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Summers day being watched

It was one of the gorgeous summer’s days that appear in April when it’s totally unexpected and stunning. Sunshine has always made me very horny (just ask any of my ex’s that I’ve been on holiday with – I become insatiable)
So I woke up to find that the sun was out and it just felt like a great day. I pottered into the kitchen in my silk nightdress to get a drink and spotted the young fit window cleaner...that boy doesn’t have a clue how hot he is. I stood in the kitchen for what felt like hours but must have been a few minutes, watching him work his magic on the neighbours windows. All those soap suds and water as he swished one way then the next, getting more water on that white t-shirt of his than he did on the windows.
Not that I was complaining, the wet t-shirt merely enhanced his sexy young 18yr old body with a fit, toned chest and defined back. I knew (and had ever since I had spotted him) that he would have some thrust on him and that it was only time that stood between me and his cock.
Instinctively I slide my hand under my silk gown and felt my left nipple harden as I was enjoying the view. I pulled it slightly and new it was going to be a good day but that I had to start it by putting a big smile on my face. I could feel both nipples stiffen against the silk of my gown and moved slightly so it would rub over them.
He looked over; I was sure I was caught but then went back to his work. Maybe he hadn’t seen me but I would need to be more careful as I perved over his young hot body. He moved away and I decided I had to finish what he had managed to start without even realising it. I went to my spare room and switched on the laptop. I knew that I would be heading straight to xhamster to sort myself out.
I could feel the wetness grow between my legs, my clit starting to tingle with the laptop whizzed into action, and I moved my gown up slightly so my thighs and pussy were exposed. I moved to my breasts and lifted them out my gown, my nipples so erect and wanting to be sucked.
I search amateur & bbw – my favourite videos...always good to see a big natural girl enjoying herself with her guy. As I clicked on the 20mins video, I started to rub my nipples with my left hand while my right gently teased around the tops of my thighs and edge of my pussy. I couldn’t believe how just watching this guy had gotten me so wet and horny. Watching the girl suck the guys huge cock, I lifted my left nipple to my mouth and began to suck, feeling it respond in my mouth. Using my free hand I reached for my favourite pink sparkly vibrator and parted my pussy lips...sliding into my hot wet pussy.
Pushing my chair back I parted my legs so I could really work my pussy with the vibrator. I heard a noise outside...looking at the window I realised the blinds were closed but at an angle where I could see out and spot the young window cleaner watching. I could see the bulge in his trousers; clearly he was enjoying what he saw. Then he spotted me watching and grabs his stuff and ran off. Disappointed I decided to go back to bed for a nap, try sl**p away my horniness.
As I slept I slipped into dream world, thinking back to how he had been watching me and really appeared to be enjoying. I dreamt that I had caught him before he ran off and had invited him in. That we had kissed all the way to my bedroom and now I was lying on my back, feeling him lift my gown and touch my wet pussy. Sliding a finger in, covering it in my juices and then lifting it to my mouth so I can taste it. Then he starts circling my clit with his tongue, making me moan before sliding his tongue in my soft wet pussy. I gasp and look down, realising this isn’t a dream. He’s sneaked into my house, found me sl**ping and wanted to show me how much he enjoyed what he saw earlier.
He looks up, lifts his head, smiles and goes back to licking me. Slowly to start with, building up pace, with the odd bite of my clit – hmmm. Just as I relax and enjoy this pleasure I feel his licks on my clit get harder and more urgent and just as he slides his 2 fingers into my pussy I cum so hard. Shaking and moaning, covering his tongue and fingers in my juices.

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