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SummeR DAY

it was a hot summer day. and I sat one sam on a beach.
the beach as I sat on was not an ordinary beach.
no to this beach went all around naked.
all men have a naked boyfriend or a girlfriend
I have no girl. I am alone. on the beach where all
naked people were happy.
I wanted to do something fun this last week
is left on my summer holidays.
ten minutes is good. and then there came a nice, hot chick.
bride began to talk to me. she was as old as me.
I had clothes on me because I was not in the hope of one.
I was so horny. I thought that would crack bral.
bride named john. She told me I was handsome.
She said she gotta go.
but before she left. so she said SMSA me tonight when the
you get a surprise. she gave me her number.

I and a couple of guys rented an RV. and where in we had our first play.

evening came and I smsade john. and she rang me and asked
if I want to be together? and I replied yes hell! she said we should meet on the beach in the bush
where no manic look. I ran there. and when I went into the bushes.
low john full nude on a blanket by candlelight.

She walked up to me and said do you want to see something hot and sexy? I answered yes.
she crawled to her knees. and pulled off my pants and my underwear and did
a real beauty of suction.
She also said take me back in from. so I did.
we fucked all night and it was wonderful.

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