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Tim and i and mom and dad

We were 13 and 14 when our parents called us into the f****y room. They were wearing only robes. We were told to strip naked and stand in front of them. When we did this they both began to rub our bodies. Mom was rubbing Tim and dad rubbed me. They started with our backs and rubbed down to our asses. At the ass, they gripped our ass cheeks and squeezed them for quite some time. It really felt good. They then spread our asses and looked at our assholes and rubbed a finger aroung the bud. This made a funny tingle in our stomachs. At that point they turned us facing them and started on the fronts of us. Mom rubbed Tims nipples as dad rubbed mine. Tim had flat nipples but I was developing and had a nice set of titties for my young age. They both pinched and pulled on the nipples and I noticed Tims cock start to change in size and grow. I did not realize he had such a large cock like my dad.

Now they spread our legs and mom started stroking Tims cock as dad put his finger over my pussy. I really loved being touched and Tim seemed to like it also. Tims cock was growing as my pussy was feeling quite wet. Dad found my hole with a finger and began to insert a finger in my now very wet cunt. This felt so good. He only did this for a short time then he told me to lay on the couch and spread my legs very wide. I did as told. Mom then told Tim to get between my legs and she directed his cock into my pussy. We were told that Tim was going to fuck me as his cock was smaller than dad and it would be easier on me for the first time. Dad spread my pussy as mom took Tims cock and poked it into my hole. First it was too large and would not go but dad started to grind my clit as mom told Tim how to push in me. I soon was liking the pain with the grinding and Tim got his cock in me. Mom told him how to fuck me and soon Tim was fucking my hole as dad played with my clit. It did not take long for both of us to cum and Tim squirted my small cunt with warm cum.

Mom and dad told us we did good. Soon we would all play and they would teach us many things about great sex.

Then mom and dad removed their robes and we saw moms huge tits and dads big cock. Mom told us to come over and suck on her tits. We each took one in our mouths and I loved the round nipples. As we sucked her tits, dad took his huge cock and put it in her pussy. We were told to suck hard as dad fucked our mom. We were surprised that his huge cock went in her hole and then he started ramming her hole hard as mom was yelling for him to fuck her harder. Dad soon came in her hole and then pulled his cock out. He put the cock in moms mouth and she started licking it. I had this desire to lick tims cock. Mom noticed me watching her suck dad cock and knew I wanted to suck a cock. She sat me up and moved Tim to me and held his cock in her hand as she moved it to my lips. She ran his cock over my lips and it started to get hard and grow again. She told me to open my mouth and then put
Tims cock in my mouth. She taught me to suck it and not bite and when it got deep in my mouth to breathe out my nose so he could fuck me. i was told how to run my tongue over his cock and it felt so smooth and hard. Then she took Tims hips and moved them so he was making a fucking movement into my mouth. Dad held my head as mom moved Tim and taught him to fuck my mouth. Soon Tim screamed and my mouth was filled with a thick liquid. I was told to swallow it all. Dad kissed me and told me I was now a cock sucker. Soon I would be his slut baby.

We now were pulled from school and home schooled although the main course was sex. Tim would fuck me daily to stretch my cunt as dad sucked my nipples and chewed them. We sucked mom tits as dad fucked her. I sucked Tims cock many times and then one day dad put his cock in my mouth. By now I knew what to do and I gave dad a great blow job and his cock was larger than Tims. As I sucked dads huge cock, mom started to lick my cunt and tim began to fuck my mom. Soon we were all cumming. We then traded places and kept fucking and sucking. Dad fucked my cunt as I ate moms pussy as she sucked Tims cock. Mom and tim then sucked on my tits as dad tongue fucked my hole. I loved to cum and never seemed to be able to get enough.

Next dad leaned mom over the end of the couch and spread her ass. He put his cock at the entrance to her hole and pushed inside. He than began to fuck her ass hard and wild as he pulled on her nipples. Mom seemed to love this and soon she was screaming as she came and we watched the juice run down her leg.
Dad then shot his cum into her ass and then spanked her ass. It was amazing to watch them fuck. Next dad layed me over the couch and mom got Tims cock hard and showed him how to enter my ass. As he pushed his cock in my ass, I then knew why mom liked this. It truly felt good. It must have felt good to my b*****r too as he began to fuck my ass hard. It was not long till we both came. Then mom layed over the couch beside me and Tim entered her ass and started fucking it. Dad soon got behind me and entered my ass and we were all fucking and screaming and bathed in cum. I loved getting my ass fucked.

It seemed our f****y was always fucking each other. We soon gave up wearing clothes and just wore robes that could be removed in an instant. My dad loved to finger my ass and pussy and fuck me often. His hands were always some where on my body. One night he kept me in his bed all night and fucked my ass and pussy over a dozen times. He and I could not seem to get satisfied. Mom moved to Tims bed and he fucked her ass hard making her scream.

One day dad decided that tim needed to fuck his ass so he leaned over the couch and told him to shove his cock in his dad ass. As i watched tim fuck dad ass, I got so turned on that I came right there. Then dad put Tim over the couch and fucked his ass. Then mom laid me on my back and started to eat my pussy as dad entered her ass and Tim jumped on my dads ass. When they pulled out of each others asses they came to me and took turns letting me lick their cock clean and then I licked moms ass.

Every day my b*****r would ass fuck dad. Then dad would ass fuck my b*****r. Mom and I would take turns eating pussy. At night I slept with dad and Tim slept with mom. Tim fucked mom all night as dad fucked me all night. I loved dads huge cock and never got enough. Tim told me he loved fucking his mom and then tim and I would fuck several times. Tim had grown a nice thick cock himself and I loved fucking it.

We are the happiest f****y in our town and the sexiest.

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