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Young taboo sex

I met Barb at a back rehab center and shortly afterward moved with her and her 17yo Daughter (Jen) and 14yo Son (Jake). The rehab hadn't done much for me and I had to have surgery, after which I was only allowed to be up 20 minutes every hour. I had been sl**ping on the couch as Barb didn't want to disturb me with her tossing and turning.

One night I was sitting up, as the pain was keeping me awake, when Jen walked out from the spare bedroom, she had a friend 14yo (Mary) staying with her for the summer. Jen was always a tease wearing skimpy clothes and this was no different. She was wearing a skimpy see thru nighty. She walked up to me and asked if I was okay, I told her I was just having a little pain. She gave me a hug by pulling my head to her, which was at pussy level, and said sorry I was having pain. I took in the sweet scent of her pussy and told her it would be okay, I was going to take a couple of pain pills and they would knock me out in no time. She left to get me a glass of water, I shook the pill container as if I was getting the pills out and acted like I took the pills when she handed me the water. I was thinking she had plans for me once I was out and I wanted to be awake if I was right. She said good night and went to her room.

I layed there feigning I was asl**p and in about 30 mins., Jen walked by and went to Mary's room. I thought, damn I guess I was wrong. Then they both came creeping in to where I lay, talking very low I heard Mary ask Jen what she was doing?

"I want to see how big his cock is."

"What if he wakes up?" Mary asked.

"He won't, he took some pain pills we can do what ever we want."

I was already getting hard from what I was hearing. Jen pulled out my cock and I heard her tell Mary it was as thick as her arm. She started to slowly stroke it and then she sucked it into her mouth.

"Ohh, where'd you learn to do that?" Mary asked.

As Jen continued to stoke me I heard her tell Mary she had been going to a adult bookstore and watching different movies in the booths in the back. She told her that the clerk there thought she was 21 or just didn't care because of the way she dressed. Mary started asking her what kind of movies she had seen and Jen told her there were alot of really kinky movies, women doing women, women fucking and sucking men, she even saw one where a woman sucked and fuck a dog. She told Mary that was why she talked her Mom into getting the Great Dane they have.

"You mean you sucked and fucked Manny?" exclaimed Mary!

"Not yet, I haven't got up the nerve, but I have jacked him off and his cock is HUGE!" Jen replied.

All this was going on while Jen Stroked my cock, which was now hard as a rock. The girls were to preoccupied with my cock to notice I was watching them, my eyes opened just enough to see. My cock was at it's full 9" by now.

Mary- "His cock isn't as long as your b*****r's, but it's so much thicker."

Jen- "You want to suck it before I climb on and fuck ths moster."

Mary- "Hell yes!"

I felt Mary's mouth pushing down over my knob, I thought to myself I got to hold out, I'd love to shoot in this 14yo's mouth, but I want to feel Jen's pussy sliding up and down my cock and maybe I'd be lucky enough to get Mary's too. Mary didn't get much in her mouth, but she slobbered all over it and what she did manage to slide up and down felt damn good. after 5 or so minutes of Mary sucking, Jen told her she wanted to fuck me. She straddled me and as she lowered herself down, Mary guided my throbbing member into her pussy. I almost came as she did, but somehow managed to hold back. Jen's cunt was soo fucking wet and tight. As she slid her little cunt up and down my shaft, Mary started licking my balls, Jen was moaning, her pace was quickening and suddenly she gasped and went limp. I could feel her juices running down my cock and accross my balls. I knew she had just had a huge orgasm.

Mary- "I want some."

As Jen climbed off my cock, I heard Mary saying it was still so hard and thick. Mary is a cute petite little red head with Emerald green eyes. She straddled me and as she lowwered herself down, Jen guided my cock to her cunt. I could tell from the first moment my cock head met her cunt she was going be really tight. It took her a little time to get my thick cock into her cunt. As she was doing so I could hear squeal a little each time she pushed down on my shaft. Once she had her ass to my stomach she just sat there gathering her composure. Then she started to slowly pump herself up and down my shaft. GOD, her cunt was so fucking tight, I couldn't believe a 17 & 14 year old were taking advantage of me while I was sl**ping. Well, at least they thought I was sl**ping.

It didn't take long and Mary stiffened and the went limp, still impaled on my cock she sobbed.........

"That was so fucking good, I wish he was awake and He would fuck us."

Little did they know that I was awake and was already making plans to do just that at a later date.

Jen- "He hasn't even cum yet, Mary have you ever eaten cum?"

Mary- "No, why?"

Jen- "I'm going to jack him off until he cums and I just want to know if you want some or if I get all of it."

Mary- "I want some too."

Jen started stroking me faster and faster and shortly my cum shot into Jen's face. She covered my cock with her mouth sucking up my hot load, then she squeezed the base of my cock tight and told Mary to put her mouth over it. Mary did so and when Jen let loose the remainder squirted into Mary's hot waiting mouth.

Afetrward I heard the girls talking about how good it was and they wanted more. They were talking about the next time I took pain pills they would have to have more, but I had other plans. Mary tucked my cock back into my shorts and went back to Mary's room.

I lay there thinking about what just took place, but also what I heard. What was that about Jen's b*****r having a longer cock and that Jen wanted to fuck and suck their Great Dane. I fell asl**p thinking about what I was going to do with them, now that I had this to hold over there heads.

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