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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Well, we decided to take the plunge and update our kitchen. The first step was new cabinets. We went to the local kitchen shop and picked out some that we liked and would work both for the décor and our budget. The owner, a very pretty blond, dressed in a business suit and heels, assisted us. She told us all about pulling down the old cabinets and installing the new. I was thinking that this woman doesn’t look like she would know very much about installation, but she’s a good saleswoman just the same. What helped to sell us, was when she told us their crew would help us in the installation. This “sweat equity”, having us do most of the work, would save us a lot of money. We agreed on a Saturday for their crew to join us in the installation, and sealed the deal with a handshake and bright smile from Carol the owner.

On a very hot Saturday morning in August, we got up early, dressed in our work clothes, and started work on tearing down the old cabinets. We’ve always worked well together, seldom having any arguments like you see those people on HGTV shows. So it wasn’t long before we started to get playful with each other. My wife asked me to steady the ladder while she was on it, so I grabbed her ass instead. “Mmm,” she purred, “That’s nice.” “You look so good in these shorts, I just couldn’t help myself!” I said. I ran my hand up inside her shorts and brushed my fingers against her pussy. “Oooo baby, we’ll never get this done if you start that!” she said, “You’re not wearing anything under your shorts!” I exclaimed. “Well, we didn’t have time for sex this morning, and I’m really horny,” she said as she smiled that certain smile down at me. Later, while I was undoing the hinges, she rubbed her hard nipples against me. “I love how your nipples look in that tight tank top, dear,” I told her. “I told you I was horny!” she giggled.

The next time it was my turn to climb the ladder, she starting rubbing the front of my shorts. “Now it’s my turn to tease you!” she laughed. “And I just noticed, your cock is just at the right height for me to lick, too!” It was getting very hot in that kitchen, so I peeled off my shirt. My wife immediately grabbed me, and pulled one of my nipples into her mouth, licking and sucking it. “Hey, don’t start anything you can’t finish! That crew will be here any minute now!” I said, pretending to be stern, but totally enjoying our playing. “We need to behave ourselves, I’m just as horny as you are.”

Right on cue, we heard a cheery “Hello, anybody home?” coming from the open back door. I thought it was a familiar voice, and sure enough, it was Carol, the owner of the kitchen shop. She was now dressed in tight jeans and a t-shirt with her company name across the front, and a tool belt around her waist. Her hair was tied back, and she looked like she was ready to work. “Carol, you’re here? We were expecting a couple of big construction guys, not a sexy woman, certainly not the owner of the company!” I said, while thinking to myself, wow, her body was totally hidden by that suit she wore in her office. “Not that we’re not glad to see you again, I’m just surprised to see you dressed like this.” “Well,” she replied, “This is how I started my company, I was the crew. I sent the boys off on a much bigger job, and as owner, I get to choose which jobs I want to work on, and I really wanted to work with you guys.” She gave us both that dazzling smile, and I thought, this might turn out to be a very interesting day.

The three of us continued working, my wife and I still teasing each other, although not as blatantly as we had before Carol arrived. Sometimes I just couldn’t help myself though. When I thought Carol wasn’t watching and my wife had her back to me, I would grab her hips and pull her hard against my cock, grinding into her. Other times I’d reach around and caress one of her nipples through her shirt, keeping them hard and visible through her shirt. She’d continue to tease me too; pinching my butt every time I was within reach, or grabbing my cock through my shorts. We thought we were discreet, but after about an hour of working and teasing, Carol said “It’s getting really warm in here, I need to change.”

Carol came back a few minutes later, wearing a skin-tight white tank top and the shortest cut-offs I’d ever seen. I ogled her speechlessly, but my wife said “Wow, you sure hid a lot under that business suit at your office!” “Well, the way you two have been carrying on, I thought I’d like to join in!” grinned Carol. “Oh,” I said quietly, “we thought we were being discreet about it.” “No need to be embarrassed about it,” she said, “It was turning me on. I love to work like you two do – laughing and having fun. And teasing, too.” She smiled as ran her hand over my chest, pausing to flick and pinch a nipple. I reached up and cupped one of her breasts, pinching her hard nipple. “All right,” Carol gasped, “Maybe we should get back to work before we get too carried away and don’t get this project done.” “OK,” I said, “It’s your turn on the ladder Carol, show us what to do next.” As Carol went up the ladder I held her ass with both hands and squeezed. “I don’t want you to feel left out, Carol. You’ve got such a great ass, I couldn’t help myself!” My dusty hands left hand prints on her shorts. My wife laughed when she saw that. “Oooo,” Carol squealed, “I knew I was going to love working with you two on this project!”

So now there were three of us touching and playing with each other. Except now, our touching of nipples became pinching and even sucking. Instead of my wife brushing up against the front of my shorts, both women were grabbing my cock and stroking my hard-on right through my shorts. And instead of helping hands on the ladies asses while climbing the ladder, hands were reaching up inside of their shorts to play with wet pussies. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled off my shorts, letting my hard cock spring free, saying, “No more teasing dear!” I grabbed my wife’s hand. “We’re going upstairs right now! I think we both need to cum before any more work gets done! Carol, as horny as we all are, we’ll probably let you watch if you want to.” “Well, you guys go ahead and get started, I have to run out to the truck for a sec, and then I’ll decide.”

By the time we got upstairs to the bed, we were both completely naked and locked in a passionate kiss. I pushed my wife down on the bed, her feet still on the floor. I spread her legs further open, groaned, and dove into her wet pussy. Then it was her turn to groan as my tongue began to quickly lick her pussy up and down, stopping at the top to tease her clit. She reached down with both hands and opened herself up more. “Yeaaaah,” she moaned, “get that clit. Right there!” I knew that now was not the time for teasing or being gentle – this lady needed to cum hard and fast! I began to suck on her clit as fast as I could. Her groans turned into screams, “Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Make me cum, baby!” My tongue flicked her clit harder and faster, her hands gripped the back of my head and her thighs were clenched tight against my ears. Her orgasm came so hard, she could only gasp loud and fast. Then she went totally limp.

I looked up at my wife; she had a huge smile on her face. I had her juices soaking my lips and chin. We looked into each other’s eyes, smiled and started laughing. It was then that we both noticed that there was a buzzing in the room that we had been too busy to notice before. It was coming from between Carol’s legs. My wife and I had been so caught up with each other that Carol had walked into our room, stripped, and sat on the other side of our bed. I also noticed on the bed was a small pink toolbox that was open showing an assortment of vibrators. Carol was sitting cross-legged with a red one in one hand teasing her pussy, her other hand pinching and pulling on her stiff nipples. “That was one hell of an orgasm!” she said, grinning at us. “I’m glad I was here to see it and hear it, too!”

I stood up, my cock was now so hard, it was throbbing. “Oh, god, look at that!” Carol said. She turned off the vibrator and put her hand on my wife’s arm. “Do you mind if I get a taste of him, I really need some real cock?” “Go for it Carol, I still need a minute to recover after that earth-shaking orgasm.” Carol grinned and crawled over to me on her hands and knees and engulfed my cock with her mouth. I think all three of us groaned at the sight of that. Carol was expertly licking and sucking my cock all the while groaning with pleasure. After a few short minutes of watching us, my wife got up, came over to us, and began sucking on my nipples. She knew that would send me over the edge, and she was right. I yelled something incoherent, and shoved my cock further down her throat as I came. Carol swallowed the first huge spurt, then pulled back away from my cock. My wife was ready; she quickly replaced Carol’s lips with her own on my cock and continued swallowing my cum.

I collapsed on the bed. “Wow, that was incredible!” I gasped. “Seeing both of you on my cock was really something!” We all lay in a tangle on the bed, caressing and lightly kissing each other’s bodies. After a few minutes of cooling-down time, I said, “Come on, Carol, now it’s your turn.” “Ooooo,” she purred, “Would you like to eat me? Is it my turn to cum?” “Baby,” my wife said, rolling me on my back, “why don’t you lie down. Carol you should sit on his face; he just loves to eat pussy like that! And he’s pretty good at it too, if you couldn’t tell from the way I came!”

I lay down in the middle of the bed and Carol lowered her pussy onto my waiting mouth. As my tongue began licking and circling her clit, I reached up to play with her nipples. I found another pair of hands already there – my wife’s! She said, “Carol, I’ve been admiring your tits and hard nipples all day, now I finally get to get my hands on them!” Again, I think I heard all three of us groan in unison! This was such a turn on for me; my cock began to get hard again. I felt like I was 25 again! My wife must have been looking at me, because she said “Oh, look at you, hard as a rock!” She sucked my cock a bit and gave me a few strokes, and then she just held it. I was busy eating Carol’s delicious pussy, her juices running down my throat. Then I felt a familiar sensation; my cock being thrust into my wife’s tight pussy! I thought I’d pass out from the pleasure of it – two women at the same time! My wife started to buck and jump on my cock; she knew that after my first orgasm, I’d last longer the second time. “Oh god, baby, slam that hard cock into me!” she cried. “I love having you inside me!” I could feel her fingers working her clit faster and faster. I tongue was working Carol’s clit faster, sucking it hard. I wanted her to cum just as hard as my wife and I did. The combination of her cries, my wife’s screaming and jumping on my cock, got me close, too. Carol let out a loud “Yesssss!” and fell off my face, grabbing onto the headboard. I gave a final hard thrust into my wife, and came with a cry of my own. As my cock was pulsing inside her pussy, my wife shuddered and came, collapsing onto my chest, panting. After a few minutes of kissing and giggling, my wife rolled off me onto the bed.

“Oh god, Carol, you taste wonderful! I love eating you.” I said, grinning up at her. “Thanks, that’s quite a talented tongue you have there! Any chance I could get my pussy filled with some of that nice hard cock of yours?” “Well,” I said, “I might need some time to recover! It’s been quite an afternoon so far!” “I’ll help!” she cried, and began sucking my limp cock. “Mmmm, I just love cleaning you up and tasting the two of you together like this!” My wife began licking and playing with my nipples again, and it didn’t too long to get me hard again. “All right Carol, now it’s your turn.” I said standing up.

I told Carol to get on her hands and knees while my wife began inspecting the contents of the pink toolbox. I rubbed my cock at the entrance to Carol’s wet pussy, teasing her a bit. “Oh, give it to me!” she cried. “I want you to fuck me hard, I want your cock inside me!” So I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock into her. “Oh, god!” she screamed, “Yes! Now fuck me! I’ve wanted you to fuck me since I saw you with your wife.” While I was fucking her with long hard strokes, I looked over at my wife. She had her legs spread wide open using one of Carol’s vibrators on her clit. Her head was thrown back and eyes were closed. She was using her other hand to pull and pinch her nipples. “Go for it baby!” I said to her. “I want to watch you cum while I fuck Carol.”

She opened her eyes and grinned back at me. I watched as she began to breathe louder and faster. Then her legs closed around the vibrator and let out a loud moan. I could feel Carol’s fingers playing with her pussy while I was fucking her. “Oh, that was so great watching you cum with my vibrator,” she cried. “I think I’m gonna cum, too! Your husband is giving me just what I needed!” My wife crawled across the bed, reached under Carol to give her nipples a pinch, and then put her ass next to Carol’s. “Hey baby, as long as you’re not done yet, can I get some more of that? Carol’s having such a great time on the end of your cock, I’d like some more.” That comment must have been enough for Carol, for she started to breathe louder and louder, finally ending in a scream of “Ooooo, yessssss!” and collapsed face down on the bed, pulling my cock out of her pussy, a huge grin on her face.

“Now, lover, I want you to cum inside me again!” said my wife with a big grin. I eased my still hard cock into her waiting pussy. I started stroking slowly at first, but the thought of this afternoon’s sex, was just too much for me to want to go slow. I pumped her pussy harder and faster, knowing that I would soon cum. My wife knew that I was close, too, “Yeah, baby, do it! Fuck that pussy! Oh, your cock feels so good!” With a final hard thrust, I came as hard as I had all day, and fell onto my wife’s back. I weakly climbed onto the middle of the bed and lay down between Carol and my wife. All of us were totally spent.

I must have fell asl**p, or probably passed out, because the next thing I knew my wife was nudging my arm. “Come on, it’s time to get up. It’s dark, and I don’t see Carol here. I must have fallen asl**p too. ” We threw on our robes and went downstairs. I turned on the kitchen light, and there in front of us were our newly installed kitchen cabinets! On the counter was Carol’s pink toolbox and a note that read: “I’ll be back for this – and more!” We burst out laughing and I said, “Well, how’s that for sweat equity?”

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