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Winter at Cousin's House *part 2

After the 1st “event “with Betty, I was starting to like the living in s****r’s house. Mr. Robinson was still trying to piss me off. But when he realized that I wasn’t taking the decoy, he left me alone, and we started to be mutual friends. Few days after the rainy night, Betty and I haven’t got any chance to sex again, just because Melisa and Mike were at home all the time selling their paintings, and I was busy too with my work. We exchange some looks and little touch, tickling and giggling, nothing much. Melisa has been selling the paintings and totems so she was so happy with amounts of money she got that she decided to make f****y party. She invited my folks, Betty’s folks and few her friends. I think the best thing that happened, she finally moved her stuff from 2 rooms and basement, although garage remained full. My mother and father said they were too busy, lucky I was I wouldn’t hear their nagging. Also I was happy to see Betty’s f****y. They live at ranch, 110 miles from Melisa’s house. At the scheduled day, everyone was exciting. Melisa was started drinking very early. And she was in quite good mood all the time. Betty’s folks came at about 11am.Kate, Steve and their two sons, Michael 8 years and Bobby 5 years old. Kate was (is) awesome woman. She was 35 years old in that time when this story happened. She had long curly hair, lovely green blue eyes under thin eyebrows, her cheekbones were slightly pronounced. When she gives big grin they were even more pronounced and face became wider. In old times in old anthropological psychiatry, and if we were in 16th or 17th century for those women who had that qualities and had been non Asian people believed they had lust in them. Kate is lady who doesn’t need to flirt, her look and face flirts itself and from the minute she appeared on the doorstep of the house Mike and I (have to admit) were delighted. Her husband, Steve, is very huge guy. He has his back like Northern Dakota countryside and he was almost 6ft tall. Kate was about 5.5 she has nice long legs so she wore high heels at that time. She had just pair of jeans and simple t-shirt on, so her lovely 38c tits were bouncing every time she made faster step. The party was very much OK. Everyone was in very good mood, even Cecilia was little bit d***k. I had one or two beers and wanted to be sober, just in case, and pretty much because I wasn’t in drinking in that time and after all, no one cared about Joann and 2 boys who were slightly boring and most of the time were playing mess all over the house and might get hurt. Steve was very jealous man. They live on ranch and he was jealous and they let Kate go very rare outside of ranch or in the city or anywhere alone. Betty told me that, and that was the main reason she wanted to run away from there, and attend the school in the city, and acting lessons. She told me, Kate wanted to leave him few times but she has always coming back to him, and as result they have always got one more k**. I can understand jealousy, because lot of men would like to have woman like Kate, and I bet many are playing their hand in front pocket of pants when she’s passing by in rare occasions when she goes to the city. In the afternoon I saw Betty and Kate were standing on the porch in the backyard, they were smiling at me while they were talking. Steve was mostly of the time with Mr. Robinson, because the old Mike didn’t take the eyes off Kate all the time and Steve I guess noticed that, and didn’t like that at all. Melisa was already sloshed and had few hysterical laughs, prancing and holding her stomach. She didn’t pay attention she swung few times and fell on the sofa in living room, opening her legs widely, so everyone thought her tight jeans shorts will explode. But we knew her too well and no one matters even that happened. She is truly nice person, and when she acts like that and look at Joann, I feel very bad, what a humiliation in her eyes. I used the chance while Kate was alone on the porch to talk with her a while. She told me, Betty was delighted with me, and she likes me very much and she satisfied that I take good care of girls (!!! Lol) , because Melisa was very unstable sometimes. She has nice voice although she has long sounding accent, like some people I heard from west Arizona, and while she was talking she was totally aware that I measure her body. That didn’t annoy her at all even I thought she was enjoying. She bent over to fix leg trousers so I could see her down blouse with nice black bra and even more nice pair of tits making fine tit’s line.
-How’s life on the ranch? - I asked.
- Well, it can be very boring at this time, but we have lot of guests and customers who come to ride horses, you know. - She replied
-You met someone interesting? Betty told me you are not going anywhere most of the time. In fact, why is he treating you like that? Betty told me you live like birds in cage there. You have pretty much money to go to Mexico or Hawaii on holidays or even few months?
-Betty told you everything, huh? - Well, it is not like so, she is rebellious in this age, you know. She, ummm, she is just…
-She is just like you. – I replied. She bent her head and stare at top of her shoes smiling
-Melisa told me your life, too. You were best friends ever. She is my best friend too, and my cousin. Steve is good guy, maybe too good for friendship, but he is sick. His jealousy will kill him soon or later. You see how Melisa is fooling him all the time.
-You see things very well, ha? - Well. Steve is not saint, you know. I know he is cheating me, you know. That’s why Melisa shakes his ass with jokes. And he is like mouse in the hole. –
I was astonished; I think I opened mouth, speechless.
-Whaa? You have picture but no sound- She giggled at me. - He knows that I know, and he is afraid of me to cheat him. I have my 3 angels with me, and I m satisfied, the problem is that I have no one to cheat him with there, except, never mind who, and when, and he knows I like to live in the City. I was raised on the ranch and I wanted to leave it when I was 18, you know. I wanted big city lights; I was wild, at that age. When Betty started to seeing boys, he started nagging at her at became impossible. Betty is brave girl even braver then I was. She asked Melisa to move here, just packed and gone. I was foolish, fell in love with him, got pregnant, he was one of the best quarterback, handsome, and many girls were after him. He cheated me few times even then. And what have I got? You know. From country house in Arizona, I got ranch here. But, show goes on, ha?-Her eyes gone narrow and I guess she got mad, I saw her joints on hands became white, she got reddish cheeks.
-I cannot believe, son of a bitch-I added
Few moments we just stared into nowhere, and I was really surprised with everything she said. I did not know what to say. And I started with the most stupid joke I know: The d***ken man went to bar and order double whiskey, and again and again. Barman asked him to slow down little bit and to tell him what happened. Man said he had found his the best friend in the bed with his wife fucking her. And.. What did you tell to him?* --Mad Dog Mad Dog.
She started laughing loud and long. Not that joke was so funny, just because I changed topic in very stupid way. I was laughing too.
I understand everything, but don’t understand one thing. - I said, and cleared my throat, while my heart started beating faster.
-Oh, what’s that? –She raised her eyebrows.
-Well, you know, umm –
-Come on ask me? - She encouraged me with big grin.
- I don’t understand how someone could cheat woman like you.
-Ah, thank you honey, but sometimes everybody needs some change. Maybe men need more often, you are the man, you tell me, you know.
-Yeah, but, if I would have girl…ummm… I mean wife like you; I would hardly have sex with another lady.
-Huh, Melisa told me you are smart, and I see now, you have balls too, young man, you know. - She said that and came close to me.
She leaned towards me; I felt her big boobs on my chest. I felt my cock was rising.
-And what now, big boy? - She asked me and moved her knee between legs, so I felt standing, her knee on my balls.
-You like, to play with fire, ha? – She asked again.
-I have fire extinguisher, a good one-I replied. She laughed out loud, and attended to go inside. Just before she left she slapped my balls once and tightened them pretty hard.
-It is full, good. - She nodded and left me.
During the evening, I didn’t know what to think. She wanted fun, or she wanted to play with me as a foolish boy. She was cocky I knew that. Melisa told me, they were pretty wild especially Kate because she got better attributes. The rest of the evening was nothing special. Kate took k**s into beds and Betty stayed for a while, till I guess 11 pm. I gave her some drink secretly and she was sl**py. The others were sloshed, except me and of course Kate. Mr. Robinson was trying to sing some song, and other laughed most of the time. Steve seemed, decided to get totally u*********sness, just sit, laugh and drink more and more. He hardly got to the toilet and hardly hit the door of guest room, we cleaned other day. About 1 am, I went to my small bathroom at the end of hole, and took long shower. I was thinking of Betty and Kate and I felt my cock was swollen. I dried up and dressed quickly, trying not to think of what happened on the porch. I was totally sober, the house was quite. Well, almost quite, if we not mention bear snoring from Steve’s and Kate’s room. I wanted to go to the kitchen, to sneak something up. Kate was there alone, wearing the bath gown and I could see her very nice long legs. I always liked women in bath gown or towel around their bodies so I was very delighted of the scene I saw. She was kind of embarrassed. She couldn’t sl**p, because she changed bed, but I guess I couldn’t sl**p as well if I had to sl**p with Steve who was snoring like bear. I couldn’t get look away from her legs, and my cock started to rise, although I didn’t want that happened at first place. She was sitting on chair, smiling widely. I took the glass of soda, and sat on the chair before her, deliberately. We were speechless, in fact I was rising my brain what to say, but instead of that I was smiling too like stupid boy of 11, who saw pussy for the first time. She measured me too; I could swear that she looked my tight stiffed pants. Her gown was gray. The two black strips over gray color made nice collar from her neck to her stomach. Between then there were very nice pare of boobs, made so perfect boob’s line. She was so sexy in it, in fact pretty, sexy women can wear curtain, and she would be sexy again. Women watch and measure men differently from us. They just judge man in a blink of the eye, from head to feet and back, and they make of the mind, like or dislike him. I guess she knew what is going on, uncrossed her legs and stood up very slowly smiling. She put hands in her hair, very slowly, acting sl**py cat. Her boobs popped up beneath the gown, I could see pair of hard nipples. She enjoyed playing game with me. In that moment I could understand Joe Coker’s song: You Can Leave Your Hat On, when he says: “Come over here
Stand on that chair yeah, that’s right. Raise your arms in the air now shake 'em. You give me reason to live - you give me reason to live “. This cowgirl didn’t wear hat that night, but the scene was so sexy and some sweetness in the air was all around that I didn’t mint to get frozen for ever in that picture.
-Why you looking at me like that?—She asked.
-For the same reason you look at me-I replied. She laughed.
-And, what you are gonna do about dat’?-
I say nothing, the pressure in my pants made me come closer to her .Lower head was thinking instead upper. My arms reached her waist, brought her next to my body. My lips were reaching her neck already.
-No, stop it, no. It’s not OK. And someone might see us, like this-She whispered nervously but didn’t push me. - Oh, boy, you really have guts, don’t you?-
I said nothing, just continued to kiss her easily on the neck and the small pit between her neck and clavicle, slowly butterfly kisses like all women like, my hands were going lower to her ass, and I grabbed it with both cheeks with hands tightly. Large groan escaped from her mouth, and she started to grab my shoulders and my arms tightly so I felt her sharp nails on my skin. I was very horny, I guess most of man would feel the same, I felt real hunger for her. I kissed her neck slowly then when I felt her respond of every touch, I started to lick her neck furiously from the side to side. I felt her bite my left ear and kissed my neck too, groaning and moaning into my ear. I started to kiss her lower, from the neck spacing her gown. Her huge boobs were milky white with dark rose hard nipples; I started rolling my tongue over her boobs and stiffing nipples, sucking and biting between lips. She was started moving backwards and leaned on wooden kitchen desk. My hands and lips were busy into her lovely tits, working hard. I helped her sit on the kitchen desk, she unaware kneaded my chest and my hair, and I must say she wasn’t gentle either. I started taking off her black panties. By putting her feet on my thighs and standing on her hands she helped me to take them off. She was awesome like that. Under flat stomach appeared her dark triangle. She was hairy down there. Her pussy hairs were rare, and few fine fleshy covering the gap that has waited half-open wet. I threw her panties and crouch on the knee, spreading her legs widely, holding them same time giving her balance in that position. Under the light, so close to her now I could see her pussy well. She had meaty lips under rare hairs, they were not long, and she seemed care them regularly and nicely. Hairs were little bit thicker at the beginning of the rack, just little bit above the reddish clit, who welcomed my tongue. I licked her fast and furiously whole pussy and her clit alternately once like dog secondly just with the tip of tongue. I remember she had very nice taste, maybe she just got back from a bath, and she smelled like flower of orchid, and had very delicious taste. Since she gave birth to three c***dren, when I put fore finger inside in her wet hot pussy I sensed I could put more, so I fucked her with fore and middle finger fast and deep for about few minutes occasionally licking and sucking hard her clit. At once she moaned out loud, jounced few times with the hips and ass, I sucked her clit hard once, I knew her orgasm was coming. With a Kate’s uncontrolled pushing my shoulders with her feet and uncontrollably muttering and groaning out loud, her pussy awarded me with fine flood along my fingers. I put my thumb on her dark brown anus, and fore finger inside of pussy, and pushed both fingers hard, she was Cumming again.
She suddenly stood up and pushed me harder on the kitchen desk, said:
-My turn now, let me see, you really have gun, cowboy, to tame mare or still only for the young jenny?
I like her everything, even her sharp humor. I enjoyed every split of second with her. She crouched on her knees and took off hardly my pants with underwear. My almost 9 inches cock popped up at full size towards her face. She processed it with hand like she was measuring it.

-Oh, baby, that would be such waste, not peel the knees for this cookie. - She joked again.
She started suck my dick very hard, moving her had fast and slow when it goes deeper in her throat. I was feeling fantastic. I got very often blow jobs from my girlfriends, sometimes they were shy, just licked it and sucking little, some of them jerked more than sucked or licked. Betty was very good too, although she hasn’t suck deep, she was good, but compared to her mom, she was innocent nun. Kate sucked me for about 5 minutes maybe more, showing me her full competence , sucking, licking, playing with my balls with another hand, licking my balls and when she sucked my ball hard deep in her mouth, I felt my pre cum coming out. Her mouth was full of saliva, but she didn’t care, and when my liquid came up she welcomed it with opening month and sucking that few drops together with heavy “smack smack” sound.
She stood up and grabbed me giving me big hard kiss.
-You are good, cowboy, dangerously good, fuck me babe, OK. - She said that and leaned over the kitchen desk, spreading her legs, and putting her elbows on it. I moved her gown uncover her tight ass, and adjust myself beside her. I grab my dick and moved cross her pussy twice and leaned over her ass, dick popped inside her pussy itself. I wanted to fuck her hard and really wanted to do that, and I did. I fucked her pulsed and hard. I have read long time ago somewhere that the best massage or /and fucking is following heart beating. Well, it might be true but how Kate and I were fucking that night, pulse was over 120 per minute. I grabbed her long black hair like ridding mare, pulling her head back, so she was stubbing on my dick harder.
-Yeah, cowboy, ride me harder- She moaned loudly, and she put her right hand between her legs rubbing her clit while I was filling her from behind.
I knew I was about to explode soon. I told her that through heavy breathing.
-Yeah, Let’s cum together, fill my cunt, fill her now, you like my cunt you stud, fill me.-
I wasn’t sure but it was one of mine biggest cum ever, I think even now I shoot 3 loads at once. She started shaking and moaning, I was pulling her head uncontrollably, so her neck and head was unnaturally thrown back, normally that wouldn’t be pleasant I guess, but in that moment u don’t think and u are unaware of anything .
We stood like that couple of moments and finally we set us free from each other. She smiled first then me too, like two happiest people on the world. She slapped me gentle into the face. That was her reaction when she was in good mood, I learned it.
-What have ya’ done to me, ha? You made me feel like wild bitch, you know.
I just smiled. I guess I have that stupid face when k** got something that wanted so hard, and now he was happiest living creature in the world.
-You know what, ha, you owe me now. –She acted serious with funny expression on her face, laughing too.
-Oh yeah, what can I do for you madam? - I asked her, putting my arms around her ass again.
-You deserve punishment, unless you wait me into your room.
-Ma’am Yes Ma’am. - I replied. She told me to bring some whiskey with me and wait her in my room by the end of the corridor. I guess She was checking k**s, used toilet and bathroom, I doubted she was checking Steve because she was snoring so loud that beavers were frightened somebody was cutting their woods.
I quickly took the Bottle of Whiskey, two glasses and put beside my bed, I used bathroom and cleaned my dick in shower. Then I got back into my room laid naked on my bed and wait for Kate. She came soon with a big grin, in the open silver gown. I had single bed, little bit small for two persons, so she leaned over me; I felt her warm stomach on my cock. Her body heat makes him grow little by little. We took a glass of whiskey and just laying and touching each other like long time lovers. We chat whispering about how it was in the kitchen, and what others in the house doing right now. We were talking about everyone, except Steve. She didn’t want to mention her at all; in fact she made bad face expression when I mention his name.
-Oh what’s that pinching me?-She giggled pointed my stiffed cock below her stomach.-He deserved good care- she added
She moved a little lower, so my cock placed between her boobs. She started rubbing it between her white milk tits and occasionally licked and sucked it. I really liked her, and was enjoying when my cock head popping up from her boobs line.
-There go, He is ready now- She said like she was playing with the toy, and straddled me. She grabbed my dick and moved it at open lips of her pussy. She wasn’t so wet this time so I felt slight pain when she could sit on it.
-I` ll ride you like hell now cowboy, fuck me, fuck my cunt- She started move her hips and shake real fast. I could feel her tight muscles on my dick and it was very nice. She was riding me while not allowing me to touch her boobs. Instead of that I grabbed her ass and slapped her time to time. Every time I slapped her she moaned. After a while she stopped and asked me to lay down. I took her legs on my shoulders and insert my cock deep in her wet pussy. She was very soft and tight at same time. I got slower, and she crossed her legs with mine as I was all the way leaned over her body. We have look eye in eye so close, and we understood each other perfectly without word. I felt nails on my ass and my back time to time and that was keeping sober, where I was. I was glad she scratching my ass because that was a sign that woman really enjoys in fucking at the moment with partner (Sigmund Freud). What Ever. I didn’t care. I felt free, happy, and wished that last as much as it is possible. I guessed she thought the same, when I caught her eyes; she grabbed me tighter with her legs, and whispered:
-Don’t stop, fuck me babe,… fuck me harder…..Yeahh babe, -
Well she didn’t have to say twice, we were really doing our best. After a while her moves became slower, and I saw she was satisfied, with brightness in her eyes.
-You are an a****l- She giggled and slapped me with hand-You made me …….
Then we heard the door openings. We stopped moving, that was from Melisa’s room. The trouble was that we didn’t hear Steve’s snoring any more. Mike was going to urinate I guess, and he was coming back with heavy steps and loudly closing the door. Damn!
Kate stood up from the bed, taking her panties on.
-I m sorry honey, I have to go to my room. - She said not looking at me.
-This was nice but foolish somehow.-she added
I was sad speechless. She noticed that.
-Can you promise me something- She asked me.
-Anything Kate- I took another glass of whiskey.
- Promise me that you will always remember this, as lucky day as you opened lucky box on the fairs, you got a prize last that moment and gone.-
- I will remember as Pandora’s Box. And I got lucky to get something I want but couldn’t have it.
-She came near and kissed me softly, and left my room.
I heard she entered into guest room. It was 4 Am in the morning; fantastic 3 hours in my life. I took another glass of whiskey.
Next thing I remembered was Joann and Melisa who were waking me up. Joan was giggling.
-God, we thought you were slaughtered. Its 3 PM, wake up, we are having lunch. Kate, Steve and k**s were gone this morning, grrrr that man woke up everyone except you. They acted like they slept 2 days. Life on ranch, baaah, not for me, thanks. Kate looked great this morning, She had very nice time at our party, I m so happy for her. And… how about you? You too hmm. Melisa continued asking, and answering questions by herself alone. I saw she stared at whisky and 2 glasses on small table next to my bed.
- Yeah, I had great time too. Lot of cheers, I brought more glasses don’t needed me.
-Silly b*o, At least you didn’t start to drink from the barrel yet like others here, like me , hihihi.- Melisa finished at last.
Joann told me, aunt Kate told her to say me that she was in hurry so they didn’t say goodbye to me, and she hoped I m not angry she used my bathroom and towels, and not to forget to tell that to me.
I kissed her little nose, and dressed up quickly. There were no clean towels last night, I used the last one that night. I went to bathroom, and open my small chest in the corner, there was only big laundry basket where I put dirty clothes. Blue towel was at the top but folded as it was clean. There were Kate’s black cotton panties she wore last night and small note with bad handwriting I guess she wrote in a big hurry.

“I m cool as Ice now, but soon I will need fire extinguisher, I will find the
way to open your box again, and come again to Melisa and Betty. Maybe I will arrange you to come to us. Panties are for you, to remember me, I found myself free to take your white t shirt with me. Sorry again you didn’t finished what you started last night, I wanted to see end so bad. Now I owe you.”

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