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The Massage by Kevlar.

The wind howled outside like a monster banging on the door demanding to be let inside to devour it's human hosts. The rain was coming down pretty hard as Marcie watched a movie she had just put in. "Being single and living alone has it's perks!" she chuckled as she nestled back into the couch. Marcie had just returned from the video store where she had picked up the latest copy of her favorite porno “Ass Slammers 3.”She changed clothes and got into her silky robe and picked up her new "cock" she had bought the night before. She had no concerns about anything but playing with her new toy and having a mind bending orgasm. Marcie undid the straps on her robe and let it fall to the floor as she spread her legs apart to play with her freshly shaved pussy. She had shaved her legs in the shower that morning and decided to shave her pussy as well. Marcie slid a finger down her already wet pussy lips and scooped up some of the juices and sucked it into her mouth. “Damn! I taste good!”She thought as she spread her pussy apart with her left hand and with her right,slowly circled her very horny Clit and pussy lips. She moaned as she inserted two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. The movie started out with a brunette being double penetrated by two big men.”Go Girl!” Marcie laughed as her fingers dug deeper inside her causing her to cry out.”Oh Fuck!” Marcie thought as she saw this little woman being split in half by 2 very large men! 1 Cock was balls deep inside her pussy and her little tight ass was being skewered hard by a huge cock that had no business going near it! And from the screams coming from her she was very much so filled to the brim! By this time,Marcie looked down and saw a very dripping wet pussy aching to be filled with hard cock! Fake or not. A hard cock splitting her wide open would feel so good she thought as she opened the package and pulled out a very fleshy,very real looking cock. “Damn! Good thing I'm so fucking wet!”She thought as she stroked it. Just then the doorbell rang and startled Marcie.”What the fuck?!”Who the fuck could be it be disturbing her when she needed release in the worst way she thought as she turned off the tv and hid her new toy.”Yeah! Just a minute!” She yelled at the door as she pulled her robe on. She could feel her juices running down her legs as she stood up and opened the door to see her next door neighbor Jeff standing there with what looked like a suitcase in his right hand and a big dumb ass grin on his face.”Jeff! What are you doing out this late?” “So sorry to bother you Marcie!” It's just that I've been taking classes to become a massage ther****t and my test is Tomorrow and I need to practice on just 1 more person and it's too late to call anyone else!” Marcie got wet just thinking of Jeff touching her body and making her feel real good. She had seen him move in a few weeks earlier and she had fantasied about him fucking her hard and fast while she had laid in her bed stroking her Clit.”Well,Come on in out of the rain.” Marcie watched as he came into the house and placed what she now knew was a massage table down.”Please Marcie!” He pleaded with her and she knew by her pussy churning that she was going to have to try out her new toy later on.”Well...I suppose. We wouldn't want you to fail the class now would we?” “Great! Thank you!” Jeff exclaimed.”Where should I set up?” Jeff asks.”Oh! Why not set it up in the bedroom?” “The bedroom?” Jeff asks as he followed her. “Yes. The bedroom. That won't be a problem will it?” Marcie asks as she shows him where to set it up.”No problem at all! Jeff replies as he feels bl**d flowing to his lower regions. “Excuse me for just one minute please Jeff.” Marcie says as she walks into the bathroom with jelly knees and looks into the mirror and prays that she can control herself with this hunk of a man massaging her very tense body! Her pussy is even wetter than before and with good reason! She just hopes that Jeff doesn't find out! She wonders if he could smell her pussy in the air as he walked in. This excited and scared her all at the same time. She reaches for the door knob and finds Jeff waiting in her bedroom for her.”Grab a towel from the rack and come on in here.”Jeff instructs her. Marcie grabs a towel and goes in and proceeds to remove her robe. Jeff turns around to get his massage oils and sees Marcie lay on the table on her belly with only her towel covering her flesh. Jeff tries to stay in a professional manner and pours some oil into his hands and work it into her shoulders.”My! You have some mighty powerful hands.”Marcie says as Jeff massages her. He stops and asks “am I hurting you?” Oh no! Not in the least!” Go deeper if you can.” With that,Jeff works his hands down her shoulder blades to her back and he massages her deeply as he hears her moans.”OH!You are VERY good!” Marcie says as Jeff works his hands down to the small of her back and hips. He slides the towel down a little as he continues to massage her hips and slowly slides his hands down her ass cheeks. He slowly massages her ass as he works his way down her legs. Working over each leg he massages his way back up to her round ass. He slowly massages her inner thighs and hears Marcie emit a long deep moan as his hands accidently brush against her pubic mound. He gets more bold and removes her towel expecting a rebuttal but hearing none, Jeff runs his hands up and along her ass cheeks. He spreads her ass cheeks apart and puts a finger deep in her soaking wet pussy. He hears Marcie moan as he puts another finger in her. Marcie's pussy is drenching Jeff's hand and he slowly pulls one finger out and slides it up her tight ass. “YES!OH GOD!YES!”Marcie cries as her long overdue orgasm hits her hard. Her body trembles as she is instructed to slide down the table. Jeff grabs her legs and pulls her to him. Her ass inches off the table,She feels Jeff's hard cock split her pussy open and she moans loudly. Her hands grip the table as Jeff slams his hard cock into her again n again! She looks behind herself to see Jeff fucking her tight very wet pussy!"OH YES!"Marcie cries as Jeff's hard cock splits her pussy lips apart and Jeff's hands spread her ass cheeks. Marcie cries out as she feels every inch of Jeff's hard cock sliding deep in and out of her .Jeff rubs his hands up to her hips and slowly starts fucking Marcie faster and harder."OH YES!"Mark groans as he grabs Marcie's hips and with a final thrust empties his cum deep into Marcie's soaking wet pussy. “GOOD GOD!I NEEDED THAT!” Marcie says as they relax.”So.....Can you come over and give me another massage soon?"I think my ass is gonna need more attention from now on."Jeff laughs as he spreads her cheeks apart and puts a finger into her wet pussy. Gathers up some juice and pushes it gently but firmly into her ever so tight ass hearing Marcie moan and says "If you give me 5 mins,I'll massage this tight ass of yours with my tongue,fingers,and hard cock.

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