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Erotic Fiction

Andy drove Susan home in his car then returned to his apartment took another shower and went to bed. He did not have to work the following day so his friends had to wait another day to find out what happened on his date with Susan Gander. Crystal knew before the others when Susan called her on the phone. She explained that Andy was more than up to satisfying all of her sexual needs and desires particularly noting that he performs cunnilingus better than most men.

She also pointed out to her that he is a sensitive man still carrying scars from years ago when he was rejected by a woman who worked with him at this very marina. I’m not sure he will ever heal from the damage caused by that event she tells Crystal so be kind and don’t expect to win his heart because there is only one woman he will ever give his heart to and she doesn’t want it. Personally I think he should stop pining for her and look for love from another but this won’t happen. She also asked Crystal not to be cruel by backing out of being with him.

It was just past three in the afternoon when Andy arrived for work two days after his night of carnality with the call girl. Crystal met him before he entered the back door to punch his time card. They sat in patio chairs behind the building talking. How did you enjoy being with Susan the lovely woman asked the ugly little man? She was nice for a hooker! She is not a hooker she is a call girl and before you say what’s the difference there’s a big difference! I assume since you are here with me now it was your idea to pay her to be with me.
I ‘m worried about you all you do when you’re not working is sit alone in your apartment doing your school work and writing your short stories. I ‘m working to earn my associates degree in business administration he barks. I know and I’m very proud of you so are all of the people you work with but you need to do other things like be with women and have sex once in awhile. I don’t know how you can go without being with a woman unless you don’t like women?

How can I be with a woman if she does not want to be with me? I’ve wanted to be with a woman for the past fifteen years and she doesn’t even want to interact with me through email so how can I be with a woman who doesn’t want to be with me? Forget about that stupid bitch she made her bed now let her sl**p in it without you! She doesn’t deserve to have as good a man as you so let her play doctor with her husband and other playmates you seek out someone who will fall in love with you and love her as much as you loved that bitch in New Hampshire or wherever she lives. It’s New York but you were close he said going for levity it’s not as easy as that and you know it I’m a very homely man!

You are not homely and even if you were what does that have to do with finding someone to love? Exactly what I’ve been asking myself since 1996 he said getting out of his chair. Now if you excuse me I need to get to work but I do still want to go on that date dear! If you promise me you will not mention that woman when we’re on it. I promise

I will not cry out her name while we are having sex dear before and after the sex I make no such promise! That will have to do I guess she says kissing him on the cheek then strolls towards the parking lot. Andy watched her as she departed thinking damn I’m going enjoy eating out that luscious pussy.

Andy enters the kitchen assuming his duties eying all the waitresses and female members with new eyes wondering how many know about his date with the call girl and how many of these cunts he can get in bed. Oh dear has Crystal created a monster? What happened to shy little Andy who wants only to sit alone writing stories? He has gotten a taste of the female nectar and he wants to eat more hot juicy pussy! Suddenly his cell phone rings it is the lovely Crystal inviting him to spend the night with her tonight on her boat he agrees to be there after work.

She wants to get this date with the dishwasher over with as soon as possible but little does she know that once he is with her something is going to happen that has never happened to her in the past. It is also going to surprise Andy because he isn’t expecting anything more than a night eating out some hot cunt and getting laid. So what could it possibly be that is going to be so earth shattering? We will see soon enough but right now Andy needs to wash a ton of dishes so he better get to it. He wants to be caught up when it’s time to close the kitchen and depart.

How was your date last night he hears a woman ask turning to see the manager Carol Singer a cute fourty year old married woman who appears to be the only woman around here in a functional marriage. It was good but it was not with Crystal. I know that date is tonight I hope everything turns out well but you didn’t really answer my question about last night the curious woman persists? How do you know I have a date with Crystal tonight and why are you so curious about last night. I contributed money towards hiring Susan to be with you last night I know all about the game. Andy stands with a sad look on his face and an equally sad feeling in his heart. I am surprised you would be a party to such a thing dear!

I know it was not a nice thing to do hire a woman like that and pass her off as just a lonely divorced woman seeking companionship but I hear it went very well but I wanted to hear from you if you enjoyed it. I was with one of the most attractive women on the planet and got to have sex with her so what do you think Carol? Do you think I enjoyed myself he said wearing a beaming smile! I’m glad you had a good time but I’m surprised Crystal is going through with her part because she doesn’t seem like the generous type! Not generous she got me a hooker didn’t she! Yes she did I stand corrected Carol says spinning to depart the kitchen.

Now a few hours pass since Carol and Andy’s brief chat and Andy has got all of his work caught up so he slows down his pace a bit. He doesn’t want to be too tired when he gets to Crystal’s so he is pacing himself. Now while Andy is slowly doing his chores back at the yacht Crystal has got everything ready for a light late night dinner. She is going to prepare herself so it’s not going to be a great meal because she isn’t a very good cook. However she wants to make sure she keeps her promise because she knows he has few nights out like this with a woman.

She sets several unlit scented candles all around her bedroom and two long candles in candlestick holders on the dining room table (Readers now yawn and stretch) it’s cliché I know but she thinks it’s romantic. She has something different planned for tonight than what he had here with the Call girl something less raw and crude more warm and loving. It’s fine as long as he goes for it but what if he just wants to fuck me she thinks, she decides if that’s what he wants she’ll do it.

Now things as slowing down at the resteraunt so Andy gathers up all the garbage cans dragging them out to the dumpster out behind the building next to the laundry room which should not be occupied this late but is he hears the sounds of sex! Actually he heard Will Weststove moaning as young Jennifer Bliss is on her knees sucking his dick! Oh that feels good lick it baby lick it the tall man wails seemingly enjoying this 23 year girl sucking the dick of a man 12 years senior to her, another old pervert that got a nice girl to suck his cock and swallow his cum.

Hold on there the readers are yelling didn’t Andy Savage have sex two nights ago with a woman 20 years his junior and will be doing so again in 90 minutes? This is a double standard! You are correct but Andy likes young Jenny and he doesn’t want to see her turn into another Susan Gander or let men use her just for sex. He has put her on that same pedestal he put that woman he fell in love with now back in another century the same woman asked other men to pull her down from it and drag her through the dirt. It appears young Jenny is doing the same thing.

After he returns the cans to the kitchen he runs the last of the dishes through the machine then proceeds to wash the floors. He is very excited yet also nervous knowing soon another of his dreams is going to come true. Still he can’t help but wonder even after how well he performed with Susan if he is man enough for this woman. It’s another residual effect from being rejected all those years ago every time he meets a woman that shows any interest in him he’s going to fear being rejected and in Andy this fear is terminal it is a serious disability as dangerous to both his physical and mental health as a heart attack! It’s not just a mild case of the jitters! Perhaps things won’t be too bad he tells himself while washing floors.

He quickly completes his work showers in the men’s locker room then puts back on his Armani suit heads off the supermarket to buy some flowers the florists here are not open at one in the morning then sets off to Crystal’s yacht where he soon arrives. This is it he says standing at the foot of the brow then slowly walks up it and stops. After a brief pause to collect himself he says I request permission to come aboard a female voice from the cabin yells permission granted. He then boards the vessel going down into the cabin but stops before entering the dining area. He can’t believe what he is seeing it has to be a dream it can’t be real!

Standing before him is the lovely Crystal Ball a stunning blond in her mid thirties wearing the most beautiful lace teddy he has ever seen even in a magazine. She smells of lilac and mint her eyes are deep blue with a smile that’s cutting through his heart like a knife cutting through butter. Andy stands still and silent nearly hyperventilating he is just a hair away from fleeing into the night in terror! Are those for me? What? The flowers are they for me? What flowers? These flowers silly she says taking them from him. Yes they are for you he says as she kisses him on the cheek spins around to put her flowers in a crystal vase.

She returns walking past him closing the doors then locks them with a paddle lock making any escape now impossible. This is to keep us both safe dear she says to alleviate any concern he may have about the lock. Keeping us safe from what dear? Creeps there are lots of creeps roaming around the marina at night. How do you know you haven’t just locked yourself in this cabin with one he asks? I have not I am certain of it! You look very lovely tonight Crystal not to say that you don’t always look lovely but exceptionally so tonight. Thank you Andy you’re sweet.

I smell something cooking, are we going to have something to eat realizing immediately it was a stupid question? I hope so she says but I’m not a good cook so please bear with me while I try to get everything right. Perhaps I can help? Do you know how to cook Andy? I was a cook for twenty years in the navy! That’s wonderful come see what I’m doing wrong! Nothing dear you are doing nothing wrong he says taking her into his arms not even looking at the stove. I have an idea why don’t we go to Timmy’s all night diner then return after we eat.

I need a few seconds to throw something on give me a few minutes the lovely woman says going into her bedroom to get dressed. No peeking she yells out from her room! I wouldn’t think of peeking I’m still trying to recover from what I’ve already seen he says as she reappears fluffing her hair. You aint seen nothing yet honey she says unlocking the lock dragging him by the hand up the ladder to the deck down the brow to the dock! Hold on what’s your hurry he asks the swiftly moving blond? I’m starving and not just for food so the faster we eat the faster we get to eat dessert baby she exclaims rubbing the front of his pants!

This is what you want for dessert what’s in my pants? Not just that but it’s something to start off with don’t you think? No I want to start he says rubbing the front of her jeans. You’ll get no argument from me she says as they enter her silver Cadillac heading off to Timmy’s. This is a nice car dear it’s a classic 1969 Coup De Ville! Yes it was my dad’s car I lost my virginity in the backseat when I was 16 she said without taken a single breath the whole time she was speaking. That was in 1992 the year I first started working here at the marina. Yes it happened in the back parking lot of the marina the night of my prom. So you enjoyed your prom?

I enjoyed getting laid that boy was sweet captain of the football team and yes before you ask I was the head cheerleader. This is all very interesting news dear but what does that have to do with our date the ugly little man asks? Nothing I’m just making small talk. How about you Andy when did you lose your virginity? Two nights ago on your boat with that call girl. Crystal slams on the brakes stopping the car instantly just at the entrance to the parking area at Timmy’s! She told me you were one of the best lovers she ever had nobody is that good their first time!

It appears that is not entirely a true statement since it was my first time and I did everything fairly well. I am certain I was not one of the best lovers she has ever had I was very nervous even more nervous tonight. How about kissing? It was my first night kissing also the ugly man replies. That’s not possible you’re fifty years old you must have at least kissed a woman before the other night! Nope! You are a very odd man Andy Savage. I can explain why I never kissed a woman or had sex before but it would mean breaking a promise I made earlier in the day to you.

Tell me what promise is that the blond woman asks now slowly driving again to park in one of the spaces? You asked me not to mention Susan Gravelson on our date. The woman in New York she barks! I’m not buying it based upon what you told me and if my math is correct you met her when you were 40 years old so what about all the years before you met her. I was 38 when Sue and I met and I was waiting until I met the most wonderful woman in the world and fell in love with her. Now aside from the fact now I’m not sure she really was the most wonderful woman in the world I thought so at the time.

As I already said I spent the past 15 years hoping she would stop being a whore and choose to be with me. So you waited to be with her knowing it would not happen because you wanted her to be the first woman to make love with you? Yes! That’s crazy Andy! That’s just crazy! It’s called loyalty I promised her way back when she was still here in letters that if she and I were together I would never be with another woman. As long as there was even a slim chance we would meet again and get together I had to remain celibate or I would have broke my promise. So she forgets you even exist sl**ps with God knows how many men during the past 15 years and you saved yourself for her. You think I’m a freak don’t you? I think you spent the past 15 years living is a fantasy world dear.

As for being a freak, I don’t think you are a freak but you should have moved on the first time she rejected you and found other women to be with instead of waiting for something that was never going to happen. OK but that’s what I did and I can’t change it so let’s eat so we can return to the boat and I can be with another woman. Crystal smiles saying I have a wonderful night planned for us tonight causing Andy to reply it’s already a wonderful night and getting more wonderful every second as they enter Timmy’s all night diner.

Now while Crystal and Andy enjoy their late night snack Will Weststove is in his apartment and he is not alone. He has managed to charm the manager Carol Singer to spend the night with him since her husband is away for a few days on a business trip. It seems the lovely Mrs. Singer is not as faithful and loyal to her husband as we thought. They are sitting together on the sofa talking about Andy Savage. I’m sure glad you gals created that game and got that guy laid. I was beginning to think he was going to have a nervous breakdown soon.
I know he was pretty tense she replied laying her head on his shoulder. He’ll be OK now he is with Crystal Ball on her boat something even you haven’t done yet she says sarcastically. I am not Andy Savage I don’t need charity to get laid. Charity or not he’s still with her tonight and you have to settle for me. I don’t have any less of a woman with me than he has tonight the tall bartender replies. That was a very good answer she says getting onto her knees between his legs!

We shall let Mrs. Singer take over what young Jenny began earlier in the evening and take this time to move back to the marina where we rejoin Crystal and Andy back on her boat both locked snugly together in the cabin. Sitting on her loveseat making out she’s again in her teddy and he in pajamas she bought special just for him though he’s not buying that line he’s playing along. I’m glad you bought me these jammies for our special night together they are very comfortable. Susan bought them but you never wore them you all just ripped off your clothes and went at each other like wild a****ls she said with a beaming smile. She told you about it? Of course she did you paid her to be with me answering his own question.

She told me that you are still feeling hurt about never being with that woman you’ve been waiting on for the past 15 years. She told me not being with her was devastating to you and that you shed enough tears over these years to fill an ocean. I didn’t cry that many tears but I cried a lot. Now do you still think she was worth waiting for all these years knowing she could give a horse’s ass about you or your feelings? She is just like you except you are here with me and she will not ever be here with me like this or in any other way. I will never see or hear from her again.

What do you mean she is just like me? She is a doctor and you are an attorney both professional women who were married got divorced in their thirties and then decided to date lots of men rather than be with one man who loves and adores her and skip the entire being a whore thing all together. She dates marines, navy fighter pilots and athletes and after 15 years of being a whore married a guy who was in special f***es. I think she should have married me 15 years ago at the very least given me a one night stand after all I was in love with her for Christ’s sake!

Do you really think she would have been happier with you than with those other men Crystal asks looking straight into his eyes with the come on are you really serious look! I am just as much of a man as every man she’s ever been with including all of those she knew before she met me and nobody will ever convince me I’m not! I know you’re not dear you’re a very nice man I love being with you.

It’s a joy compared to being with that monster I was married to the past 12 years Crystal exclaims with tears in her eyes. Did he mistreat you dear? Yes he f***ed me to have sex with him and other men he knew sometimes as many as a dozen at a time I was nothing more than a sex slave for him and his friends until 4 years ago when I finally managed to escape for him and his scumbag friends. I don’t even know how to respond to that except to say I’m sorry that you were treated so cruelly. I have heard about evil people like that but I can’t relate to anything like that, I guess I’m just too naive or simple. You are neither of those things Andy.

It was about this time they got quiet and tenderly kissed each other on the loveseat occasionally probing each other with their tongues. It was romantic with the lit candles and the scent of lavender in the air. He gently caressed her breasts as Crystal rubbed his tool on the outside of his pajamas with old blues eyes singing softly in the background the music courtesy of Susan Gander. You are not anything like that monster you are kind and gentle a wonderful man Andy the lovely woman sighs between kisses. You are wonderful and beautiful also the little man sighs more beautiful than any woman warm and loving and never cruel.

I can be cruel Andy but never to you there is no reason to be nor do I think there ever will be. Oh God you’re wonderful the beautiful lawyer screams now getting very excited as the little man kisses her neck and mouth. His hand moves down to her inner thigh which he gently caresses gliding swiftly across her thin pubic hair but then returning back to her breasts just teasing her not wanting to go there just yet. He is enjoying the make out session as is lovely Crystal Ball begins pleading Eat me baby she whispers in his ear as they continue kissing and necking. It’s not time yet. Eat me! Eat me the lovely blond repeats a little louder this time.Andy realizes she is ready for him to begin working on her hot pussy with his tongue and fingers so he drops to his knees between her legs pulling her towards the edge of the bed. He begins kissing and licking her inner thigh and lightly runs his tongue across her short brown pubic hair. Licking everywhere near her rose and clit be still avoiding them directly he is going slow like the men in the porn movies not wanting to get there too fast yet Crystal is still begging him to begin eating her out! He still ignores her pleas but not can’t for much longer.

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