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How I got my BF's cock pierced.....

My nose and ears were pierced in my c***dhood. I had nice ear rings and s diamond nose stud. I love piercings. I wanted my nipples pierced too.
My friend Joy was a strong virile young stud. We were good friends in the school. He was always curious of my piercings. He used to admire them. He often wished to see my nipples get pierced. We used to freely move together and often fondle each other especially in theaters. He loved kissing me deep in my mouth and his tongue in my mouth always felt great.He often used to fondle my boobs and loved to suck my nipples.
" Vanita, your piercings look so great, why don't you get your lovely nipples pierced too...?" He used to often ask while playing with my boobs.
" Joy, I would love to see your stiff cock being pierced and fitted with a nice ring. Why don't you get it done for me? I used to counter ask him....
The subject used to end there.
Just when our school finals were over, I came to know that one of my school friend Reena, senior to me by three years, was working in a piercing studio in the nearby city. I met her once and she said, she had mastered the art of piercing while working in the studio for some time and she was doing all types of piercings, independently. I was very happy. I asked her whether she could do my nipple piercings and also penis piercings of my BF. She said she had done many such piercings and I could come anytime to her studio with Joy,- my boy friend. I took appointment with her for the coming Sunday.
I told Joy about my talk with Reena and our appointment. He agreed to get his cock pierced first and then my nipples.
" Welcome, Vanita and be comfortable." Reena welcomed us.
I could see that Joy was getting all excited at the idea of getting his cock pierced at the hands of a beautiful young girl, with big attractive boobs.
Reena had an assistant to help her. He was a young boy of our age. He cleaned the table and arranged all the necessary instruments, in the tray.
Reena asked Joy to lie down on the table. The assistant helped him to lie down and slowly opened the zip of Joy's pants and pulled his briefs down. We could see his stiff hard cock spring out like a big snake. The cock had got all excited and was leaking lot of precum. Joy was stripped and lying on the table, on his back.
Reena and me looked at the cock--all bouncing and throbbing.
" It is a nice cock. The piercing will look so lovely on it. Why dont you get his scrotum too pierced in the same setting..? asked Reena.
" Yes you are right. May be we will pierce his scrotum too. But Reena, why has his cock grown all stiff and hard? I asked.
May be, it has got all excited and loves to get pierced at our hands". Reena commented.
Her assistant was smiling looking at the bobbling cock.
" Joy, are you scared.? Reena asked.
" Oh, no, I am all excited and you can look from the way the cock is responding. Now the cock is all at your mercy and in your hands and you can do to it-anything you like." Joy said smiling.
" Vanita, you assist me and Paul, my assistant will hold his legs.
Paul separated Joy's legs and held them and was eagerly looking at his cock.
" Vanita, where do you want the piercing to be done? Reena was asking.
I caught Joy's cock and called Reena to help me, select the spot.
" May be we could pierce his scrotum at any place you select, but let us pierce the cock frenum, near it's mouth . It would look good. What do u think?" I said.
Reena came close to the table and held the cock in her hands and inspected it closely.
"Yes may be piercing it at this point may look nice." she touched the marker to a point near the cock mouth.
"I will pierce the scrotum in the middle between the two testicles--on the joint."
" Select the Jewels you like, from the various sizes in this tray" she said.
I selected two barbell rings, which I liked and handed it to Reena.
" You hold the cock at it's base so that it will not bounce too much. If it bounces too much, it would make the piercing difficult. Do you want Paul to help you.? Reena asked.
The cock was bouncing and trying to pulsate with great f***e. Since I had never held the cock while getting pierced, I didnot want to take any risk. I nodded my head.
" Paul, put his legs in the stirrups and help her to hold the cock and his balls-- steady". Reena said.
Paul locked Joy's legs in the stirrups. The cock and balls were now fully exposed and well accessible to all of us. He came near me by my side and felt Roy's cock and balls. We could feel the cock was all excited and profusely leaking thick precum.
" Take that sterile gauze and wipe the mouth of the cock"..Reena said.
Paul got a piece of the cotton gauze and wiped the mouth of the cock. The cock was all throbbing, like a fish pulled out of water. I could clearly see a big tent in Paul's pants. I was sure his cock must have become as stiff as an iron rod. I was also becoming all wet in my panties. I could clearly see that Joy was enjoying the deep sensations in his most sensitive parts.
" Shall we pierce his scrotum first? asked Reena.
" Oh, yes you can do as you like." I said.
" Hold his cock away from his scrotum. I will first finish the scrotum. Paul, you locate his testicles and separate them so that the middle region is freely available to me." Reena said.
I was taking care of the poor cock and Paul was had separated his balls after groping and locating them and pulled them to two sides and was holding them there.
Reena came with the needle and applied some lotion to the area where the needle was to go in. She then took the needle and slowly pierced the scrotum. She inserted the Barbell and removed the needle. She screwed the two balls at the end of the Barbell. Paul released the two testicles he was holding.
Joy was totally engrossed in enjoying the whole show. Not an iota of screaming or a whimper of pain, came from his mouth. He was all smiling.
" Now we will take care of this devil." Reena said caressing the stiff cock with her hands.
"Vanita and Paul, now hold the little devil Let it not play naughty." Reena said smiling.
I was feeling all wet in my panties and the tent in Paul's pants was clearly visible. Me and Paul held the stiff cock.
Reena moved forward and applied the lotion in the marked area and slowly inserted the needle in his cock frenum, near it's mouth. Our three pairs of hands were playing and fondling his cock and all this was proving too much for the poor thing. I could feel the cock trembling and getting more and more stiff. I am sure may be just two or three strokes could have been enough to milk it. The needle went in smoothly. She put the selected Barbell and slowly removed the needle. Then she screwed the two balls at the end and the jewels looked so nice on the stiff hard cock.
There was no much bl**d.
"Look how nicely the cock has taken the needles and the jewels." Reena was fondling the cock and appreciating her nice work.While appreciating the stiff cock with nice jewels, she could not resist the temptation of giving it a few strokes, with her loving hands.
"Oh, the devil is squirting it's milk. Vanita, why don't you take it in your mouth or it would make a whole of mess on the table." Reena said suddenly.
I could also sense and feel, the cock erupting it's cream, as I was familiar with it. I immediately took the cock in my mouth and felt the cock blasting it's thick nice cream--deep inside my mouth in squirt after squirt. The cock vibrating deep inside my mouth while giving out it's essence, was a great feeling. I sucked the cream to it's last drop.
I promised her to come next time for my nipples and we walked out of her piercing studio. I felt great pity for Paul's throbbing cock and Reena's wet pussy.....
We will never forget the cock piercing experience....

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