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Summer nights were warm and drowsy. I went outside to get some air and noticed the light on in the house next door. I walked quietly to the house and peaked in the window. The shade was drawn, but there was a little strip of light not covered. I saw the neighbor's 19 year old daughter sitting on the edge of the bed. She only had on panties and a thin bra. Her bed was near the window so I could see clearly. My penis surged inside my pants. The girl got up and walked over to her dresser. Her round ass filled the white panties perfectly. She was looking at herself in the mirror, then reached behind her back and undid her bra and took it off. I felt liquid drops soaking into my underpants as I watched. I had never been this excited before. Her breasts were pretty large and she had wide nipples, that were pale pink, with a stiff button in the middle. She turned and walked back to the bed. I could see a dark triangle in her panties. I love women with hair around their pussy. Her breasts jiggled ever so much as she came near the bed. She got on the bed and propped a pillow behind her back. She began stroking her thighs with her hands, then moved to her breasts, massaging them with her hands. She pinched at her hard nipples, then ran her fingers down her slight tummy and let one hand slip into her white panties. She found her sweet spot and her eyes closed as she moved one finger in a small circle inside her panties.I hoped she would take them off, but she only increased her activity. Her chest was pink from her excitement and her breasts bounced gently with her movement, as her nipples traced erratic designs in the air. She was gripping the bedclothes with one hand, her knuckles turning white with the hard grip. I had taken out my penis and had my hand on it when she gasped and came hard. Her panties became soaking wet with her juices as the sprayed out. I came at the same times long jets of cum splashing on the side of the house. She began to recover and I stuffed my penis into my pants and walked to my house, feeling my juices still flowing into my pants. I quietly closed the door and went inside. What I didn't see was the girl coming to her window and lifting the shade, looking out and smiling.

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