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Painted Toes in Private Gym Showers

I'm soo thankful to have feminine feet and legs. My cock is around 6 and a half inches and I have a cute boi-pussy that is tight, but can take a sizeable dick. I would also like to point out that I have enemas on a regular basis so my butt is pretty clean. That part is true and the only part of this story is me at the locker room showers with my painted toes.
In the gym that I go to there are three individual showers. The way the showers themselves are set up to where you push the first curtain aside and there is a little area to change and a small bench to put your bag or sit on while your changing. The second curtain opens up and is where the shower is. Also the area of space you have to move around is small, like 3 feet by 3 feet. I always use the middle shower because if a guy either wants or happens to look under the partition, (which there is a space about a foot from it to the floor) he can see my feet and painted toes. So the guy would have to bend down a bit to see them. I wear sandals so I wont get warts or anything.
It starts with me getting in the shower and soaping up. Soon after, a guy gets into the shower to my right while I’m soaping up my long shaved legs and fem feet. While I’m doing this I move my leg over so my foot is directly under the divider. All the guy has to do is look down and see my gurly black toes with silver tips.
He looks down and is a bit taken aback. I hear him think, "hhmmm." Like he’s sort’ev interested. I watch his feet and notice that he is facing towards me. I start to get pretty hard at the thought of a guy staring at my feet and possibly enjoying it. I run my soapy hands up and down while posing my foot for him. After I’m sure that he is in fact curious, I just straight up ask him, "do you like what you see?" With a little surprise in his voice suggesting that he thought it could have been a woman in the wrong locker room, he says "Yeah, I like your choice in colours." "Thanks." "You’ve got really pretty feet, their just like a woman’s" he says. "Mmm. Do you like women’s feet?" I ask. Opening up, he says with a little chuckle, "yeah I’ve got a serious foot fetish." We both share a little laugh "Me too, would you want to see them closer?" With a pause that implies that he’s not sure what I mean, I switch to soaping up my other leg for him and I interrupt the silence and say "If you had a woman’s feet to play with what do you like to do to with them?" He hesitates and I reassure him, "it‘s ok to tell me, I mean, you’ve seen my painted toenails and my shaven legs so it‘s perfectly ok to just let it all out." He does just that "Ha, your right. I like it when a girl takes her shoes off and her feet are sweaty and have a smell to them." "Me too" I say. He continues "I like to put them right in my face and take a big breath while licking from her heel to her toes. to rub them with lotion, work my fingers between their toes, kiss them, suck on their toes. Just rub them all over my face. Oh! And I love foot jobs."I could hear him getting aroused in his voice as he was telling me "Mmmmm, that sounds really good. Would you like to do that with mine." He thinks about it for a second and asks "which one you like?" I let out a gurlish giggle "All of them sound great, surprise me." He lets out a slight laugh through a smile.
I watch his shadow and see he is bending down to my feet. I’m so hard just thinking about what he is about to do. As his face gets closer to my toes he says "oooo their even cuter up close." Giggle "thanks." He gets right up to my feet and I can finally see his face. Now, I’m not really attracted to men (just their cocks), but this one was kinda handsome. He had a neatly trimmed beard, short brown hair, and had a face that showed that he wasn’t fat, but he was bulky. I look down at him past my throbbing dick. "Hi" I say. "Hey" he says back while he is eyeing my shaved cock and balls dripping with water. A good thing about gym showers, you never run out of hot water. He gets his eye full and turns back to my toes. He plants little kisses all over my foot as he takes my sandal off. All I can do is moan with pleasure. "This is the first time I’ve had my feet worshiped" I say. He replies "Then I’ll have to give you something special." Before either of us can say anything, he engulfs my toes with his mouth. My knee goes weak and I have to hold onto the partition to stay up. I feel his tongue slithering in between my toes while his strong fingers rub my soles. He sucks each toe like he’s sucking five little dicks. I tilt my foot so he can admire the rest of my foot. He gets the hint and licks and kisses up to my arch. His teeth playfully bite my arch making it tickle. This goes on for a bit and I ask "you said you like getting foot jobs?" Nodding his head while my toes are in his mouth. "You wanna come over here and you can rub your cock on my feet?" I can see the excitement in his eyes as he takes my foot out of his mouth and stands up. He turns his shower off and starts to walk over. Mean while, I put my sandal back on for a second so I can stand up. Based on his reaction from seeing my dick and balls, I turn around and act like I’m soaping my asshole.
I hear the first curtain open then close. Hesitation. Then the second slowly opens and he is front row to see my pink butt being cleaned. I turn around and say "oops." "Oooo it’s perfectly alright, it actually looks pretty good right now." Mutual chuckle. "Thanks. Ooff you’ve get a nice body." "Really? Thanks" he says bashfully. He did indeed. He was like I thought, bulky, a little hairy, and a sizable cock. I’d have to say it is 7 and a half inches, a girth that I am able to just get my fingers all the way around and sticking straight out. The perfect dick, which was to my pleasure is the only thing that was shaved along with his big balls. I reach out and grab his cock and pull him into the shower with me. Mmm it feels so good in my hands, I just had to have it in my mouth. While he closed the second curtain I bent down and admired his pulsating rod from that angle. He turned back around in time to watch me wrap my lips around the head. "Ohhh shit that feels good." he said as I began to bob my head up and down. He puts his hand on the back of my head and lightly face fucks me. I still can’t deep throat so I gag when I try to take it to the hilt. It turns me on more that he is making me try to suck it down, and I think it’s making him hot too. I take it out of my mouth and lick it up and down, also returning the little kisses he gave my toes. My hand is jerking him off as I slip my tongue down to his balls. I rub his nuts all over my face, enjoying his dominance. As I’m alternating sucking his dick and balls I reach back and start playing with my ass. Slowly working one finger in, then a second, my hole is slippery with my own sissy-juices. When I think both my butt and his dick have had enough, I stand up and turn around, kick off my right sandal and bring my foot up to his cock. Unfortunately this is the only way my foot and his cock can touch due to the size of the shower. He begins to rub his cock on the sole of my foot. I moan and say that it feels really good to finally have a dick pushing between my toes. When he rubs the length up and down my toes lightly grab his balls as he rubs his cock head on my heel. Then, without warning, I feel his hand groping my ass. I push my butt back towards him to give him better access. He finds my hole and easily works his middle finger inside me. I gasp as he movmoves it in and out, quickly adding his ring finger.
I take my foot off his dick and pull his fingers out of me. With my foot back in the sandal I take a hold of his prick and start backing up onto it. He is surprised, but he wants it. I feel his hands take my hips to help guide my boi-pussy to meet his head. It rubs across my hole. I squeal with delight. He hands start applying pressure to my hips. Of course he wants it inside of me as quick as possible so I begin pushing back. With the aid of me having played with my ass, him fingering my ass, plus that my butt was juicy with...well, it’s natural lube, his cock slid in. Not all the way and not without a little discomfort, but I wanted him inside me too. So I rocked my hips forward till his head was at the edge, then rocked back. He got a little deeper. A couple of more times of this and I felt his balls touching mine and by now the slight discomfort has been replaced by shear pleasure. My own cock is a rock when he slowly starts to fuck me. "mmmmmm oh fuck yes." I groan out. He teases me "you like that? Hmmm? You like that you sissy-boi?" "Oohh yes I doo. Hhmmmffff" as he suddenly jerks my butt down on his cock. "mmm your sissy butt feels great on my cock." He pulls it out to the head and slams his dick back in me again. All I can do now is moan nonsense syllables and take his hot cock. His pumping gets faster and we fall into a good rhythm. I lean back on him and I pull one of his hands from my hips and put it on my nipple. He gets the hint and starts pinching abusing it. More groaning of pleasure. My cock is flopping back and forth with his thrusts leaking strings of pre-cum all over the wall. He whispers in my ear that he is about to cum.
Reluctantly I pull off his cock, spin us around, and toss open the curtain and sit on the bench. With my voice filled with lust I say "I want you to cum on my toes." Hearing this he beings to jerk his cock. I lean forward and push his hand away so I can suck him to the edge. I love to taste my ass. Keeping in mind my ass was cleansed out earlier that day. He pulls my head off and pushes me back. I sit on an angle on the bench and rise my right foot up to his cock. His first shot lands on my knee, which I scoop up and lick off. The second, third, and forth shots cover my black and silver toes. I coo and moan watching him enjoy my feet. He holds my foot and rubs his dick and cock head over my cummy toes. When he is done, I catch him off guard and bring my foot to my mouth and start sucking and licking his cum off. "You like my cum, sweetie?" This time, I nod and say "Mmmhmm" with my own toes in my mouth.
He introduces himself with a big smile "I’m James. I figured you might want to know my name since I just fucked you and you ate my cum off your toes." Again we share a chuckle and shake hands "My name’s Nick, that was great by the way. Would you want to do this again somewhere more private?" "Sure, I would love to see the other ways your gurly too." We exchange numbers and part ways. But I linger and run my fingers over my fucked asshole, already anticipating what are next meeting will be like.

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