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When the Cock Crows.

Did you ever get suspicious?
Well i didn't.Not until that flash bastard moved in next door.
Me and my girlfriend had a good sexual relationship until flash Harry(who I later found out was called Bob) with his fancy sports car and swarmy sun tanned muscular body bought the Jones's house.
Funny how things can change so suddenly.
Our sex life dried up almost at once and the arguments came right on it's heels.
Think it's great when your suspicions are vindicated?
read on and judge for yourself.
I had enough of all the bullshit,so one day I bunked off work early (I had bad guts),and drove home.
I parked in the next street along from our's and crept up our path towards the back of the house.
As I approached the back door I could hear noises from our bedroom above.
Sounded like she was getting strangled or something.
My thoughts were racing.
I silently entered the house and made my way to the stairs.
Inside the noises were louder.
There was a trail of the bitches clothes up the stairs.
On step one,her shoe.Step two a stocking quickly followed by another,then her bra,panties and a pair of mens trousers.
As i reached the landing I could now hear the mans voice loud and clear.
"You fucking whore",he was saying,but his voice sounded strained as if he was out of breath,not angry.
"Fuck me you cunt",she answered and there was no mistaking the excitement in her voice.
The plan was,I was going to burst in and comfront them,but another voice stopped me in my tracks.
"Go on,fuck the bitch hard tommy",said another mans voice.
The anger inside me trebled in that momment, but a primevil caution also kicked in.
Two of them might just give them the advantage over me and I could be the one who ended up getting his bollocks kicked in.
The bedroom door was slightly ajar so I crept over and peered in.
I couldn't see the bed,it was behind the door,but our wardrobe was mirrored and I could see the action taking place on the bed in the mirror.
The one who I took to be tommy had her kneeling on all fours at the bottom of the bed and was fucking her good and propper from behind.
He had a tight grip on her long brown hair and was smacking her arse with his other hand as if she was a race horse entering the final furlong of a big race.
They were naked and he was bathed in sweat.His teeth were gritted and his face was twisted in an expression of anger,hate and lust.
"Take that you fucking bitch",he said and gave her a real hard slap on her arse.
She cried out but the look on her face was one of ectasy and passion.
It was then that I first noticed the other guy.
He was standing by the side of the bed,again naked,and a cock that must have been ten inches was hard in his hand and he was stroking it furiously.
"Here,let me give her some Tommy",he said and climbed on to the bed.
Tommy was fucked so he didn't argue the point.He just disingaged from her but before he climbed off the bed he gave her arse one more hard slap.
"See how you like Bob",he laughed.
Bob took Tommy's place and he was just as rough with her.
His ten incher was rammed roughly up her cunt and he continude the punishment on her arse,only harder.The slaps actualy made me grimmace a bit,but she was clearly getting off on it.
Tommy had now got his second wind and came round to her face.He pulled her head up.I could only actualy see his arse now but I could guese what happened next.
His commentary helped.
"Suck on this you slut",he growled and I saw his arse thrust foreward hard and he began to fuck her face.
Her gagging noises also gave the game away.
"Fucking bitch",I remember thinking,she never does that for me.
I stood there and watched them have there fill with her.They fucked her two at a up her cunt the other up her arse(another thing she never let me do)Despite all this I could actualy feel my cock stiffening in my pants.I tried to control it,make it go away,but that only made things worse.
The steamier it got in there,the harder I got.
"Fuck it",I thought angrily.If they can have there fun,so can I.
I unleashed the b**st and began to pull on it furiously.
I hadn't noticed that Tommy had changed position slightly and I could now see my girlfriends face clearly as she gobbled on his cock.
I also noticed that she was looking right at me and she had a smile in her eyes that migrated to her mouth when she took his cock out of it for second or two.
She knew I was there and whats more, this was making it even better for her.
"The fucking bitch",I said to myself,but began to pull harder on my own cock.
After a moment or two her voice rang out loud and clear.
"Why don't you join us Mick" she said and this paused the action.
Both Tommy and Bob looked over at the door,and the look of fear and bewilderment on there faces was a joy to behold.
I pushed the door open,I must have looked some picture stood there with my cock in my hand and a look of anger on my face.
Bob actualy leapt from the bed and rushed towards his disgarded trousers.Tommy put his hands over his genital area and he looked like a k** who had caught with his hands in the cookie jar.
"Oh man",he finaly stuttered out.
"Don't mind me",I said and walked over to the bed.My trousers had somehow come completely off,though I could not for the life of me remember when.
I sat down on the bed so that my girlfriends arse was right in front of me.She had not moved at all.
I looked at the redened cheeks and smiled.
"So,you like a bit of ruff",I said and gave her a real hard slap on the reddest part of her arse.
She squeeled.
"Come on guy's",I mocked.
"Let's give this bitch a session she won't forget".
The two guy's looked at each other.To put them at ease I climbed on the bed behind her and put the nob of my cock right on her arse hole.
"Remember you dont let me do this",i growled at her and thrust hard up her tight arse hole.
She moaned and began to squirm.
"Tommy,get that cock of your's back in her mouth and shut the bitch up will you",I ordered.
After a moment or two Tommy,all be it hessitantly,obliged and soon was back into the swing of things.
Bobby took a bit more coaxing but eventualy he couldn't resist.
That afternoon we fucked her every way possible.
We pissed on her,came on her(Several times),and we filled her three holes all at once.
By about tea time we aere al completely knackered and fucked out.
"I'm off to the shower",I said and left the room.
After about fifteen minutes i returned and not to my suprise,Tommy and Bob had gone.
My girlfriend was assl**p on the bed,naked as the day she was born.
I looked down at hair as I towled my hair dry,and shook my head.
I turned to the mirror and finished toweling myself dry.
I could see her in the mirror.She was laying on her belly,legs slightly appart so that i could see her hairy pussy and that lovely crack up her arse.
That old tingling senastion down below by some miracle was returning and I looked down as he began to stiffen again.
"You old devil",I thought,then I looked back in the mirror and over at her prone,naked body again.
"Why not",I said,and turned to make my way back to the bed,a big grin on my face.

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