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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 23

So Johnson aimed straight at Angela's puckered hole and gently pressed the tip of his massive man meat against it. But knowing that a woman wants your cock in her ass and being able to get in are two totally different things. Angelas body was not relaxing enough for Johnson to slowly enter her, and as he stood behind her Angela murmured "Oh fuck this shit" and rammed her ass backwards real hard. Johnson's cock head drove forward into her tight ass and so did a couple of inches of his monster sized shaft.
"Oh my fucking asshole! oh mother fucker that damn thing is fucking huge in my ass, holy shit Johnson....what the fuck oh what the fuck....oh damn that's fucking stretching my asshole out oh damn..."
Johnson was smart enough to hold still and wait for Angela to accept what she had done and start to move her hips. He was taking his time trying to fit his 12" long and 8" around cock into her tight little shithole, he didn't want her in pain.
Being a wise man he had gotten his hands on some lube and applied more to his cock as Angela moved her hips forward and then back a little bit, it seemed to help her adjust to his size and she released her death grip on Clay's cock which had turned an interesting shade of deep purple when she had clutched it out of reflex as that monster cock head had speared through her spincter.
Clay was able to breath again and the pain from her grip began to subside quickly. Angela must have felt Clay relax and she looked up at him and "Sorry Clay, it just surprised me", "Really, I would never have been able to tell that Angie" chuckled Clay as he was finally able to smile again.

Katie suddenly realized she had been holding her breath as she watched Angela slamming backwards onto Johnson's monster cock and saw Angela's reaction to what it truly meant to be IMPALED on a cock that size! Katie felt sympathy for Angela for she had tried that monster earlier and while it was very fucking exciting she had decided that it was just too much for everyday use.
But she had noticed that Jenni seemed to love having monsters buried in her every hole and was always ready for more and Jenni was finally waking up from her nap.
Everyone else was involved in some more fun sex Jenni saw, but where were Travis and Rob, they were just here weren't they.
What Jenni saw as she looked around was poor Angela being stretched way out by Johnson while Clay buried his cock down her throat, Cayla and Monica banging away at Candi with a pair of nice sized strap-ons, Katie was having a great time riding Jason's boner deep up her asshole while Logan was munching her muff and there sat Jenni alone for a change.
That was fine with her, she had access to a selection of toys and could just watch and play with her itch hot horny pussy until she could get a cock or a strap-on fuck of her own and she began to work her clit as her slit bubbled away with her ever ready juices already flowing over her fingers!

Travis and Rob had gone to the control room to do a computer search of Jason's exploits from the last couple of years using facial recognition software so that they could identify which women he spent the most time with and trying to narrow it down so that they could find him someone to match up with according to Monica.
It didn't take long, only about 15 minutes to figure out that Jason liked women with nicely rounded plump asses and blond hair. In particular he was seen in the most scenes with a woman from accounting named Luann Davis, who appeared to really enjoy having her ass played with by Jason.
This was a case of find the woman and asked her point blank so that's what Travis and Rob set out to do.
The control room folks told them she could be found on path C 3rd outbuilding masturbating alone.
So off they went in search of a plump ass blond named Luann.
It wasn't long before they were at the building and with a light knock to announce themselves they entered.
Luann was busy so they sat and watched her for a while until she had a small orgasm and pulled her toy out of her very moist pussy.
"Hi Travis, how you doing tonight?" she asked and then it was "Whose your friend?"
Travis introduced Rob Micheals to Luann and they shook hands. Rob just blurted out, "Luann we were checking on some scenes of Jason and noticed that he spent a lot of time with you." She was blushing and said "Yes, Jason loves to play with my ass for me and I just love the way he tongue fucks it for me."
"Is there something wrong?"
"No Luann we just came to find you and ask if you would like to join us and surprise Jason. He seems a bit lost this weekend and we just want to help a friend."
"Okay, I can do that, is his buddy Logan there too? You know he really likes to team up with Jason and they are such fun to a horny gal with an insatiable appetite."
Travis was bent over laughing and snorting "I guess that answers that question. Yes they have been doing that since Friday night, you sure you want to come along with us now?"
"Oh hell yeah, I miss those two horny fuckers and their high energy sex drives! Just lead me on Travis, I know what to do with them two boys."

It took a little while to get back to the clearing since they had to go back past the house to get to the correct path. Luann couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had with Jason and Logan and how she had wondered where they had gotten to all weekend so far.
It wasn't like them to not find her on Friday night and start the weekend off with an energetic 3sum.
Rob was following along behind her as she talked a mile a minute to Travis and he was having a very hard time not laughing.
This woman must be incredible if she can put up with Jason and Logan all weekend long, Rob knew he would have to tell Angela about this one when he got back. She might need to be transferred also to the Estate staff if she was half of what she had been describing to Travis.
Rob finally heard her asking"So Rob is it? Just what do you do at the company? I know Travis and Monica and Jenni, Cayla, obviously Jason and Logan, but I don't remember seeing you around work before."
"Well Luann I am the Senior Vice President in charge of Operations and on the Board of Directors. But out here naked in the woods with a pretty girl who has a really gorgeous ass, I'm just horny old Rob."

Luann stopped dead in her tracks and stared at him and then at Travis and the light bulb went off in her head. "Oh fuck Travis, you got involved with the palace revolt bunch didn't you?"
"No Luann, I didn't get involved with them, I am one of them. Monica, Katie, and Jenni are the other 3 who lead it, I was more the strong silent type who glared and stared at everyone so that they could do what they did."
Luann broke out in a giant smile and hugged Travis and then Rob and couldn't quit saying Thank you to them. When Rob asked why all she said was "That old bitch had me almost as long as she did Travis here. I'm sorry I missed what happened to her."
Rob smiled and asked her, "have you ever been in the control room? you wanna see it just let me know and we can run the video feed up on the big screen so you can see what they did to her."
That got Rob another big hug and Luann felt his cock growing. So did Rob and he was surprised by it.
"Well I'll be damned, I thought Angie had finished that bastard for good earlier..."

And off the trio went in search of Jason and Logan and the rest of the "palace revolt bunch".

The first thing they saw as they entered the clearing was Jenni fucking herself with 2 dildos as she gazed across the fire at Katie laid back on Jason's lap with Logan eating her pussy. Clay and Johnson were now doing the same thing as Angela had become accustomed to Johnson's massive sized cock and decided to follow suit. So Clay was on his knee's in front of Angela eating pussy as she rested balls deep on a giant cock stuffed up her ass working her hips as Johnson held on to the arms of the chair. From the look on his face he wasn't going to last much longer with Angela working him that way. Then again, Angela wasn't looking like she was going to last much longer either the way Clay was working her clit.

Rob let out a low whistle and then smiling he said "Fuck, I never thought I would see that big fucking thing stuffed up Angie's ass like that! That wife of mine sure does some impossible shit." Luann saw what was going on and busted out with "Isn't that Mrs. Micheals from personnel?"
"Sure is, that's my wife Angela and she's riding Johnson's giant cock up her ass. That fuckers got a dick the size of my forearm, but it's kinda hard to tell that the way she's got it stuffed up her ass."
Travis nudged Rob and pointed, when Rob saw Cayla and Monica working Candi over his cock sprang to life again. So did Travis', Luann just smiled while looking down at two very nice cocks and said "Excuse me boy's, but do you have plans for those?"
Rob and Travis looked at each other and then smiled at Luann, She was about to become the newest member of their group.
Jason had heard voices and was looking around Katie's hip to see who it was when he spotted Luann going to her knees in front of Rob and Travis. Being a swell fella he kicked Logan and said "Look across the fire to the right of Jenni" and when Logan did her saw Luann sucking both cock heads into her mouth at the same time.
Logan smiled and told Jason, "Oh fuck yeah, glad to see Luann found us and we get some more great pussy and ass to play with."
Katie just grabbed his hair and pulled his face back into her hot snatch and said "you got fucking hot pussy right here asshole, now back to working it!"

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