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My s****r and me in the shower

I was in the shower with my head under water enjoying the nice cooling sensations flowing over me. Meanwhile unbeknownst to me my s****r had come home an hour early from work. She had had a rough day at work too seeing as how she lost her job and thats why she was home early.

Normally our schedules work out so I have time to get a shower and then I leave the water running for her. She called out,"Adam you home?" Yet I didn"t hear it because my head was still under water. She came right in the bathroom and stripped off her clothes and stepped up and yanked the curtain wide open not knowing I was still in there. We both yell out at the same time."Ahhhhhhh!" Both of us were suprised to see the other and we quickly made moves to cover ourselves. I used my hands to cover my dick and she used hers to cover her chest and pussy. After we both got our breath back she said,"It"s pointless to keep covering that up. I"ve already seen it." I replied,"I seen all of you but your still covered up." She thought that over a minute then said, " Ok. I will take away my hands if you take away yours." "Deal" We counted to three and both of us took away our hands at the same time and stared in marvel and wonder of the sights before us.

She was a little shocked that her own b*****r was packing like I was and I was struck by the sheer beauty of her naked body. 18 years old and she was better looking than any 22 year old I ever knew. Her nipples were starting to poke out a little too and she looked freshly shaven. I couldn"t believe how sexy my little s****r was looking right now. She was the one to break the silence by saying,"So are you just getting in or about to get out?" I got a little gutsy and said,"I just got in but you can join me if you want." "I think I will actually." she replied. So she stepped in the shower and I swapped ends with her so she could feel the cool water and so I could watch it cascade over her magnificent body.

I was already getting turned on a little bit. Then she said,"Man what a rough day at work. My arms are so tired I can barely lift them." I said , " Wish there was someway I could help s*s." She had a good answer for that too as she said," Actually you can help. I"ll make you a deal that if you wash all of me I"ll wash all of you." "Ok" I said and we each picked up the others washcloths and started in. We did eachothers arms and then she moved her hand around and began washing/playing with my chest so I returned the favor.I began squeezing her big volumptous breast and playing with her nipples until she let out a soft moan.

Then she turned so her back was to me. I washed her back and spent extra time washing that great ass of hers. Then she washed mine. Then when we were both facing eachother again she reached down with the washcloth and began fondling my balls so I reached down and began playing with her clit. Then she wrapped her hand around my shaft and began stroking my growing erection so I play back by starting to rub her pussy lips. We quickly finish rinsing off then we get out . We dry eachother off and this time she drops the towel and grabs my shaft in her bare hand and says ,"Dang this thing just keeps getting bigger."So I drop the towel of hers and say yeah and this thing keeps getting wetter.

That was all the motivation she needed as she pulled me close and we began making out. I began rubbing her juices around her entrance before working first one then two fingers deep inside her and she really starting moaning loudly even throwing her head back in ecstacy at which time I took my opportunity to suck and nibble on the great pillows. She started screaming out and shaking and she came all over my hand and by this time I had a full erection so I brought her over and bent her over the sink. I sank all 10 inches I had deep inside her quim. She begged me to give it to her harder and fast.

I quickly took my cock out of her pussy and slowly slid it in her asshole until I was all the way inside. Then I began thrusting deep inside her. She really started to get into that and began screaming,"Yeah give me that big cock of your. Fuck my ass b*o." Then I led her over to the toilet. I sat on top of the seat and said,"You want it so bad come get it." She rode me like a prize winning bullfighter. I screamed her name at the top of my lungs as I shot my load deep inside her. Ever since then me and her spend ALOT of time in the bathroom.

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