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Dirty, Raw, Pure Filthy Sex with an 18 Year Old

The 3 of them approached me in the nightclub asking if I would buy them drinks beacuse they were only 18 and 21 is the legal drinking age. They already appeared tipsy, giggling & flirting, they probably raided mum & dads liquor cabinet before leaving home. I told the girls I would shout them drinks all night long on on condition that at the end of the night one of them would have to repay the debt as I saw fit. The silly girls giggled & agreed, not Knowing what was instore for one of them.

I picked my target early. None of them were what I would call glamours but one, Lisa, was probably the cutest. She had long straight mousey brown hair, nice size breasts for her age & a cute tight butt. She wore braces that made her look even younger & sexy librarian style glasses, her eyes seemed innocent but her lips had a cum fuck me look about them. When I brought drinks for the girls I always made Lisa's a double & by the end of the night she was hammered.

The girls danced the night away, I occassionaly danced with them getting the odd grope in with the other 2 but pouring most of my attention onto Lisa, making sure she could feel my hard cock pressing up against her from behind on more than a few occasions.

Then I decided it was time.

I told the girls the free drinks were up, they protested loudly, rubbing my legs, pressing their breasts against my arm trying to get me to stay. I was ready for some anamilistic sex not some prick teasing by a few inexperienced tarts. I threw another $100 on the table & told the girls to treat themselves but took Lisa by the hand & told the girls Lisa would be back soon as she had to pay off the drinks tab for the 3 of them. They all looked worried, as they should have, but Lisa was to d***k to protest & the other 2 were already at the bar liquoring up.

I took Lisa into the back lane behind the nightclub, shit I had a wife & 2 k**s at home, taking home an 18 year old peice of arse would not have gone down to well. I pushed Lisa up against a wall & started to kiss her neck, raising her skirt & rubbing her crotch through her panties, which were damp from a night of sweaty dancing and maybe from being a little turned on. She protested a little but i could feel her clit through her panties. After a few vigourous rubs I had her knees buckling, she gasped, "I have never done this before, please be gentle with me". Fat chance I thought as I pulled her panties to the side & shoved 3 fingers straight up her tight hole.

I finger fucked her hard as she pushed back against the wall, I used my spare hand to unzip my pants & pulled out my erect cock, stroking it as the cool night air tickled my balls. I turned Lisa around & shoved my hard cock deep inside of her, she wanted this to be soft & tender, well she lost her virginity in less than 3 minutes with my cock buried deep inside her cunt, her face pushed hard up against a urine stenched wall in a dimly lit lane behind a nightclub.

I pushed my hands up her top, pulling her bra down which in turn pushed her breasts upwards, her breats felt puffy, her nipples hard from the cold. I squeezed them hard as I pumped my cock into her warm tunnel, Pulling out for just a minute I dropped to the ground, kneeling in the piles of rubbish & likced her pussy & arse with my tounge, she moaned even more as I eased my tounge into her super tight rosebud arse & rubbed her clit at the same time. Easing five fingers into her pussy I started to ease 2 into her spit covered arse. I could tell Lisa was not keen on the fingers in the arse but I wasnt stopping now, I pulled my fingers out & came up from behind her, placing my hand over her mouth & making her lick her own smelly arse juices of my sticky fingers, I pumped my cock deep into her pink chockolate starfish shaped arse. I could hear her muffled screams as I pumped harder, slamming my swinging balls up against her arse with each thrust of my raging boner. I pulled out of her for just a moment & looked down at her sexy naked arse & wet dripping pussy, shinning in the flouresecent glow of the street light further down the lane, I looked down & saw my cock standing stiff as a board, pre cum oozing from the tip & the two of us standing amongst rubbish cans, litter & god knows what else. I looked to my left & saw a homelss guy watching us, his pants around his ankles, his hard cock poking though his dirty trench coat, his fithy hands jerking off what appeared to be an abnormaly thick cock as he witnessed a live sex show from 2 strangers in his own living room. I rammed my cock back into Lisa's tight arse as hard as I could, she was alomost screaming now & I was ready to cum, I pumped her arse for another minute or two then pulled out, turned Lisa around & threw her to her knees, pushing my cock past her cum fuck me lips, over the cool steel of her braces, deep into her throat. I pumped my hard cock with my fist which was now covered in her smelly arse juice then removed my hand as I was about to cum, pulling her head hard against my groin, my sticky fingers wrapped in her long mousey brown hair, she gagged & coughed as I pushed deeper into her mouth & exploded, a massive thick load of hot white goey cum filling her mouth, she pulled back, cum oozing out the sides of her mouth as I pumpped a final few gushes of cum over her young face & glasses.

The homeless dude was now only a few feet away & from his moaing I guessed he was close to cumming, I beconned him over & he blew his thick disgusting load all over her hair & face, he grinned, pulled up his smelly track suit pants & dissapeared into the dark laneway.

I looked down as Lisa, was sprawled in a pile of rubbish, legs spread wide, skirt up around her waist, her pussy lips clearly visible in the dim light, one breast exposed her glasses, face, lips & hair covered in semen. Amongst the rubbish she was sitting in there was what appeared to be several used condoms.

I watched Lisa stumble to her feet. I wiped the cum from her face with her panties, these I kept as a momento. I told Lisa she had one more thing to do before we parted. "Whats that" she stammered. "You have to thank me".

"Thanks" she muttered as she went back inside to her 2 friends.

I went home to the missus & the k**s after a night of

Dirty, Raw, Pure Filthy Sex with an 18 Year Old.

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