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Sometimes Dreams Come True.

Joanne and I had been married for alittle over four years, when one morning she told me about a dream...a dream that changed our sex lives.

We'd always had a great sex life, but also always interested in taking it to the next level. This was definitely the next level!

She wanted to tell me about her dream, but was worried I'd be jealous. That just made me more intriqued. I told her not to worry. She told how in her dream, we were having sex....(I'm thinking cool)...then she says....with another guy. After a split second of jeaslousy, I thought...COOL!

After a few days of hinting and dancing around the issue, I decided to put Joanne on the spot. "If I can find the right guy will you do it?" "Do what?", she said sarcasticly. "Have a threesome?" "Really?", she said. "Really!", I said. Well, what do you mean by the right guy, she asked. I told her, the one she picks. She liked that idea.

After work one day, I brought Joey home with me. I was pretending to show him something in the garage when Joanne came out to say Hi. She had a pair of jeans on, a t-shirt(and bra) nothing special. She said Hi, winked at me and went back in the house. I went in after her thinking this was gonna be it. She said, "He's cute, maybe next time."

A week later I brought Joey home again. This time Joanne dressed alittle different. She had a tight pair of jean shorts and a white tank-top(NO BRA) on. I guessed she had lossened up a bit. I asked her to get us some drinks. Joey and I sat dowm. I couldn't help but notice Joanne giving Joey a wicked tit shot when she set his drink down, all the time smiling at me. Thinking this was the time....I waved three fingers in the air, looking for her approval. She shruged me off.

Frustrated, I told her the next time was gonna be it. She just smiled and said,"I was hoping you wouldn't make me wait much longer."

A week was SHOWTIME!!!!! I brought Joey home with me. We all had a few drinks and smoked some weed. We decided to play poker. Not big money, just some pocket change. The later the night progressed, I starting making jokes about playing strip poker. Joey would just look away and blush. Joanne on the other hand, I could see was letting her gaurd down. A few more tit shots. Finally, Joanne said,"I will if Joey will". I have a threesome dancing in my head until Joey says,"Um, I don't know". Relax Joey we'll just start with some strip poker. Finally Joey was cool.

Joey and I had T-shirts, shorts and sandles on. Joanne had jean shorts, white tank top(NO BRA) and sandles. The sandles went quick. Joanne won a hand, so Joey and I were down to our shorts. Either Joey and I would be naked or Joanne would be topless. Joey won the hand, so Joanne took her top off. Now I had seen Joanne topless so many times it doesn't matter, but to see her topless infront of Joey? What a turn on! I'm so proud of Joanne's body, so excited to share her with someone else. I couldn't resist, so I grabbed Joey's hand and put it on Joanne's tit. Again, what a turn on!!!

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