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My f****y

She had lived with her parents all her life in their very small apartment. They had only one bedroom so they all slept in the same bed. Every night since she was a baby, she had sucked her moms tits. Some nights she would suck one while her dad sucked the other. She had always watched her mom and dad fuck each other even tho at the young age she did not understand what they were doing. She loved watching her dad put his cock in her moms mouth and the mom suck on it till the dad screamed and squirted in her moms mouth. Dad would then go down and lick the moms pussy till she in turn screamed. Mom and dad fucking was a normal part of her life.

Her parents slept naked so seeing their nude bodies was very natural to her. She loved to see her dads big cock. Some nights it would just hang between his legs and other nights it would stick straight into the air. She would imagine that she could suck it like her mom did and get the juice in her mouth. She watched her dad put his cock in her moms pussy and how much her mom loved that. Some day she wanted that cock in her pussy so she could love it.

When she began to develop, things started to change in the bed. Her parents now had her sl**p naked between them. At night dad would now kiss and suck her titties that had developed to a nice big size. When he sucked the nipples it made her pussy feel tingly and she loved that feeling. Some nights she would lay between mom and dad and both would suck her now large tits. It started slow with mom and dad sucking the tits and then they would start to rub her pussy as they sucked her. First her mom spread her legs and watched the dad play with her pussy. She loved it when dad sucked her nipple and rubbed his hand over her young pussy.

As she got older, her mom told her she now would join them and learn how to please a man. Her body would be taught to accept anything he wanted to do to it. That night in bed as they sucked her tits and played with her pussy, her mom then spread her legs very wide and began to finger her clit which felt so good. Next the dad slid down to her spread legs and found her fuck hole. He ran his tongue around the hole as the mom pinched the clit between two fingers. Dad then started to put his tongue into the fuck hole and ran it in and out. The daughter climaxed fast and loved how she felt and wanted more and more. Next he pushed his finger into the fuck hole and this hurt her as he came to the protective barrier. He told her, this only hurts your little cunt once, then you can enjoy my fingers and cock after that. He was right.

The next night in bed she slept next to the dad and she saw his cock was huge and hard as he got into bed beside her. Mom and dad both sucked her nipples as mom rubbed her pussy for several minutes. The daughter loved it when mom rubbed the pussy for her. But then the dad put his cock between her legs and started to push into her wet hole. The daughter knew the dad had a big cock when it got hard as she had seen it for years. As dad pushed into her tight hole, mom sucked her tits very hard. Her tiny hole was so small for the big cock, but he pushed in inch by inch and the daughter felt the unpleasant stretching of her cunt. When the pain got worse the mom then bit a nipple to draw attention from her cunt. The dad did get his complete cock into the hole and then began the fucking motion. He pushed the big shaft in and out till the till it stretched and let the daughter enjoy being fucked. Her pussy now started to pulse and as dad fucked her hard they both came at the same time. She felt his warm juice in her tight cunt. She loved the feel of the cum deep inside her.

Dad then rolled off the daughter and laid on his back and his cock still was hard and standing straight up. He would rest then fuck the moms ass so the daughter would know she too would get her ass fucked by his big cock. Dad loved lots of sex and it would be good to have two women to fuck when ever his cock needed a pussy. He would fuck the daughters tight cunt and then fuck the moms tight ass. He would have the best of both holes. He then watched as the mom then pulled the daughters head to her tits to get them sucked. He watched as the daughter sucked the full tits, remembering how he loved a tit full of milk and some day when the daughters was filled with milk he would nurse her and get the sweet juice. The mom moved her hand to her pussy and told her to play with the throbbing cunt. The daughter started to stroke every fold in the cunt of her mom. When she found the hole she put a finger inside and the mom grabbed her hand and started a stroking motion with the girls fingers. She instructed the girl to use more fingers and fuck faster. Soon the mom was moaning and cumming on the daughters fingers. The mom took the daughters fingers and shoved them in the girls mouth. She had her taste the flavor of the mom as she would be getting more of this as she soon would suck the moms cunt as the dad fucked her hole at the same time. They had so much to teach her and she would be an active fuck toy in the parents sex life. She had developed a nice sexy body with large full tits and a sweet round ass. Just right to fuck hard and often.

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