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Wife's First Time Swinging

Ever since I met my wife I had been trying to get her to swing. I always wanted to see another man pouring the meat to her while I laid some pipe with his wife. Then I could jump on my wife and add my nut juice to her mix. She has always resisted.

After five years of marriage we went to the lake to party for the weekend. We met up with some party people that had a party barge and tied up our boat and started drinking. It was getting late and a couple of guys were asking about my wife. I told them I would love to see them fuck the hell out of her, that I had been trying to talk her into that for years. One guy was named Joe and the other was Jim, they said let them have a chance. They started flirting with my wife-her name is Barb. Barb is pretty d***k and we all ended up on the top deck. Joe was in a lounge chair and Barb was on top of him making out with him. Which is as far as anyone gets with her. Jim was standing behind Barb. Joe had his hard dick out and was trying to get Barb to suck it, Jim was playing with Barbs ass and sticking his fingers in her bikini bottoms and into her pussy.

Barb raised her ass up, I think she was looking at Joe's dick, the raised ass was all Jim needed, in one motion he pulled Barbs bottoms down and slid his dick into her, very smooth. Barb had both hands on Joes dick as Jim started to move back and fourth inside Barbs pussy. I could not believe another man was fucking Barb. Joe pulled up and Barb started to suck his dick! I really could not believe what was happening. Jim was picking up the pace, this was great for me. I was getting to watch all this and was only five feet away. Jim was really porking away on her now and Barb was really enjoying it. Joe had removed her top and the sight of her boobs swaying to Jims thrust was making my dick hurt. After what seemed like a long time, Jim went deep and unloaed his balls deep in Barbs pussy. Jim pumped so much cum in her pussy that it squirted out around his dick, WOW! Jim removed his dick and Joe got up so that Barb could lay down on the lounge, then Joe jump right into her and started banging away. I could not believe Barb was taking on two men! Joe was not going to last long in Barbs sloppy pussy. Barb was holding his hips as he thrust into her one last time pumping her cunt full of his seed. Barb orgasimed at the same time. Joe got up and Barbs pussy looked very well used and gooey, my dick hurt so bad I stuck it in Barb. Her slimey pussy did not have feel to it but I just slid my dick in to the hilt and drained my sore balls. I thought about three different mens sperm swiming thru my wifes body as I made one squirt. I stood up and Joe, Jim and I looked down at Barbs gooey pussy, cum was trickling out. Two other couples had watched the whole thing and walked over and commented about how hot that all was. They undressed and we all started fucking some more. Barb was a real champ and kept fucking. One of the other guys dumped his nut sauce in her and I got to drain my balls into one of the other women. We all slept on the top deck and fucked some more in the morning. Ever since then Barb is a real swinger, she fucks guys behind the bar, in clubs, and all over. She has become a real cum slut and she and I both love it!

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