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ABS Cissy

I discovered my local adult book store recently, I also discovered the arcade there when I went in to explore. The arcade is several private booths that you can go in and watch a variety of movies by using a card that you purchase at the counter before going in. I found the arcade attracts married men looking to get their cocks sucked anonymously through holes in the sides of the booths. The cocksuckers are mostly men and I found out that they hate to see a girl come in as most of the married guys prefer to be sucked off by a female. What a wonderful place all the cock a girl could care to suck!
I planned to visit on Friday evening between 5 and 8 pm, as, after introducing myself to the clerk, Walter, he told me this is when traffic is the highest, he also told me if I came in then he would give me a free pass for the arcade as I would be very good for business.
Friday arrived and I was very excited over my upcoming adventure. I took a bubble bath, shaved my legs, pussy, underarms etc and douched. I was completely smooth and clean inside and out and ready to dress. I decided on red panties, garters, and bra with black nylons, short red dress and red 5" heels. I also wore my brunette wig, gold hoop earrings, deep red lipstick that I applied very heavy,(I wanted to leave my mark on every cock I sucked. I was ready to leave, I took my small red clutch,with, some cash, my ID and several condoms and small bottle of astroglide.
"Hello Cissy" Walter said as I came through the door, "damn to bad I'm working I'd come back and see you myself" he said as he gave me a movie card with $50.00 worth of time on it.
"Can I come behind the counter"? I whispered "or will that get you in trouble"?
"Just with my wife, I own the store so I make the rules" he laughed.
"I thought I might be able to warm up a little before going into the arcade" I giggled.
"Come on around" he said nodding towards a door and buzzing it open.
I stepped through the door into a hallway that lead to where Walter was. I quickly ducked under the counter, I got on my knees in front of Walter and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and took it in my mouth. I love sucking a soft cock and feel it getting hard in my mouth, Walter quickly stiffened and I proceeded to give him a blow job to remember. I sucked his cock for maybe 10 minutes while he waited on customers before I started feeling the telltale signs of impending cum.
"Cissy, I going to cum sweetheart" he gasped his cock exploding filling my mouth with a copious load.
"Mmmm yummy" I giggled I stood up licking my lips, before heading back out into the sales floor.
"Remember Cissy, no sexual conduct in the arcade, that's the rules" Walter chuckled "oh and thanks for a job well done".
I went into the arcade area, I noticed there were several men loitering in the darkened hallway just out of sight of the security camera as I looked for an open booth. There were lights above the door to indicate that the booth was in use, I found a vacant booth with an occupied booth on either side, I went in locking the door behind me, after putting my card into the slot I sat down. It only took a second before a cock peeked through the hole on my right. I stood and grasped it pulling it to me, bending over I started sucking it. I had only been sucking it for a couple minutes before I felt a hand rubbing the back of my legs, then up my dress to my panty covered ass. As I sucked the cock on my right the hand on my left slipped under the elastic of the leg opening of my panties, finding my clitty, he began stroking it. My attention was momentarily focused on the hand in my panties when the cock on my right flooded my mouth with cum and withdrew. The hand had stopped stroking my clitty and now had it's finger buried to the knuckle in my pussy. Another cock came through the hole on my right as I was being finger fucked, I immediately started sucking it. The finger vacated my ass and he pulled my panties down then pulled my clitty between my legs to the hole where he licked the head before he wrapped his lips around it. It felt so good I pushed back tightly to the wall wishing I could put more of it through the hole. Again, being distracted by the mouth on my clitty, before I realized it the cock in my mouth was cummimg. I turned my attention to it licking it clean before it pulled from the hole. The tongue that had been licking my clitty was now in my pussy, I was enjoying getting my pussy eaten when I was presented with my third cock for the evening I started sucking it, the tongue that was so expertly eating my pussy stopped and was replaced with a cock trying to enter me. I stopped sucking the cock on my right and just stroked it while I turned my attention to the cock trying to fuck me, I sucked it while I got a condom out of my clutch, then taking my mouth off it I unrolled a condom over it then turned and guided it to my waiting pussy and went back to sucking the cock on my right. God, I'm getting spit roasted and I'm loving it I was thinking to myself, just then the cock I was sucking gave up it's cum load and he pulled it back through the hole zipped up and was gone the cock that had been fucking me pulled out. I could feel him fucking his bare cock against my ass crack then spewed its load on my ass cheeks. I turned around to clean his cock up but he had pulled out of the hole and was leaving his booth. It had become very quiet and no one had enter the booths next to me, so I took a break and went to the restroom. I could feel the cum running down the back of my legs, ( I love that feeling) in the restroom I used some paper towels to clean the cum off my ass so I could slip my panties back on, I didn't have any cum on my dress, but back of my nylons were visibly streaked with drying cum.
After reapplying my lipstick I went back out into the dark hallway, I walked past a man leaning against the wall as I did he whispered "the camera can't see us right here" putting his arm around my waist and pulling me to him then pushing me to my knees. He had his cock and balls out through his fly and pulled my face to it "suck it slut" he growled as he rubbed it on my face, it was on the small side and uncut, (I don't care for uncut cocks as they are quite often not very clean, smell pissy and have cheese in the foreskin, yuk!) I pulled the foreskin back and sniffed it, it smelled like Irish Spring, so I went to work on it. He obviously had been stroking his cock before I started sucking him, as he was already very hard and leaking precum, I licked the precum off then sucked his balls before taking his cock into my mouth. I had only been sucking him for a couple minutes when he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth and started stoking it furiously, exploding in my face!
He put his cock back into his pants and walked away, two other guys stepped up to get their cocks sucked, of course I was happy to oblige.

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