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It’s a cold day and I am sitting here snuggled up under the blankets. It snowed last night and it’s in the beginning of April. I miss you so much all I can do is wish you were here. I can’t wait until you get here. I am smelling good, soft skin, and nothing is lighting up the room but the candles I have lit. You will be here in less than an hour. My tummy is in knots with anticipation of your touch and smell. I just turned on my favorite mix that I love to listen to when you are here. It’s a mix of Donnell Jones, John B, Usher, and Tyrese. Oh the amazing ways you can move your body to the beat of those songs. You can sure make my body sing. Damn I can’t until you get here. I’m going to try to rest god knows I won’t get much sl**p tonight.
I hear you walking in my door right now. I’m going to act like I am still asl**p. I want to see what you will do. I hear you in my room. My back is turned towards the door so I can’t see you I can just hear you moving around. I hear you kick off your shoes and your pants hit the floor with the clink of your belt. I can hardly sit still with anticipation. It has been too long since I have seen you.
I feel you pull back the blankets on your side just enough to slip in bed. I feel your body against the back of me. I can’t help but arch my back and take a deep breath. With your right hand you touch my hip and you run your hand down my thigh. With the left you pull my hair to the side exposing my neck and you kiss my shoulder and neck. Finally I feel you. I turn on my back and open my eyes see your brown eyes looking at me the way they did the first time I saw you. And your lips smile just a little and you kiss me. I let out a quiet little whimper. I love to look into your eyes when we kiss. It is one of the strongest connections I have ever felt in my life. You are touching my face and your soft lips are making me burn between my legs. OMG is all I can think. All I can hear is Trading places and the rhythmic sound is consuming our bodies. You move from my lips to my neck and then to my breasts. I can’t help but close my eyes with pleasure. I have to watch though. I open my eyes to see your dark hands and lips on my light breasts. I can see so much with the contrast of complexions. You move your body between my legs and onto mine. You kiss me again with your full weight on me one hand on firmly on my booty with my legs wrapped around you. Ohhh I feel you between my legs. I love the way your skin feels when I touch your back. I feel your breath in my ear. I want you so bad. I want to feel you in my body.
I push you up on your knees and I sit up. Your chest is right in front of me. I touch your chest and run my hands down the front of you body and around to your lower back to pull myself to your chest. I love the way you smell. I just breathe you in. I put my lips on your chest and taste your skin. Moving to the right to your nipple I look up at you. I lick and suck with a swirling motion of my tongue. I love knowing you are watching me. I push you back so you are sitting on your knees. I work my way down your body licking round your lower tummy your hip bones. I feel you on my chest but I’m not going to touch you yet. I want to enjoy every second with you and show you I will do it all for you. I move to my knees and you lay on your back. I feel you on my neck as I am kissing your hips and abs. My god I want it so bad. I kiss and lick your thighs all the way up to where you strong man hood is. I love seeing you watch me. I lick my hand and touch you. So strong and firm. Mmmmmm. I just watch my hands on you. My lips are begging me to touch you. Before I know it you are deep in my mouth. My tongue, lips, and hands are finally showing you the attention that they have wanted to for a long time. I taste your juices as you cum a little. The way you taste is amazing. I love when you touch my hair like you are. Holding it back so you can see me and I can see you. I moan with you in my mouth. I swirl my tongue and take you as deep in my mouth as I can. I put one of my hands down my panties and touch myself. I am so moist from pleasuring you with my mouth. I always love doing it. It’s the ultimate submission and service to my man.
You put your hands on my face and pull me up. I take off my panties on my way. We kiss and our bodies are skin to skin. In my mind I say “I love you” but I won’t let my mouth utter the words. You put your arms around my back and roll me over. My legs are spread and I can feel you touching me. Oh how I want you inside me. Do I have to ask or will you just do it. I the way you kiss me makes my bl**d so hot. I feel your soft lips kissing me at the same time I feel you slide inside my pussy with no problems because it’s right where you belong. You know it well and exactly what to do to make it dripping wet. I feel it tickle between my legs when you are shallow and I am shaking when you are so deep our entire bodies are touching. My god how could something be so amazingly good?
“Oh my god Savon you feel so good.” You are holding your body off of mine and I can feel you deeper than ever inside of me. You are going slow. With each slow deep thrust I can feel myself dripping. Your body is so amazing. You push my left leg up to my chest and you hold it there getting a different angle going. Oh my god I am going to cum but I don’t dare say it because I know you will come too. I don’t want it o be over any time soon. I can help but say your name and moan. If you only could feel the way I do. Baby you got it so deep I can’t help but to scream with pleasure that you are bringing my entire body from my toes on up. I am contracting my pussy muscles so I can get a tighter grip on you in side of me. I don’t want you to leave my pussy. Your chest is on mine now. Your arms are wrapped around my back holding onto my shoulders. My arms are on top of your shoulders and I am really getting my hips moving with yours. I am rite in your ear and you can hear my every gasp, moan, and breath. “Oooohhh you feel so good” is what you hear me saying. I finally give in and tell you “baby this pussy is your”. Hearing that makes you stop so deep in me I am shaking almost pulling away. You have to stop so you don’t cum.
You flip me over onto my tummy and straddle my thighs. Again you slide right in like its home. I have my hands on the head board so I can get a better arch in my back and you can get yourself deeper in this pussy you now know is yours. Just like the picture I sent you baby. With my hands on the head board I can push back when you thrust forward. Your hands are on my ass holding on tight. “Fuck baby you feel so good”. All I can do is bite the sheets. I can’t stand not seeing you so I put my left leg outside of your. I can turn just enough to see you. You lean down placing your right hand on my shoulder so you can pull my body into you and you lean to the side so you can kiss me. I feel your chest on my back and your hands wrapped around my shoulders. I can hear you in my ear whispering to me in between your moans. I can feel you biting your bottom lip trying to stay quiet.
I am so consumed with the connection I can’t even tell you how I ended up on my back again. My legs are curled around your thighs and my arms are around your lower back. I can move my hips with the beat of the song that is on now “nice and slow” O my goodness I don’t know how I am going to do this much longer. All I want you to do is stay as deep in me as you can be. “Ohhh” “Baby you are gona make me cum all over your dick again” is what you hear me moan to you. Our eyes stay connected but have a glaze on them from the deep chemistry and connection we share. I feel you thrust harder and a little faster. “Please baby cum with me” ask you. I feel your cock throb and swell inside of me. I am rocking my hips with yours and I can’t stand it any longer I feel my body start to shake and hear you say “ohh damn baby cum with me. I feel you cuming on me” all you hear is me moan “get it baby”. I feel you grab my neck and I feel you release inside of my body. Our bodies melt together with all of the energy gone. I can feel our hearts beating together. I think to myself “is this real”...

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