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It is now late Sunday night and the weekend is over and what a weekend it had been. I had meet Kelli a few months ago and she had warned me that she has been working on a project that was really bazaar and had asked if I would consider helping her if she needed any help. Kelli is a very beautiful girl somewhat into the western style.. jeans, boots, etc.. she is also a stout built woman.. 5'4" around 135 pounds.. long black hair that reaches her hips, oh yes and her age is around 25. Though we have only had sex 4 times.. it has been fantastic each time and somewhat conventional (at least to my standards and up until this weekend).

Kelli called me at work Friday and asked if I could help her with some chores around the barn this weekend and explained that there would be plenty of time for some fun. "Just bring a few things and plan on staying here until work Monday" she said playfully. "Sounds good to me" I replied "see ya 'round 7:00". When I arrived she had dinner on the table and was dressed in her usual lounge around the house attire which consisted of tight cutoff jeans and a halter top. "if you would like to change before we eat go ahead I'm waiting on the rolls" she said, so I did into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Now this may seem a little boring but please bear with me.

As we ate the conversation changed to the wildest thing you've ever done (which for me was a few 3 somes with a few couples and a few females) to wild fantasies (though I had been with a male/female couple I had never experienced getting head from a male-this was mine) to the wildest thing you ever wanted to do (mine here was skydiving not sexual but then we WERE at dinner).

As it turns out she was in the midst of doing the wildest thing she had wanted to do which is what this story is about. She explained that this weekend would be one I would never forget and that she could promise me my fantasy would be complete but that was all she would tell me for now "you'll find out tomorrow, now its time for desert" she said as she dropped her cutoffs. I was hard from our little conversation and the thought of having my wild fantasy come true (tho my wild and hers are varied). I dropped my shorts and with a hug hold carried her to the bedroom.. where nature took its course.. I want bore you with all the details.. you should know that part after all that is not what this story is really about.. to continue.. as we lay there exhausted from an hour or so of lovemaking.. she whispered.. if I am not in bed when you wake up.. join me in the barn.. you can sl**p as late as you like.. you'll need your rest for tomorrow night! and to sl**p we went though she fell asl**p quickly it couldn't quit thinking about the words and conversations from the evening...

When I woke there was breakfast on the table and a note.. "I'm in the barn or gone for a ride on my new horse.. join me when you eyes are open good". I ate the microwave heated breakfast, then walked to the barn.. no Kelli so I returned to the house and took a nice hot shower.. went to the barn again.. still no Kelli.. back to the house.. I sat and watched the season opener of college football.. before I had realized it was after 3 pm.. so I went back to the barn as I got to the barn I could hear Kelli yelling of to my right.. "get your ass moving!!!!" she yelled "come on.. MOVE IT!!!! FASTER!!" As I looked off the right I saw the strangest thing.. I just stood there in awe as she approached.. looking at this unusual sight.. There was Kelli in her tight jeans, boots and halter top sitting on the shoulders of a naked man.. his hands tied behind his back, he was covered with sweat and red marks there was even a sign of bl**d on the front side of his hips where she had been digging in the spurs.. there were tears in his eyes and he was walking as if each step was his last. Kelli was kicking him hard and using a switch on his back yelling even louder "come on slavehorse or you know what your punishment with be.. move it.. MOVE IT!!!!"

Kelli saw me standing there with my mouth wide open.. "what the hell are you trying to do to him.. kill him?" I asked "No" she replied "this is my slave horse; remember last night when we were talking about the wildest things, well my wildest thing has always been to make a man be my personal horse and train him to carry me as long as I want" "your k**ding.. tell me your k**ding" I said "does this look like I am k**ding?" she asked "let me explain.. a few months ago Ray and I.. this is Ray my slave horse.. started dating.. when we talked about wild ideas he mentioned he had always wanted to be submissive to a woman.. after a few weeks of talking about it.. he agreed to be my slave"

"You mean he wanted to be put through this?" I asked "No not exactly.. he only wanted me to tie him up and make him eat my pussy.. but I made him agree to being totally owned by me and if he consented he would have to endure anything I wanted.. no matter how strenuous it may be and I also gave him the option to think about it for a few days.. he returned ready to sign the agreement and here he is.. I train him twice during the week and every weekend" "but your with me every weekend.. where is he?" I asked "he is kept where all horses are kept.. in his locked stall in my barn" she replied "he was there all last night and as soon as we give him his punishment and meal he will be there while we go out to dinner" this is strange I thought and she must have sensed it.. "listen, if this is too much for you to understand its ok.. you don't have to participate if you don't want.. you can watch.. or go back to the house.. I will be there shortly... I hope you will accept it and remember it has no bearing on you and I.. If you like I will not have any sexual contact with him again.. he has no choice his agreement leaves in totally up to me"

As I started walking up to the house Kelli rode the man into the barn. I had just gotten to the house when I noticed I had a hard on.. really throbbing.. after giving it some thought I walked back down to the barn. As I approached I could hear the sound of a whip and the man crying out.. counting 46 (snap) 47 (snap) I looked into the barn and there was the man on his knees, his arms tied to a pulley on the beam, his ankles tied to his waist.. as I walked in Kelli was laughing at him and talking to him.. "You did not impress my lover.. you slut slave horse.. you will be punished 100 lashes a day until he decides to take you for a trail ride along side me and my real horse" (snap) 54 (snap) 55 "you will spend the night in the tightest bondage you can imagine and the nipple clamps will stay on till my ride in the morning" (snap) 64 (snap) 65

As I watched and listened I noticed myself playing with my 8" rock hard cock.. the more she hit him the harder it felt.. I must have made a noise.. she turned and caught me looking.. "change your mind?" she asked as she continued to whip him "Not exactly" I said "I just got excited thinking about it and wanted to watch" "Are you hard?" she asked with a smile (snap) 71 (snap) 72 "Yes I am and I guess if you want this you have my support.. but I am not sure how much I can help.. it hurts me to watch you whip him, hasn't he had enough" No.. not near enough" she said "and his punishment will continue until you ride him, but take your time.. it will help me train him better." "He can only carry me 2 hours now before he really tires down and I push him the last hour, but with your weight being so much more he will have to be made to endure my weight for 5 hours to be able to endure yours for 2 and that is what he must carry you when we ride"

"I haven't said I would yet" I said "I know.. come here and pull you pants down" (snap) 91 (snap) 92 I walked over and dropped my pants.. she stopped the whipping long enough for a hug and kiss "I think you will enjoy this.. let me get these last 5 lashes done" she said and with that .. she hit him the hardest lashes I have ever seen or could imagine.. his back was covered with red lines.. I could feel the heat off of it. then she got behind him put her legs over his shoulders forcing all of her weight on him. I could see his arms stretch from the rafter.. "give me another kiss" she said as she reached my arm and pulled me over. She held me tight and gave me one of the best kisses I have ever had.. then as she hugged me tight.. she hit the slave horse on his back and said "open you mouth, slave horse"

I felt his head move and the warmth of his mouth on the head of my rock hard cock.. she pulled me with a hard jerk and my full 8" was down his throat.. he gagged and tried to pull away.. but Kelli said "don't move, hon.. he will learn" and with that she pulled me as close as she could to her and wrapped her legs around my waist.. we started humping.. her pussy in her jeans on the back of the slave horses neck and my cock in his mouth.. he kept gagging and the more he struggled the hard we humped.. it was a feeling that is indescribable. This went on for about 3 minutes and I couldn't hold off any longer.. I shot my load into his mouth and really felt sorry for him.. he was gagging and jerking around and Kelli wouldn't let me move my cock out.. she was still humping.. "again" she said.. and so I started moving again.. this time I felt a little more at ease and it must have been a good 10 to 15 minutes before I shot another load.. I have never had an orgasm as powerful as this one.. I f***ed my cock deep into the slave horses mouth.. Kelli yelling.. yes yes..

As we moved away.. I could see the slave horse crying and looked like he had been crying for a while.. Kelli got off and said.. " run to the house and get the shower started.. just warm water though.." as I left she was undoing the rope.. but left his hands tied and led him to the house. I didn't realize it was this late.. it was now almost 7pm.. She brought the slave horse in and put him in the shower.. washed him off and put some perfume on him.. then she put a maids outfit on him.. complete with high heels, fishnet hose, and a skirt the was just about his ass cheeks.. on the front his cock was visible but harnessed.. his hands still tied in front of him and on his neck a collar with a little box on it.. though I was curious I did not ask.. she ordered him to the kitchen to cook our meal.

While he was cooking we talked about what had happened and how excited I had gotten.. but I told her I would still have to think about this all before I could accept it.. she said that was fine but that she hoped he would.. for what she wanted was for me and her to live together with a slave and this evening was and example of some of the many things we could enjoy together. She also mentioned that I would not have to ride the slave horse if I didn't want to, but she wanted to make her slave endure a man for her at least once.. I agreed it would be a challenge and I would think about it.. then here came our food..

The slave served us at the table, as soon as the food was on the table the slave went to a nearby corner, facing the corner knelt.. Kelli explained that the slave is not to disturb us.. if something is needed the bell would be rang.. this evening we needed nothing.. when we finished the slave was ordered to clean the table and kitchen while she and I went to the living room and started our desert.. though it was satisfying it was nothing compared to the orgasms I had earlier in the barn.

After we got through Kelli ordered the slave to the living room and tied him face up to an odd looking chair; one I had been meaning to ask about but never got around to it... after doing this she excused her self to take a shower "make yourself at home, use the slave if you like I will be down in about an hour" as she walked off. When she was gone I asked the slave what he thought about this.. he did not answer.. then I realized he was ordered not to talk unless given permission.. ok slave.. you may answer my questions but not ask any I said.. now what are your thoughts on being a slave to Kelli? He answered it has always been a fantasy of his to be a slave to a beautiful woman and submitting to Kelli was a dream come true. "but what about the whippings and the being made to carry her" I asked "I don't enjoy pain.. but know I must endure what she wants to satisfy her and myself" "and what do you think about me being in control of you too" I asked.. he said "though I have never been involved with a man until today.. and do not like the idea.. if it is what Kelli wants.. I am her slave and must obey and will obey.. she owns me and my contract to slavery".

I told him not to speak again, the positioned myself over his face and f***ed my hard cock into his mouth again.. for him not to like sucking cock.. he did a great job.. I had just made him swallow all of my cum when Kelli returned in a very nice dress.. she was dressed with hose and heels .. she looked great! "go get a shower and change into something nice.. lets go dance awhile" she said. As I walked up the stairs, I turned to see her flop her weight onto the slave's face.. cross her legs and turn on the TV..

I went upstairs to the shower and relaxed as the warm water splashed over my body, my mind was busy with the thoughts of the activities that had taken place earlier in the day. I soaped up and washed my hair and rested against the side of the shower wall as the excitement of the thoughts made my cock lengthen to a full hard on again.. I can't remember when I have had so many erections in one day.. why was this so exciting to me.. so many thoughts.. but I couldn't resist stroking my meat as I thought about Kelli sitting on her slave horse while I f***ed it into his mouth.. I actually had MADE another man suck my cock.. a virgin straight male was now a cock sucker and the best orgasm I had ever had came from it.. I couldn't decide whether it was the fact that it was a man giving me head or that it was someone in bondage or both.. but had been wonderful.. My stoking got faster and faster and I shot a load all over the tub (it seemed like a cup full) had the slave horse had to swallow that much cum? no wonder he was crying and gaging!

The water began to run cold so I got out and dried myself off, put on some clothes and made my way downstairs.. I hadn't realized but I had been upstairs for an hour and 20 minutes.. "Took you long enough" she said as she poked the slave horse with a cattle prod she said because he had distracted her by moving. "Have you been sitting' there all this time?" I asked "Yes, why?" "How does he breath with all of your weight on his face?" I asked "The best way he can, if he starts to smother I would get up long enough for him to catch his breath, but I also have to watch out for tricks.. and he is punished severely for trying to get relieve of my weight without due cause.. he has only done that once" she said with a grin.. "are we ready?" "sure" I said and away we went.. with the slave horse still tied to the chair.

We must have been gone 4 hours or so and Kelli had run into a friend of hers named Jennifer. Jennifer had two guys sitting with her and when we got ready to leave Kelli asked if she would like to invite them over for some fun. Jennifer winked as she smiled and acknowledged her suggestions. As soon as we arrived Jennifer went right to the slave horse and jumped into the air landing her ass right on the slave horse's face... all of her weight at once! The slave jerked and you could tell he tried to yell and move.. "He was asl**p" Jennifer said "I love to wake him up this way" as she laughed. We sat around and talked for a while, Jennifer on the slave and the rest of us on the couch.

The conversation soon turned to the slave horse training and Jennifer said she couldn't wait to have the endurance race. One of the other guys said.. "you told us about the slave, and that we would all get naked later, but what is the endurance race?" Kelli said "I think we should have it tomorrow Jennifer, can you guys stay all night?" the obvious answer of course was "yes!!!!!" and with that Kelli suggested we all get naked.. and we did.. Jennifer sat back down on the slaves face and started humping pretty hard.. she grabbed the cattle prod and jabbed a few times making the slave jerk each time.. then Kelli put some clamps on the slaves nipples and suggested as soon as Jennifer was thru we should tie the slave in a more useful position.. "Joe, grab that switch and whip his dick" Jennifer said.. maybe that will make him put more into it" and with that one of the guys got up and started whipping his cock.. and he started moving like crazy.. at least as best he could.. Jennifer was just about bouncing all of her weight on his face.. after about 5 minutes of her bouncing, Joe whipping and the rest of us yelling fuck him Jen, and suffer slave.. and hearing the slave try to yell and cry.. she came and all of her weight fell on him.. she slowly got up and everyone seemed more at ease now.. The slave was placed in a stock like holder in the middle of the room, Jennifer wanted to give him a few lashes and suggested the since Joe had helped her.. he should shove his dick in the slaves mouth for a gag.. and if he wanted to hump and cum that would be a bonus.. and with that he jumped up and I noticed his nice hard on.. it look like a giant.. and he pushed it into the slaves mouth no sooner than Jennifer started swatting the ass of the slave.. I noticed Kelli had started playing with the other guys cock and motioned for me to come over and play with her pussy.. and as I ate I could hear the lashes on the slaves ass.. but the more I ate the less obvious the lashes and muffled yells were.. the slave was going thru hell.. but the rest of us were in heaven.. it started to seem fair to me.. Kelli had her orgasm as I looked over Joe had already cum and was sucking on my cock.. Jennifer was beating the hell out of the slave.. he was yelling and crying and she was laughing.. then she realized she was missing the fun.. and joined the rest of us.. we let the slave rest the rest of the evening and all fucked and sucked until almost daylight.. and then fell asl**p.

The next day we all awoke pretty late.. but Jennifer and the slave was gone.. Kelli said she thought Jennifer was getting in some riding before the race. She fixed us breakfast and we all went to the barn.. and there was Jen riding the slave horse.. She seemed to be more in control than Kelli had been or maybe it just looked more natural, anyway Kelli got the guys to help her set up the course for the race while Jen and Kelli got ready..

The course was 3 miles long, up and down hills, thru a creek.. it was really going to be rough.. to make it even they decided to flip a coin to see who goes first and the best 2 out of 3 would get to use the slave for the next month all to herself or could rent him, etc.. One of the guys suggested that they should make it a real challenge and let the winner retain complete ownership of the slave for one year and have a race each year for ownership. They agreed and away they went.. Jennifer was first.. she took out with spurs and whipping like I had never thought possible.. She was gone around and hour and when she came back you could tell the slave had been thru hell already.. I think she really liked hurting this slave.. to make it even they decided to give the slave 20 minute breaks between heats.. off Kelli went.. then Jen.. then Kelli.. Now it was the last time.. the slave was tiring so bad that it took over 2 hours for the slave to carry Jen.. Kelli got on.. she was determined to win.. she started kicking the already bl**dy sides of the slave.. his head was red from heat.. his breathing was heavy.. but he kept trying.. when Kelli returned she was using a cigarette on the slaves chest to persuade him to keep going.. but he wasn't fast enough.. Jennifer had won..

We all decided that the slave had been thru enough for one weekend but Jennifer wanted to do one last thing before we all went back to the house.. she wanted to brand HER slave to show ownership.. and with that the slave was tied so tight his hair couldn't move.. the guys built a fire and she heated up a branding iron.. I was hard just thinking about it.. then the yell from the slave.. louder than anything you can imagine.. she held it on his ass for about 10 seconds but it must have seemed like a year to the slave.. he passed out.. and Kelli suggested she take care of my hard on .. and with that we all went to the house for some more sex..

As all the guys were getting ready to leave, we all agreed that the excitement of the slave had made us all enjoy the weekend and that we couldn't wait until next year.. Jennifer took her slave and left, Kelli and I decided that we were definitely going to stay together and that next year she needed to win OUR slave back!

Yes.. I think I liked the idea and will ride the slave when he is our property again.. by the way.. did I tell you about the party Jennifer had to show off her new slave?

The End

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