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The first time my gf was with another man

I'd had on going fantasies of threesomes and group interactions. I had come to realize what turned me on was the thought of girls being sluts. Offering themselves to men for the sole purpose of pleasuring the man and being an object of sexual desire. When I was coming to this realization I had been with a girl for roughly two years and while our relationship was fine living this fantasy would have made it perfect. I had decided to open up to my girlfriend Anna and explain to her that I wanted her to act like a slut and service other men. At first she was kind of shocked, but was receptive to the idea. She asked many questions wondering why and asking if this was something that needed to happen or it would break us up. After about a week of talking about it she said she'd be willing to try it and that she got home work around 9 on Friday and we could try then but wasn't promising anything.

What she didn't know is that on top of having a fantasy of her being a slut I got even harder thinking about her with a black man with a huge cock. I had just the man in mind too! An ex-lover of one of my friends Jim. He was on the college football team until he had torn his ACL and was unable to play. He was a 250 pound black guy and my friend only fucked him because she was a size queen.

I ended up tracking him down and kind of told him that he should stop by my place and I'd make sure it was well worth his time. He seemed confused and got my directions and I could tell wasn't planning on showing up. It wasn't until I told him that I knew a girl he'd like to meet that he seemed like he'd show up.

When Friday came around Jim came over around 8:30 and was asking where this girl was. I told him that it was my girlfriend and that I thought it was hot having my girlfriend with another man. He shot me some glances and seemed okay with the idea. He sat in my apartment and talked with me for about half an hour discussing my love life and my girlfriend. He seemed to like the fact that she had big breasts and had never been with anyone besides me.

Anna came home early and I could tell when she walked in that not only had she gotten dressed up, but that she was also nervous. She turned the corner to meet Jim the black man I had found. I could tell at first she shocked and held herself together and introduced herself. She was a bigger girl around 5'6 at 180 pounds, but the weight settled in her hips, butt, and breasts. She was wearing a cute low cut shirt and some jeans. She sat and talked to him a bit about his football injury and kind of got to know him.

Jim then out of the blue asks, "I hear you have never been with another man before." My girlfriend replies, "Nope," unsure of how to answer I guess.

He moved closer to my girlfriend and at first seemed tense. He placed his hand on her leg and started to kiss her shoulder.

Jim said, "You smell great and your skin is so soft. What do you think you'd be comfortable with."

Anna replied, "Well I'll let you know if I get uncomfortable, but I don't want to take my clothes off. I don't want to have sex and I don't know how far we'll go."

Jim started to kiss up her neck and Anna seemed unsure of how to respond. He finally got to the point where he was going to kiss her on the lips and she shot me a look and gave a small kiss. She closed her eyes and seemed to forget about me and try to enjoy Jim. They kissed back and forth with their hands gently probing each other. Jim eventually placed his hand on Anna's tit cupping it and squeezing her DD breasts. She let out slight moans and really let loose by pulling her low cut shirt down and pulled her breasts out of her bra. Her tits hung there free and open and Jim started to suck on her nipples. Her face was pure pleasure and satisfaction as she looked over at me.

Jim interrupted her pleasure and said, "These pants are getting a bit too tight, do you mind?"

Anna replied, "I've always wanted to check the rumors. Take it out."

Jim leans back on my bed and unbuttons and unzips his pants. "Why don't you take it out," he replied.

Anna leaned forward with a grin and put her hand in his pants. She started fishing around and finally her eyes went a bit wide. She pulled out his black cock which she gasped at and smirked. Her hand started jacking off his huge thick cock. It must have been almost 9 inches long and under 6 inches wide. She asked, "Is it fully hard?"

Jim laughed, "No."

She started to rub her hand up and down his shaft watching his black skin slide up and down and look at his head as it got bigger and bigger. Jim started to rub her breasts as she just seemed paralyzed by his cock. She leaned her face down and started to kiss and lick the bottom of his dick. She kept rubbing herh and up and down it while she got her first taste of black cock. Jim placed his hand on the back of her head holding her hair out of her face trying to guide her to the head of his cock. After 4-5 minutes of trying this Anna finally gave in and put the head of Jim's cock in her mouth. The head of his dick filled her mouth as she'd suck on the tip take it out and then let her lips glide back over the head. While her mouth was pleasuring the head of his dick her hands were jacking his cock off. His dick was so thick her hands couldn't get all the way around and so had to use two to make up for it.

There I was watching my girlfriend with a huge black cock in her mouth, her breasts out, and she was loving it. I was so hard I could have cum on the spot if you touched me. I sat there gazing at them for what seemed like ages. She kept trying to take his cock deeper and deeper and he'd thrust his cock up into her mouth. She would jack his cock off nice and fast while she sucked on his balls. Lick the head of his cock like a lollipop and closer her mouth around the head. I was just lost in the reality that my girlfriend was a total slut.

She leaned back after almost 30 minutes of sucking his cock and asked, "When are you going to cum for me? I want to taste you so badly."

Jim replied, "Soon." Put her head back on his cock and started trying to get her to take it deeper. I could hear that she kept trying to push it into the back of her throat and watch her partially gag on his huge cock. Moans of desire escaped her lips when she wasn't sucking his meat.

Jim stood up and let her keep sucking his cock. He told her, "I'm gonna cum soon. When I do I'm going to pull out of your mouth and cum on your face and in your mouth. I want you to be a good girl and swallow my load."

My girlfriend looked up and nodded to him and continued to suck his dick. She'd let her hand jack his shaft real fast while she tried to just fit his huge cock in her mouth. Finally Jim moaned and pulled his dick out her her mouth. Anna grabbed his cock with both hands and jacked him off super fast with her mouth open, tongue out, and ready to catch his load. Jim leaned forward and exploded his first stream of cum which flew right onto Anna's forehead and nose. The next stream got her on the cheek and upper mouth. She started rubbing his cock across her face leaving a huge trail of cum and eventually brought his dick back to her mouth and tongue where the last good spurt of cum flew. She continued to jack him off as bits of cum continued to fall out of his cock and onto her open mouth and tongue. She swallowed his load and put his cock back in her mouth until he told her it was too much pleasure.

She sat back on her knees and used her fingers to slide his cum into her mouth. Jim put his pants on thanked my girlfriend and asked when the next time he could come over was. I had told him to get my girlfriends number and they could figure it out.

My girlfriend sat in front of me cleaning off his cum and told me that he had a huge cock and loved how he tasted. That began our weekly Friday night adventures. I loved always ending the night staring at my girlfriend looking at her coated in cum and starving for more.

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