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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 21

So there it was, a clearing full of fucking couples and a 3sum that was going like tonight was the end of the world. Katie was taking Clay deep, Rob was starting to hammer away on Angela, Candi was still bouncing her tight ass up and down hard on Johnson's monster and Jenni was being brutally fucked by Jason and Logan's throbbing cocks buried in her hot snatch while a vibe hummed away up her sexy little butt.
And not a single complaint was to be heard from the local peanut gallery who had finished their fucking and were now the spectators of this wild and magical fuckfest under the light of a full harvest moon.
This would certainly qualify as a harvest festival to some folks. The bevy of beautiful horny women who were satisfying the lusts of the greedy men or were they satisfying their own greedy lusts by using the men will never be known since everyone was so willing and eager to share.

Candi was, like I said bouncing merrily along with a vibe humming on her clit and Johnson buried balls deep in her tight ass. This was all well and good for a while, a very long while, but suddenly Johnson snapped Candi forward and without ever losing his grip on her ass he stood behind her and became a fucking machine, ramming his monster cock harder and faster into Candi's grasping greedy asshole, "Come on Johnson give me your fuck pole big boy, make me fucking explode with you on that fucker. I want to feel your hot spunk in my guts dammit, Fuck my sluts ass and make me know you love my tight hole wrapped around your cock. Come on you big cocked bastard ram that son of a bitch deep in me, make me fucking scream when I feel you cum." and Johnson was hammering that tender tight brown eye like he was never going to get anymore ever again. Candi was forcing her ass back as far as she could and his fingers dug in cruelly to her hips. They were both beyond giving a shit, all they could feel was the wanton lust consuming them, driving them closer and closer to an explosive orgasm that they both wanted and needed. Johnson had never had a woman who wanted his fucking huge cock in her asshole, Candi was the first to ever ask him to fuck her ass, he had been amused when she asked but now after using her and seeing how much she enjoyed it he was getting close to flooding her asshole with his semen. He wanted the cum blasting into her asshole and f***e it to run out and down her legs for everyone to see so he kept hammering her cock swallowing asshole and she kept asking for him to go harder, faster and deeper.
Candi was amazing to him, he gave her everything he had and she still wanted more, more, more...finally he had no more to give and his balls tightened up and his cock swelled up a bit more and Candi knew she was finally going to get what she wanted, She felt Johnson tighten his grip and heard his ragged breath as his orgasm suddenly flooded up his monster cock and burst deep inside her shitter, she felt the scalding cum blasting deeper and suddenly she felt it being f***ed out her asshole and begin running down her legs, Johnson was almost screaming in his ecstasy as he flooded Candi's asshole and for her part she did screech aloud as she felt his orgasm and joined him in a monumental explosion of lights and sounds in her own numbed mind!
Johnson sat down with Candi still impaled on his throbbing cum spewing cock and leaned her way back spreading her thighs far apart, as she ground down on him their juices were running down the crack of her ass onto his balls and making a puddle in the chair beneath them. Candi was ecstatic with what had just happened and she finally saw Monica, Travis, and Cayla watching with big smiles as Johnson and She finished a very fun anal fuck.
As she sat there she could feel Johnson's member start to get softer and smaller, but she refused to move off of him. She told Johnson to "Hang on loverboy, I wanna see if we can make him grow again in my ass."
Johnson was surprised and delighted, every other woman who had been required to take him in the ass had been racked with pain and cried. To have a woman who not only enjoyed it but wanted more was a rare gift as far as he was concerned. He wasn't about to move if she said to stay!

Angela and Rob were still slow fucking doggie style and didn't appear to be in any hurry about their lovemaking, They were having a nice relaxing time enjoying each other under the moonlight, on a wonderful night outdoors. Since they had been watching the others and enjoying themselves they saw no need to hurry or be frantic like some of the others, namely Jason and Logan who were still going at rabbit speed and poor Jenni whose cunt was stretched out by having both of their cocks sawing back and forth so hard and fast. Not to mention that vibrating butt plug those 2 fucking little pervs had found to use on her.
Clay and Katie were still playing around also, with Clay teasing her asshole with a vibe as he continued to use the G-spot vibe in her pussy as they 69'd on a padded bench.

But Jenni was losing it, she was chanting to Jason and Logan to "Fucking cum already you bastards, my cunt is getting hammered by you 2 fucking morons, What the fuck do you think this is? Oh shit I'm fucking cumming again, give me some more cock, fuck me harder, oh yeah, fuck me like that, really hammer my cunt now, oh fuck, oh shit, yeah baby give me cock, oh yeah, That's it baby fuck me, fuck my slutty cunt and make me cum hard again, ohoh oh oh, yea yea yea, that's it oh yeah oh yeah, more more harder...OH FUCK YEAH you bastards that's it, now ram me hard and cum in my cunt, use me you bastards use my slut cunt oh fuck yea oh oh fuck"
That was it, Jason pulled free and squirted his cum up in the air all over Logan's pounding cock and Jenni's ass crack, he jacked and jacked until he felt his cock going limp and Logan still went into Jenni's abused stretched out cunt and continued to spank her tiny tight ass, but he suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back cruelly and pulled free of her cunt. He pounded his pud furiously and began to shoot all over Jenni's back and up into her hair.
When he had finished he plopped his ass down next to Jenni and just starred at her. Jason had been able to work his way out from underneath Jenni and gotten a bottle of water. As he finished it he took a bottle to Jenni and handed it to her, she rolled the ice cold bottle all over her hot sweat covered body and when Logan asked "Where's mine?" Jason told him "Get off your lazy ass and go get your own fucker."

The spectators rolled with laughter at these 2 and their moronic behavior. They were like someones little b*****rs who tagged along.

Now there were just 2 couples left enjoying themselves and neither of them looked to be in any hurry to finish or to provide anything in the way of varied entertainment as they were just slowly and passionately enjoying their coupling. Though you have to admit that Katie and Clay were a bit involved with toys in a pretty heavy 69 and Katie had started to squirt on occasion as Clay wickedly used the vibes on her tender spots and tweaked her nipples.
That suddenly ended with a loud "Yow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohmother fucker, what the fuck are you doing, oh son of a bitch dont stop, oh please Clay dont stop. give me more of that oh yeah baby right there just like that oh fuck yeah oh yea baby Oh Clay oh shit mother fucker what the fuck oh oh oh dammit that's never been done before" and Katie let forth with a gushing squirt job that had to be seen to be believed.
She must have shot 8-10 FEET and she kept gushing, Clay was drenched and laughing his ass off to the point he almost drowned himself but he wouldn't let up on Katie until she was begging him to stop and she flopped forward on him.
Clay slowly pulled the vibrators free from Katie and worked his way out from beneath her, someone threw him a couple of towels as everybody sat there stunned by this sudden and totally unexpected display of a woman's ability to squirt!
It was something to see and to talk about. Katie for her part just lay there as Clay covered her with the towels and then got her something to drink.

It must have excited Rob because Angela was saying "Hey big boy, whatcha in a hurry for now? I was enjoying having you for a long time slowly fucking me." "Sorry honey, but that last one got me all fucking excited and now I want to feel you cumming on my cock"
"Okay Rob, well you better work it like you know I love it then." and Rob began to work it like Angela wanted it. He stood up and picked her up, holding her knees back to her breasts he spread his feet and began to bounce Angela full length up and down down on his big cock as she pinched her nipples and talked nasty to him. Monica had seen this in a movie once, but to watch Rob make Angela lean back against his chest and ride his cock like that spread wide open for everyone to see was so fucking exciting and erotic.
Her petite body was so tight you could see Rob's cock head outlined against her belly as it plunged into the depths of her cunt and it wasn't long before Angela was calling for Rob to cum in her pussy.
She didn't have long to wait for Rob, just a few minutes of this strenuous position was enough and he said "Here it blows baby, just for you tonight, milk me baby it's all yours."
"It's about damn time loverboy, shoot your spunk in my guts and make me know you been here. come on fill me up till I leak. Don't be shy fucker make it good."
And then Angela began to orgasm on Robs fucking cock, He stood still and held her close as she shuddered and rocked making little whimpering sounds of pleasure. When she finished Rob gently sat her down and went to get her a drink and a towel.

It was hard to believe that they had been in the clearing long enough for everyone to be sated at least temporarily. And in the distance they heard the chimes sounding a little while later, though none of them were aware that it was after 1 a.m.

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