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B*****rly Love Pt2

The next morning i woke up before him and he was still on his back naked. My mum had left for work already so i went and had a shower. When i came back into our room he was awake and rubbing his cock with a smile on his face. I felt my cock twitch.

Being young and stupid i said "sorry" and went to leave. just as i got to the door he told me to "stop". With a smile on his faace he said "i know what you did last night."
Once again i said "sorry" and felt my face gettin red.
"don't be" he said "have you ever sucked cock before?"
"no, that was my first time"
"well your good at it."
He got up from his bed and walked over to me. "I can tell you like watching me." He said as he rubbed my hard cock through my towel. "now let my return the favour."
He got down on his knee's and took my cock into his mouth. I'm not as big as him at that point i was 6 inches but still had some growin to do, so he as able to take my whole cock into his mouth. I was in total shock, I never in my wildest dreams thought my so straight b*****r would be suckin on my cock. After a few minutes he stopped and asked me if i wanted to try something, being horny as hell and wanting to please my b*****r and not have thia experience to end i said "sure"
He took me over to my bed and told me to bend over. I did as he ask, he parted my cheeks and started lickin my ass. It felt unbelievable, after a while he stopped, i looked behind me to see him pullin a tube of ky from a box under his bed. i started o get abit nervous. I had watch gay porn online so i knew what would be coming. HE must have seen to fear in my face because he told me "not to worry, I'll take it slow and loosen you up first."
He knelt behind my and started to rub the ky onto my hole, then i flet the first finger go in and it felt good. He moved it in and out slowly then slid another in. I felt my ass start to stretch. And then aded another then another, he had four fingers in me and was slowly fucking me with them. It was a bit sore to begin with but that soon gav way to pleasure, and he started to play with my cock aswell this just sent me over the edge. He must have felt the i was soon to climax because he pulled his hand out of my ass and cupped it under the head of my cock to catch the cum as i blow the largest load ever into his hand. As i fell on to the bed in a heap he rolled me over onto my my back and was rubbid my cum onto his cock. HE look my in my eyes and saib "relax and take deep breaths because this will hurt at first but it willl become enjoyable." And he place the head of his cock against my hole and started to push in. He was right it did hurt, my cock had gone soft and i tried to move away but he held my hips in place. As he inched his way in his cock felt thicker than it did in my mouth. In what seemed to be hour he was finally all the way in me i felt like cryin but he had been right. The pain was dtartin to be over taken by pleasure as in moved in and out slowly. He no longer had to hlod me in place. My cock stared to harden once again as he started to move faster. Although his strokes had sped up he was still being gentle with me. He fucked me like this for what seem like hours.I was wwankin my cock hard and fast and i shot my load hard over my chest, a seein this he pulled out and pumped his cock till he shot his load over my chest and even hit my face. He fell on the bed beside me and rub his and my cum into my chest. He looked at me and smiled and said "We are goin to have fun."

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