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A wish letter to my lover

My darling Peter. How delicious!! I would adore to have my hands tied behind me and blindfolded whilst you did those things to me and then "tortured" me in such a loving way.

I would love to have my hands tied behind me and then the rope taken over a beam or rafter. As you pull the rope the top half of my body is f***ed downwards and the waist whilst my legs have to remain strainght on my high heels.

My head is f***ed down and my breasts hang like two fleshy globes from my chest. In fact my head is f***ed down it looks like I am bowing in front of you. You put something in my mouth. I don't know what it is but you tie it behind my head.

I'm unable to close my mouth!

I'm now at your mercy. I can hardly talk and my mouth is wide open ready to become a third hole you could fuck.

You approach me. And then I see it!! A massive fleshy rod sticking out from your groin, its purple head and its pee hole looking me straight in the eye almost saying to me "you know where I'm going don't you dear!"

Dribble is streaming from my mouth and my eyes are wide open in fear of what is about to happen but more in wonder as I gaze upon your cock.

You push the tip of your cock into my mouth. There is nothing I can do. I must surrender to your passion. I am in a position that means I can't move without dislocating my arms from my shoulders.

In your cock goes, bit by bit. I can now feel you touch the back of my throat and there is still more to come!!

I can now feel your balls against my chin, the two hairy orbs swinging back and forth.

Your cock reaches the very back of my throat, its a struggle to breath and I have to do so through my nose grbbing air when I can!!

You continue to thrust in, out, in, out. I snatch air when I can. I retch when you reach the back of my throat but there is nothing I can do. I am just a fuck toy for your passion and desire to fill my mouth and throat with your cum.

On and on you go like a piston, fucking me like you would a cunt but that's for later, first you want to fill my mouth with creamy sperm, to degrade me and to show me that you are my master and I am your slave.

Suddenly I feel your cock stiffen even more and then it happens! A flood of spunk hits the back of my thorat and is f***ed ny the pressure down and down into my stomach. There is to much though and I feel like I am drowning as the excess fills my mouth and surrounds my teeth and gums but then satrts to dribble out of my mouth.

You remove your cock from my mouth. You have given me your seed. You are satisfied.

You step back.

You look at me. My hair is a mess. My mouth is still fixed open as I remain bent forward at the waist. My pussy is moist in readiness for what will undoubtedly come later when you may even make me pregnant! You may even let that large dog of yours lick me to climax whilst you smile at my helplessness. Worse still you my even leave me to the mercy of your close friend who you promised my cunt to after you lost that bet.

You look at me. My watery eyes gaze up at you, my one and only master.

I expect you to hold my head or even jiss my cheek but no, you gather the mixture of saliva and cum falling from my mouth and then wipe it over my hair, my face, my nose, my eyes.

Not only am I now your fuck toy I can only smell your maleness. It is all around and over me.

You take one last look. You smille at me and then say "I'll be back when I've rested" and then you turn and switch off the light, leaving me in total darkness still bound, still bend over so when (and if) you return you will see me in a bowing position when you enter the room.

Bowing in subjugation as if to say I am your and only yours. I am a toy, your toy. I am a recepticle for your spunk, thats all.

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