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Totally Slutted Out Last Weekend!

I was a total slut Saturday from about 3PM onward; I told my BF to come over and bring a friend for a BBQ. His buddy was an Italian guy I'd met before but never tried out. Grilled ribs then Corona lights with lime then three very good bottles of Cabernet we were all ready for some serious sex. This time though I kept my memory and what a fun time we had! I put on a blindfold then told them to use me hard and they didn't disappoint; they spit roasted me which is so hot being screwed hard and gagging on a big dick in my mouth! They took turns and I tasted my juices several times; the Italian was a little smaller than Rick so I could deepthroat him fairly easily which he loved! Right down to his balls!!!!!!!!!!!! After a bit they positioned me with one under me with his cock in my pussy then the other got on top and I had two lovely cocks in my very happy cunt!! Talk about a full feeling!!!!! The one on the bottom couldn't really move too much but Rick on top really slammed me hard. I had already popped about 4 times so I was a bit sated and wanted to taste cum so I sat them next to each other and started sucking and stroking them like to porn star I am! The Italian popped first and I got a mouthful then spit some back on him and cleaned him up over and over; Rick was next and I did the same thing to him which he loves. We all needed some rest so we watched a little TV all nude and smelled of sex, sweat and cum. The lads took a viagra after a couple of hours, got rock hard again and wanted to fuck my very red pussy. Perfect! Just one at a time while I made out with the other. After the Italian popped Rick wanted to fuck me with all that cum in my hole and did me doggy until he popped and I did again as well. We all decided to sl**p together until the next morning; so nice having two guys and every once in a while I'd feel a mouth on one of my tits or a hand fingering me. Love to all of you!!! XOXO Melanie

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