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In public

He loved sex and a sexy body. His girl came over daily and they had great sex. She had a sexy body and she let him fuck her as much as he wanted. He loved kinky and they had done many different kinky things. they even used toys and romote vibrators that he pushed in her pussy.
When she got there today, he was going to take her for public sex. He wanted to push it as far as he dared. when they got in the car and started driving he told her to remove her shirt and bra and ride topless. She did this and showed her huge tits to him. He reached over and pinched and twisted her nipples. A car went by with teens in it and honked as they could see her tits. He told her to turn so they could see both her tits and give them a show. She turned to the window and the boys stayed by the car staring at her tits. He then told her to play with her nipples as they watched. She then rubbed and pulled her nipples putting on a show for the boys. As she played with her tits for the boys, he reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down and found her pussy. As he watched her entertain the boys with her tits, he felt her pussy till he found her hole and began to finger fuck her. It did not take long for her to cum. the boys got quite a show till they turned off the freeway.

Next they went into a restaurant and sat in a booth in the back. They sat side by side so he could again play with her tits and pussy. He slipped his hand under her and found her ass. He squeezed her cheeks and pinched it hard. She was not to draw attention to them in any way. He then inserted his finger into her ass hole and started to finger fuck her ass. Soon he added another finger. He added fingers till he had all four into her ass. His cock was so hard with the excitement fof fucking her ass in the public booth.

He needed more so he moved his fingers to her pussy. She had a wet pussy from the fucking of her ass. He pulled her closer to him so he could push his finger deep into her cunt. With three fingers in her hole, he fucked her as hard as he could get away with. soon she was wiggling on his fingers trying to hide the fact she was ready to cum. He felt his fingers get very wet. he then moved his fingers back to her ass and inserted them where he would leave them while they ate their lunch.

Next he told her to reach over and rub his cock but be careful so no one could see. She rubbed his cock on the outside of his pants and felt how hard it was. She decided to make him cum and knew just how to jack him to do that. As she jacked his hard cock it was not long before he too was able to cum. he soaked the inside of his pants. He decided when he got her home he would fuck every one of her holes again and again.

They left the restaurant and went to the car. He then told her to get naked for the ride home. She stripped off her clothes as he drove to their house. He played with her tits then switched to her pussy. He had her spread her legs wide so he could push his fingers in her. He pushed all four fingers in her pussy and soon had his complete hand up her cunt. With his hand in her cunt he fucked her hard ramming his hand in and out making her scream as she came many times.

When he got home he parked in the drive way and told her, you will walk naked to the house while I have a finger on your clit. On the porch I will fuck you till you cum. At the door he pulled his cock from his pants and rammed it into her cunt fucking her as she bent over and bared her ass to him. He fucked her in and out as he spanked her ass. The harder he fucked her the harder he spanked her ass. Soon he felt her cum and he also was ready to fill her cunt with his hot cum. As he shot his cum into her he reached and grabbed a tit in each hand.

Next they got into the house and he told her he had the best sex and loved it in public. he pulled her to the bedroom and tied her to the bed. He needed to fuck her again and he would fuck her many times in every hole she had. He never got enough of her hot body and that sweet round ass.

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