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My x girlfriend

it was summer i was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. i was driving my cuzens car, when i parked the car i saw this girl in a short top ans legins, she smiled at me and said hi. i didnt see her face properly but i said hi. she left and i went to sainsbury's. that night i saw the same girl when i was parking the car outside my friends house. she walked to her door and said hey do u remeba me i said not really, she went inside and left her door open and i could hear her say close the door when u come in. i went in her house and she was naiked i looked at her face and i said kiesha? she said well done bbz. i took of my clothes really quick and we satarted kissing and tuching each other. then she went down and she started sucking my dick till i cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it. then we fucked on the couch till me and her both cummed. the she said i dare u to fuck me in my mum and dads bed then we fucked in her mum and dads bed for the second round, then we fucked in the kitchen for the third round, we was gonna fuck in the dinner room but i saw her dad parking his car and i ran like inhave never ran before out of the back door and i went in my car naiked, i sat in my car for like 10 mins naiked then she came out of her house and gave me my clothes.....

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