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The Italian Job 9

The Italian Job 9
Now to return to Italy, you remember that Maria had told me all about the situation when her father and uncle ****d her and I hope by now you have all forgiven me.
I got a phone call one morning at the factory, a strange sounding woman’s voice that asked me to meet her at the factory the following night, I asked what it was about and the voice just said it was a query on my contract, I then asked why it could not be dealt with during the day and she said she was out of town and would not be back till the evening and hoped it would not be a problem, I talked to Maria about it who thought it funny that I was suddenly getting all this attention from all these ladies “you are getting quite a reputation, I will have to watch out for competition” she joked “you seem to be in great demand, she probably wants you for your body” she laughed.
I went to Maria’s house that night on my weekly servicing calls, the pattern had become a routine, I took Maria to bed and fucked her, then her mother joined us and I fucked her arse, Maria watched as my prick disappeared into her mother’s anal passage and her mother squealed till the pain eased, Maria was still not sure about the anal fuck because of her mother’s squealing as I penetrated her although I was not as gentle as the first time and instead of easing into her I jammed by cock up her arse and shafted her hard and fast, she was in the doggy position and as I pummelled her arse, my balls banged against her vulva as her juice ran out of her when she came, Maria would kneel beside me stroking my back and kissing me as I rammed into her mum, then I would shower and go down stairs and make myself a cup of tea, Maria would invariably fall asl**p then her mother would creep downstairs, strip for me then suck me off, this night was different, as she came down stairs, Yvonne went and opened the door to the house very carefully so as not to awaken Maria, another woman came into the house, I recognised her from the shop in the village, her name was Sonia, she was about the same age as Yvonne, good figure, auburn streaked hair, tall and about 36 D, I have to give you that detail because I realise that in these stories, “SIZE IS IMPORTANT” but it seemed that on this particular night her main asset was the fact that she spoke English, they sat either side of me on the couch as I sat forward and drank my tea clothed only in my boxer shorts, they were both looking at me like a pack of hungry wolves, I began to wonder how much of me would be left in the morning for Maria to put into a jar, but sex was not at the top of the agenda or at least direct sex was not, it seemed that Yvonne had been a bit disappointed on the night that I took her and Maria to the club in Bolognia that Maria had not allowed her to dress as she wanted, she had attracted 2 men in the car park that night but did not feel that she had done them justice, she wanted more cock and I got the distinct impression that Sonia wanted to join the club, she still wanted me to go along because she felt safe with me there to watch her back so to speak but I was of course interested in watching her front as well, “I jest “ she wanted me to take her back to the club dressed as she wanted, Sonia was starting to fidget on the couch, I think it was because of all the sex talk, she was a shop keepers wife in a small fishing village and did not get out that much, she was wearing shorts, bare legs, lovely thighs and a blouse that was not tucked into her shorts, she had sneaked out of her house to furnish the interpreter role, “I know before you say it, another fucking interpreter” for Yvonne who did not want Maria to know about the arrangement, Yvonne was stroking my leg without thinking because she was used to this level of familiarity around me, Sonia must have seen this and started stroking the other one but was thinking, she shuffled closer to me and I started to get apprehensive at her closeness, she was pushing her breast into my elbow and when I looked at her there was a sparkle in her eyes, she tried to move her face closer to mine when I turned in her direction during the conversation but then I would turn back to Yvonne as the conversation continued to and fro, she must have got a bit bolder because I felt the tip of her tongue flick the lobe of my ear as she slipped her arm inside mine linking me and bringing her face very close to mine, I knew that if I turned my face in her direction she would pounce so I tried to keep my face looking forward or towards Yvonne but sadly with her proximity, the smell of both women’s perfume my cock started to give me away, stirring in my underwear and of course the little fucker started to expand along the leg closest to Sonia, “Of all the legs in all the world etc.” she was stroking my arm, Yvonne must have noticed this because she said something to Sonia who smiled at her then rubbed her hand among the hair on my chest and pinched my nipple my cock shot down my leg what felt like couple of feet, her hand was on my arm but because her wrist and forearm were under mine she had her arm resting on my boxer covered leg and as my cock jumped I felt the end of it bump into her arm, I heard the sharp intake of breath as I stole a glance at her, she was sitting looking at me with a smile on her face and her mouth open in a look of mock shock, she was now on a mission, she slid her arm back slowly so as not to alarm Yvonne who was still chattering to her from under my arm, brushing the end of my rapidly swelling prick as she went, she then turned her hand down so that as her hand came back to my shorts and to my not so dormant cock, her hand came to rest on it where she squeezed it, she said something to Yvonne who looked down at her hand, then laughed, at the touch of her hand my cock had taken on the new identity, he was no longer an instrument of my toiletry habits but a snitch who was prepared to give away the fact that I was getting really horny in exchange for being used on the inside of a vagina, she slipped her thumb under my shorts leg and came to the end of my prick with it, she ran her thumb across the end and I knew instinctively that her thumb now had pre cum on it as she brought it out into the open trailing the silvery thread with it and holding it up for Yvonne to see, she in turn leaned forward and kissed my cheek, Yvonne was wearing her usual stripping dress that was a light cotton fabric, full length with buttons all the way up, she liked to undo the buttons slowly whilst doing her strip and before going down on my cock to suck me off, now she undid a couple of buttons, Sonia followed suit and undid a couple of the buttons of her blouse, both women giggled as Sonia’s bra came into view, Sonia now had her thumb back on the end of my leaking cock rubbing round in a circle on the slippery end, Yvonne leaned over and undid two more buttons of Sonia’s blouse as a large portion of her bra pushed out of her blouse, she did the same to Yvonne’s dress but of course Yvonne was not wearing a bra so her nipples were peeping out, Sonia lifted the edge of Yvonne’s dress revealing the breast and nipple fully, the nipple was swollen and distended with the aureoles puckered, she put her hand inside the dress and took the whole of Yvonne’s breast in her hand and squeezed it “oooooo that feels nice” she said, she was now closing her face to my ear and sliding her tongue around the lobe “do you like to get your hands around those?” she whispered in my ear “do you like to squeeze them while you are fucking her cunt, pushing your cock right up inside her, she cannot understand what I am saying to you and she thinks I am going to let her take you by your arrangement” she whispered sucking my lobe as she removed her left hand from Yvonne’s tit and pushed it up my boxer leg then taking hold of my naked cock in side the leg and starting to pull it gently “goodness” she continued “I heard that you butchered a few women in the village but I didn’t realise you kept the meat, I think I will finish you off myself I would like to feel you shoot your load all over my fingers, are you going to cum for me, are you going to pump it for your auntie Sonia” she purred “ I would much rather you slid it up my leg and into my shorts then into my cunt but I don’t think Yvonne would let me so I will settle for this, look Yvonne is getting ready to suck your cock, do you want to feel her mouth around it” she purred in my ear, I turned my head and saw that Yvonne had almost unbuttoned all of her dress with her rampant tits sticking out of it and her damp pussy glinting in the light, Sonia resumed her oral attack on my senses, she was certainly having an effect on my cock as she steadily stroked her hand along its length “ will it help things along if I get my tits out, do you want to see my tits, would you like to squeeze them while you fuck me, you have a nice arrangement here with Yvonne and Maria, I would like to be a part of that arrangement, I will let you do anything as long as you stick this cock in me” her sentence trailed off as she folded, gripping my cock hard she closed her eyes and came, she had been concentrating on talking me into coming that she had ignored her own rising in her and she had talked herself into an orgasm that washed through her and grabbed her stomach, she slowly recovered and opened her eyes “goodness” she said again “ I never saw that coming, Yvonne told me that you had power but I did not realise that I would be on the receiving end of it without even your cock in me, fuck!! that felt good, now let’s see if I can do the same for you, come on now let me take it, give it to me, don’t fight it, come on fucker” she increased the speed of her wanking my cock then started to lick my ear and I knew what was going to happen, she licked my throat, and I exploded into her hand, I don’t know if she realised what did it but her contact on my throat triggered me, my cum poured out of me “ that’s it, that’s it, English boy, goodness there’s a lot of it” as I succumbed and turned my head towards her, and leaned my forehead on hers, the orgasm was racing through me but slowly because of the nature that it had been generated, she was trying to kiss me but I managed to hold her off with my forehead against hers, I heard Yvonne groan as she realised what had happened they spoke in Italian to each other for a few sentences as I slumped back on the couch, my boxers were wet through as she did not even try to contain my ejaculation, she let go of my prick and pulled her hand out of my shorts, her fingers were dripping with my cum, Yvonne reached and caught some dripping juice with her fingers then transferred it to her mouth “mmmmm bene, bene” she said Sonia did likewise and they both savoured my spunk as though it was some kind of nectar that was only available at certain times in a decade, if they played their cards right they could have as much as they could manage I thought to myself, Yvonne was still very horny from watching her friend bring me off, she was stroking my cock and trying to get hold of it through my boxers but it was wilting quite quickly, she spoke to Sonia in Italian but the gist was clear “ look what you have done now” I slid onto my knees and crawled around to face Yvonne, she knew what to do and opened her legs, her cunt beckoned in its soaking wet cave, I buried my face in it and ate, licking and slurping as she moaned and twisted in her throes of orgasm, she loved having her cunt licked as much as she liked having her arse fucked, Sonia was on her feet, the crutch of her shorts were wet, she undid her shorts and dropped them to the ground with her knickers following close behind as she stepped out of them both, she unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and her bra covered tits came out as she took her blouse off her shoulders, she unfastened her bra and slid it from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor, her tits were about the same size as Yvonne but this was a new pair and I was keen to get my hands on them as she dropped to the floor and came to my side, she was naked, she stroked my back and pushed her tits against me, Yvonne was thrashing as my cock was stiffening, I knelt up and got hold of Yvonnes buttocks then pulled her forward slotting my cock into her, driving it up inside of her as she came with a ground shaking orgasm that racked through her, she was gagging as it thundered through her, she fell back against the back of the couch as I pulled out of her, I dropped my boxers and took them off, I was naked but I was determined to give Sonia what she wanted because she was keen to get it, I sat on the couch and she climbed on and straddled me, with my cock sticking up in front of her hair covered mound she had tried to take me straight inside as she mounted but I held my cock back so that it would not enter her “oooo English boy, are you playing hard to get? are you trying to tease auntie Sonia? Don’t you want me to have it?” she drooled as she pulled my stem to her slit and moved forward so that her slit opened with the pressure on it and then my cock stem was against her clit, she thrust her thighs at me and her clit was rubbing along my cock as she came, she wrapped her arms around my neck and rode the orgasm that seemed to coast through her as she rested her large breasts against my chest and planted her mouth on mine, her tongue came out and she searched in my mouth for mine, “that’s better” she purred, “now I have had a taste of you, I want to taste more of you, to feel your tongue on mine, to feel your tongue on my cunt and my arse Yvonne tells me that it is a fabulous experience having you fuck her arse and that you are the master at it, would you like to fuck my arse, lick my cunt and bury your cock in my anal passage, have you fucked Maria’s arse yet?” I didn’t answer, “do you like my tits now that you have them out, was it the thought of them coming out and greeting your hands around them that made you come” she cooed as she looked down and thrust her breasts at me, I slid my hands up her waist and wrapped my fingers around her tits then squeezed as they oozed through my fingers and I thumbed her nipples, she threw her head back and groaned “squeeze them, grope them abuse them, god I love having my tits squeezed” she moaned, so I milked them and planted my mouth on one of her nipples grabbing a chunk of tit between my teeth and pushing her nipple over and forcing it against the tit that was gripped by my teeth then rasping my tongue over the nipple hard and she came, oh! boy did she come, she grabbed my hair and thrashed her thighs into me, grinding her clit into my cock stem, she was shaking and trembling then she started to subside, “o god! oh god! where did you learn to do that fuck that was fantastic, I’m still coming” and she was! as the aftershocks ripped through her as they arrived one after the other making her tremble, this time it was her turn to rest her forehead against mine “you’re good, I’ll give you that, you’re very good” she panted, I could feel her juice dripping out of her onto my balls “ are you going to fuck me?, because I am knackered, I feel totally fucked and you haven’t been inside me yet so if you are going to fuck me then I need a rest before you continue with this butchery” she breathed, looking at me, she climbed off me, Yvonne was just going to go down on me when a hand came on her shoulder and stopped her, Maria climbed astride me and guided my cock into her cunt then settled on me, she was wearing her nightdress and she had an interested smile on her face “ I am here to claim my cock” she said to me rocking on me to take possession and let me know she had arrived as her cunt gripped my cock, she turned to Sonia “ have you been enjoying yourself Sonia “ she said in English “ this is mine and you only fuck it with my permission, my mother understands that and if you want to enjoy the benefit from time to time then talk to me” she stated, I really did feel like a piece of meat now “ I apologise Maria” said Sonia “ but your mother spoke so highly of your man that I could not resist and when she asked me” she stopped realising that she might give away the plot that she and Yvonne were hatching “asked you what?” Maria questioned, she had her hands round my head and was leaning back, I got hold of her tits, through her nightie as they jiggled with her movement on me, she slapped my hands “ stop that” she glared at me “ you know it distracts me” and it had, she stopped the inquisition and looked at her mother then spoke in Italian to the pair of them, I reckoned it was a severe bollocking because their heads dropped like naughty schoolc***dren, they both got up and Sonia got dressed while Yvonne fastened her dress, Sonia left then Yvonne went to bed, Maria did not move from my cock, I reckoned I was next for the high jump, she planted her mouth on mine and sank her tongue into me then started to rock on me “ now then you horny fucker” she said, I wondered where you were and why you had not come to bed, it was much too long for my mother to have sucked you off so I thought I had better come and see, did you enjoy yourself with Sonia? Did you fuck her?” I shook my head “good then you can have her some other time” she scolded “ now you can do to my tits what you did to Sonia, I watched you do it and saw the result, it made me very horny and that is the only reason I let them get away with what they did, now fuck me” she instructed so I did, she rocked and bounced then I thrust my thighs into her banging her cunt on the rise, I lifted her nightdress and I got hold of her tits and sucked and licked them like I did to Sonia, she came very hard, the couch shook as it rattled through her and her cunt convulsed onto my cock, she rested her face against my forehead as she gasped for air “fuck!! now I know why she couldn’t go on, let me take you then we can go to bed she panted” she rocked again as I shot my load into her waiting streaming vagina, pumping my load into my lady love as she moaned at the intrusion of my hot juice into her cervix as it flowed out of me into her.
The next night I went to the factory as instructed, the place was deserted, but there was a small light on in an office at the far end of the building, there was a figure sitting at a desk with just a desk light on, this had an eerie effect because the spread of the light was limited because of the shade but I could see only half way up the person that looked like a woman, I could not see above the mid chest, the hands were on the desk and a glance at the hands told me that this was a fairly elderly woman,
“hello there, would you like to sit down, the voice said obviously feminine but not English, I sat down and said “why am I here” I asked “I need something from you and I have something to tell you so it’s a kind of a trade but first I want to show you something, she pushed a button on the desk and a screen lit up at the other side of the office, a projector started and the screen flickered then several figures appeared on the screen like serial numbers, people came into focus who were talking in Italian, an old man was sitting at a desk, a young woman was sitting opposite him, I recognised Maria, they talked then she got up and paced around the office, she looked angry, the old man leaned back in his chair and twiddled his pen, Maria looked nervous, she walked around the desk and went to the man in his chair he pushed his chair back and faced the camera, she leaned against the wall to the right of the shot, she walked to the side of him and stopped, he lifted her skirt, she didn’t move, her panties were visible as he put his hands under her skirt to stroke her legs, she moved back but the man wagged his finger at her and she reluctantly came back to the position and he resumed his touch of her leg, a few more words were exchanged then she undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground, she stood in her panties, self-supporting lace topped stockings and blouse, again words were exchanged then she bent and kissed him on the lips, she came to him and placed her knee between his legs, put her hands on the chair arms while he undid her blouse to reveal her bra covered breasts, she kissed him again then removed her blouse letting it fall from her shoulders and down her arms to the floor, again he reached and stroked her legs sliding his hand up to feel her buttocks, she undid her bra, shrugged the straps from her shoulders and let it fall, her breasts were in full view, she put her knee back between his legs and her hands on the arms as he fondled her breasts, as the flesh fell into her breasts they swelled up and the man dug his fingers into her tits, she kissed him again, sucking his lip, the groping got more urgent, she stood up and dropped her knickers to the ground, her hair covered pussy glinted wet in the sunlight that shone through the window, she stood beside his chair as his hands went up her leg to make contact with her vulva then she jumped as his fingers penetrated her, he started moving his hand, he was finger fucking her, she held her position for a couple of minutes squeezing her own tits then she came with a judder and a small scream, he withdrew his fingers examining the juice that dripped from his fingers, she bent and he fondled her tits again, then she moved away and got dressed again, the conversation continued then she was shouting at him, stamped her foot and left the office, the screen flickered for a minute longer then stopped, the screen went dark.
“the girl in the film was your girlfriend Maria” the voice said, there was a pause “ the man in the film was my husband, the only reason he did not have sexual intercourse with her is because he couldn’t get up an erection, that is also why he used his fingers on her, he wanted to show the film that he had sex with her in a way, this film is the reason why Maria has never been able to get a job here, I would like to employ her in the office but I cannot because to me she has technically fucked my husband and I cannot accept that ”she said “ can I ask a question?” I asked “yes you may” came the reply “who made the film?” I asked “he commissioned the secret filming of her, she went to the office for an interview for a vacancy, as you have seen she was coerced into first performing for him then allowing him to touch her, he reneged on the deal and would not employ her hence her anger at the finish, this film was found among his possessions last year when he died” she said “you can help her find a job here if you wish” she said “how” I asked “ by having sex with me” she said, her voice failing slightly “ how do I know that you will keep your promise” I said “ because I am not my husband, I have signed the letter of employing her and I will give you the only copy of the film, and I can assure you that I am not as you may suspect filming this discussion, I am 63 years old and have not had sex for 15 years because of his problem but he had several films like this which upset me deeply when I found them because he would not even touch me but he used his position to abuse these girls, he was to all sense and purposes a dirty old man, if I die with the film in my possession then the world will know about her” she stated, so we have had the carrot so now the stick came out “ how many times do you want this?” I asked “twice, the first time I will give you the letter, the second time I will give you the film” she said “where do you want this? “ I questioned, upstairs in my apartment” she said, I knew that the two b*****rs who owned the plant had accommodation above the factory but had never been there, “when?” I asked “now for the first, the second in a week’s time” she said very matter of fact I thought, she had it all worked out, “let me see the letter” I said “ of course but it is written in Italian, I have made and English copy but of course only the Italian version is signed and you will have to take my word that they mean the same” I looked at the letters, they had the same date stamp but that was all I could follow “ I will do it on one condition” I said “ what’s that ”that you give me the other films as well to destroy” I said, there was a pause “ OK, I agree” she said “ now as we have an agreement, can we go to bed, I have an ache and I want you to fix it, to fill a void in me” she smiled, she walked out of the room and I followed, we went upstairs and into one of two apartments, this was very expensively furnished and carpeted which was quite unusual in Italy because normally the floors are tiled.
She walked in to a bedroom undoing her blouse as she went, “may I take a shower first?” I asked “yes I would prefer you to” she replied, but first, she walked over to me and took my head in her hands, pulling me down to her face, she kissed me and I felt her tongue against my lips, I let her in, she moaned into my mouth as she tongued me, “ good! I feel wet already but we will probably need a lubricant as it has been so long” she said, I went in the shower to which gave me time to contemplate the situation but my cock had started on the project when she stuck her tongue in me, he was now rising steadily even though the future forecast was that he was to be immersed in a vintage cunt, I put on my boxers, and walked back into the bedroom she was still getting undressed “can I help?” I offered “ please” she said as a small gasp escaped her as she saw me semi naked, I went to her and lifted her onto the bed, she did not resist, I took off her expensive shoes, reached up and pulled down her tights then took them off her legs ” please can you dim the lights a little” she asked “ I turned and reduced the lighting level to about half, she was smiling at me, I removed her skirt and found she was not wearing panties, “I stopped for a second, “I took them off while you were in the shower” she whispered as she realised what I was looking at, and what I was looking at was a pubic cushion, covered in grey hairs that looked very tidy and neat with a nicely shaped vulva, that looked a little damp, “ do you like what you see” she whispered, “ why don’t you look a little closer “ she croaked, I knew what she meant and I knew what she wanted “is that part of the deal?” I asked “no but I would like it, it’s been so long since anyone looked very close, very, very close she whispered again, I sank to my knees on the bed and put my face between her legs, she opened them for me and then moaned very loud as I inserted my tongue into her slit and went down to her vagina, she trembled a small one passed through her and I tasted the juice as it trickled into my tongue as I inserted my tongue in her cunt and wriggled it about, “ fuck me, fuck me now she cried, I can’t wait any longer, get your cock into me” she cried I got off the bed and she propped herself up on her elbows to watch me, she was a very attractive woman with a few wrinkles here and there but she must have been a beauty in her time, I dropped my boxers then stood with my cock in my hand and gently stroked it and looked at her, she stared back at me, “what do you want?” she asked hoarsely as though she was frightened of the question and even more about the answer, “show me” I whispered “ I am not sure you will like what you see” she replied “ I will be the judge of that” I replied, she stood up on the bed, managed to hold her balance and removed her blouse, her pubic cushion was now glinting with damp, she undid her bra and dropped it, her tits sagged a bit and they were a bit wrinkly but they had good shape and had been about 36 D I would guess, she was by now naked, she turned around, she had nice shaped buttocks although again slightly wrinkled, then she bent down, a trickle of juice was running out of her vulva as the slightly stretched lips opened and showed the pink interior, “ is everything to your satisfaction?” she asked “it isn’t my satisfaction that we are here for” I said, I walked to the side of the bed and she walked on the bed to the same position, her pubic cushion was at my nose level as I leaned in and kissed her cushion, she put her hands at the back of my head and breathed “ lick me again, it felt so good before” I slipped my tongue unto her slit and went for the hood this time, the female jugular that is situated in among the genitals, finding it I slid it aside as I fastened my lips on her clit and licked hard, she nearly collapsed as she came, her stomach lurched as she sank to her knees on the bed in front of me bringing her mouth to mine once more and kissing me again, then she pulled me close and put her face on my shoulder kissing my shoulder, “ thank you for that” she whispered if nothing else happens, it was worth it to experience that feeling of my climax” she whispered, I laid her down and got on the bed beside her, she reached for the drawer and fished out the lube, rubbing some on her slit, she left the tube out and I felt I knew why, she wanted the works, she rolled over and sat on my legs looking at my cock, she took it in her hand and stroked it, smiling and admiring the tip as she pulled back the foreskin to reveal the purple head “oooo is that going in me?” she asked “do you want it “ I countered, she smiled at me “ silly question” she said as she moved her face to it and gently touchéd the side of it to her cheek, she turned her head slightly and kissed the stem of my cock as though she was loving it, I found this very erotic as she continued to kiss the stem as she held it lightly in her hand her long elegant fingers and long finger nails wrapped around it, she looked straight at me as she brought it close to her lips and looking over the top of it kissed the dome, I nearly creamed myself there and then she kissed it again still staring at my eyes then flicked it with her tongue then licked up the dome flicking her tongue off the tip as a drop of pre cum stuck to her tongue leaving a silver thread connecting, “ now it’s your turn to leak” she said as she took the end into her mouth and let it slide to the back of her mouth as my natural instinct was to push but she brought her head down onto it any way then started to slurp and lick, devouring my cock ravenously, she was wanking my cock and sucking on it I stopped her and she looked disappointed “ I want to fuck you I said but if you make me come too soon you may have to wait for me to recover” “I can wait” she said, “I have been waiting 15 years” she quipped, I got hold of her buttocks and pulled her up my body as she slid up along my cock I could feel all her genitalia travelling along it, she was sitting on my cock as it lay on my stomach, I leaned her forward so that her arse was in the air, reached for the lube and smeared some on my fingers then inserted my fingers into her vagina finger fucking her for a few strokes as she closed her eyes, “now” she said “ are you going to do it now?” she asked “ have you changed your mind” I asked, not giving her a chance to answer I lifted my cock to the entrance of her cunt then sat her down on it as it drove up through her vagina and into her cervix, the air went out of her lungs as she gasped for air, she came straight way as she yelped at the shock of getting her cunt fucked after 15 years,, I held her up a bit by the buttocks and started to shaft my prick into her by thrusting my hips at her, she started to scream “ for fucks sake don’t stop she screamed keep going, fuck me, fuck me oh ! I love it, fuck me” she came again as the climax hit her, she was staring into my eyes as she cried in disbelief of getting fucked this way, I picked up speed and pounded her cunt, she took it all, the full length of my prick inside of her, coming almost continuously, then collapsed onto my chest, laying there with my arms around her, her arms outstretched over my shoulders above my head as she laid her hands on the pillow, my cock still deeply embedded in her, I could feel her cunt convulsing and gripping my cock as her vagina milked my prick trying to extract some liquid satisfaction from it, her legs were straight out on top of mine and I could feel her tits on my chest, as she gasped for air, her nipples were jutting into me, she kissed me and gave me her tongue again “ come into me she whispered, I want to feel you ejaculate into me, then she started to move on top of me with her hands under my shoulders she was pulling herself up and down by gripping the tops of my shoulders, her whole body was laid on mine as she rocked on my cock, I came, my cum spurted into her as I saw the realisation on her face that I had indeed ejaculated into her, she groaned as I pumped it into her then I felt her come again as the juices mixed, I started to subside and rolled her sideways then pulled out of her, took another shower then came back into the room “I suppose you will have to go now” she said looking at me “ do you mean we are finished for tonight?” I asked, she looked at me and smiled then clapped her hands, “let me take a shower and wash some of this gunk out then we can resume if you are sure” she said “ why not” I said “ I am enjoying myself, she leaned back against the pillows “believe it or not, so am I” she purred she climbed off the bed and disappeared into the shower, she came back with a towel wrapped round her and her hair down, I hadn’t realised as she had it in a kind of bun before but now the silver grey locks hung down her half naked back “ can you dry my hair a bit?” she asked, “ “sit on the bed” I said as I knelt up on the bed and took the towel that she offered me, she sat with her back to me as I rubbed the top of her head then gripping the hanging hair ran down it with the towel, I did this for some time until her hair was almost dry, she turned and knelt on the bed looking at me, she knelt up, then she unfastened the towel and let it drop, her naked ness being very apparent “ do you really like what you see” she whispered, “do I turn you on” she looked down at my cock that was already awake and threatening her once again “ I see I do “ she whispered bending and kissing my cock that twitched at the touch of her lips, she laughed “ I am very flattered” she said “ I am very horny” I said, “ you cannot do a strip like that and not expect a response” as I pulled her onto the bed and went down on her again then pushing her up to the pillow getting between her legs and fucking her again as she wrapped her legs around my waist and thrusting her chest out at me I grasped her breasts for the first time then squeezed them and milked them, her breasts were soft but her nipples were rock hard as she came, flooding my cock with her juices as she arched her back, I lifted her arms and licked her under them, she started to writhe at my assault, “no, no” she cried “ stop it, I can’t stand it, Oh fuck I’m coming again she screamed as I licked and fucked her into another climax, she was panting so I rolled off her and she knelt up and came closer to my waist with her head, staring at my cock, she sat on my legs and took it into her mouth and started to work on it again “ I can taste me” she said as she went back onto it, this time I did not stop her, I just laid there and let her take it as she looked at me knowing full well what I was doing, “ I think you had better take it out of your mouth” I said “ I am about to come” she shook her head and stayed put as she absorbed the initial blast and then slurped down the remainder, for a 63 year old the was certainly good and I got to thinking what a fantastic wife she would have been and how much of a disappointment the old bastard must have been when he stopped fucking her, we laid on the bed spooning as she shuffled her arse into me, I wrapped my arms around her cupping her breast with my hand.
To be continued…………………………..

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