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Cissy is a Cougar

I was sitting in the left lane at a traffic signal, he was in the right lane, I in my Focus he in his Escape. It was a warm summer night, I was wearing short shorts over suntan pantyhose, strappy 4" heels and a crop top. He was smiling as he looked down into my car staring at my legs, when he looked up at to my face I smiled and wagged my finger at him, he was blushing as I pulled away from the light. He caught up to me at the next light, this time he was braver, smiling at me he licked his lips, I giggled and said "oooooh", he couldn't hear me but he could read my lips. I pulled away from the light and into the first parking lot I came to, he followed me, parking next to me. I got out of my car and walked to the passenger side of his Escape, he unlocked the door and I got in. "Hi I'm Cissy" I giggled.
"I'm Ian" he replied nervously. He was young, maybe twenty two or three.
"Were you making an offer back there"? I quizzed.
"Aaa aah" he stuttered, as he shifted nervously in his seat, I couldn't help but notice the bulge growing in his pants.
"Looks to me like you were" I giggled reaching across the console and squeezing his cock.
"Oooooh god" he moaned as I worked his cock through his pants.
"Were you offering to lick my clitty"? I purred, sliding his zipper down and reaching into his pants. "I'd love to have you to lick my clitty" I teased, as I pulled his cock out of his pants,"Oh my you're a big boy" I gushed stroking his cock a couple of times before going down on it.
"Cissy....I...I think you better stop....." he pleaded, it was too late, he flooded my mouth with cum, I swallowed quickly not wanting to lose any, then after licking the residue off sat up only to see that a guy had been standing next to Ian's door watching me.
"Hi I'm Cissy" I giggled.
"I tried to tell you" Ian whispered.
"You two need to be a little more discreet" the stranger scolded.
"You won't tell will you"? I asked in my best little girl voice.
"I could be convinced" he chuckled squeezing his package.
"I'll be right back Ian" I said kissing him before getting out of his car.
"Where are you parked"? I said to the stranger.
He led me to his car, he got in as I walked around to the passenger side, he had his cock out by the time I got in, "here you go slut" he taunted stroking his cock, it was already hard maybe 5", I went right to work on it.
"Don't get cum on my pants whore" he said as I hoovered his little cock.
Stopping for a moment I assured him "don't worry I know what I'm doing".
"Yea I see that bitch, you're a pretty good cocksucker" he said as he pushed his hand down the back of my shorts. I knew he wasn't going to last long, his cock was already plumping up leaking precum. His fingers found my clitty hiding in my crotch, "damn, that boy know you're a fagot"? he snarled jerking his hand out of my shorts.
Pulling off his cock I snapped "I'm a tgirl, not a fagot and no he doesn't know". I sucked him back into my mouth, within a few seconds he grunted and dribbled a puny load into my mouth. I spit out it on the ground as I got out of his car then headed back to Ian's car as he pulled away. The sob didn't even say thanks, he sure didn't like it when he found my clitty, but he still didn't have a problem letting me finish sucking his cock and cumming in my mouth.
"Hey sweetie you want to come back to my place"? I asked Ian as I got back to his car.
"Aaaah I don't know" he said obviously put off by what just happened.
"Ian, that bastard was going to call the cops if he didn't get his" I said. "I don't think you want to get busted for public indecency.
"I'm sorry Cissy" he lamented.
"Well you want come home with me"? I cooed " I thought you wanted to lick my clitty"? I teased. "You know not all guys your age get to fuck a cougar" I added.
"I'll follow you Cissy" he said as I got out of his car and into mine. Oh yea, this is going to be fun I thought to myself as I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.
We arrived at my house, we stood just inside the door kissing passionately, Ian had his hand under my top playing with my bra covered titties (I use silicone inserts to give me cute little "A" cup titties) as I squeezed his cock through his pants. I was sure he wasn't thinking about the guy in the parking lot who had just a few minutes earlier dumped his puny load in my mouth as his tongue probed my mouth.
"Cissy I want to fuck you so bad" he breathed.
"Oh baby I want to feel your big cock in my pussy" I purred, then dropped to my knees, I chewed his bulge through his pants then unzipped them pulling his cock out, "god Ian how big are you"? I asked as I rubbed it against my face, kissing the head before licking off the precum that appeared as I milked it.
"It's about 9" he said proudly.
"Has anybody ever swallowed the whole thing"? I teased, unfastening his pants and letting them fall to the floor.
"What do you think"? he laughed.
"I think it's a really big cock" I giggled, then started sucking it, as I did each time I slid my mouth down his shaft I took a little more of it's length, swallowing it further down my throat until finally my nose was in his pubic hair.
"Oh my fucking god Cissy" he moaned grabbing the back of my head and holding me there as I swallowed repeatedly my throat milking his cock. I pushed my head back against his hands and he released my head allowing me to pull off his cock and get my breath
"Your cock is sooo yummy" I squealed standing up and kissing him. "why don't we go into the living room and I'll get us a drink.
"CISSY, please don't stop now" Ian pleaded.
"Don't worry baby, we got plenty of time" I cooed, "unless of course your in a hurry" I added.
"I'm definitely in no hurry, but you're......" he said obviously rethinking what he was going to say.
"I'm what"? I quizzed.
"Never mind" he said.
"Tell me" I urged squatting down to pull his pants up licking his cock as I did.
"You're such a fantastic cocksucker" he blurted out.
"Thank you sweetie" I cooed "now let me go get more comfortable and get us some wine". I went to my bedroom and changed into a long slinky black nightgown, lacy black control panties to conceal my secret for the time being and a pair of fuzzy black high heel slippers. Pouring 2 glasses of white wine I returned to the living room where Ian was waiting for me on the sofa.
"Oh Cissy,you look good enough to eat" Ian said as I handed him his wine and sat down beside him.
"Ooooh I hope so" I giggled. Setting my glass down I unfasten Ian's pants "lift up baby" I whispered pulling them down to his ankles and after taking his shoes and socks off slipped his pants and BVDs off. Moving back up I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. I stroked his beautiful cock as we made out, Ian was playing with my titties, moving his hand he started caressing my legs, slowly working my nightgown up above my knees. Slipping to the floor between my legs he looked up at me and smiled before pushing my nightgown up around my waist and burying his face in my crotch kissing and licking me through my panties.
"Oh god Ian what are you doing"? I asked nervously, trying to pull him up from the floor.
"I want to taste your pussy" he said softly as he hooked his fingers in the waist band of my panties.
"No baby wait" I cried, feeling my panties slid off my hips and Ian's breath between my legs momentarily before my clitty sprung up in his face, causing him to jump back from between my legs.
"What the fuck is that"? he yelled staring at my clitty, obviously in shock.
"My clitty silly' I giggled trying to ease the tension that was rapidly building. "Ian I'm sorry I didn't expect........
"Expect me notice you have a cock"? he asked "I think I better go" standing and reaching for his pants.
"Ian, please stop, listen to me" I pleaded. "Haven't you enjoyed being with me"? I asked.
"Yes, before I found out you're a guy" he said.
"I'm not a guy, I'm a tgirl" I retorted. "I look, act and feel like a girl don't I"?
"Well yes, but you have a cock" he said.
"It's not a cock, it's my clitty" I said starting to cry.
"Cissy come on don't cry" he said softly, touching my cheek,wiping a tear, as he stood there naked. "How about another glass of wine"? he asked grinning at me.
"It's in the fridge" I said starting to get up.
"I'll get" he said then headed for the kitchen, returning with the bottle and filling our glasses before sitting down next to me. "I'm sorry I was such a jerk" he said pulling me to him and kissing me. "Now where were we" he grinned.
"You were about to lick my clitty lover" I said warily.
"Mmm that's right " he said downing his glass of wine before moving to the floor between my legs, pushing my nightgown up around my waist he slipped my panties off.
"Are you sure you want to do this"? I asked as he examined my clitty.
"I want to try sweetheart" he said smiling at me.
"Mmmmm I moaned as I felt his tongue caress me, his hand caressed my balls as his mouth engulfed me.
"Soooo nice" I sighed as Ian sucked me. "Careful you might make me cum lover" I purred.
"Mmmmmm" he moaned as he continued sucking. I caressed the back of his head and involuntarily started fucking his mouth.
"Oh yes, don't stop lover" I cooed as I felt my cum building. "Take it Ian" I cried out holding his head as I flooded his mouth with my cum, it ran back out and down into my crotch. I loosened my hold on Ian's head when I finished cumming and he move up to kiss me. "You didn't swallow" I teased between kisses.
"Maybe next time" he whispered.
I could feel my cum running down my ass crack, pulling my legs up I reached down and guided his cock to my cum lubed pussy. " I want you to fuck me now Ian" I cooed pushing my pussy against his cock, his cockhead slipped past my outer ring.
"Oh my god Cissy" he moaned then slid all 9" into my pussy.
" Ooooh fuck me with your big cock Ian" I screamed as he slammed his cock in and out of my pussy. Oh god I was in heaven. He pushed my legs back to my shoulders to give him better access to my hole, I could feel his balls slapping me.
"Oh Cissy you feel so good, ooooh so tight" he panted pounding me with his big cock.
I could feel him getting even harder I knew he was close, "That's it baby give it to Cissy, cum in my pussy" I screamed.
"Oooooh god I love your pussy Cissy" He yelled as he unleashed a torrent of cum filling my pussy to overflowing, he continued to fuck me until he started to soften, finally slipping out of my pussy and collapsing on top of me. We laid there kissing and caressing until we fell asl**p, when I awoke sometime later and Ian was gone.

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