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A f****y Affair

To say that my s****r & I were close is an understatement. Our mother, who never throws anything away showed us the earliest picture she had of us, an ultrasound, which clearly shows me spooning my twin s****r, months before we were even born, what can I say, I love doggy style even to this very day.

25 years ago I entered this world through a very tight warm 16 year old vagina, mum was a very young mother, probably one of the first yummy mummies. Then 5 minites after I arrived I saw my s****r naked for the first, but not the last time. I dont actually remember my twin s****r being born but I know I dont like it when she is not around so those first five minutes in this world without her would have been tourture.

We did everything together, we shared toys, clothes, bikes, friends we even shared baths & beds together till we were around 14.

As a result we were very close & told each other everything, sharing way to many experiences together to even attempt to put them on paper here.

We were normal k**s & we noticed as we got older each others & our own bodies changing, we became curious & there was probably more touching of private parts in this f****y than many others, but not in a sick perverted or even sexual way, it just felt like a natural, normal exporation. I could see nothing wrong with my s****r touching my cock out of curiousity, it wasnt sexual, she just didnt have one of her own & wanted to know all about it, how it felt, why it did what it did & how it got so big for no apparant reason.

Our baths became a never ending eye opening exploraton as we discussed our deepest secets & showed each other our developing bodies. My s****r developed faster than me & loved to show me her new tricks, how rubbing the little bead at the tip of her vaginal opening could make her squirm, how if she rubbed it enough she would become breathless & occassionally squirt clear oderless fluids many feet into the air. She loved to show me how her breasts were developing & wanted my advice on how they looked in certain bra's, tops & dresses.

Likewise my s****r was very curious & an attentive audience when I showed her what an erect cock could actually do when it to was stroked in the correct manner, and although I to excreted fluids several feet into the air mine were thick & white as oposed to her clearer juices. She even pointed out to me that mine were more salty in tatse than hers were.

At night we would cuddle in bed, mum had us dress for bed in our best pj's but they quickly came off under the covers & we would resume the spooning postion we enjoyed in mums womb many years ago, my cock often erect & firmly planted between my s****rs warm arse cheeks. We never actually achieved penetration but I am sure we both fantasised abot it. Well I know I did.

Mum had been a single mum most of our lives. She was just 16 with twin c***dren & all alone. I remember as a young boy mum often joining us in the bath, we would all play with toys, laugh & sing & play with soap, blowing bubbles & generally enjoying each others company. I clearly remember the last bath mum had with us. Mum would have still only been 27 or 28. She loved exercise & always looked fit, young and healthy, something she instilled in both my s****r & I. I know I had started noticing how attractive mum was, watching her full breasts as opposed to my s****rs flat chest, her thick long hard nipples again different to mine & my s****rs, whilst my s****r & I were hairless on our bodies, mum had a well trimmed but hairy area covering her groin where my s****r had 2 small smooth lips. I remember on this night watching mum step out of the bath, water dripping down her breasts & nipples, over her stomach, back & her firm arse, and I watched as she towelled off, then she told me it was time to hop out of the bath so she could dry me off. As I tood up my s****r & mum both gazed at my erect cock, dripping with warm water & soapy suds. I guess it was propbaly one of my first erections that was brought on by desire, i didnt know what I desired I just knew I liked looking at mums naked body at that point in time.

Mum didnt say a word but as she towled my dry she spent an unusually long time drying my erect cock with the towel, I squirmed & groaned, unsure if I was enjoying this or if it was hurting, then mum must have realised what she was doing & stopped. She finished drying me off & sent me to bed, my s****r soon followed.

Mum had stayed single for ages, but as we got into our early teens she started dating. She had a few men stay over & me & my s****r would often giggle in bed listening to her & her partners playing adult games.

One night when we were about 14 my s****r suggested we sneek to mums bedroom window & peek in when she was with one of her new boyfriends.

Off we snuck in our pj's & waited outside mums bedroom window, after a while we heard some moaining & we peeked through the window. What we saw has remained one of the most vivid sexual memories I can ever recall. Mum was naked kneeling on the bed, her boyfriend was standing also naked in front of her his cock much, much bigger & thicker than mine at that time, was erect & covered at times by mums lips, tounge & mouth. He moaned as mums tounge ran from the tip of his cock to the base of his shaft & then back again & I gasped as I saw his huge rod disappear all the way down mums throat. My s****r gasped as he stroked his hard cock to orgasm covering mums face & tounge with thick jets of cum as I felt my own erection straining against the fly of my pyjama bottoms. We watched as he lifted mum onto the bed & started to lick & suck her feet, licking all the way up mums inner thights till his face was nestled neatly on her vagina, he licked & sucked her as she groaned & I watched mums fingers squeezing her sexy breats & nipples together as she arched her back into the air, pushing and grinding her vagina into his face.

He stood up, cock erect, my s****r was In awe of how big it was, as she smaked me on my cock joking I was tiny compared to him.

He placed the head of his penis against mums vagina & eased it slowly into her & we watched as they fucked in numerous positions for almost an hour. Both moaning & groaning in pleasure, then I remember him kissing mum & walking away, most likely to the bathroom & watching his thick white semen ooze out of mums freshly fucked vagina as she lay spread eagled & naked in front of us, her pussy covered in cum which glistened in the moonlight that shone through the window.

My s****r & I snuck off to bed & chatted about what we had just seen, my s****r who was so taken about how big his cock was joked about how next tme she masterbated she would love to use something a bit bigger & pretend it was mums boyfriend fucking her then we both materbated to orgams as the other watched before going to sl**p.

As we got older we stayed close but for obvious reasons mum decided we should sl**p apart, we occassionaly snuck into each others room for a few rubs & some spooning but as we started experimenting with out own lusts for others the nightly sibling visits became less frequent.

I do know that I was very jealous when I saw my s****r with another guy & one night when she took her then boyfriend back to her room, I was a nervous, jealous wreck.

When he left she came to my room to tell me about him & I lost it. For the first time ever we had a really serious argument & I called her a slut & slapped her across the face.

She huddled up in the corner holding her face crying, she said all they did was kiss, they did nothing sexual. I felt so bad and I too started crying, I took her in my arms & held her, saying over & over to her that I was sorry & that it was wrong for me to be so jealous.

Then unexpectedly my s****r kissed me, now we had kissed many times but not like this, this was sexual & it was hot, her mouth locked onto mine, her lips were wet & moist & her tounge shot into my mouth, stunned I kissed her back and we locked lips for over 5 minutes.

"you know I would never do anything to hurt you on purpose" she said to me, looking deep into my eyes, "I love you, like I can love no other, I want to do something special for you, that you will always remember" & with that she knelt down on her knees, unbuckled my jeans & removed my cock from its shackles. Kind of in shock I just went with the flow as I felt my s****rs hand stroking my cock which was rapidly becoming erect. "You have grown in the last few years" she purred, staring at my now fully erect twitching cock and rubbing my smooth balls. Then I felt her warm breath on my glans, her tounge touching my skin & her velvety smooth wet mouth engulf my penis, I kind of mumbled a protest that we shouldnt be doing this but stopped as the sensation of my s****rs long blonde hair flowing over my cock as she sucked me & rubbed my balls was to hard to resist. I didn't last long & even though I warned her I was cumming she kept her mouth firmly planted on my cock like a hoover vacuum cleaner, I felt my balls tighten & the familiar contractions of orgasm approach as my cock began to spurt load after load of thick hot, white semen deep into my s****rs warm willing mouth> s*s took every last drop of cum that I could pump into her & I reckon it was one big heavy load.

I watched my s****rs pretty face as she swallowed my cum, her eyes locked on mine as my wet dripping cock brushed her cheeks & lips as she licked my shaft & balls clean, she swallowed for the last time, giving my cock a gentle smack & said "I have wanted to do that to you for so long" Then she lay back on my bed, lifted her skirt to reveal she was wearing no panties & asked "Would you like to return the favour?"

Did I ever want to, I remeber watching mums boyfriend that night through her window & started the same way by licking my s****rs toes & thighs but s*s knew what she wanted & directed my face to her warm moist snatch. She smelled so fresh like she had freshly showered & she tatsed so sweet, I licked her inner lips, her outer lips, darted my tounge in out of her young tight vagina & sucked on her hard little clit as she raised her hips off the bed & pushed herself harder onto my face, I licked & sucked on her pussy for what seemed like ages as she screamed in orgasm over & over again, then she pushed me back a step as she furiously rubbed her clit in front of my face, bringing herself to a suirting orgasm, shooting her own warm, sticky juices over all my face & tounge.

We lay on my bed together, covered in each others cum I fondled her perky breasts as she stroked my cock and we drifted off to sl**p.

That night was never repeated and a year later for the first time in our lives we found ouselves apart as I joined the marine corps & left home for the first time.

We wrote to each other & chatted on the phone but it wasn't the same as being there. I thought back to our many chats, our baths, our spooning, watching mum getting fucked silly, our masterbation shows we would put on for one another and of course the super hot oral session we enjoyed not long after we turned 16.

I dated other girls when I was allowed leave but all I could think about when i was fucking them was my s****r, I wondered if it was the same for her.

I called her & told her I was coming home on my next leave visit, we hadnt seen each other in a year, I had to know if she felt the same way about me & if she did how hot the sex would be....and for some reason there was one fantasy I could not shake from my mind, I wanted to fuck my s****rs in her tight virgin arse. All I know was my leave could not cum quick enough.

To be continued......

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