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Slave part 15

Master stands in front of me with his drink in one hand and the whip hanging from the other, "Do you like being whipped?"

I can't say no so I nod yes worrying how much he will hurt me.

"Such a good slave," master whispers as he pulls his hand back to swing the whip at me. "You will stand still for me while I whip you, won't you."

Nodding yes again I wait for a master to use me as he wishes.

I hear the swish of it as it swings through the air towards me. I tense for the pain of its first hit.


Oh god, he's whipped me so softly.

At the last second Son slows the whip to have it land gently on my left tit. It hits me hard enough to make the tit lift and shake but leaves no mark if you don't count the hot feeling of being touched by a whip just hard enough. The lashes and the knots cover my tit and wrap around to excite my back. Then he begins to rain soft lashes all over me. My skin begins to get hot and it is all I can do stand still as he drives me crazy with desire. The lashes hit me everywhere he wants. I writhe and moan out my complete acceptance of this wonderful torture. When the lashes hit my back the knotted ends hit the sides of my tits and leave little red marks. He uses the whip to hit my cunt and I move my legs farther apart to let my master have his way, feeling the wonder of a little pain and the complete pleasure of being whipped like he wants as he moves around me hitting me everywhere. Soon my whole body is tingling with hot joy as I stand for master with my arms up and my hands locked behind my head to the collar; totally exposed to every hit he gives me. My knees become weak but I must stand for the man that uses me. I feel myself getting so wet as he whips me gently on my tits, on my ass, my back and my legs; everywhere. I turn to present myself for each hit; wanting it, needing it, and feeling my whole body getting hotter and hotter until I have an orgasm just from his hard gentle whipping. I can't believe how sensual I feel. And then there is more. At a signal from master the girls approach me with one kneeling in front of me to begin clicking at my clit whenever master isn't hitting it there with his whip and the other touching me, licking me and kissing me wherever the whip has landed. I am in heaven with two girls licking me; sucking my clit and tits and caressing me while master whips me again and again so softly. I can't take anymore sensations and orgasm again.

Master smiles at me as he swings the whip one last time; hard enough, this time, to leave angry red welts on my tit then he stops to say, "Prepare her for me." The harem girls take me to a bed in the room and chain me to the head board by my neck collar. My hands are locked to the short chains on my collar as well. I start feeing my tits and look up at Son as he walks toward me with his hardness swaying in front of him. I know that that we both want each other as he climbs onto the bed and kneel between my spread legs to push his hard cock into me. I raise my legs to lift my cunt and push him deeper into me with my heels. He feels so good, so long and thick, as he slides into my wet slave hole. I feel so full as he fucks me on the bed; lifting me to every thrust he gives, his hands holding my ass to pull himself deeper. The thick head of his cock glides up and down inside me and pushes against something at the bottom of my slave hole each time he buries it deep in me. I knew the word for what he's touching but I have forgotten it. I don't care; the feeling just makes me feel like a slave.

"I want you to cum on my hard cock," he moans into my ear as he pounds me into the bed.

"Yes!" both my voices scream.

"Oh, God, fuck me," I silently scream as I grunt each time Son buries himself into me.

"Cum on his cock?" I ask myself and almost laugh. I have already had at least a dozen orgasms tonight and, yes, I want more. This master, this man is incredible. I do cum on his cock on his command.

He is still hard and pushing into me over and over.

"Get on your knees," he pants as he pulls out of me.

I feel so empty as I hurry to follow his orders. I get on my knees with my head down on the bed looking back at him. I can see him looking at my ass with lust in his eyes as puts his wonderful cock back into me. The long sigh I give is real when I feel the thick head of his cock slide into my warmth, my slave cunt again.

"Is this what it's like being made love to?" my small voice asks.

"He is a master. He doesn't love you. He is just dominating you with his tenderness," my loud voice says.

Sometimes I hate that voice.

When master finally cums in me I feel his cock pulse over and over; spewing his hot sperm deep inside me as I push my hips up to accept it; feeling some part of me move deep inside. With a last thrust he collapses on me to f***e me down onto the bed and falls asl**p on top of me. My last memory of this wonderful night is feeling the covers of the bed being pulled over me by the harem girls and them crawling into the bed with us to cuddle.

The next morning the bed is empty but for me and I am trapped on it by my chains, alone and happy from how I was used last night; used so well, used so tenderly. I sigh and stretch feeling so warm, so wet, so much a slave. It feels so good. It feels so very wrong. I shouldn't feel this way but I do. I feel so much a slut and love the idea.

"No, don't think that!" I think as I lay in the bed with the cum of a master leaking out of me.

"But you loved being fucked by that kind man, didn't you?" my soft voice asks.

The loud voice is silent for a change. Anybody watching me would wonder why I nod my head yes and moan.

Soon a man comes in to free me from the bed and I am taken to the truck with its cage again and another day from hell begins. This time I am chained under a table in another bar and instructed to suck the cock or pussy of any person that sits there.

It seems that everybody in town knows about me now. Some of the women I lick smell of their own piss and the cum from their husbands or lovers. The day is endless with men and women sitting in the chair in front of me and exposing their cocks or pussies to be licked and sucked. I know now that my week in Sheik's palace is going to be so degrading and this is only the third day. I wonder what he can think of next.

The nights are worse. I am sent to the barracks after each humiliating day and the men use me. One night there are three men fucking each of my slave holes while I am made to stroke two others with my hands. Even more men stand over me to masturbate themselves and cover me with their cum.

I soon learn to love every degrading minute of every day and night. There is nothing I won't do now. I walk proudly to the truck with its cage each day and look forward to the nights.

Sheik has me in his rooms one night and Son the next. One man beats me and the other makes tender love to me. I don't care which now, I take what is given to me and hope that I can survive until my Master comes to save me and make me into the fancy he wants.

I don't think of escape anymore, I think of being saved by Master. There is no escape in this desert.

The worst day is what turns out to be the last day. I am left to kneel naked in the town square with my wrists locked to the back ring of my gold collar and jeered at by the people in the town. I am proud; I show them my tits and my cunt. I want them to use me. Men pull me down dark alleys and fuck what ever hole they want. Women just point at me and laugh as I kneel in the hot sun. Some women pull me away and lift their skirts to tell me to lick their hairy pussies. I have become the town slut. Surprisingly I love being so used, so naked. If my hands were free I would lie on the ground and finger myself in front of the whole village until I came. I don't mind being covered in dirt and mud and the cum of so many men.

I don't know what day it is anymore but this time, when I am put in the cage the truck takes a different road; the road to the airport.

"Master is here for you!" my voices yell.

When we get there I am disappointed. Master isn't there to meet me, but my girls are, though. I look at Asia and Russia with loving eyes as they help me out of the cage and onto the plane.

Master has sent a small jet to bring me to him. I lie back in my chair and feel my girls touch me and clean me as we fly away from the worst week in my young life as a slave.

Son fucked me so well and Sheik used his whips on me like a true master and I wish that I could forget how the men and women of the town used me like the slut slave I am now, but I can't. I remember each cock I sucked and every pussy I licked. I am such a slave.

When we land on Master's island I am led off the plane into the heat of the tropics by a leash attached to my cunt and met by Tattoo. She pushes a needle into me and I fall to the floor.

I slowly come awake to find myself in a room that is more extravagant than any other I have ever been in before or even imagined for that matter.

"Is this my room?" No, that's not right, I really am a slave now. "Is this the room that my Master will keep me in?" I'm wrong again. "There is no my anything now, I'm Master's slave and everything I know is his." It's sad but true, this is how I must think about Master from now on.

"Am I really on one of his islands now," I ask myself as I look around in awe.

The room is round with dozens of marble pillars holding up a dome whish is covered in mosaic tiles and open in the center to the clear blue sky above me. Between the pillars, there are no walls, I can see out all around me. The room, no, it's not a room it is a pavilion in a grove of palm trees with ponds filled with lily pads and lotus plants and beyond the low flowering bushes there is a lagoon rippling in the bright sun.

"Where am I?"

I sit up straighter on the bed I find myself on, turning around on it as I stare at the sheer opulence around me. In the distance, there is a huge pink mansion right on the edge of the beach and shaded by tall palms.

The only things in the pavilion I am in are the bed I am on and the thick carpets on the floor. I wonder why I am not chained to the bed and I shudder when I realize that I am chained in a larger sense; I can't get off this island. I can't escape. The only escape is a long swim in the ocean that breaks over the reef in the distance and I know it won't let me out either.

When I try to stand and walk across the room to go out into the sun I fall to the floor. I realize I can't walk; something is wrong with my feet! My whole body aches as well.

"I can close my mouth!" I think as I lay on the thick carpets beside the bed. The round chain that goes from my pierced chin over my lips to the stud in my tongue fits in the gap I now find between my front teeth.

Master has given me the gold teeth he promised me some weeks ago. I wonder what else has been done to me while I was out as I inch back to the bed. My hands are chained to the thick gold belt around my waist making it hard to crawl. After a long struggle to get back onto the bed I try to take stock of this body that is owned by Master. I know now that it's not mine anymore. It belongs to him or whom ever he sells it.

"What has Master done to you this time," my quiet voice asks.

"We'll see," my loud voice, answers. "And I think you won't like some of what he has done to you."

"You haven't liked anything he has done," my quiet voice whispers.

"Quiet!" I yell in my mind.

I can't use my hands to touch my body but I feel uncomfortable sensations everywhere. My ankles hurt and my face aches. My tongue won't leave the new gold teeth alone and there are other disturbing tinges everywhere. I am happy to find that I don't have a tail like the Jaguars do.

My tongue! It's split! It has two tips now. Master has had my tongue cut down the center I realize and I sob even as I think how much it will thrill Master when I use my two tongues to lick his cock around the thick gold chain now.

I wait for my pounding heart to slow then try to figure out what else has been done to me while I was sedated. When I look down I see that my slave tits are even bigger, but so are my cheekbones, I can see even more of the black and gold 'S' tattooed on my face. The skin around my eyes is tighter. What has he done to me? Even my nose hurts. Are my lips bigger too? Yes they are. I must look like a cartoon by now!

Why can't I walk? I don't know; my feet keep pointing down and I can't straighten them.

I get up again to find that I have to walk on my toes. I need my high heeled shoes but they aren't anywhere that I can see and I couldn't put them on even if I did find them with my hands locked like they are. I am trapped in an open room. The only way I can stand now is by holding onto the bed but it hurts to do that for very long and what's the point. There is nowhere to go but where I am told to be on this island owned by my Master.

"Where is everybody?" I ask myself. I am almost tempted to say that out loud but I know that Master has me watched all the time and I'm not going to lose my tongue now; both halves. Not now, I will survive. He has to take me off the island sometime and then I will be ready. I will get away.

"Will he ever take you off the island?" my quiet voice asks.

"Shut up, you bitch!" I yell to myself.

"What do I look like now?" I wonder.

I notice other things about me now. There are more piercings on my legs. The pairs of rings that go down each of my sides and thighs reach my ankles now and are laced with deep blue ribbons. It really does look like I am sewn into my body now.

There's more that I find about me as I wait for somebody, anybody to come to me and free me from this open cage. Ridiculously long fingernails accidentally scratch at a too thin waist. I look down through my large tits to see my new plum colored nails and a waist that is as thin as if I was wearing a corset. I don't even wonder how Master's surgeons have done what they did to me.

I must have fallen back to sl**p again because the next thing I feel are soft lips on a slave tit gently sucking at my nipple. I sigh and try to pull whoever is tenderly using me harder onto my tit but my hands are locked to my waist still. Instead I push up as hard as I can, arching my back; urging the mouth to suckle me more. I hope it is him, the Master that owns me.

Looking down in the dim light of a tropical sunset, I see the black head of Master as he softly licks at my tit and I feel something I have never felt before. It's not love, it can't be. I am a slave and I don't want to be here. Its passion, I guess. Lust and a driving need for my Master to use me, to fuck the cunt, the ass he owns. I want him to penetrate me anywhere he wants, to use me. I wish I could speak and tell him what I feel. I want to use my new tongue on his cock. I want him in any slave hole he chooses. I sigh when his finger plays with my clit and rings the silver bell above it. I start to moan and shake on the bed feeling an orgasm build when he doesn't quit touching me.

When I cum, Master starts talking to me as he caresses every part of my body, "Do you like what I have done with you slave? Are you my Fancy now?"

"Yes," I think as I eagerly nod my head, "Yes, I am yours."

I lay on the bed with my legs spread obscenely wide encouraging Master to touch me where he wants, where he has the rights of an owner to touch and nod my head yes again wishing I can hold him tight to me, but my hands are always locked.

Master straddles my body and moves to put his cock between my tits and then moves farther up me to put the tip of his cock at my lips, "Suck me," he tells me.

I can't help myself; I stick my new split tongue out and lick at the hardness in front of me and open my mouth to wait for Master to push himself in. It feels different with my split tongue as I lick at Master's cock. I am surprised to find that I can move each side of it differently; more things than I thought must have been done to me to be able to do that.

When I am kissing the lion with Master's cock all the way down my throat and his hairs tickle my nose he tells me he will put his cock in my cunt. "Do you need that?" he asks looking down at his property.

He pulls back just enough so I can look up at him and nod yes with his hard, warm cock still in me and he pushes back in so I can swallow him again until my nose is tickled by his wiry hairs again and I can see his gold lion tattoo so close.

He chuckles at me, "You have no choice do you slave."

I know that he is right now. I shake my head no on my Master's cock.

Master pulls himself out of my throat and lies beside me with his large, wet cock lying on his stomach, so long and thick that it covers his belly button "I want you to mount me slave. I want you to fuck yourself on me! To use the body I own to please me."

I know what he wants and I scramble to do as I am ordered to do but with my hands locked to my waist it takes so long to obey his command. I get on my knees eventually and straddle Master to move urgently on him, needing to get his wonderful cock in me. It takes so long as he lies there, not helping, under me but I finally get it right and moan as I sink onto his thick and long hard shaft.

When I have him all the way in me, I rock back and forth with a smile on my face. "Do you like my cock in you?" Master asks me.

I nod yes, as I ride my black Master and stare into his eyes.

"Do you like what I have had done to you?"

I nod yes again as I feel myself begin to vibrate in orgasm on his cock. I groan and moan out my ecstasy and fall forward onto my Master. He just pushes me up again and tells me to keep going until he cums in me. I lose track of the number of times I cum until Master starts to push up into me from below and roars out his own passion as he thrusts into me. I feel him swell and spew his thick sperm deep in my slave cunt and I have the best orgasm I have ever had with his hardness deep in me.

When I lean forward onto my Master in exhausted bliss he holds me tight and caresses me, "You are going to be the best fancy yet, slave," he whispers softly into my ear. I moan my contentment and nuzzle his strong neck at that and keep moving on Master until I feel him thicken again and shriek when he throws me on my back to kneel between my eager wide spread legs.

"Do you want me in you slave?" he asks as he pants above me.

I stick out my new split tongue and smile up at Master and move my hips up to take him deep while nodding yes. I wonder now if I ever will want to escape this mad pleasure.

"You have to or you'll be trapped here forever," my small voice tells me but my loud voice is silent.

I wonder where my loud voice is as I accept the large cock in me as a slave must and moan as I lift my cunt to meet his every thrust. I can't help myself as I lift my slave legs high so I can use my heels to urge Master deeper into me and I cum under him again and again. Soon he has yet another orgasm in me and I feel so full as he pumps even more of his sperm into me until it flows out passed his huge cock and down my ass onto the bed. When Master pulls out, I feel so wide open and such a slave as I hold my legs high and wide showing him my deepest secret place oozing with his sperm. A place that I know he owns. He smiles down at me, "When the slaves come for you I want you cleansed and brought to me. I have taken you as my own now and you are to be beside me as my fancy always. Soon I'm going to show you around my island and you will meet my sons. Remember to stay away from them. They are very cruel boys."

I look up at Master with his cum dripping from me and smile at him with my new fatter, cocksucker lips. He caresses my slave tits once more then gets up off his bed and walks away from me, but turns back at the edge of the pavilion, "You saved my plane and made an old man, a friend in the desert happy for me on our trip here. I owe you for the first and he owes you, my slave, for the second. You didn't have to do that dance but you did and I hope that you knew what you were doing. He hasn't trained a true slave in years and he is so happy to be of service to me. Both the Sheik and his son tell me how you learned so well, so quickly," Master tells me as I lay on his bed staring at him.

I am purring as Master's praising voice caresses my ears. I remember what happened to me while in the Sheik's control and now I don't cringe at the memory of the lessons I learned there; at the complete loss of control I felt as he trained me to be a total slave, a body to be used by men.

Before he leaves me Master comes back to touch me again. His hand trails across a nipple making my clit vibrate. I push up with my chest and hips to moan my pleasure, my need before I fall asl**p again remembering the feeling of Master in me. I crave his caresses and the fullness he gives me now.

It seems like seconds later that the bright, laughing voices of my girls, Russia and Asia wake me.

"Oh, isn't she pretty now," Russia purrs.

"Get up now slave. You have a big day ahead of you," Asia tells me as she gently pulls me up to sit on the edge of the bed. "My, don't you smell like Master," she says as I sit with my legs spread wide. I can't help it, my cunt is so swollen and still full of Master's cum.

Asia pushes my legs even wider and uses her finger to scoop up some of the cum dripping out of me and licks it off her fingers, "I love the taste of Master," she says with a smile as we look at each other with knowing leers.

"Now, let's get you dressed," I am told as Russia bends down to put new shoes on me. When she is done, she stands to help me to my feet, "There we are. All dressed."

The heels are so impossibly high I totter and almost fall if not for my girls helping me.

"Oh it's the poor things hands; she needs them behind her to balance. Turn around with your back to me so I can lock them there slave," Asia tells me. She's always the caring one of my girls.

I am led out and down the path toward the mansion in the distance with a girl on each side of me in case I trip and fall in the new heels. I dread that long walk as the path turns and we are now going through some dense bushes that have flowers on them that smell so heavenly. As we walk slowly along, the sound of birds, the wind in the leaves and the sun on me calm me a little. When we come out into the open palm grove again there is a smaller pavilion before us that is obviously a bath. It is just a tall thatched roof held up by four stout wood pillars and looks very South Seas. The words tiki hut comes to my naïve urban mind.

The small voice oohs and ahhs at the sight of the ocean and palm trees shading the wide sandy beach just a few feet away while the loud one harumphs, "It would be even better if you weren't a slave."

I don't let that bother me because my girls are so happy to be home again in paradise with the worry of guarding me from running away gone. Their laughter is infectious and I actually find myself laughing with them for the first time since I was sold to Master. The unused muscles actually hurt as I smile at my fellow slaves.

We are all sweating from the intense tropical heat as we race across the pavilion to the shower. I might even be in the lead as I totter as fast as I can in my heels, actually laughing at what I must look like with my new large slave tits bouncing at each mincing step that the tall heels will only allow me.

I don't have to worry about the shower being even warm because as Russia busies herself with locking my wrists to a chain above me and pulls my arms up tight to keep me from falling Asia turns the shower to a beautiful cool temperature that we all just stand still in and enjoy the coolness.

"It must be being in the tropics," I think as stand with my hands locked to a chain above my head and actually push my tits out proudly for the first time and spread my legs to show my cunt. I feel so sensual now as my spread legs lower me so the chain holding me up sensuously pulls at my wrists and shoulders. I want my girls to tend to my needs and make me happy. I can't tell them that but they see it in my eyes and by the way I follow them with my body as they move about getting ready to clean me. Each time a hard spray of water hits one of my nipples I stand still hoping for an orgasm but the girls keep turning me.

"She's such a horny slave, isn't she," Asia says as she turns me away from the sprays that excite me so much so that they are now on my back.

"Let's show our slave what a good shower is," Russia purrs as she begins to soap my tits in the warmer water that Asia has just given us.

Soapy hands begin to touch me everywhere; sliding up and down me and finding all my slave places. Busy, soapy fingers clean my cunt and dip into with my other cunt while hands massage my tits and strong fingers pull at my nipples. My girls are getting excited too as they soap each other's body and use them to wash me. I am in ecstasy as I feel Asia's tits rubbing into my back while Russia cleans mine by slowly moving around on my front. I can feel her swollen and excited nipples as they glide over mine. They push their hips at me to slide their own cunts on me. Soon they are touching each other too while they keep rubbing against me giving themselves their own orgasms.

When Asia finally calms after her long shuddering orgasm she looks at me with lust filled eyes, "It's time to rinse you, slave," she tells me as she in a deep voice as she caresses me and pulls at some of the chains on my face.

"Yes let's rinse the slave," Russia says as she takes down one of the showerheads and turns it to pulse directing the warm water onto my nipples.

My legs go weak almost instantly when I feel the sensuous water on me. They get even weaker when Asia takes her showerhead and plays the pulsing water on my over sensitive clit.

The water cascades over me and makes me writhe under the two streams of heaven in total, absolute, slave pleasure. Soon I begin panting and thrusting out both my tits and my cunt at the sprays as they are played over me hoping for my own orgasm.

When it comes, my whole body spasms for what seems like forever and when it is over I hang by my bound wrists looking at my girls with love and thanks. My legs are completely useless right now and in spite of the pain I am content to be held up by the chain that holds my hands above my head.

When we all come back to our senses, the girls unlock my wrists from the chain and relock them to the back of my collar so my hands are behind my head. "This way we can touch all of you in the bath," Asia tells me and surprises me with a full kiss that has her tongue deep in me.

When I am led to the huge bath in the center of the room, I am made to kneel at its edge while my heels are taken off and then they help me to crawl into the tub.

The scent of the oils in the bath is wonderful. I smell the spice of the East, the strength of Africa with the sweetness of a South Sea Island flower hovering above them all as I sink into slave bliss. I shake my head when my small voice asks me if I would have ever have found this heaven without being sold as a slave to a Master so rich that he owns his own island country.

Soft hands begin to massage the oils of the bath into me as I start getting very excited again. I push my cunt out every time hands come close and offer my tits to the girls but they just laugh at my actions as they drive me crazy with even more desire.

"Master has told us that you may have one orgasm with us and we have given it to you but when we deliver you to him he wants you to be very ready," Russia tells me in a husky voice as she slides her fingers up the outside of my so very wet and needing cunt.

"You want a cock in you, don't you," my loud voice says, "and any hole will do."

"Yes!" I think in answer finally knowing that I really am a Fancy; a thing for Master to use and admire.

After the girls dry me and fix the three braids that run over my almost bald head they have me lean over the massage table to put in the one thing I don't miss. I look behind me to see Russia oiling the biggest butt plug yet. The long blond hair I had when they shaved my head flows from its base as she holds it up for me to see, "Master likes his slaves to be ready for any size," she tells me as she puts it at my tight other cunt and slowly pushes it in. This plug isn't tapered; I am cruelly spread from the start as Russia pushes it into me until, when I can't take anymore and I am screaming in pain, the largest part is in me and my poor stretched ass slides down to the thinner part at its base. I expect some relief but I don't get it; the thin part is even thicker than the first plug that was put into me.

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