mouth sucking your breasts as you pump his cock in you. Taking full long strokes, his hands squeezing your ass bringing you to your climax. You explode with pleasure, pumping harder on to him, your juices flowing down the length of him.

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