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My UPS Man Picnic

I had honestly forgotten about telling my UPS guy we could go on a picnic so when he brought me another package and caught me once again laying out in the nude I grabbed my robe and signed for the package. He was walking away when I remembered and I said hey when we doing this picnic? His turned around and his eyes lit up I said do you got time for a quick soda or iced tea?. I feel like a cold one but don’t want to drink alone. He looked at his watch and I could see him calculating his route. I went in the house and brought out a cold dr pepper and said here you go. I sat down but made sure I was showing him some thigh and a little hint of my tit. The wind blew the wrapping from my package on the deck and when I bent over to get it he got an eye full. I sat back in my chair almost falling out of my robe I caught his eyes burning a hole in my exposed skin. I smiled to myself and said excuse me and when I stood up my robe came open enough where he saw my freshly shaved pussy and my breast I nonchalantly closed it and went in the house to get absolutely nothing I wanted to stand there to tease him so I spent a minute or two in the house and came back out making sure my robe was untied and open. We had small talk conversation and I saw a nice package bulging in his uniform shorts. He finished his drink and said I’d love to stay I mean I really do but I gotta finish up today’s route. I stood up and kissed his cheek giving him full a frontal shot of my body and said see you Sunday then. He turned and smiled and said sure thing. Sunday came and he picked me up in a little two seater convertible. I told him wow nice, I like it and gave him a big smile. I know of a gravel pit ( lake ) off the beaten path and suggested we try it out. He said sure thing your wish is my command. I told him be careful and laughed. We got to the lake and it was a gorgeous summer morning. I raced down to the lake pulled my sundress up over my head and ran out into the water. He was standing there, I thought this one might be a problem. I called to him to come in the water and swim with me. He said he’d be right there and I watched him go behind the car and when he stepped out he was wearing cut-offs I laughed and said ah Mr. modest I see. I was standing in waist deep water so I walked up to the shoreline and said take my hand. He stuck his hand out and I pulled and he fell towards me knocking us both down with him landing on top of me. I was laughing so hard I said oh god I have to pee and squat down and peed his eyes were on my pussy as he watched the golden stream hit the water. He laughed and said there’s not much modesty with you is there Anna. I asked does it bother you that I’m nude, because I can um do nothing and we both started laughing as I had nothing but my sundress to put on. I told him quit being an old fuddy duddy and take his shorts off and join me. He turned red because I could see he was hard, I said oh come on I wont laugh. He turned around and took his shorts off and when he turned around there was this nice fat chubby pointing up at the sky. He started to apologize when I walked up to him until that fat cock of his was pressed into me. I said George it’s fine, how long has it been for you anyway? He said way to fucking long Anna. I’m sorry but you’re such a sexual woman and so beautiful I can’t help it. I told him flattery will get you everywhere as I looked up at him waiting for him to kiss me. I finally said you gonna kiss me or leave me feeling stupid? He smiled and picked me up and held me close to him and kissed me softly at first I ran my tongue over his lips then sucked in his bottom lip and bit down a little. George is 6’ 4” not really muscled but fit. Anyway our kisses become more and more prolonged and passionate. I already had my arms wrapped around his neck so I wrapped my legs around him and looked at him and whispered fuck me fuck me here and now George. He was holding my butt in one hand and trying to get his cock in my pussy with the other I shifted and his cock slid up into my wet cunt. I bit his shoulder as his cock spread me open as it went deeper into my pussy. I held him tightly around the neck and was squealing and moaning as he fucked me with hard urgent strokes. He turned and carried me over to his car and put me down and bent me over the hood and fucked me doggy which I love because he could get so deep inside my dripping wet pussy. I gasped in a deep breath of air as he violently rammed his cock into me. I lay forward on the hood as he started pounding me with hard deep strokes which brought out a chorus of fuck me’s and god yeses and oh shit oh my god yes George do it fuck me yes give it to me just like that George hard and fast. Fuck my pussy George oh god yes fuck it fuck it yes fuck me uh huh uh huh mm god yes. I felt him stiffen up and he started shouting out yes, yes oh god Anna. I felt his hard cock pulsing and driving deep into me as he let out a long grunt and held me tightly by the hips and emptied his hot scalding sperm deep inside my pussy. I was furiously rubbing my clit as he fucked my hot juicy cunt with his urgent thrusts so we almost came together. I was moaning out my orgasm and pushing back on his hard cock as it rammed into my quivering cunt as my own orgasm engulfed my pussy and shot through out me.
I lay there on the hood of the car catching my breath as he leaned down and kissed the back of my neck and whispered my name. One hand was caressing my thigh and ass as he stood up and kissed my back. I realized he wasn’t hard, but still had a nice chub in my pussy despite my orgasm which, well usually pushes a mans cock out of me. I started moaning deep in my throat and rotating my ass and squeezed down on his cock. He said careful and pushed himself back up inside me. George asked me if I was a squirter I told him I don’t really squirt, but I get very wet and sometimes I leave puddles when my pussy gets so excited from a good hard fucking so that it seems like I do. He said well I thought you were and laughed. I liked his easy spontaneous laugh, it was genuine. My hips were still making little circles as I pushed back on his semi hard cock. He said hold up and pulled out of me I said GEORRRGE no put it back in me. He said where’s that blanket Anna. I said by the gear shift thingy. I reached down to play with my empty cunt. George returned and grabbed me up and swung me around right off my feet. He had laid the blanket out and he laid me on it and said don’t move don’t do nothing. He knelt down and grabbed my foot and started licking my toes and between them. Causing renewed flowing of my already wet pussy I could feel my juices running down onto my butt hole. I reached down to touch my clit when George said ah , ah be good lay still. My hips were moving on their own violation as his tongue continued up my legs and onto my thighs and missed my aching pussy. He used his tongue in my belly button then up my sides then over my breast stopping to suck and nibble at my nipples. Then he held himself over me and said you’re the most beautiful sensual sexual open woman I’ve ever made love too. He lowered himself down until the head of his cock slid over my clit and down in between my pussy lips pushing them apart as he slid his cock up and down on my pussy like that. I opened my mouth and threw back my head as an orgasm shot through my pussy like a bolt of lighting. I grabbed him around the neck and kissed him over and over and said please fuck me now George make it slow and gentle. Fuck me with your beautiful hard cock I can’t wait another minute. He positioned his cock at the entrance of my vagina and slowly pushed his hot thick cock up inside me. I couldn’t help but moan out my sheer pleasure and call out his name as he made slow beautiful love to me. As he thrust into me my hips raised to meet his every stroke as he filled my cunt with his hot hard cock. I had my eyes closed and was totally oblivious to the world around me as George fucked me with slow sweet gentle strokes that had my cunt making wet sloppy noises as he buried his cock in me pushing my juices out with each thrust into my dripping wet cunt. I could feel his heavy balls slapping my asshole when he grabbed me behind my knees and held me open driving his cock even deeper into my soaking wet pussy. I was almost bent in two as he drove his cock slowly and deeply into me. I urged him on with quiet moans and whispered yeses and fuck me’s and uh huh’s and oh god it’s so sweet the way you fuck me George. I was whispering fuck me fuck my pussy yes fuck it uh huh just like that uh huh oh god yes right there George oh god please don’t stop no, no don’t stop George fuck my pussy grind it George grind it into my cunt. George started grunting and driving faster into my waiting cunt as moan after moan escaped my now parted lips as I felt him deep inside me. I was screaming out my pleasure as he quickened his pace and started to fuck me with powerful deep hard strokes. I wrapped my ankles around his neck taking his hard cock deep inside me. My pussy started making loud squishy wet noises as his cock pounded into my cervix causing a flash of pain as he fucked me now with long hard deep powerful thrusts into my wet waiting cunt. I was squeezing my breast and my head was turning side to side as I screamed out an intense deep vaginal orgasm that started in the core of my pussy deep inside me and sent a glowing warmth spreading through out my body. I felt his whole body go rigid as he pounded into me with fast hard hip shaking thrust. I felt his cock throbbing inside my pussy then start to pulse as his cum shot out of his cock deep inside my pussy. My next orgasm came as I rubbed my clit trying to reach my climax with him and my whole body starting shaking as my pussy greedily clutched and clinched around the cock that was filling it with hot strands of sperm that splashed into my pussy and mingled with my own pussy juices that were flowing out of my cunt as George thrust his cock deep into me for the final time and kept it buried in my cum filled cunt as it pulsed and my pussy clamped down on his cock milking every last drop of his sperm into me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with the passion of a well fucked woman. We lay there untangled flat on our backs I had my arm shading my eyes from the sun when George said I haven’t had sex with a woman in over 3 years, I couldn’t resist and said or you’re gay then and laughed until I almost peed myself. George said let’s eat then I’ll show you gay, I stood up and said promises, promises as I ran down into the lake to wash off the smell of sex and sweat. I wasn’t going to sit near him smelling all sweaty. We were eating the chicken salad on rye with Swiss cheese I made and drinking a few beers. George had put his shorts back on and I was leaning back on him and he reached down and pinched my nipple and said don’t you like clothes? I said yes but not when I’m with you and rolled over and smiled at him as I kissed my way down his chest and stomach until I got to his shorts and unbuttoned them George stood up and took them off and said when in Rome…he laid back on his elbows. His cock was resting on his thigh I kissed it with soft wet kisses and ran my tongue over it. I was looking up at him while I licked his cock like a lollipop. George said you’re going to kill me I laughed and said I can quit, he laughed and said no you can’t as he ran his fingers through my hair. I fondled his balls as I took his cock in my mouth I looked at him then dipped my head down and took his cock as far down my throat as I could. He let out a long sigh as I started bobbing my head up and down on his hard cock. I wanted it to last so I pumped his cock slowly as I ran my tongue over the head I looked up at him and smiled and nipped at his cock. Then quickly kissed it and made an O with my mouth and slid it between my lips and stuck out my tongue so the underside of his cock slid on my tongue as I relaxed my throat muscles and took him down my throat. I began a slow soft sucking as his cock slid out of my throat and just the head of his hot cock was between my lips then I took it back down my throat as his hands grabbed my head he started to throat fuck me. His cock was coated with my saliva so I got up and turned around and was going to ride him reverse cowgirl but he grabbed me and pulled my pussy down to his face. I liked him and was apprehensive about going near his butt so I bathed his balls with my tongue and stroked his cock I tested his reaction when I let my tongue slither down close to his anus. He groaned out loud and I thought well here goes as I let my tongue slide down his asshole he raised his hips so I was encouraged to make a point with my tongue and push his anus open and twirled my tongue around the opening of his puckered hole. I held his ball sack out of the way as I rimmed him good and deep as I could he seemed to enjoy it so I wet my finger and teased his butt hole with it. I was waiting for him to respond before I put my finger in him there. He had two fingers in my pussy and was finger fucking me and flicking my clit. I knew I was going to reach orgasm soon so I took in a deep breath and pushed my finger against his butt hole. I smiled when he pushed back, some men like that some don’t so I wet my finger really good and I probed his anus and my finger slid past his sphincter so I slowly kept pushing and George started making growling grunts and a series of short uh’s. He didn’t take the hint though so I reached for his hand to let him know I wanted the same done to me I was pleased when he withdrew one finger from my super wet pussy and pushed his finger into my ass. I exploded into an orgasm that had me moaning out and screaming my way through it. Now I was on a mission to have him fuck my puckered tight little ass and I broke into a smile as I stood up on wobbly legs and straddled him just inches from his hard cock I took his cock and rubbed it in and around my wet pussy lips letting just the head into my pussy. I then rubbed it on my butt hole I heard George say Anna would you turn around so I turned around expecting the worse when he said I’ve never had a woman let me do that to her is it ok if I watch your facial expressions as you , you know do that. I smiled and leaned down and kissed him and said I’m really starting to like you George and it’s called fucking me in my tight little asshole and laughed. He said good because I could fall in love with you Anna. I knew that was only because since his wife died was the only reason he said that but it made me feel really good and special. I locked my eyes onto his and slowly let the fat mushroom head of his thick cock probe and press against my relaxing butt hole. I bit down on my lower lip as it pierced me and begin to inch it’s way into me. I let out long slow sighs and little moans as I placed my feet beside him and put my one hand on his chest and held his hot throbbing cock with my other as I slowly descended onto his thick cock I felt the head slip in me and I knew that I could take it now but I lingered and clenched my sphincter on his cock and rolled and rocked my hips as I held his cock in my ass with my hand. I blew out my breath and let his cock stretch and open my asshole as I slowly slid down on his rigid steel hard cock. Soon my ass cheeks were touching his thighs as his cock was buried in my dark damp butt hole I smiled down at him and told him he had a wonderfully thick hard cock that fit so well in my ass. I started to fuck his cock with long deep slow rocking motions as I lowered myself down onto him causing endless pleasure to ripple from my ass to my pussy. He soon grabbed my hips and started thrusting up into me with short rapid pounding deep strokes that had me moaning and saying oh god yes George bury your cock in my tight nasty little asshole yes fuck it uh huh yes do it George fuck me fuck me yes fuck my ass. George held me close to him as he stood up and cradled my ass in his hands as I let myself bounce up and down on his cock as it plunged over and over into my now relaxed and stretched open ass. He held me still long enough to kiss me and he told me I was the most beautiful stunning sexual woman he’d ever known. This only urged me on more to let him fuck me like a little slut. I told him do me doggy George pound my ass good with your hard thick cock please George give it to me hard and fast please fuck me in my tight little nasty hole. George threw our blanket over a log and bent me over it. He re-entered my ass with a hard twisting motion of his hips driving his cock deep within my bowels. When I’m in the right mood I love to submit myself to my man as he fucks me. I hung my head and sobbed out moan after moan of pleasurable sighs and whispered yeses as George continued to pound away at my ass. He reached down and found my clit with his fingers and started rubbing it and shouting out behind me oh god Anna cum with me I can’t hold off any longer I knew as soon as I felt his hot cum shooting into my ass I would orgasm anyway so I started pushing back on his cock like a woman possessed and screaming out yes, yes oh George yes now you sweet wonderful man do it George fill my ass with your hot thick cum yes oh god yes fuck me, fuck me so hard and fast George shoot it in me yes shoot it in my ass. George made one final hard deep thrust into me and I felt his scalding hot sperm squirting out of his cock and filling my ass with gob after gob of hot cum. He held me around my waist and kissed my back and neck and whispered sweet, sweet Anna over and over to me. I could barely move and was as limp as a dish cloth. George picked me up and carried me down to the water and sat me down and ran up and brought back two beers for us. I shook my head in wonderment at his stamina and I laughed out loud thinking I couldn’t run if my life depended on it right now. We finally packed up our picnic and George spent the night with me. When I woke up I smelled coffee and made my way down to the kitchen only to hear George laugh and say you really do hate clothes. I curtseyed and sad yup, he poured me a cup of coffee as I sat down remembering our picnic and I said you know what George, we’re going to have to have a lot of picnics… until next time…Mrs. X

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