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Exposing and enjoying-- lady- boy ....

" Welcome Vanita and Rahul" Aunty said- kissing me and hugging me in her arms.
We had gone to her Mansion, on the isolated island, she was living. She had become widow at a very young age. Her husband had left lot of fortune for her, to live in all sort of luxury. She was staying with Bobby. Bobby was almost our age and had just finished school.
Aunty was very beautiful with full bosom and her body was in great shape. My boy friend Rahul, was also related to her and we loved and liked this Aunty because of her charm, her openness and living style.
Our days were passing in enjoying her hospitality. She had a big swimming pool, with facility for heating water. Me, Rahul and Bobby, loved to spend time in the pool. Aunty sometimes used to join us. Me and Rahul used to keep looking at her as she looked all stunning in her two piece swimming suit. I could many times clearly see a big tent in Rahul's swimming trunks. Bobby also looked beautiful as her boobs looked lovely and Bobby used to wear nice skirts with attractive colours.
Aunty was very free with us and used to discuss with us openly on all topics including sex. We used to love this topic as it happens with all teens of our age.She had a nice audio visual theater where she could put DVDs of films and we could sit on coach and enjoy the hot films. Aunty also used to join us in enjoying the films.I could easily see Rahul getting all excited and a big tent in his shorts. I too used to get wet. Most of the times, Rahul and me used to sit near each other and fondle each other. Sometimes the fondling used to grow intimate and we used to kiss each other too. Sometimes Rahul's hands used to roam on my boobs and my hands go to his stiff cock. Aunty never objected but encouraged us in our petting. Bobby and Aunty used to sit close to each other and enjoy the film. Aunty used to caress Bobby and sometimes she used to look at us and give her charming smile.
" Aunty, what is a lady boy" I asked her while we were relaxing one day, after our lunch and enjoying an adult film.
" Vanita, have you not seen a Lady boy? What about you Rahul? Have you seen a Lady boy?...Aunty asked.
Me and Rahul, nodded our head as we had just finished our school and never seen any 'Lady boy', though we had heard about it.
" Ok, you want to see one closely?" Aunty asked.
Watching the hot adult film, had it's own effect on all of us. We were feeling excited and lost our inhibitions.
" Yes we would love to see one". We said.
" Bobby , can you come here and join us?" asked Aunty.
Bobby entered the theater and sat on the coach next to Aunty.
Aunty, pulled Bobby to her and embraced Bobby in her arms. She lovingly planted a deep kiss on Bobby's lips and was holding Bobby in her tight embrace. Me and Rahul were also feeling the heat and I could see the growing tent in Rahul's shorts. I was sure, Rahul's cock was throbbing hard in his briefs. I was also getting wet in my panties.
We could see Aunty holding Bobby in her arms and pushing her tongue in Bobby's mouth. We could see her hands slowly roaming all over Booby's tits. We could soon see Aunty's hands reaching, Bobby's legs and slowly crawling up on Bobby's thighs. Bobby had nice plump thighs. They always looked so charming in her mini skirt.We could see Aunty now caressing Bobby's thighs.
Rahul winked at me and pulled me closer to him. I was also feeling hot and entered willingly into Rahul's arms. Rahul kissed me deep on my mouth. His hands were also slowly roaming on my boobs and pinching my nipples.
Aunty had now opened the buttons of Bobby's blouse. Bobby's tits looked so big and lovely. Bobby was lying in Aunty's lap with her eyes closed.
" Vanita, why dont you help me? Can you please open the hooks of Bobby's bra?" she asked.
I moved close to Bobby and opened the hooks of Bobby's bra. Aunty pulled out Bobby's both boobs. Bobby had real beautiful boobs.
Rahul again pulled me to him. We could both see Bobby's beautiful boobs. Aunty was fondling her boobs nicely. It looked so hot.Again Aunty held Bobby, tight in her arms and kissed her deep on mouth.We could clearly see their tongues entering each other's mouths.
Now Aunty was moving her hands on Bobby's panties. Sometimes she was caressing her legs intimately. Her hands were slowly entering Bobby's panties.
" Vanita, can you please remove Bobby's skirt?" she was asking.
I again moved near them and slowly pulled down Bobby's skirt. I was feeling totally excited and hot. It was a nice feeling to expose young hot Bobby.
Again Rahul pulled me towards him and held me in his embrace. I could feel his cock all stiff and hard in his shorts. I could feel it bouncing in his shorts and trying to come out. I could not resist holding it in my hands. Oh, it had grown very hard and pulsating hard and throbbing in his briefs.
Aunty had now held Bobby in her embrace and her hand was playing actively in Bobby's panties. We could see Bobby breathing hard and her whole body trembling in excitement.
" Can you please come here and help me to pull down her panties?" Aunty was asking.
I once again moved near them and slowly pulled down bobby's panties. The light in the theater was a bit dim. But I got a shock of my life when I saw a big hard cock getting exposed as soon as I had pulled down Bobby's panties. The cock was bouncing up and down.Aunty's hand slowly caught the bouncing cock.
" Come on Rahul and Vanita, Look at Booby's cock. See how nicely it is bouncing. See how stiff and hard it has grown." Aunty said.
I was enjoying looking at Bobby's cock and her boobs for the first time. Rahul also jumped to see the wonder. His eyes were on Bobby's boobs and he was keenly looking at Bobby's bouncing cock.
" Can you both see her boobs and her cock? Come on,-- dont feel shy to touch them. Feel them with your hands. They are real. Booby has lovely boobs and she has a nice stiff cock too and all this fro me to play with..." Aunty was telling.
We pulled a small coach and sat by their side. I could not avoid the temptation of touching Bobby's cock. The cock felt all stiff and hard with lot of precum at it's mouth. It was bouncing up and down. I held it in my hands. I could see Rahul's hand fondling Bobby's boobs. He was fondling them freely.
" The boobs are so soft and nice. They look so lovely. " Rahul said.
Booby was lying with her eyes closed and enjoying the fondling of her whole body by all three of us. She was breathing very hard and her whole body was trembling with all excitement. bobby had left her /his body at our mercy.
" Feel his cock Rahul. Look at the precum at it's mouth. See how it is bouncing" I said.
"Now have do you know what is a Lady boy?" Aunty was asking.
I touched Bobby's boobs and felt them. They were lovely and any girl would feel jealous of her nice boobs. Aunty put her hand on my hand and pressed my palm on her boobs.
" Vanita, caress them properly. Feel them properly. See the nipples how stiff they have any other girl's...." Aunty was telling.
Rahul was also feeling Bobby's cock. The cock was a bit smaller than Rahul's but still it was quite big and pulsating with great enthusiasm.
" Rahul let us see your cock and compare it with Bobby's. Vanita, please open your blouse and bra, and let us see your lovely boobs..too.... " Aunty was heard saying.
Rahul removed his shorts and I pulled down his briefs, and Rahul's cock was totally exposed for everybody to see.. I always loved his cock. It was so strong and stiff and hard and full of energy. Rahul opened my blouse and removed my bra. My both boobs were now exposed too--- for everybody to see and enjoy.
Aunty touched Rahul's cock and held it in her hands and admired it.
"It is magnificent. It is a bit bigger than Bobby's." Come on Rahul, suck Bobby's nipples and Vanita, would you like to suck Bobby's cock?.. Aunty was asking. Aunty lovingly fondled my boobs. My nipples had also grown all stiff.
" Vanita, you have lovely boobs. so soft and full. See how nicely the nipples have become --- all stiff and hard...." Aunty was saying.
I loved to suck cock and immediately I took Bobby's pulsating cock in my mouth and started sucking the lovely lollipop. I found Rahul too sucking Bobby's nipples and at the same time, fondling her boobs. Aunty's hands now were now playing with my boobs and Rahul's cock.
I loved sucking Bobby's cock and at the same time stroking his cock too. I could feel the cock nearing it's climax.
" Aunty, the cock is on the verge of spilling it's milk." I said;
Aunty just smiled. The cock became all stiff ---to go in to a sort of heavy spasms --- and I could fee it giving out it's hot milk in spurt after spurt in my mouth. I sucked it to it's last drop. I loved it. The cock had deposited all it's essence in my mouth.I always loved the cock cream. Bobby was thoroughly enjoying the whole experience with closed eyes.
Now Rahul pulled me to him. I could feel his stiff cock with lot of precum at it's mouth, all eager to spill it's essence.
Aunty slowly asked Bobby to move away and pulled me on her lap. She hinted Rahul, to proceed.
Rahul quickly held my legs and spread them, exposing my wet pussy.
" Oh, Vanita has a lovely pussy" commented Aunty.
"Come on Rahul, let me help you." Aunty said. She held Rahul's cock, admired it for some time and slowly pulled it to the entrance of my pussy and asked him to slowly give a push. Rahul gave a slow push and his stiff cock easily entered my pussy, already dripping wet.
" Let me enjoy your slow steady strokes in her" Aunty said.
Rahul was giving slow steady strokes. Each stroke was taking me higher and higher. Aunty was lovingly caressing my boobs.
" See how stiff her nipples have grown" Aunty said.
But Rahul was not in a position to look at my nipples. He was holding my legs firmly with both hands and giving me hard long strokes. His stiff cock was pounding my depths in and out. It was all churning my pussy.His inward stroke was almost making his pubes pressing against my clit and it was driving me mad.
Aunty while fondling my boobs, took my nipples in her mouth and started nibbling at them. Her mouth was driving me crazy with Rahul's cock churning my inner depths.
I could clearly feel Rahul approaching his orgasm. His strokes had become faster and more f***eful. His grip on my legs was also more and more firm.
I felt his cock going all stiff and shuddering heavily -- deep inside my pussy. The cock was giving out it's hot thick cream in heavy squirt after squirt and depositing deep inside me. My whole body also shuddered in ecstasy. Aunty's mouth and her hands and Rahul's cock had all made me tremble in a towering climax and I had never experienced anything like this in my past......
Rest of our vacation with Aunty and Bobby -- actively participating, was an exquisite experience.....

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