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My friend Julie ......Part 1

I was feeling down in the dumps, my boyfriend of 8 years had dumped me and it was clear that we were not going to get back together.
I sat and cried all day long, then my phone rang, it was an old friend called Julie. Julie said that my s****r had told her that me and Pete had split and that I was in a bad state. Anyway Julie asked me to go out clubbing with her, at first I said no I couldnt possibly consider that but then I though oh what the hell I need cheering up.
We met at 8pm in a local pub and had a good natter as we had lots of catching up to do then we went along to the club at 10pm.
The club was pretty quiet at that time so we just sat down and did some hard drinking, later it started to get busy so we went to the dance floor and danced for ages.
We were getting lots of guys checking us out but we were not up for any fun with others.
We staggered out of the club and went back to my place where we continued to drink, after a while Julie hugged ma and told me that she thought that I was handling the situation great. She asked if she could sl**p at my place as she felt tired and needed to get her head down.
We went up to bed and snuggled up together for war44DDmth as it was a cold February night. After a short while Julie started to stroke my ass and it felt good to have another woman touching me so I let her carry on. She then moved her hands up to my lovely ripe 44DD breasts and fondled my hard nipples, I turned to face her and we kissed very hard and my hand moved downwards to her pussy. I tickled her clit and gently rubbed it then I inserted a finger into her eager pussy which was dripping wet by this point, then I inserted another finger and fucked her with them, she was moaning with pleasure.
She moveed her eager little fingers downwards towards my pussy which was very wet by now, she worked her fingers in and out of my juicy hole with vigour.
I was in heaven at this point, I was so horny and so close to cumming. She rubbed and rubbed my little clit till I erupted in a massive orgasm, my whole body was quivering.

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