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House Guest

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I imagined that I was a friend visiting you. It was the morning and you were in the shower, but there was only one bathroom and I had to pee really bad. I nervously knocked on the bathroom door and said that it was an emergency, could I use the bathroom really quick. You hesitated, but said yes. I said I'd close my eyes and just look at the toilet. I walked in, but noticed the shower curtain was almost see through. Your back was to me, but I thought to myself what a sexy butt she has. I stepped up to the toilet and took care of what I needed to do. But, I felt like you were watching me. To my surprise, you had turned around and were watching me. I smiled and said we'll if you can watch me, I will watch you. I sat down on the toilet and smiled as I looked at you. To my surprise you said that it would be more fun if I watched you from the inside the shower. I said, good thing no one else is home right now or I'd not be getting in there with you. I quickly undressed and got in the shower with you. I smiled as I looked at your sexy body and started to run my hands on your neck and then brought you close to my face for a long deep kiss. Our tongues locked and I felt my cock started to get hard, I moved my body closer to yours. After a long kiss I started to suck on your hard nipples and let my hand wander down in between your legs. Your pussy was so wet. I flicked my finger over the top of your clit to get you nice and worked up. I then slide my middle finger inside you and continued to suck on your nipples.

You then caressed my head as I brought you closer to cumming. I could feel your pussy opening up and I was able to slide another finger inside. You moaned and grabbed me harder. I then started to rub your asshole while moving my finger around your clit. I stopped sucking your tits and moved my way up your neck and then we kissed more. You reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and started to pump my shaft slowly. It felt so good. You were close to cumming and I could sense it. Just as I felt you start to climax, I inserted a small part of my finger up into your tight ass. I continued to rub your clit. You were breathing heavy now. Then you dropped to your knees and took me in your mouth. Sucking and pumping with your other hand. I then pulled you up and turned you around so your hands were up against the shower wall. I moved your legs apart, revealing your wet and ready pussy. I rubbed my cock head over your clit and then slide inside you.You pushed back into me and I could feel the walls of your pussy clench my cock. I pumped very slow at first and then could feel you building up to another orgasm, so I pumped faster.
I pumped harder and faster. My balls slapped against you with each thrust. I could feel your juices all over my cock. You started cumming again and this time let out a very loud moan. Boy was I glad no one was home. We'd get caught. ;-) I moan as I knew I was closer to cumming too. I reached around and was pinching your nipples while thrusting in and out of you. I told you I was close to cumming. You said I want it. You stood up, turned around and then got on your knees in front of me. You took me in your mouth and started moaning. I looked down at you and smiled as your hand pumped my cock while working your tongue on the tip. My head leaded back and a big load of cum exploded into your mouth. You then took me all the way in your mouth, feeling my cock throb with each burst of cum. I could not take it anymore as you sucked and sucked till there was nothing left in me. You stood up smiled at me and turned off the water and said we better get out of here before anyone comes home. I pulled you close to me and gave you a long deep passionate kiss. Then, I asked what now? You said I hope you can interrupt my shower again.

Lori stepped out of the shower and grabbed the fluffy gray towel and started to dry herself off. He grabbed the other towel as well and dried off. "I had so much fun, we have to go out sometime", he said. "When?", replied Lori. "How about tonight?",he said. Lori hesitated and then said, "Sure, pick me up at 8pm as I'll be able to get away". He got his clothes back on and then moved towards Lori as she stood there with the towel d****d over her back while looking in the mirror. Lori turned around, smiled and moved towards him. They kissed, tongues darting around one another, breathing getting heavy. "Mmmmmm, lets not start something we don't have time to finish", said Lori. He smiled and left the bathroom.

Lori wrapped the towel around her large sexy breast, barely covering her waist and walked into the master bedroom from the other door in the bathroom. She opened the dresser drawer with her panties in it and looked around for the sexiest ones she could find. There was a blue laced pair that was not too skimpy, but fit her curves so nicely. She put those to the side as she knew they would be worn later for her special date. There was a matching bra as well. For now though, she put on an orange pair and an old pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. The hours went by so slow that day as she was anticipating the evening so much. Her pussy twinged each time she thought about the date and of course the shower that she had that morning.

The car pulled up the dimly lit street and parked in front of Lori's house. He turned on the radio and listened to the classic rock station while waiting for her to come out. Led Zeppelin cranked Whole Lotta Love through the speakers. There was a knock at the passenger window, it was Lori smiling. He unlocked the door. "Sorry I was just listening to the music and lost time", he said. She smiled and him and got in the passenger seat. Lori was wearing a short black skirt and a blue button down blouse. He smiled and said, "You look so fucking hot, I could just fuck you right here"! Lori smiled and blushed. "Well are you ready for some fun"?, he asked. Lori smiled and the car took off. They were heading about forty five minutes outside of the city to a small local town full of some nice restaurants.

He looked over at Lori and said. "What color"? She looked at him with a puzzled look on her face. "What color"?, he said again. She giggled and then lifted up her skirt to reveal the blue laced panties she had picked out earlier in the day. "Fucking sweet baby, you look so hot"! He pulled Lori closer to him and she started rubbing his leg, slowly working her way towards the ever growing bulge in his pants. She kissed his neck and flicked her tongue on his ear. He moaned and smiled at her. Just as he did that, he reached under his seat and eased it back to make some room between the steering wheel and him. "Suck my cock, my sexy slut", he instructed Lori. She smiled and obliged by unzipping his jeans and reaching her right hand down into his boxers to release his semi hard cock. Lori started to pump his shaft and then moved her lips to the tip before swallowing his whole cock. She moved her tongue around while she felt him grow and grow inside her mouth. He let out a good moan and she sucked harder. Her slurping noises got louder and louder, she came up for air and pumped his shaft while looking up at him with the sluttiest smile on her face. Sucking and pumping away Lori continued to drive him closer and closer to the point of exploding. He reached his hand down and put it on the back of Lori's head. She could not get up, but knew he was close to cumming. Her tongue moved around the shaft with each sucking motion. Finally, he bucked up and she felt the first warm blast of cum hit the back of her mouth. Then another and another. This was a huge load she thought to herself. Swallow after swallow Lori could not get enough of his cum. She sucked every last drop out of him and then released him from her mouth. He smiled at her while putting his cock back in his pants.

"Now its your turn baby", he said as he reached under her skirt and rubbed her pussy from the outside of her panties. The circular motion over the area of her clit made her breath heavier and heavier. Then, he moved her panties aside and felt the warmness of her sweet meaty pussy lips. Lori was very wet. He took one of his fingers and sucked her juices off of it while smiling at her. Lori then took his hand and put it right back on her wet pussy. He started to finger her and move his thumb over her clit. Small little sighs came from Lori's mouth as she clenched her teeth. His finger then curled up and reached her gspot, he flicked his finger in the come hither motion and Lori let out a load moan. She was closer to cumming at he hit her gspot just right. No one ever did that to her before. But, he flick his finger over the ribbed area of her gpot. With one last flick, Lori exploded. The walls of her pussy clenched his two fingers with each explosion of her orgasm. He flicked more and it got very intense for her, almost like she could not take it. She moved closer to him. Finally, he stopped and said that they were almost to the restaurant.
Lori move her panties back over her wet pussy and started to get her self a little together after the big orgasm she just had. She touched her clit while moving her panties back over her pussy and all the sudden a nice little orgasm took over her body again. A moan came out of her and James smiled as he knew she had cum again. "A little turned on there are we"?, he said. She smiled at him.

Up ahead the lights got a little brighter on the road as they neared the town. On the right hand side of the road was a big white sign with Red script lettering that said "Adult Fun Times". James looked over at Lori and said, "We'll be stopping there after dinner". Lori then blurted out, "Why not now, we can always eat later?" "Mmmmmmm you sure are being a good slut tonight, I love it", he said.

James put the right blinker on and pulled into the parking lot. There was another car pulling in from the opposite side of the road and it pulled in right next to James and Lori. However, they did not notice the car as they had their hands all over each other and their tongues locked. Lori then looked up to see a woman get out of the passenger side of the care that just pulled in next to them. The woman was about 5'5",
brown hair that was down to her shoulders, nicely shaped breast and a tight black skirt that hugged all the curves in the right places. She was not skinny nor big, just right. The woman looked down and saw Lori removing her hand from in between James's legs. A smile came accross the woman's face and she then turned to the man who was getting out of the driver side of their car. Lori blushed, but also thought to herself how hot this woman was. She had always fantasized about being with a woman. What it would be like to touch another woman's breasts, pussy and every inch of her body. And of course what it would be like to have another woman return those same touches. "Well you ready baby, are you feeling a little slutty right now?", said James. Lori did not blush, or look down, she just said, "I am so fucking ready!" James got out of the car and went around to the passenger side and opened door for Lori. She got out and spread her legs while doing so just to tease James. He gave her ass a little spank as she walked away while he closed the door.

James opened the door to the store for Lori and they walked in. There were rows of DVD movies all along the left side wall that wrapped around to the back of the store. In the aisles in the center of the store were assorted sex toys; dildos, vibrators, whips and lotions. On the back right hand side was a flashing neon light that said "Movies this way!" Lori saw the beautiful woman and her male partner browsing around the end of the dildo aisle and this woman looked back and smiled at Lori. James said, "I think someone is checking you out baby". Lori shook her head and said, "You're crazy". He laughed. As they walked down the aisle, James was pointing out various toys to Lori and saying how he'd like to use them on her. There was also a clothes section at the end of all these aisles that had anything from panties to full leather outfits. James said we'll get you some things on the way out, OK? Lori smiled and said OK. James looked over to the movie sign and said, "You game?" Lori nodded her head and they walked into the back room where there was four door on each side of the hallway. There was two open ones in the center on the right hand side. James took Lori's hand and guided her into the first open one. She could her the moans coming from each room, but not sure if it was the movie or a person in their. As the door closed behind them, Lori saw the beautiful woman and her male partner walk by, presumably to go into the other empty room.

In this room was a big screen about 30 inches, like a big screen television. On the side of it was a slot for bills and change to start the movie that was selected. In front of the screen was a smaller touch screen that allowed you to choose what type of movie you'd like to watch. On each wall were various posters advertising for local strip clubs and what looked like e****t services. James started looking through the movie selection with Lori looking right besides him. There was an orgy category that James almost went past, but Lori said stop there and let's see what they have. There was a movie that looked like a mini couple orgy at some house. James said, "fuck it, lets watch this one". Lori agreed and James put a couple dollars in the bill slot to start the movie. The movie started out with a few couples together having a party, but it then lead to each couple starting to have sex with each other. But, then all the couples started to switch off with each other. James and Lori were kissing and groping each other. He rubber her pussy from the outside of her blue laced panties, they were so wet. He eased a finger underneath and started to rub her clit. She came very quick and then unzipped his pants to release his already hard cock. He was extremely hard and she swallowed his whole cock. The shaft sliding in her mouth on one side while her tongue worked they other side. Lori got off the little bench in the room and onto her knees to better suck him. While doing this she knocked one of the paper posters for the strip club off the wall. This revealed a small hole in the wall, about 5" and round. Lori did not notice this, but James looked over as the poster fell and saw it. He smiled and knew what was on the other side of that hole, the adjacent room where the other couple went into.

James rubbed Lori's head as she continued to devour his cock. She was such a good cock sucker he thought to himself. The movie played on, but they were not paying any attention to it. They were consumed with each other. James then reached out his left hand and stuck it through the hole in the wall to see if he got any response from the other side. Lori was not aware of what was going on, or that there was a way for the couple from the other side to watch. He then removed his hand from the wall and saw that a female mouth came to the hole and started to flick her tongue. Oh yes, he thought, this will be fun. He put his finger back through the hole and the woman on the other side proceeded to suck his finger. Then, she stopped and he could see her back her ass up to the hole exposing a nice bald pussy and sexy ass. James started to finger this woman and could feel her getting wet really fast. Lori came up for some air and turned her head to the side and saw what was going on. She smiled and then took Jamess hand out of this woman's pussy and inserted her own finger. Lori could not believe this was happening, but it was something she always wanted to do. James tasted his finger and then put the other in Lori's mouth to give her a taste of this strange woman on the other side of the wall. The sound of cock sucking could be heard from the other side. Lori knew this woman was sucking a nice cock while she was being fingered through the wall. James then reached his hands up Lori's skirt and slowly removed her panties. They were so wet and he could smell the sweet pussy as she was very wet. He got down on his knees on the floor behind Lori, spread her ass and started to work his tongue in and out of her wet pussy. Exploring every fold of her pussy lips while never forgetting to work her clit. His tongue moved fast and in little circles around her already swollen clit. As he licked, he fingered her to. First one finger, but eventually as she got wetter and wetter, more fingers could fit inside of her. He then took on of the fingers and started to circle around her tight puckered asshole. Lori pushed back and James knew what she wanted, but he still teased her before actually inserting a finger in her ass that was covered in her juices. Lori now took her fingers out of the woman's pussy and stuck her tongue right up the stranger's wet pussy. She loved the feeling of a shaved pussy on her face. The sucking from the other side got louder and louder.

Then all the sudden the woman on the other side of the wall moved away from the hole. Lori was not sure what happened or if she had done something wrong. Then, without warning a rock hard cock came through the hole. It was big and wet, actually sloppy wet, dripping with the other woman's spit. Lori did not hesitate and took the head of the stranger's cock right in her mouth. She pushed her pussy even more into James's face as he licked her pussy while working a finger into her tight ass. Lori started to cum and sucked this stranger even more. Sucking and jerking as hard as she could. The sound of the woman moaning on the other side of the wall could be heard. Lori imagined this woman playing with her cute bald pussy while her male friend had his cock sucked by a strange woman on the other side of the wall. All the sudden the strangers cock thrust forward a little bit and Lori knew he was able to cum. A hug load hit the back of her mouth and she then took his cock and jerked it till her face was covered in the stranger's cum. He came a lot and Lori just smiled as drops of cum dripped off of her lips. The stranger removed his cock and Lori then told James to sit down. She wanted more cum and was ready to suck it out of James.

All the sudden there was a knock at Lori and James's door. She looked up at James just as she was about to start sucking his cock. He smiled and then said, well should we answer it? Lori did not hesitate to say yes. James got up and cracked the door just to see who was there. It was the strange woman and man from the other side of the wall. The woman asked if they minded if they were joined as it would be more fun to not be separated by a wall. The couple walked in and introduced themselves as Zoe and Mark. James then let them in. Zoe walked up to Lori and said I need to give you a kiss as you gave me the nicest orgasm. Lori and Zoe locked lips as their tongues explored each other's mouth. James and Mark just smiled at each other as they watch their two sexy ladies explore each other. Lori reached up under Zoe's dress and started to finger her already wet pussy. Zoe returned the favor. Then, as Lori was nearing another explosive orgasm, Zoe sat her down and spread her legs. Zoe's tongue locked right onto Lori's clit and sucked it till Lori was cumming again. She was so turned on as she had never had a woman eat her pussy, but she loved it and knew this would not be the last time. Zoe gently fingered Lori's pussy while working her clit. Lori could feel Zoe's fingers curl up and start working her gspot. She came immediately. Zoe lapped up all of Lori's juices. Lori unbuttoned her blouse and released her sexy tits from the bra and started to pinch her nipples and suck on them as Zoe continued to eat her pussy. One last thrust of Zoe's fingers over Lori's gspot unleashed a huge orgasm and Lori pushed her legs back and bucked her pussy right up into Zoe's face. Lori said now its your turn baby. She sat Zoe down, lifted her skirt up to her waist and dove right into her pussy. Licking and fingering just as Zoe had done to her. She loved how Zoe tasted and her faced was covered in Zoe's juices. Lori could feel Zoe close to cumming and she then slowly worked a finger around Zoe's asshole as she thought, if this turns me on I know she'd like it. Zoe did not resist and spread her legs further so Lori could get a finger right up her tight little ass. Zoe exploded and Lori actually felt a squirt on her face. Wow she thought! This woman just squirted. I heard of this but did not believe it till now. Lori lapped up every last drop of Zoe's juices. She then moved her way up Zoe's stomach and sucked on her sexy tits before diving into a kissing session that seemed to last forever. Lori did not want it to end. Zoe then stood Lori up and by accident the poster from the other side of the wall got knocked down like before. There was not much room in these booths. Zoe and Lori both looked at the wall and noticed another hole like on the other side. Before they could say anything a cock came through the hole. Zoe got right on her knees and took this strange cock in her mouth. She grabbed Lori's hand and brought her down next to her. Zoe grabbed the cock which was semi hard by now and put it right in Lori's mouth. The both took turns sucking this cock and then kissing each other in between sucking. Zoe started to jerk this cock and told Lori she was going to have to take this big load. Lori put her mouth right in front of the cock in the wall and a huge blast hit her right in the side of the mouth, she moved her head so the next shot went in her mouth. Zoe jerked this cock till there was no cum left. She then started to kiss Lori and cleaned the cum off of her face. They kissed and both could taste the stranger's cum.

The stood up and then told Mark and James to sit down on the bench. Zoe undressed Lori and Lori undressed Zoe. The kissed some more and let their hands explore each others' bodies. Mark and James had already undressed. Zoe walked up to James and started to suck his cock as Lori did the same to Mark. Zoe then got on top of James and inserted his rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. She rode him and on each downward thrust clenched her pussy lips around his cock. He sucked on her tits while she road him. Lori did the same for Mark. Then after about 10 minutes Zoe said lets switch baby. Zoe road Mark and Lori road James. They both thrusted up into them and sucked on their tits as they came closer to cumming. Zoe got off of Mark and Lori off of James. They were on their knees in front of them sucking and jerking their cocks as they knew they were close to making them cum. Zoe felt the first blast of cum from Mark hit her mouth and soon after that Lori got the same from James. They swallowed their cocks and milked them for all they had. After no more cum was to be had, Zoe and Lori kissed again sharing James and Mark with each other.

They got dressed as well as Mark and James. Zoe took a piece of paper out of her purse and wrote down her contact information on it for Lori. Call me, she said to Lori. I will said Lori as she wrote down her info for Zoe. They opened the door and went back out to the store and picked up a few things that they mentioned they wanted when they were browsing earlier. Outside at the car, Zoe came up to Lori and gave her a little kiss. Lori felt her pussy twinge again. I had a lot of fun Lori, I hope we can again soon. You too James, said Zoe. Mark and James shook hands and the couples got into their cars.

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