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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 20: Katie succumbs to her de

---read chapter 19 first to understand what has happened---

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 20
Katie Succumbs To Her Desires

Katie Jackson watched helplessly as her neighbor got dressed and eased his beautiful swollen cock back into his pants. Her face flushed from embarrassment as she glanced into the bathroom mirror and saw her reflection. The hot wife swallowed hard as she grabbed her towel and covered herself as she tried to maintain some sort of modesty.

Her perfect small breasts rose and fell with every deep breath. Her erect nipples poked out of the towel as she turned away from Phil. She had never been so sexually frustrated in her life and eager to be penetrated.

Phil slowly got up and walked downstairs leaving the stunned wife in the bathroom. He grabbed two glasses and selected a bottle of wine from the Jacksons' wine rack. As he opened it, he grinned with delight at the hidden inner slut that was released from the sexy married wife.

He had always been attracted to his neighbor but he would have never guessed a few months ago that the once prudish woman would be begging for him to fuck her, in her own house no less. He sipped the glass of wine as he marveled at his own sexual energy. He always knew he was well endowed, his deceased wife told him so, and after watching years of pornography he knew he was larger than most everyone. He also was well aware that he wasn't what one would consider attractive. He had horrible hygiene, was not a sappy dresser, and was out of shape but he was giddy at the torment he had put the wife through and enjoyed the power he had over her.

He walked back upstairs and watched intently as his sexy neighbor dried her hair. Her face was still flushed from excitement. He poured her a glass of wine and smirked, "You look like you could use a drink," as he sat it on the counter in front of her.

Mrs. Jackson looked back at Phil and quickly took a drink from the glass. Her hands trembled as she stared at the well endowed ugly man. His yellowish teeth grinned up at her as he sat on the edge of her bathtub. She was disgusted at his appearance but yet found herself wanting his cock to be buried deep inside her tight wet pussy.

Phil looked at the sexy wife in front of him as she glanced back at him, "Are you okay? You seem.."

"I'm fine," Katie interrupted him. Her pussy trembled as the old man watched her with lust in his eyes. He reached out and playfully pulled her towel from around her. The hot wife hesitated as she thought about pulling it tighter but her excited body allowed it to fall to the floor in a heap. She looked helplessly into the mirror as her pussy trembled as she took another sip of wine as she stood naked in front of him. She felt his eyes staring at her hard ass, long legs, and tight body.

Phil Dorman studied the hard bodied wife up and down. Her perfect breasts and ass begged to be mauled by his pudgy fingers. Her long legs tantalized him as he felt his cock stir in his pants. As much as he wanted to drive his cock in and out of her wildly; he wanted to wait and continue to tease her. He wanted to make her want him even more, "You have such a beautiful body Freckles. It's so perfect," as he reached out and stroked her back, "Fred is so lucky to have a woman like you." His hands fell down to her ass as he traced the crack of her buttocks with his finger, "I bet he wants to fuck you all the time doesn't he?"

The hot wife didn't say a word as her knees buckled at his touch as her heart sank the way her body betrayed her husband. Phil walked out into the bedroom Katie shared with Fred, "Sit down on the bed," as he motioned to the large king sized bed in the middle of the room. The naked mother sat down on the edge and sipped her wine as her neighbor disappeared into her closet, "Can't I get dressed?" she asked innocently as she felt so vulnerable. Part of her heart and mind wanted to run for cover. They wanted to get dressed and run from Phil but the other half wanted to fall back on the bed and spread her legs wide and allow the greasy old man to slide his massive tool into her. She wanted him to drive his cock in and out of her fully until he was balls deep so she could feel the mushroom head of his cock smash into her cervix.

"Not yet," the old man teased from her closet. Katie continued to drink the wine as she started to become unnerved at what she had gotten herself into. She was remorseful of the feelings of lust that had erupted in her as she glanced at her wedding picture that hung on the bedroom wall.

The old man emerged from her closet with a skimpy outfit and tossed it next to her, "It's just dinner, right? That's what you said," As she lifted the skimpy clothes from the bed, "It's cold outside; do you think these are appropriate?" Her mind tried to remind herself to focus on getting the flash drive from Phil's computer but all her body could think about was getting fucked.

Her fat neighbor grinned, as he exposed his crooked teeth, "You will look absolutely gorgeous wearing that," as he pointed his pudgy finger towards the small skirt, "It's just dinner and conversation. Can't you handle that?"

He sat on the edge of the bed next to her and poured another glass of wine for the hot wife. Mrs. Jackson needed a drink as her head still buzzed about being so close to cumming and then having him walk away. Her husband had teased her before but never like this.

The hot wife thought she should protest his choice of clothing but yet her body found itself wanting to please the revolting old man. Her eyes darted to her wedding picture but then uncontrollably they refocused on the groin of her neighbor. The thoughts of her husband disappeared as Kate felt at any moment Phil was going to slide between her legs, pull his long hard cock out of his pants and fuck her hard. She had lust in her eyes as she sat naked next to him. They didn't say a word to each other as Phil just explored every inch of her body with his eyes. Her pussy tingled as she felt his lustful stare. The hot wife bit her bottom lip as she sat naked next to him.

Katie felt nervous, like the first time she ever had sex with her husband. She knew what she needed and she needed his cock again. She needed to be filled in every hole; to have his thick pudgy thumb penetrate her anus while he fucked her. Against her better judgment she leaned forward to kiss his fat lips. Phil didn't back away as the hot wife pressed her thin perfect lips against his bloated fat mouth. The hot wife's lips worked his as she shot her tongue into his mouth feeling his thick agile tongue.

Phil fell back onto the bed as he pulled the hard bodied wife next to him. She pulled her mouth off of his as she looked into his eyes, "Why don't we forget about your party?"

Her old neighbor couldn't help but smile as Katie soft kissed his lips and then whispered, "I'll do anything you want." Phil thrust his tongue into her mouth as he wrestled with the sexy wife's. Phil's hot saliva dripped from her chin as Katie looked over at her wedding picture. Panic entered her mind of what she was doing but her body but uncontrollably her hand reached out for Phil's bulge as she felt his huge swollen cock throbbing in his pants.

Phil quickly sat up and pushed her hand away, "Woah! I'm not that type of guy Freckles," as his boisterous laugh filled the room.

She looked up at him in shock as Katie grabbed a blanket and covered herself. Phil continued to laugh as he picked up the clothes and tossed them onto her lap, "Stand up and get dressed," he instructed, "we're going to be late."

As if she was in a trance the hot wife stood up from the bed as the blanket fell away. She sighed deeply as she stood naked in front of the obese man as she picked up the clothes. Katie sighed, "I need a bra and underwear."

Phil shook his head and grinned, "No you don't."

Katie hands shook as she grabbed the black sheer nylons he had laid out for her and slowly pulled them up her pantiless groin. She stood before him, "Is this okay?" as the married mother adjusted her nylons as she started to feel the effects of the wine. Katie looked helplessly at him and wondered why he wasn't fucking her or allowing her to suck his magnificent cock.

Phil nodded as he handed her a tight black skirt and tan blouse. She slid on her skirt and blouse and looked into the mirror, "You look absolutely gorgeous!" Phil boasted.

"Hmmmmmmmm," as he stood up from the edge of the bed and walked around the beautiful woman. Her small ass looked incredible in the short black skirt. It excited him to no end that she wasn't wearing any panties as he looked at her incredible legs covered by the black sheer nylons. Her small breasts looked perfect in the tightly covered tan blouse as her erect nipples, as had imagined, poked through the thin fabric seductively.

Phil darted back into the closet and came out with a pair of 5" high heeled black shoes.

The hot wife groaned, "Phil I'm not wearing those! I can't walk in high heels through the snow banks!"

"It's only next door. You'll be fine," he replied as he handed them to her. Katie bent down and slid them on as the well endowed neighbor walked around her, "Could you maybe put on a little blue eye shadow and black eyeliner?" he politely asked.

Katie rolled her eyes as she walked into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. Phil stood next to her and watched in delight. She towered over him now as her high heeled shoes. She delicately applied the make up to her eyes as she blinked in the mirror.

"Wow!" Phil beamed behind her, "You're perfect!" The old man stared at her long black nylon covered legs, her petite hips and ass, and her small breasts that protruded out of her blouse. The black high heeled shoes made her look unbelievably sexy.

Katie stared into the mirror at herself. Her outfit made her look like such a slut. Phil's eyes bulged from his head as he stared at the hot wife. She sounded like a slut earlier and now she thought she looked like one. After all she was on her knees in front of two men and she allowed them to cover her face with their cum. Remorse and regret filled her mind but yet when she saw Phil’s lustful stare she wanted that cock buried in her. She wanted him to fuck her like she'd never been fucked before. It wasn't an hour ago that he was on his knees behind her as he swiped his tongue in and out of her fuck slit as she begged him to fuck her.

It nauseated her that she allowed herself to get sucked into his plan, "You agreed that it was just dinner," the wife turned and asked, "Who's going to be there anyway?"

Phil perked up, "Just me, Norman, and my nephew Mike. He's a Marine and on leave from Iraq and has to return with his unit next week."

"Just dinner? Right?" as the wife held out her wine glass.

Phil calmly spoke as he poured the remaining bottle into her glass, "It's just dinner. You keep asking that. Are you expecting something else?"

She thought for a moment as her pussy trembled at what he would do to her later. The hot wife knew, or she hoped, that the old man was going to fuck her. Katie's conscience reminded her that she was married to a loving man but her body reminded her how good it felt when he slid his cock into her and thumb fucked her ass at the same time.

"Are we ready?" Katie sighed as she downed the wine in a few swallows. She sat the glass down on the dresser as she grabbed her jacket from the closet. The hot wife's head was not only buzzing because of her sexual frustration but because of the bottle of wine she they had just drank.

They both walked outside onto the front steps as Katie slipped on the ice and snow. Phil reached out and caught the sexy wife around the waist. His hand quickly moved up and wrapped around her chest as his hand rested on her breast. They paused for a moment as they stared at each other. His touch caused her to lose her breath or was it just the cold air? The old neighbor helped her maintain her balance, "Easy! I don't want you to get hurt!" he whispered into her ear as he mauled her breast. Katie felt her nipples spring out at the touch of her neighbor. Her wet pussy spasmed at his touch. She quickly glanced around the neighborhood and not seeing anyone her lips immediately shot onto the fat man's. Her tongue quickly entered his hot mouth, which seemed even hotter from the cold wind. Phil gripped her breast tighter as she planted sloppy kisses across his face. They broke away as they stared into each other's eyes. Katie's mind came racing back that she was standing on her front porch kissing her neighbor for everyone to see. She shot straight up and out of his grasp and tried to snap the feelings of lust from her body.

Snow flew across the neighborhood as the blizzard increased in severity. By the time she walked up Phil's steps she felt frozen. They walked into Phil's house as a roaring fire greeted them in the fireplace. An enticing aroma filled the air from the kitchen.

"It smells great Norman!" Phil yelled from the living room as he stomped the snow off of his shoes.

Norman appeared in the doorway and froze at the site of Katie. He stared at every inch of the beautiful wife. He smiled, "I wondered if you guys were coming back."

"I just wanted to make sure my date came with me," Phil stated as he helped her off with her jacket and tossed it on the back of the chair.

"Well she looks amazing," Norman replied as his eyes stared at the beautiful wife through his glasses. He held a glass out to her, "Wine?"

"I shouldn't. I think I've already had enough," Mrs. Jackson replied as she knew her limitations.

Phil reached out and took the glass from Norman. He turned and handed it to Katie, "Drink it! It's a celebration!"

Katie took it from him as she took a sip as Phil disappeared upstairs while Norman continued to work in the kitchen. The hot wife sat down in front of the fire and saw her wedding ring glistening from the flames in the fireplace as her hand held the wine glass. She closed her eyes and placed her head in her hand. She was so ashamed. The combination of heat from the fire and wine made her pussy tremble. She heard the blizzard blowing outside and could only imagine what Phil had in store for her. Her body didn't care; it wanted the old man more than ever.

How her life had changed. She was an executive at a major bank, a perfect mother and wife. Her mind raced back to when she first tasted cum; how she couldn't get enough of it. How she teased men online, how she was blackmailed by an employee at the Gap, visited an adult bookstore, how she just sucked off two men, and how she loved watching pornography. Her life had changed not so much for the better but her body loved every minute of it.

The hot wife found herself fantasizing that at any moment both men would be in front of her, like before, as she sucked them to orgasm. Her trance was broken as both men walked into the living room but instead of touching her or pulling out their cocks; they sat down and began to have an adult conversation about politics and the state of America. Katie questioned whether Phil was being honest and he had no ulterior motives. What if he had no plans of fucking her later? A panic attack began to set in as her breathing increased. The hot wife's mind was frustrated with her feelings. She knew what she was doing was wrong yet she couldn't help herself.

She relaxed from the warmth of the fire, wine, and conversation. As they allowed their dinner to bake, Phil continued to pour the wine freely into the hot wife's glass and she in turn would fill his glass.

After an hour she could tell both the men were quickly getting d***k as was she. A naughty desire, like a warm rush of alcohol, came across her body of crawling in front of Norman and taking his cock out and sucking it in front of Phil. Her mind told her to excuse herself and run upstairs and grab the evidence against the dirty old man. A knock at the front door prompted Phil to jump up excitedly from his chair. He stumbled to the door as Katie watched the door open. A younger man stood outside as a cold draft entered the room. "Mike!" Phil hollered, "Get in here!" The man walked in as Phil slammed the door shut and embraced him.

The well built man pulled off his jacket as he looked around the room as his eyes stared into Katie's. He had dark brown hair that was in a military style cut and deep dark brown eyes. A dark moustache was above his upper lip as he smiled at the scantily clad wife. He had to have been in his 40's at least as old as Fred. Katie immediately thought he was very attractive. She could tell that he had a muscular chest and arms that were on display in his tight shirt.

Phil led him over to the hot wife, "Katie, this is my nephew Mike."

Mike extended his hand to the hot wife, "Hi Katie." the hot wife placed her hand into his muscular hand as she could see his eyes dart across her body. He held her hand in his longer than she expected as she saw his eyes dart to the small cleavage that poked through her blouse as he stood over her, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Norman was quickly up and in the kitchen serving the food. Katie slowly got up as the room spun around her. She balanced herself by placing her hand on the chair and stumbled over to the dinner table. She plopped down in her chair while Mike sat down next to her. The hunky Marine reached into his bag and handed a sack to Phil across the table, "This is for you Uncle Phil. Straight from Ireland!"

The obese neighbor tore into the paper and held up a bottle of Irish Whiskey, "Mike! You shouldn't have!" as he examined the bottle, "Hey! This is way too expensive," as looked over at his nephew.

"It's so much cheaper overseas," Mike explained, "Besides it fell into my hands accidently at one of the palaces while I was in Baghdad. The men laughed as Phil popped it open and poured everyone a glass.

As they ate and spoke, Mrs. Jackson found Mike Dorman to be very interesting as he told of his adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. She couldn't help but ask questions about the men he was with and the adversities they have dealt with during their tour. Katie found her head spinning from her consumption of wine and whiskey and found herself becoming aroused at the lustful stares of Mike. Katie had to remind herself of the evidence that was upstairs in the den. As the men talked about war stories she felt it was a good time to grab the thumb drive and excused herself as she stumbled upstairs to use the restroom.

All the men stared as Katie walked upstairs as the men looked at the short skirt barely covering her perfect small ass. As she disappeared out of sight, "Damn! How did you manage to get her over here?" Mike asked as he strained to catch a glimpse of the hot wife walking up the stairs.

Phil glanced over at his nephew and grinned. He nodded to the steps, "You should show her your medals."

"Holy shit! Did you get her for me? Is she a prostitute?" Mike grinned.

"No she's not a hooker. She lives next door and her f****y was gone this weekend," Dorman motioned to the stairs, "She seamed really interested in your war stories though; she would probably appreciate looking at them."

"Okay, but don't come looking for me," Mike smiled as he scooted back from the table as he grabbed the bottle and Katie's glass.

Phil chuckled, "I think I got her ready for you."

As Katie stood in front of the bathroom mirror; she steadied herself and told herself she should just go home. Excuse herself and say she was sick or something. Her mind tried to focus on getting her flash drive out of the computer in the next room. She walked out of the bathroom and turned into Phil's den. The storage device was still in the computer as she looked back to make sure nobody was coming when Mike came up from behind her.

"Hey!" Mike stated as he looked at the married woman with lust in his eyes, "Phil thought you might want to see my war medals."

Mrs. Jackson knew she should leave but she placed her hand on Mike's chiseled chest and felt the definition of his muscles beneath his shirt. Her hand shot back at the feeling of his hard muscular chest, “We should probably just go back downstairs," as she spied the alcohol and glasses in his hand.

"Ohhh," Mike responded with disappointment, "That's okay. I just thought you would be interested to see the results of my actions," as he turned back towards the steps.

Katie sighed as she knew that military men were proud of their accomplishments, "Okay real quick," replied the hot wife.

Mike pointed towards Phil's bedroom, "They are in the shadow box in here." He walked in as Katie followed behind him as she stared at his hard muscular ass in his pants.

He pulled a box off the shelf while Katie plopped down on the bed, "That's a really good drink you brought over," as she held her glass in the air.

Mike sat down next to her, "Yeah, it's much better than any American stuff. A little more potent." The hot wife sat next to the Marine and listened intently as he explained his Kuwaiti Liberation Medal, his Combat Action Ribbon, and his Good Conduct medals.

The hot wife was in awe of the dedication and admired the soldier for what he had given to their country. She spied the pictures that hung on the bedroom walls of Mike in action. She always found something sexy about a man who wore a uniform.

He looked at Katie and admired her tight body. Her gorgeous long hair flowed past her shoulders. Her red lips looked so enticing. Mike cleared his throat, "What's the story with you and my uncle? I mean," as he chose his words carefully, "Why are you really here?"

"I live next door and lets just say that I owed him a favor," Katie replied as she held up her left hand and showed him her wedding ring, "besides I'm married."

Mike grinned at her revelation. He had been a Marine, fought in wars, and knew from many of his men that wedding rings don't necessarily mean faithfulness. Katie patted his knee, "Your medals are really impressive but we should really get back downstairs." The horny wife knew she shouldn't be alone with the attractive muscular man in her current condition. Even though her body was horny; she knew she had to maintain some sense of control.

The hunky Marine stood up and put his awards box on the dresser. He glanced down at her small perfect feet, "What are impressive are those high heeled shoes," he stated as he pointed down to Katie's feet, "Those must be a 5" heel."

Katie kicked her feet up and squealed in delight that he recognized her shoes, "Yes! How did you know! Do you like them?" Her husband had never complimented her on her shoes and didn't understand why she spent so much on footwear. The thoughts of getting the drive from the computer faded as she was more than willing to talk about shoes with anyone.

The hot wife grabbed her glass of Irish Whiskey as she stared at the Marine. She sipped it down as Mike poured another glass, "I notice the small things," as Mike nodded down at her feet, "Those are very nice!" He knelt down on the floor in front of her as she sat on the edge of the bed to look closer, "May I?"

"By all means," as she kicked her leg up so her feet rested on Mike's lap excited that he noticed her shoes, "Not many men notice shoes!"

He stared down at them and he immediately felt his cock stir in his pants. It had been at least a year since he'd been with a woman and none had been as gorgeous as Katie. He loved the texture of a woman's foot. He loved the smell and the feeling of a woman's toes. Slowly he pulled her shoe off and examined the texture of the shoe. The hard heel of the sole, "These are the real deal! I thought maybe you just had a cheap knock off!" complimented Mike as admired her perfect feet as he rubbed them gently.

"Oh no! I love shoes but my husband doesn't understand my infatuation," giggled Katie as she fell back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, "Wow! You are really good with your hands!" as she felt his fingers run across the soles of her nylon covered feet, "Did you used to work in a shoe store or something?"

"No, I have a little infatuation as well with feet and shoes," confessed Mike as he stared in lust at the woman in front of him, "Have you ever had a really good foot massage?" as his fingers continued to rub her nylon covered toes.

"Well," Katie sipped on her drink, "probably just one of those wooden roller things you buy at the shoe store." The hot wife was lost in the joy of Mike's massage on her foot. He put her foot down, in his lap, and picked up her other foot. He removed the other shoe and began to massage her other foot in the same manner which sent little sparks of pleasure up her legs. The hot wife, in a mixture of alcohol and hormones, felt herself becoming more aroused if that was possible.

He rubbed the balls of her foot, in between her toes, and tickled the arch as he moved on to her heel. As Katie stared at the ceiling he brought her foot to his face, he inhaled deeply and smelled the aroma of the expensive shoes that lingered on her feet.

The hot wife sat up and took another sip of alcohol, "You can do this all night! It feels like I'm walking on air!" the sexy married wife mumbled as she sat her drink down and fell back on the bed as she reeled in the foot massage, "Are you a massage ther****t or something? You should work in a shoe store! The women would love you!" giggled Katie as her mind became lost in the touch of the Marine.

He slowly slid his hands up to her ankles and calves as he worked her muscles between his fingers. The Marine placed her foot on his chest to allow him to caress her leg with both hands. Katie began to purr as he worked her muscles harder in his hands. As Mike continued to knead and massage her calves he slowly moved up to her knee, his fingers lightly tickling the back. Katie started inching further down into the bed, her legs spread wider on their own. Mike had a perfect view up her short skirt. His mouth hung open at the sight of Katie's perfect pussy in the black nylons with no panties. His mouth watered at the sight of her perfect fuck hole that was gripped tightly in the folds of her thin nylons. He worked his hands up and down her legs while staring at her womanhood.

Mike lifted Katie's feet up by the arches and admired their curvy shapes, the smoothness of her arches and the many wrinkles on her soles. Mike felt his cock harden just by looking at Mrs. Jackson's feet. He began to slowly rub the tops of Katie's delicious feet, moving his thumb in circular motions around the tops all the while staring up her skirt.

Katie had closed her eyes, and enjoyed Mike's warm hands on her cold feet. His touch was ecstatic.

Mike gripped Katie's feet in both hands and ran his thumbs up and down the soles of her feet, lightly brushing over the wrinkles and the smooth arches. Mike could see the pleasure in Katie's face and heard the moans that escaped her perfect lips. Mike's cock had fully taken up the front of his jeans. He lifted Katie's feet up closer to his face and sniffed her red toenail polish.

As Mrs. Jackson was giving off a series of moans, she felt a warmness covering her left foot. Nearly taking all the toes in one engulf, she looked down and saw Mike's mouth covering her toes. She felt his thick wet tongue sliding over all 5 of her toes and in between. While he sucked on one foot, his hand rubbed the soles of the other. The hot wife was quickly taken aback by the actions of the man that kneeled before her. She was already so relaxed from the foot massage. She hesitated but then wiggled her long toes inside Mike's mouth as he pressed his tongue up against them. It felt like Katie was walking on his tongue. Panic overcame her but yet the feeling he was giving her was nothing she had ever felt.

"You have the sexiest feet ever. I love the smell of your polish, the smoothness of your wonderful arches, and the feel of your soles pressing against my face," Mike moaned as he buried his face in the soles of Katie's feet.

Mike slid his tongue up and down her nylon covered soles, outlining the wrinkles on her soles. He moved his tongue over her creamy arches and then took an arch between his lips and sucked on it. He did the same to the other arch, repeatedly going back and forth between her arches.

Katie felt herself as she oozed with pussy juice as Mike continued to suck away at her luscious feet. Her married mind was in a panic while her body rejoiced at Mike's touch.

He lifted her feet as Katie sank onto the bed as he stood up. The hot wife quickly tried to sit up but the room spun as Mike lifted her legs high on the bed as his hand rubbed her thighs. Mrs. Jackson tried to slide off the bed and run away when Mike leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. As good as his tongue felt on her feet it felt even better as it shot into her mouth. The hot wife didn't want to kiss back but her body instinctively wrapped itself around the hunky Marine as she kissed him passionately forcing her own tongue into his mouth. Her mind told her to stop that she should push him away and run from the house. She felt as he prodded her breasts with his hand. Her hands wrapped around his head and held his lips tightly against hers as her tongue shot in and out of his mouth. His thick tongue wrestled with hers as he had rubbed her small breasts over her blouse. They broke away as he continued to kiss her freckled face. He leaned in and whispered, "You are the hottest woman I've ever laid eyes on." His tongue shot into her ear as he planted sloppy kisses across her freckled face, "You are so beautiful!"

The hot wife's body took over as she placed her own hand on top of his and kneaded her aching breast as she felt him continued to kiss and suck her face. Mike whispered over and over, "So beautiful, so sexy."

Mike put her leg down as his hands slid down to massage her thighs with his muscular hands. He stared at the knee of her left leg, he slowly worked his way up to where leg and pelvic bone meet. Hearing no protest, he repeated the action on her right leg, and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Mike bent down and kissed the inside of her thigh, then the soft space of tendons between Katie's thigh and pussy, moving upwards to the top of her delicious mound, then back down the other side to the opposite thigh. Between kisses on her thighs, he whispered, "A naughty wife not wearing panties."

"No..No! Stop! You don't know him!" the voice in Katie's mind echoed but her body had its hands around his head and pushed it between her legs. She needed to get off. Her body needed to orgasm but yet her mind was telling her to push him away and run.

Mike stood up and lifted his shirt up and tossed it into the corner revealing his perfectly chiseled bare chest and abs. The hot wife stared at the Marine's perfect hard muscular body. He took hold of Katie's lovely, skinny ankles and slid his pants covered bulge between her beautiful nylon covered arches.

The hot wife felt his hard cock straining to be released in the front of his pants. She could feel the mushroom head of his dick between her toes and the arches of her feet.

After a few minutes of rubbing his cock over her arches, Mike released her ankles but her feet remained in his crotch as she playfully pushed and rubbed his cock. Both of Katie's feet rubbed Mike's cock and balls through his pants. They exchanged glances and their eyes remained locked without blinking. Mike gazed into her eyes as he reached down and opened the front of his pants and pushed them down to his knees. Without moving her eyes from his, her feet attacked his throbbing cock. She playfully rubbed it with her stocking toes.

The soldier glanced down as Katie stared at his 7" inches of thick meat. While not nearly as long as Phil's it was very thick with a huge mushroom head. He reached down and placed her feet on either side of his cock, creating a nylon foot pussy between the high arches of her feet. Katie pressed her feet together, she stroked his cock up and down, feeling and seeing it grow harder with every stroke of her feet. After a few minutes, she took one foot and massaged his balls. With the other, she continued to stroke his erection, pressing it against his abdomen for support.

Her mind kept wondering what she was doing and how she had completely lost control with a stranger. Somebody she had just met an hour ago yet this same feeling excited her.

Katie moved one of her feet down to Mike's balls and started wiggling her toes on them. Her other foot kept Mike's cock flat against his bare stomach. Katie used her big toe and pressed down on his swollen cock head and then proceeded to rub his pee hole with her big toe. Pre cum oozed out onto the nylon covered feet that streaked silvery white.

"OOHHHHHH my God, Katie! Your feet are so fantastic," moaned Mike as he watched her manipulate his cock with her beautiful small toes.

Katie moved her feet back around Mike's hard dick and resumed jerking between her wrinkled , soft arches. Mike gripped Mrs. Jackson's ankles tightly and fucked her feet faster and harder, pounding his balls against her pink soles. Katie's toes gripped his cock and started massaging it. The hot wife stared into Mike's eyes with lust. She wanted to make him cum. She wanted him to explode all over her. Her mouth instantly salivated at the pre cum that was oozing from the tip. She wanted to taste him.

"Whoaaa!" Mike grunted while he caught his breath and backed away a few steps, "Slow down! You're about to make me cum already!"

Mike grabbed her ankles and f***ed them high into the air, "I need to taste you before this goes any further!" Katie gasped loudly as he bent down between her legs licked and kissed circles around her sex hole through her nylons. The cotton crotch panel of her hose was now completely wet, both from Mike's saliva and her flowing juices. He sucked greedily at them, trying to taste as much of her as he could.

Taking his hand; he rubbed her mound and tried to push a finger through the hose. He pushed nylon and finger just past the opening of her pussy, before the material wouldn't allow him to go further. Again he pushed and was stopped. Push and stop. Push and stop. Eventually, the nylon was pulled up tight into her pussy. He moved the cotton panel out of the way so he could suck at her clit through the pantyhose.

"Mmmmmmmmm, God, stop teasing me," Katie gasped as Mike reached up and slid her skirt off her perfect small waist as Katie unbuttoned her blouse. The married wife stared at the Marine and knew she shouldn't but tossed it open to reveal her perfect small tits. The hot wife could do nothing but stare at Mike's producing cock from his crotch and his hairless chiseled chest. He reached down to the wife and squeezed and mauled her breasts. The married woman, already so horny, grabbed his head and f***ed it back between her legs. The hot wife grabbed her breasts with both hands and massaged her aching nipples as her legs rested on his broad shoulders.

Soon Mike's mouth and hands found their way back to her groin, "Ohhhhhh, God, please," she groaned again. The nylon barrier creating a delicious tease and denial action between Mike's lips and fingers and her pussy. Her hips started to bump against his face.

The only thing she wanted was sexual pleasure and release after she had been horny all day long. To feel this man's hot tongue on her bare pussy. To feel his fingers, his tongue, anything inside of her. Her only thought was she was such a married slut which only seemed to heighten her arousal.

Mike's fingers looped the tops of her nylons and slowly pulled them away from her skin as the wife lifted her hips. He slowly pulled them off and tossed them in the corner. Katie sat up and pulled off her shirt while Mike slipped off his pants that were around his ankles. Both stood naked staring at each other. Katie's bare toes immediately went up to Mike's mouth and he sucked on her smallest one and worked his way to the larger one. He sucked, bit, and licked each and every toe as his cock twitched in the air. He slowly lowered his mouth to her ankle as he stared at the sight in front of him. He kissed his way up her legs until he reached her bare hot pussy.

Her bush of brown hair was trimmed short and trimmed to a landing strip just above her fuck slit. Her outer lips were full and puffy, her smaller inner lips just peeking through. Even now, she was visibly moist and gaping slightly, ready for him. Her distended clit yearned for direct contact. Mike kissed and licked her legs until his face was firmly planted between her fuck slit. He affixed his mouth to her pussy, shoving his tongue inside, and sucking her clit between his lips.

"Ohhh, fuck yesssss. That's it! Suck my pussy!" she gasped.

He slid one finger in and slowly worked it around inside her. When he felt her open up to him, he inserted a second finger. He worked her over with a steady rhythm. Mike turned his palm up, his fingers searched for, then found her magical spot. The Marine rubbed it with alternating rhythms while he sucked on her clit and rolled it with his tongue.

"Oh, God! Keep doing that... You're make me....," the married woman moaned loudly as she took short deep gasps of air.

She bucked and spasmed against his face. Her inner walls clenched around his fingers. Her body became rigid as her hands clamped down on the bed. Trying to remain quiet, she began to babble in ecstasy, "Umm... oh yeah...ohhhh! yessss! Oh... lick... right there... right there.. yesss... Uhn! Uhn! Ohhhhhhh," panted Katie as the mixture of whiskey and horniness overcame her.

Mike lifted his face from between her legs before he allowed her to climax. His face was covered with her juices. She looked at him through half closed eyes as he cleaned his face and fingers with his talented tongue, savoring her juices. Suddenly, she had the urge to join him. Leaning in, she sucked his fingers into her mouth, cleaning herself off him. They kissed passionately, sharing her secretions still in his mouth. Mike's tongue filled her mouth as he slid closer up on her, "You are naughty! You are a naughty little wife aren't you?"

His words stung her heart but she found herself holding his face against her and shooting her tongue into his mouth while her mind thought about her husband. As an image of her husband burned in her thoughts she broke away from the kiss and put her hands up between them. She stared to stand up when Mike placed his hand behind her head as he f***ed her head down into his lap, "Suck my cock," Mike begged, "Suck it! I want that filthy married mouth around me!"

Katie felt the pressure of his muscular hands on the back of her head as he pushed her face towards his throbbing cock. Her body didn't resist as her tongue snaked down Mike's bare chest until she saw the massive mushroom cockhead in front of her mouth. She tried to lick her lips but Mike pressed her head further down as she opened her small mouth as wide as possible and sucked his cock head into her wet mouth. She slurped on the head as she tasted the scrumptious precum that had erupted from the tip of his tasty cock. She sucked and gnawed on his hard cock teasing him with her teeth along the underside of his mammoth head.

"That's it! suck my cock!" he encouraged as Katie's mouth slurped wildly at the new cock in her mouth, "Harder!" he demanded. Mike threw his head back in delight as he watched Katie's head bob up and down in his lap, "That's it! That's it!"

Katie held just the tip of his cock past her lips as her tongue danced around his piss hole as she willed the cock to cum in her mouth. The sexy Marine watched in delight, "You want my cum don't you? You want me to cum in that hot little mouth of yours?"

The hot wife grasped the cock with her hand and squeezed as she pulled her mouth off. Without hesitation, "Yessss," she hissed, "Cum in my mouth. Let me taste it!" as she jerked his cock quickly and put the head past her lips and allowed her tongue to flick the of his swollen gland. She ran her wet mouth all over his cock. She thought of herself as a dirty little whore letting a stranger use her mouth to get off but it caused her pussy to drip its juices on the bedspread. She loved the hard shaft between her lips and the feeling of the head at the back of her mouth.

Mike pulled her head off of his cock as he reached down and slowly stroked his hard cock, "I'm going to fuck you first before letting you taste my cum!" The Marine tossed her back on the bed and before the hot wife could even ask if he had a condom he was between her legs as she felt his cock slide past into her soaked slit.

Katie gasped in pleasure as Mike slid his hard cock deep into her. She was so wet and couldn’t remember the last time she was this moist. He hiked her feet up and threw them up to her ears. His massive muscles contorted the lovely wife into different positions as his powerful body slammed into her, "That's it sweetie," he moaned between thrusts, "Take my cock! Take it!" The hot wife bucked with his thrusts and his nasty talking increased her pleasure.

Mike slammed his cock into her wet tingling pussy. Slowly at first as the hot wife gasped at the size of his mushroom head that slid into her pussy which had been dying to be penetrated all day. Katie hiked up her feet into the air around Mike's shoulders. He slammed into her with powerful thrusts pausing when balls deep and pressing harder against her so her clit pressed against his own groin. He rammed himself harder into the married woman and slowly backing out again and slamming himself forward.

"Yeah, that's it, baby. You like me fucking you don't ya?" Mike moaned, "You like it?"

"Uh-huh," he hot wife moaned. She couldn't believe she was saying such things but she was so horny for cock. The only thing that entered her mind was that she was a slut, "Harder! Fuck me harder!" she moaned. She was so close to her own release. It wouldn't be much longer. The hot wife willed needed to get off more that ever, "Harder!" as she reached behind Mike and grabbed his muscular buttocks into each hand and directed his thrusts into her hot fuck slit. "Fuck me!" she panted, "Ohhhhh! Harder!"

Mike grunted in response. His body thrusted as hard as he could as the sound of wet bodies slapping together surely echoed in the entire house. The bed squeaked loudly as he fucked her as hard as he could, Katie body tensed as she knew with the next thrust her juices would shoot from her body. Her breathing increased as her body began to tremble. Mike suddenly pulled his cock out as the hot wife tried in vain to hold his cock inside of her. He quickly straddled the chest of the lovely wife and f***ed his cock into her mouth, "Swallow my cum! I'm going to shoot it down your sexy throat!" Before the beautiful woman could protest that she hadn't cum yet, she clamped her lips tightly around his shaft as his mushroom head rested on her tongue. A puff of air from the tip of Mike's cock was followed by a hot heavy blast of salty sweet sperm, "Ooohhhh fuck yeah!" the Marine moaned. He stroked the shaft of his cock with his head firmly planted between Katie's thin red lips. The following spurts covering her tonsils and tongue. Katie swallowed as quickly as she could as Mike continued to burst until it exploded around her o-ring on the shaft of his cock. The taste of her own juices mixed with his sperm was almost more than she could take. She needed to cum and slid her hand between her legs. He stroked his cock while she sucked steadily on his pulsating cock while fingering herself, "Ooohhhh! Damn you are a fucking hot piece of ass!" The sexy Marine pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop, "Sorry I came so quickly; it's been awhile since I got off." as he climbed off of her chest.

The hot wife didn't say anything but savored the taste of his cum in her mouth. She was in a d***ken daze as she relished the sperm on her tongue as she stared up at him. She loved the taste of cum and couldn't get enough. She loved the feeling of a hard cock spurting its sperm onto her tongue and face.

"I'll be right back," Mike whispered as he leaned down and kissed her cheek. The hot wife through half open eyes watched as the well built Marine walked out of the bedroom. So d***k and still horny and frustrated; Katie's tongue danced around her cum filled mouth as her fingers flicked across her clit. She reached over and took another sip of alcohol. She laid back into the bed as the room spun around her. Her fingers danced around her fuck hole as she felt her wet slit.

Her fingers slid into her groin as she had Mike's after sperm taste in her mouth mixed with alcohol. Her back arched high off the bed as she wanted the impending d***ken orgasm to grip her body. With her eyes tightly shut she felt the bed move and a hard cock pressed against her mouth. Her eyes opened as Phil looked down at her. Suddenly another jolt in bed and Norman had crawled up on the other side.

The wife was lost in emotion as she reached out and grabbed hold of his already hard cock. Phil watched as Katie stroked Norman's cock. The men pushed their crotches inches from her beautiful sexy freckled face. Katie began to massage both of their cocks as she laid naked between them.

"Ohhh fuck," she murmured. She squeezed their cocks in her hands as both men began to rub their hands across her body. Each man had a breast in each as they massaged her inner thighs with the other.

"Oh hell yeah," whispered Phil, "You like having two cocks don't you?"

"Uh-huh," Katie slurred as the room spun around her. Her mind drifted to the porn movies she had watched with the women surrounded by hard cocks as the porn actresses sucked and fucked each one of them.

The two men shoved their crotches at her as she stroked their hard ons with one in each hand. Her eyes fluttered at both men as they continued to paw at her tight hard body. Phil pinched her nipples while Norman's hand was quickly rubbing her wet pussy.

"Shit, she's a horny one," Mike said as he sat back on the chaise. His cock in his hand as he tugged at it trying to coax it back to life.

"She does love the cock," Phil boasted as he looked over at his nephew.

Katie jacked the cocks in her fists, making the foreskins snap. Their fuck rods were thickening in her fingers, growing stronger every second. She leaned over toward Norman's prick and began to lick it. She flicked her tongue across his head and then stuffed it between her lips. She nursed it between her lips while slowly stroking Phil's massive hard on that was fully erect and already dripping pre cum.

"What a hot little mouth," complimented the old lawyer.

Mike stood up and laid down between Katie's spread legs and started to drive his fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy. He primed his half hard cock in his fist and lowered himself down between Katie's widespread legs. He slowly started to suck and lick at her swollen snatch again. She tasted lovely on his mouth as he wrapped his tongue around her clitoris.

"Yeahhhh! Ohhhh fuck yeah!" grunted Katie gratefully as she pulled Norman's cock from her mouth. She quickened the pace of each cock in her hand. She raised her pelvis to greet his tongue. Her hands jerked the cocks on either side of her. She would turn and lick each one greedily sucking up their lovely precum.

Phil thrusted his prick at her through the cradle of her fingers and suddenly her mouth was wrapped fully around the cock head.

While she sucked on him she kept Norman's cock primed by jerking it steadily in her hand, inches from her face. As soon as she had his cock fully hard, she turned her head and lapped wildly at the head. The hot wife was lost in a d***ken daze as she sucked and stroked the two cocks while Mike continued to eat her swollen cunt.

Norman looked down at Mike and slurred, "I haven't got a chance to fuck her. Lets trade." Phil's nephew slid off the bed as Norman backed away from Katie’s mouth. She turned and slurped wildly on Phil as Mike took his semi hard cock and kneeled on the other side of her face.

The old lawyer positioned his old body between Mrs. Jackson's spread legs and nervously slid his hard cock into her slippery cunt. He had wanted to feel the velvety pussy of the married woman since Phil told him about her. Katie raised her hips to meet him as he easily slid all the way into her and was quickly balls deep. Slowly he began to drive his cock in and out of her fuck hole while she turned and sucked on Mike's cock.

"Ohhhh fuck! She's incredible,” Norman cried as he pounded his cock into her wet pussy. He had shoved his cock into Katie's pussy easily and was now fucking back and forth gently, greasing his prick with all her syrupy cunt juices. Her cunt gleamed with slime.

"Suck it, Freckles. Suck it just like that," Phil Dorman murmured as the hot wife gnawed on his cock while she worked Mike's cock back and forth trying in vain to get it hard. Katie's cheek was now swollen over the fat shaft of his cock. She was fucking his cock back and forth between her cheek and gum, like some huge toothbrush.

"What about me?" asked Mike. His prick slowly coming back to life in Katie's eager hand. He kept poking her cheek with the cock head to suggest that it was his turn for a suck.

Obligingly, she released Phil's hard on and turned her pretty face to the third cock. Still jerking at it with her fist, she thrust the top three inches between her lips. She gazed up dreamily up at the cock's owner, her eyelids heavy with lust. She still had the streaks of silver jism in the corner of her mouth. Her brown hair was damp. She looked incredibly sexy.

Norman was fucking faster and faster between Katie's legs. He was fucking his cock into her pussy to the hilt, until his balls smacked into the crook of her thighs on every fuck stroke. He placed his hands down across Katie's flat stomach, as he watched the shaft of his cock fucking into the bush of her pubic hair.

"That's it Norman! Fuck her good!" panted Phil as he sweated heavily.

Katie's small tits rose and fell on her chest as the fuck thrusts of the Norman grew stronger. Her body was bent at an odd angle between the male bodies. Norman had lifted her ass off the bed to fuck her cunt deeper, and her legs were still twisted around his lower back. He fucked her as he she spread her legs so wide.

Katie's face was half hidden under the log of Phil's cock. Her cheeks hollowed and swelled as she sucked Mike's prick. Her lips looked raw and puffy. While Phil was waiting his turn to be back in her lovely sweet mouth, he rubbed his cock head on her face, nudging her nose with it and poking her in the eye.

She suddenly spit out Mike's cock and turned her face upwards. She clutched both cocks tightly and pulled them to her mouth. Then she smiled lewdly, planting both purple cock heads on the soft pink pad of her tongue. She pursed her lips over the twin cocks, kissed them hungrily. Her tongue tickled the undersides with wet saliva.

"Holy shit! What a slut!" raved Mike as he watched in delight at the sexy wife.

Slowly, Katie turned her face from side to side, kissing first one cock's tip then the other. Her thin lips slid over the cocks easily, keeping them wet and shiny. But then she paused, butted the cocks together, and closed her mouth over both cocks at the same tine. The prick tips disappeared at an odd angle between her glossy red lips. She willed to get both cocks into her small mouth but only could f***e the heads of each as they smashed together past her lips.

"Ohhh fuck yeah," murmured Phil. Her face was swelled out of shape over the two cocks. Her cheeks were puffed out grossly. The old man was in awe of his married next door neighbor and the inner slut that was being exposed.

Norman quit fucking his cock into her soggy cunt and withdrew, propping his prick up at an angle through her tufted pussy hair. His balls nestled in the wet gash of her cunt and were soon coated with grease. Gently he slid his cock up and down over her lower belly. A string of precum dangled from his cock tip and slopped onto her stomach.

"What's the matter with you?" Phil asked.

"Fuck! I think I'm going to cum already. I need to slow up," Norman announced. He had grabbed one of Katie's tits and mauled it with his fingers, tweaking the erect nipple.

"No! Not yet!" Phil hollered, "Change positions!"

Katie was reluctant to give up the two cocks as the men backed away as Katie's delicate fingers slipped off of their erect dicks. Phil changed places with Norman and Mike stayed where he was, his cock stuck between her sucking lips. Phil grabbed Katie's hips and turned her onto her hands and knees. Phil came at her from behind with giant cock in his hand. Mike and Norman kneeled in front of her so she could clasp both their cocks and go from one to the other as she had done before.

"Norman, don't cum in her mouth," Phil warned as he noticed his dazed look. "I want you all to take your time with this. We'll all cum on her later!"

Katie's heart lurched. She enjoyed the double basting that they gave her earlier but three cocks shooting their cum on her would send her on an orgasmic bliss. The thought of what she was doing crept into her mind; she was fucking and sucking three guys with no inhibitions and loved it. Her body was lost in lust. She needed more and more. If another two guys entered she wouldn't have argued if they joined. Her wildest fantasy was coming true. Everything she saw on the internet of a sexy porn star being rammed by multiple cocks was happening to her and she body loved every second of it.

The hot wife felt Phil's pudgy hand on her ass as she felt his massive mushroom head penetrate her from behind as he slid his large cock into the sticky wet folds of her pussy. She lurched forward as Phil's cock seemed to stretch her more that ever. He slowly fucked her from behind. He was kneeling on the bed with his hands planted firmly on the twin humps of her ass. He pistoned in and out slowly fucking his massive cock between the fat pulpy slabs of her cuntlips. He gripped her hips as he reined her back and forth feeding her the cock in and out of her moist sloppy cunt.

"She's a good cock sucker," moaned Mike as he stared down at her. The two cocks had swelled hugely in her fists and she was slurped one then the other cock into her mouth and pumped them at the same time. Between slurps, each cock drooled precum over her fingers which she eagerly lapped up with her tongue.

"Ohhhh fuck," Katie murmured as she hung onto both pricks for dear life, as Phil fucked her pussy from behind.

She plunged her mouth down again and again, as she fucked the thick hunks of prick meat into her face. Phil jerked her body forward with his fuck lunges and her small tits hung beneath her, the stiffened nipples scr****g the bed. Her legs were split wide in an upside-down V. Slime oozed down from her cunt

"Shit, what a mouth!" Mike grunted. Katie had just spit out his prick and transferred to Norman's cock. She squeezed his cock in her fist and whacked his prick up and down. He tried to think of other things. The jism was churning in his balls.

"Mmmmmmmmm," slobbered Katie. It was so exciting to have two cocks to suck while Phil's mammoth cock fucked back and forth in her cunt. She lost all track of time. She didn't know if she had been sucking cock for two minutes or two hours.

"I wanna fuck her again," Mike exclaimed. "You had enough down there, Phil? Okay if I fuck her for a while?"

Phil clenched her hips tightly and hauled her back onto his cock again and again. His prick had swelled to an alarming thickness and it was shining like a greased piston each time it slid into the open. He glanced up at Mike, then at Norman. He smiled slightly, his upper lip shiny with sweat.

"Shit, I could keep this up all night," he gloated. "She's such a horny bitch. She'll do anything. She'll take it any which way we want."

"I wanna fuck her again," Mike whined.

"Hold on!" Scolded Phil as he positioned his thumb at the entrance to her ass, "she loves this shit!" as he pressed his thumb into her rectum while moving his cock in and out of her.

The hot wife dropped their cocks as she grabbed the bed with her hands, "Oooohhhhhhhh," she mewed. Her breath was taken away as he pressed his thumb in further, "ooohhhh shitttttt," she crackled. Both Mike and Norman picked up their own cocks and pressed them against her freckled face. The wife's mouth hung open as both men took turns face fucking her while Phil plugged her ass with his thumb while his cock was embedded in her slippery cunt.

Katie had taken the cocks back into mouth and alternated sucking on them violently as she bobbed her face up and down on their pricks as if her life depended on it. She loved the feeling of being penetrated in the cunt and ass at the same time by Phil. She rocked back towards him while she slobbered on the cocks in front of her.

"I wanna fuck her up the ass," the nephew uttered excitedly as if he had a revelation as he watched his uncle thumb fuck her back door.

Phil looked at the men and the d***k wife in front of him, "I don't know if she's up for that," he suggested. "If she wants it like that; let her ask for it."

"How about it?" as Mike rubbed his cock against her lips, "Can I fuck your ass?"

The hot wife didn't respond as Phil thrusted his large cock deep into her until his balls smacked across her clit. He held her hips tightly with his thumb implanted in her sphincter, "How about they both fuck you," Phil grinned.

The hot wife looked around the bedroom as the men awaited her answer. Naughty thoughts filled her mind as her fantasy could come true. She had watched so many porn stars get fucked by multiple cocks at the same time on her computer and how she had fantasized it was her. She looked at every one of their faces as they watched her, "Uh-huh," Katie moaned, "do it."

Phil slowly pulled his cock out of her, "I'll let her lick her juices off of me while you guys fuck!" as he climbed off the bed holding his giant cock.

Katie's heart lurched as she felt like a total slut. She was ashamed but at the same time she could hardly wait. She lifted her mouth off the cocks expectantly. She clutched them tightly in her fingers, "C'mon do me," she hissed. She was so scared of what it would feel like to be fucked like she had seen on video.

Norman glanced around the room, "On the chaise!" as he hopped off the bed and pushed it away from the wall. He lied down as his cock stuck up into the air at an angle, its head angry and purple. His balls twitched in the crook of his thighs. He kept a fist wrapped around the base of his cock, and he pumped it slowly, keeping his prick primed. His eyes glued to Katie as the tight bodied wife crawled off the bed.

"Sit on it! Take hold of his cock and sit on the fucking thing!" Phil ordered. His cock jutted up from his crotch hair and sc****d her thigh. He had an arm around her tiny waist and lifted her so that she had a foot planted on either side of Norman's body.

"She is a total slut!" stated Mike in awe of the married woman's eagerness to fuck.

Phil fondled her small ripe tits. His prick pointed to the ceiling and a string of clear pre-cum hung from its tip. Phil was sweating as his huge cock shot straight up in the air.

"Fuck me!" Katie whimpered over and over as she bent down and wrapped her lips around Norman's cock and sucked it gingerly. Her tongue ran across her spongy head as all the men groped her body.

She straightened up and squatted over Norman's hard on as her tits were being mauled by Mike and Phil, her nipples swollen and hopelessly stiff. She bent her knees as she lowered herself and reached for Norman's cock with her hand. His balls were aching with the strain of holding back his cum.

Katie's fingers found Norman's stiff cock. She held his prick upright, guided it between her legs, underneath the tufted bush of her cunt hair. The cock head pressed against the gaping lips of her pussy and she screwed it inside, as if she were fitting in a light bulb. The other two men let go of her of perfect small breasts and her full weight fell on Norman's prick. His cock fucked into her pussy, prying her cuntlips open. The hot wife sat on Norman's hard on and she leaned forward as her ass jutted out in the air. Slowly she began to ride Norman as she soon found a rhythm and was fucking the old lawyers cock in her velvety pussy.

"Grind his cock Freckles!" Phil urged. He gripped her by her shoulders, f***ed her down harder. Her legs jackknifed and her ass settled on Norman's crotch. His cock was completely embedded in her soaking cunt.

Her eyes filmed over with satisfaction. With both hands planted on Norman's shoulders, she leaned forward, allowing her brown hair to fall about her face and her small tits grinded onto Norman's chest. She rolled about on top of him, circling her cock stuffed cunt erotically. She let her hard and horny nipples scratch his chest and rubbed her belly on his.

"That's it Freckles! Fuck him good!" Phil mumbled. He pressed one hand down on her back as he handed the tube of KY to Mike.

Mike coated his cock with the jelly and knelt on the back of the chaise between Katie's legs. The twin globes of Katie's gorgeous ass split wide in front of him. He could see the furry pouch of Norman's balls and an inch or two of cock where it disappeared into her sucking cunt. Above was the puckered circle of her asshole, waiting for his prick.

"Ohh yeah! In her married ass," Mike muttered as he took his cock in hand. He nudged forward, slotted his greasy cock head into the crack between her ass cheeks. He rubbed up and down, wetting the crack with cock precum and oil. Then he planted his prick head against her asshole and pressed forward.

"Ohhhh shit!! Fuuucckkkk!" Katie groaned and braced herself against Norman with her arms stiff. Her small perfect tits hung beneath her as Norman grabbed them harshly. The hot wife's mouth hung open in pain as she felt Mike's cock trying to penetrate her tight anal cavity.

"Up her ass! Up her horny little ass!" Mike mumbled. The Marine could see her asshole widening, expanding, folding itself over his intruding cock. There was a split second when he thought it wouldn't go, when he had to reinf***e his prick with his fist as it bent in the middle.

He pulled away as he rubbed the jelly across the head of his cock. Katie looked back at him with glazed eyed lust and impatiently muttered, "C'mon do it! Fuck my ass!" Mike repositioned behind her and pressed it against the tight ring as Norman's cock was buried inside her throbbing cunt. He held his cock and pressed but it wouldn't slide in. He gripped once more and pressed forward as he held her by her hip as her asshole was f***ed wide open and was wrapping itself over his prick head warmly.

"It's going! It's disappearing up her ass!" Mike croaked. Two and then three inches of cock fucked up Katie's ass.

"Oohhh! Owe!!!! Arghhh!! Ohhhh! Yes!! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!" moaned Katie as she clenched her mouth closed in pain. She felt as though she were being split in half as her body tensed, "Ooohhhhh go slow! Go slow!" she begged. As she felt both men inside of her, pain erupted as Mike's cock head penetrated her sphincter while Norman's cock was buried deep inside her moist cunt. The pain and discomfort was soon replaced by ecstasy, "Ohhhhhhh fuck! Ohhh God! Fuck me!"

"Cram it all the way! Cram it all the way up her ass!" laughed Phil. Both Mike's hands were now splayed on her ass cheeks and he was forcing her buns as wide as they would go. Phil watched the fourth and fifth inch of Mike's cock disappear into her tight asshole.

Katie's eyes had glazed over completely. Norman's cock throbbed up her cunt. She could feel his cock pulsing. Now she had five inches of prick fucked up her ass and Norman's cock buried in her pussy. It felt fantastic, like nothing she had ever felt before. She had never thought such a thing possible. Two cocks inside her like this at the same time. It was wonderful.

It was dirty, lewd and obscene. But it felt so good. If Phil's cock and thumb felt good; having two cocks was sending her over the edge.

"Ohhh fuck! She's tight!" croaked Norman as he stared in the hot wife's glazed eyes.

Mike clenched his teeth. His cock felt as if it were caught in a vise. But he couldn't stop. He had to go forward. Her asshole was sucking in his cock and wouldn't let go. He jerked his hips one more time and the final inch of his prick vanished up her asshole. He and Norman were both inside her to the hilt, their cocks trembling with excitement.

"Arghhhhh!! Ohhhhhhh!" Katie yelped. She was sandwiched tightly between the two horny men, "You're both fucking me!" she sobbed.

"Finally," Phil snarled. The old neighbor glared down at Katie as she was sandwiched between his nephew and his best friend. The hot wife twitched between them as she breathed heavily. Katie looked up at Phil as he stroked his cock in front of her as he bent down to her beautiful contorted face, "Where's Norman's cock?"

The d***k wife didn't respond as Phil's face moved closer and into her ear, "Where's Norman's cock Freckles?"

"In..In my pussy," she gasped as her mouth hung open. Her eyes wide as she embraced the feeling of being filled by two cocks.

"And where's Mike's cock?" grinned the old neighbor.

Katie swallowed as she looked back towards him, "In my ass!"

"Do you like it? Does it feel good?" gloated Phil.

"OOhhhhh!" she moaned as her head went down towards Norman as both men gently moved their cocks in and out, "Yesssss!"

Phil stepped backward and stood to one side of Norman's head, "Is he fucking your married ass?"

"Yesssss!" the hot wife mumbled as she enjoyed two cocks moving in and out of her, "he's fucking my married ass!"

"Do you want to suck my cock while they fuck you?" teased Phil.

"Ohhhhhhh!" the hot wife moaned.

"Is that a yes?" Phil teased again as he brushed his cock against her freckled cheek.

"Ohhh yeah!" Katie stared up at Phil as her tongue instinctively shot out and licked her thin lips.

He thrust his hand under Katie's chin and tilted her face up toward him. "Suck it then! Suck my cock while they fuck you!"

Dreamy eyed, Katie gazed at the huge purple head of Phil's massive cock. The piss slit was winking at her and clear strings of precum were oozing free. He nudged her face with his cock, smeared her cheek with goo. Then the cock head was planted against her thin red lips and she opened her mouth, allowing the fat bloated mushroom to plop inside. The prick head throbbed on her tongue.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she gagged as he lunged forward and bumped the roof of her mouth with his cock. She clamped her fist around the base of his prick and began to jerk him off, pumping and tugging on his mighty fuck stick as if she couldn't wait for him to empty his cum in her mouth.

Mike began to fuck her viciously up the ass. He fucked his cock into her ass again and again, burying it further up her asshole on each fuck stroke.

Beneath her, Norman lay still and let all the motion up above him push him closer and closer to cumming. She was being jerked every which way on top of him, first by fuck lunges up her ass from Mike, then by fuck thrusts of Phil's cock in her mouth. All he had to do was lie there. Her cunt nipped and sucked at his prick and bathed it in pussy juice.

Katie felt herself growing faint. It was almost more than she could take, to have her body abused this way, to be utterly stuffed with three hard cocks. She was about to cum from the sheer lewdness of the situation.

Her face was swollen out of shape on the bulk of Phil's cock. He thrust forward again and again and fucked his prick deep in her mouth. Her lips were raw from all the sucking she'd done. Yet she still did the best she could, pumping his cock in her hand and sliding her lips up and down on his cock, taking his fuck stick into her throat so deep that his pubic hair got caught in her teeth.

"Suck me good, that's it. Suck that cock hard, you sweet little cunt," he said.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth. He stood in front of her and slapped his heavy prick back and forth across her face, clamping one hand on top of her head to keep her still. The cock made loud smacking, sounds against her cheeks. Then he gripped the cock tightly and smeared it into her eyes and across her cheeks, cleaning off all the syrupy drool that was oozing out its tip.

"What if your husband could see you now?" Phil sneered. "What do you think he'd say? His sexy wife fucking with three guys at the same time, What do you think he'd say? How do you think he'd react to you taking three cocks inside you at the same time? What do you think, Freckles?"

Even in her daze, Katie was surprised at the harshness of his voice. What would her husband say?

"What would he say Freckles," Phil panted, "What would he say? Would he say you are a slut?"

Katie looked up at him as her breath was taken away from a thrust of Mike's cock into her ass with Norman's cock still embedded in her pussy, "He'd say I'm a married slut!"

The old man pulled his cock back from her and laughed in agreement, "Do you like being a little slut?"

"Yes!" Katie moaned, "Yes I like being a slut!" as she grabbed his cock and f***ed it back into her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could as her lustful desire continued. She grinded herself back towards the two cocks deeply planted inside her, "I'm cumming!" she shrieked as both Norman and Mike began to fuck her hard. Phil grabbed her face and f***ed his cock deep into her throat. Her body convulsed as she tried to moan but was muffled by the dick deep in her mouth. Her body shook, her eyes watered and her lips and pussy trembled as she came all off the men. Her body shook uncontrollably as the most intense orgasm continued to wave across her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!" as she pulled her mouth off of Phil's cock, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh I'm cumming I'm cumming," she moaned over and over as her body finally released it's built up sexual frustration. Her body shook and trembled she felt her pussy and ass spasm with delight. Her breathing was so rapid she thought she was going to hyperventilate. She f***ed herself back and down onto the two rigid cocks that had penetrated her.

Phil stuffed his cock back into her mouth. She bobbed her head across Phil's beautiful cock as she was ready to take their cum. Her body shivered at the thought of three men cumming on her, "Cum for me," she whispered, "Cum on me!"

"I'm gonna come soon. I can't hold out!" Mike wailed. "Her ass is driving me crazy."

"Don't cum yet!" insisted Phil. "Let her ask us for it!"

"On my face!" Katie hissed, "All of you cum on me! In my mouth! On my tongue! I want to taste all of it!" The hot wife was possessed with lust as she ordered them to cum in her mouth.

Mike immediately did as he was told, and stopped his fucking and gingerly withdrew his aching cock inch by inch from Katie's asshole. Norman held her by the waist and, eased her off his prick with a quick motion. Phil stepped back from her, his cock dripping with the married woman’s saliva.

Katie turned and laid down on the chaise so she could look up at the men, "on my face," she panted, "please cum on me!" she begged.

"I wanna cum on those feet! I wanna see jism dripping off her toes!" Mike frowned like a spoiled k**.

"No!" Katie said with lust in her eyes. "When you cum, shoot it on my face! I need it!"

Mike frowned again, but he swung a leg over Katie's middle and settled himself down on her belly, his cock swung out in front of him like the small branch of a tree. He f***ed his prick down and slotted it in the groove between Katie's small perfect tits. He placed a hand on the outside of each of her tits and pressed inwards, mashing the tits together to form a valley between her breasts.

"She is so fucking hot!" he raved. He formed a valley for his prick and was now plunging it back and forth between her tits, trying to scratch his cock shaft with her horny nipples each time.

The hot wife stared into Mike's eyes as he fucked her small breasts. She glanced over at Norman and Phil as they watched the younger man while he drove his cock on her chest, "Get on either side of my face," the hot wife directed.

The men did as she asked as Katie reached out and jerked Norman and Phil off with short sharp tugs of her fist and at the same time also turned her head from side to side, as she licked and sucked at their cock heads.

"Ohhh fuck yeah," Katie whimpered softly, gazing fondly at the reddened pricks. "C'mon cum in my mouth and all over me. Cum on my face," she hissed, "I want all it all!"

Phil and Norman exchanged glances. Their cocks were being jerked viciously in her fists. They both placed their hands on their hips, letting her handle their cocks any way she pleased. Her heavy lidded eyes shifted from cock to cock anxiously. She knew that any second both cocks would explode and start lobbing jets of cum at her.

The men had been sucked and yanked and teased for over half an hour, and they were now bloated far beyond normal. Incredibly thick blue veins wriggled up and throbbed painfully. Their mushroom prick heads, swollen almost as large as tennis balls, shone a reddish purple color. To have the three thick cocks pulsing and throbbing there inches from her pretty face, was the dirtiest, more erotic sight she could fathom. Monstrous, overgrown, old looking cocks like these, all resting on or aimed at Katie's clean-cut married freckled face: it was sheer obscenity.

And yet she so obviously loved their cocks. She held the pricks in her hands and kissed them, using her gorgeous thin lips and pink, darting tongue, her eyelids closed in rapture.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck!" Mike gasped suddenly. He had fucked Katie's tits for several minutes. There were finger marks all over her where he had mauled her lovely tits and mashed them together over his pumping cock. But now he let her tits fall apart. He grabbed his cock in his hand and inched himself higher on her heaving ribcage. He aimed his cock directly at Katie's waiting face.

"Cum on me! Cum on my face!" she moaned, gazing intently at Mike's twitching cockhead. "Jerk off in my face! Cum all ..."

Her voice was cut off as a huge rope of jism jumped from Mike's cock and fell diagonally across her mouth. Much of the cum sprayed across her chin and on up her cheek to her temple, but a great deal of cum slopped in between her open lips. Jism coated her tongue and hung off her pretty teeth like glue. A wad of cum caught at the corner of her, mouth and webbed her lips together.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Mike groaned. His fist a blur of motion on his cum spurting cock. As he spoke, a second monster rope of cum jetted from his cock tip. This one missed her mouth altogether and skated up the left side of her face, painting a shiny white line from her chin to her hairline. The jism looped over her forehead and cut across her eye at dead center, matting her eyelashes together.

Katie whimpered softly, both eyes tightly shut now. She had wanted all the men to cum on her. The notion thrilled her. But the f***e of Mike's blast in her eye had caught her off guard. It was like being hit with tiny pebbles.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!" Mike grunted as he jerked himself off onto the sexy wife's face. He tilted his cock down and spurted a long jet of cum straight into her gaping mouth. Then his prick was swinging up again, and a twist of spunk spun in the air and splattered across Katie's nose and off her check.

Phil reached down and closed his hand over Katie's on his cock. She had been gamely jerking both cocks while Mike jerked off onto her face, but she had lost her rhythm. She was yanking and tugging without any effort. Phil tightened his fist and began pumping solidly, anchoring his fat cock head against Katie's right cheek.

There was a squishing sound, and suddenly long streamers of jism were spraying in every direction from Phil's cock head. The cum was hitting Katie's face then ricocheting all over the place like a pinwheel. What didn't spurt off into the air either drooled down her neck or bounced off over her face like mercury.

"I'm going to cover her with my cum," Phil growled. He aimed his cock higher and sent a huge white jet of cum spinning off across both her closed eyes. He milked out his jism with long slow tugs on his cock.

"Ohhh fuckkkk!" howled Norman as he began shooting his load which had boiled in his ball sack. Phil and Norman were now shooting at the same time, hosing Katie down with jets of silver spunk. They criss-crossed her face with white lines, decorating her like a cake.

"Oh shit, oh shit!" Norman roared. He too had covered Katie's hand with his own and was helping her jerk him off. Flat glow of spunk flew from his cock.

For a time all three cocks were spurting cum at the same time, lobbing great heavy wads of cock cream onto the poor d***ken wife. She tilted her head from side to side, whimpering as her eyes were sealed shut and one of her nostrils was plugged with cum. But she wanted to keep her mouth open, and blob after juicy blob of jism shot inside, hitting her teeth and dripping off the back of her throat.

"Fill it! Fill her hot mouth!" Phil urged, pouring an especially huge plug of cum between her lips.

All three cocks were poised within inches of Katie's foaming mouth, dripping heavy strands of spunk into the hole or spurting off across her face. There were white lines across both cheeks and all over her forehead. Fat loops of semen d****d themselves across her pretty turned up nose. Both her eyes were submerged under pools of cum. Strings of spunk hung in her hair.

Unexpectedly another orgasm struck the hot wife as she began to cum with the three men, "ooohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh" she purred as he body shook and trembled, "cum on me! cum on me!" she quietly voiced as all the men rubbed their cocks across her sexy freckled face. Nothing else mattered in the room to Katie. The only thing that mattered was she was cumming again as the old men sprayed their spunk across her pretty face, "Ohhhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" The wife moaned in delight.

Mike slowed down. The cum was oozing from his cock tip now, not spurting. Jism rolled down over the crown of his cock and formed heavy strings that dangled in the air for several seconds before snapping and breaking across Katie's face like cobwebs. He poked at her left cheek and eye and coated her nose some more before returning his cock to her overflowing mouth.

"Eat it! Eat that cum!" Phil wailed, still spurting. He was lifting her with a hand clasped on the back of her neck, so that he could hit her at a more direct angle. His cum was making loud splitting sounds as it hit her in the face.

Norman planted his cock head in the soggy pool over her left eye, with the piss slit stuck up against the bridge of her nose. His jism sprang out in fat globs. The thick white lines of cum spiraled out across her face like spokes of a wheel. Her face glittered with cum, layers and layers of it, like some milky cosmetic.

"Suck it!" Phil wheezed, directing spurt after spurt of jism onto her face and between her lips. His fist squeezed his cock hard and he seemed to be trying to poke the prick head into Katie's mouth.

But her mouth was already full. It was clogged to the depths with steaming, wriggling spunk. Her throat was blocked with cum, her tongue buried under it. Her checks ballooned wide with wads of jism. And white streamers of cum oozed and dribbled from the corners of her mouth, down her cheeks and along her neck. Her teeth were no longer visible. Her open lips were sealed with a wide and deep pool of spunk.

Norman panted as he grabbed a handful of Katie's beautiful brown hair as he rubbed his cock on it. But his prick kept on shooting, blasting knots of jism along her forehead and down her left cheek. The hot cock cream was jetting out in torrents. Brown strands of hair were matted together with cum.

"Take it all! Suck down our cum!" moaned Phil. He f***ed his cock head against her open lips and tried to plunge the wall of white spunk inwards. More hot jism overflowed her mouth and ran down her face.

Katie started to gag. She made gurgling sounds deep in her throat and Phil backed off, his cock tip dripping white cum. He and Norman still spurted ribbons of jism across her face. She played the pond of cum about on her tongue, and then f***ed it upwards, spilling milky fuck cream all over her freckled face. The spunk poured from her mouth like lava.

She whimpered and twisted under the rain of cum. Her hands were caught under the burly fists of the men and she couldn't stop jerking their cocks. But she couldn't take any more cum. They were drowning her in jism. She swallowed frantically. But she couldn't eat it all. She let cum ooze and roll from her lips, soiling her pretty face even more.

Norman stopped spurting cum and rested his swollen cock on Katie's forehead. He swished it about casually, smearing jism all over her like varnish. Strands of her hair were stuck to his cock by the gooey cum. And finally Phil stopped shooting. He held his cock head over her spewing mouth and let the dangling strings of spunk snap across her lips.

She was making soft little sounds, half of pleasure, half of panic. The great wet wall of spunk still clogged her lips and overflowed down her chin. Ribbons of white cum crisscrossed her face like lines on a road map. Her face glistened and shone like a weird liquid mask. The globs and strands of cum drooled down her neck like wax down a candle.

The three men placed their bloated heads of their cocks on Katie's cheeks and forehead and swishing the thick layers of spunk to the left and right. It began to make strange patterns on her skin. Her cum mask glittered and shone like an uneven coat of paint. Her face stayed passive under the weight of the cocks.

"Let her do it. Let her do it herself," said Mike.

The men lifted their hands off their cocks. Katie squeezed the pricks. And now she took over, rubbing the prick heads into her checks and smearing the thick layers of cum. Her mouth was still a clogged oval of greasy white. Spunk drained off down her chin. Katie's hand dropped between her legs as her moans increased and her body shook, "Ohhhh fuck! Ohhhh fuck!" as her a third orgasm took over. The men looked down at the shivering cum covered wife as her body shook in orgasmic delight. The hot wife couldn't think of anything more obscene that having three spent cocks resting on her pretty married face.

As the world spun around her d***k mind; she remained on the chaise as she carefully licked her lips and tasted the mixture of cum on her. Slowly the men moved back as they stared down at her the cum covered married woman. Phil grabbed a blanket off the bed and tossed it on her. The wife remained motionless from the incredible fucking she received and a face full of cum. One by one the men grabbed their clothes and walked out. Mike grabbed the bottle of whiskey as he turned back and grinned devilishly at her freckled cum covered face.

The hot wife laid motionless on the chaise as she gasped deeply as she basked in the ecstasy of her powerful orgasms and the delightful taste of cum all over face and mouth.


Sunlight broke through the window as Katie heard a low moan and the sound of slapping flesh next to her face. She felt a burst of warmth shooting onto her and rolling down her cheeks as her eyes slowly started to crack open. Her face felt wet and slick as she blinked against the light, consciousness returning to her slowly as the smell of semen entered his nose. Her throat felt raw and her muscles ached as she looked down and watched the white fluid rolling down her chest and even collecting in her navel. Some of it had overflowed and several streams ran down my her sides and wet the cushion beneath her. Katie could taste the fresh cum on her lips and in her mouth. Globs of cum rolled down her cheeks. As her eyes focused she saw the shadow of the obese man walking away from her as she wiped the cum from her eyes. The hot wife shook her head in realization that Phil had just jacked off on her while she slept.

What appalled her the most was that she didn't mind. She licked her lips tasting the salty manliness of her neighbor. Katie sat up and saw Mike lying in bed sl**ping. Norman was nowhere to be seen. She heard Phil in the bathroom as the shower turned on. She slowly got up; the room still spun around her. Mrs. Jackson's pussy was sore as was her ass. Katie bent down and gathered her clothes straining to find her panties and bra only to remember Phil told her to not wear any. Katie darted into the computer room where she quickly pulled her flash drive from the computer and tucked it under the clothes in her arms. She silently tip toed down the hallway. As she passed by the open door to the bathroom the obese body of Phil Dorman could be seen in through the partially open shower curtain. The hot wife paused and stared at the semi hard cock that hung between his fat thighs as he lathered himself with soap. His hairy body was disgusting. It was so unfair that he was blessed with a beautiful dick but was attached to a hideous looking person. Her eyes slowly crawled up his body until he reached his face. Phil was looking back at her with a devilish grin and he stroked his cock with the soapy lather.

The hot wife, lost in lust, gave him a wicked little smile. She wiped some of his cum from her face with her finger and slowly sucked the sticky load into her mouth, all the while looking into the eyes of the obese man. Mrs. Jackson pulled her finger out with a pop as she blew him a kiss, turned and walked away, shaking her naked ass seductively as she walked by the doorway.

Katie paused at the bottom of the stairs as her lustful body stared up the steps towards the bathroom. She knew she needed to return home and not go in the shower where her body wanted to be. She shivered in the cold air as she pulled up her nylons and was quickly out the door after sliding on her skirt and blouse.

The cold wind took her breath away as the scantily clad wife walked home in the deep snow, loosing her high heeled shoes. She bent down and grabbed it from the drift and ran home in only her nylon covered feet. As she darted up her front porch she prayed nobody was outside to see her walk back to the house that she shared with her husband. The cum had quickly frozen in her hair and across her face. She felt the hardened sperm had matted her hair together as she opened her front door and got out of the elements. Her face felt like a layer of glaze had been layered on it. She couldn't help but wonder how many times she satisfied the men last evening. Everything was a d***ken blur except for she knew she was double penetrated as the soreness in her ass told her so.

She picked up her cell phone off the table. There were 15 missed calls from Sheila; her heart sank as she realized 5 calls were also from her loving husband. She played the messages and the most were from her buxom friend. She played them one after another and Sheila had become increasingly agitated that she wasn't answering.

Fred had only left one message in which he laughed that she must have fallen asl**p or she was out partying since he knew the k**s were gone. He continued that he was okay and that he missed and loved her. The wife felt tears in her eyes that she would do such a terrible thing behind his back. She betrayed her husband. She glanced over at the f****y photos sitting on the mantle of the fireplace. She hated her lustful feelings that she had for her neighbor. She sat her phone down and put her head in her hands when it suddenly rang. Without even looking at the caller ID she quickly answered hoping it was her husband, "Hello?"

"It's about time you answered! Where the fuck have you been? You never called!" Sheila yelled.

"I must have fallen asl**p," as the wife looked up at the clock and saw it was almost noon.

"Yeah right. Well?!? What did you find?" the buxom manager nervously asked into the phone.

The last 18 hours came back screaming at Katie as she quickly retorted, "First of all, do I have a new job?"

Sheila snickered, "I tried my best but nothing was available. What did you find out at Phil's?"

The hot wife thought for a moment as she stared at her flash drive. Her pussy and ass ached from the fucking the men had given her last evening. Her face, chest, and hair still sticky from their cum. She couldn't help but be suspicious of her friend's answer. Was she really trying to get her a job? Did she just use her? Katie was mad at herself for allowing herself to be used by three men.

The hot wife sighed, "Well I tried my best as well but I couldn't find anything," as she held the flash drive up in the air.

"Damn it Katie!" shouted Sheila, "You're worthless!" as she hung up the phone.

The words dug into her chest like a knife. Was she worthless? Had her life came to this to getting fucked behind her husband's back because of her uncontrollable lustful urges. Mrs. Jackson took a deep breath as she tasted the men's dried spunk on her lips. Her stomach sank. She felt horrible for what she had just done but yet it made her heart skip a beat. She was just used by three men. Katie felt like a slut; she sure looked like one as she glanced in the mirror and saw her cum covered face and hair. She was a horrible wife, horrible mother, a horrible person for doing what she had just done but yet it everything about it excited her.

The hot wife sat down at her computer and uploaded the information from the flash drive. She looked through the documents; it was such an obvious scam and she couldn't believe what the State of Missouri was allowing Phil to do.

As quickly as her heart sank about her husband; her body felt the sexual energy that the men had given her. She was just been fucked like she had always wanted. She had fantasized about this moment since she saw it on video and goose bumps came across her body.

Her mind refocused on her husband and f****y. She saw her diploma's hanging on the wall on of their den. She used to be important and not worthless as Sheila had told her. She had control over her life. She used to have a powerful job and control over many people. Her body reminded her of the huge cock that she learned to enjoy. The creamy torrent that it kept inside and was usually released into her wanton mouth. The sexy taste of it's precum. Katie shook her head side to side. Her mind knew what needed to be done although her body would regret her decision.

Before her she could change her mind; she authored an email with the evidence of the fraud attached to the Missouri Attorney General detailing the crimes that Sheila and Phil were involved in. As she hit the send button, she stared at a picture of her and Fred with a sense of relief as she knew that maybe she will be able to get her life back once she is away from the old man and his beautiful large cock.

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