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Slave part 14

Behind me, as I am f***ed to watch the transfer of captives, Master talks with the men that greeted him. I hear nothing that they say and I am surprised when Tattoo unlocks my leash to lead me to Master so he can take me out into the hot sun on the way to a black stretch limousine. I kneel on the floor with Tattoo, the Jaguars and the girls as we are taken from the airport to the Sheik's palace at an oasis. There is nothing for me to see but the crotches of three men as I kneel on the floor of the moving car until we go into the dark of an underground garage. Before crawling into the car I do get to see an endless expanse of desert sand though.

The car door opens to let the men out. Not being told what to do the six of us slaves remain in the car until a man beckons for us to follow. I don't see Master until much later that night after I have been prepared by being oiled and scented by my girls for the dance I must perform.

We had been taken up a back elevator to the guest slave quarters when we arrived but now I am led by a slave master down marble floored hallways. I can't believe the opulence that I see as I follow the leash attached to the ring in my nose. Of all the places a leash can be attached to me I find the nose ring the most degrading; it makes me feel like something less than human.

"You are less than human you silly cow," my loud voice tells me.

"No, you are a sex slave that is being made prettier every day!" the soft voice answers; surprising me with that strong admission.

"But cows are led this way," I think to myself.

After a walk that is longer than I have been on since being captured and enslaved I am left standing outside doors at least twenty feet tall. There is strange exotic music coming from behind them as I wait while the slave master knocks and leaves.

A girl as naked as I am opens the doors to answer the knock to lead me into a room like I have never seen before or imagined could exist. The leash that hangs from my nose ring sways back and forth as I look around me at a world so rich it shouldn't exist. The floor is covered in carpets so thick I have trouble walking in the heels I must always wear and the walls have huge tapestries in beautiful patterns. There is a domed mosaic ceiling over me, but the most amazing thing is the missing wall that leads out to a torch lit garden filled with huge tropical trees and ponds filled with lotus plants.

Master and the man I can only call Sheik recline on divans surrounded by naked slaves from the harem. Girls are waving large fronds over their heads to cool them while others serve them food by hand. A small group of men sit off to the side playing the music I heard outside the door. All around the room are other men reclining on cushions being served by even more slaves. There is a small dance floor in front of where Master and Sheik are.

I need no instructions; I know to hurry to kneel in front of Master in the submissive position. I feel so secure with my arms locked behind me on my knees waiting for Master to notice me. It seems forever before he does by saying some things that rock me to my core.

"You will dance for us tonight my fancy."

I already know that but he goes on, "I have decided to free your hands for your dance."

The shock of what Master has just said is evident on my face; my hands haven't been free since I locked them together so many weeks ago for Miles.

He smiles at me, "Dance well for me, slave. Earn the right to have your hands free if just for a minute or two."

I don't know what to do so I just wait on my knees staring at Master's crotch like I have been trained. At some signal from Master a slave girl picks up the leash to my nose to hand it to him. He pulls at the leash lifting my head so I must look at him.

"Stand and turn around slave."

Staring into his eyes I stand then turn my back to Master. My knees are shaking as he unlocks my wrist cuffs. Another slave appears with long gold chains in her hands and attaches them to the collar on my neck. Master then locks my wrist cuffs to them, "You didn't think you would be completely free did you slave. Now dance for us my fancy."

A hard slap on my ass makes me shriek and prance into the centre of the dance floor to the amusement of all the men watching. It's a weird feeling being able to rub my sore ass again. Not knowing what to do with my hands I cross them behind my back as I try to decide which slave dance I should do for Master, our host and all the leering men that I see around me. I have never felt so naked and exposed as I am right now with my hands willingly crossed behind my back as if they were bound. Still not knowing which dance to do I automatically stand in the opening pose for a dance that the teacher only showed to me out of all her students; she must have known my true nature.

A gasp from the leader of the musicians draws my eyes from Master. I will be punished for looking away but I have to look. He uses his eyes to ask if I really mean to do the dance I am thinking of doing. To his amazement I nod my head yes.

"It's your favorite dance, isn't it?" my small voice asks.

"Yes it is, it's the one that got the teacher fired when you were caught doing it nude in the gym that late night," my loud voice reminds me.

I have no more time to think. At a crash of a cymbal the music starts. It's an odd dance because I must stand still with my hands me behind as if I refuse to move for the first few refrains of the soft erotic music. When the cymbal crashes a second time I begin to dance for Master and maybe, just maybe for myself. I look at Master's host, the Sheik, as I shake my shoulders as if I am trying to break my bound wrists free; swaying my new huge tits in front of him. My whole body begins moving now as I begin rolling my hips and look into Sheiks eyes as I free my unbound hands to hold my slave tits out to him. I remember every move now; how I must slide my hands over my body as I dance. My hands are always going near to my cunt, my nipples but never touching them; always showing them. Sometimes I hold my tits out for him but never do my hands stop hovering over my slave body as I dance. I let the men around me see every part of me as I turn, dancing to the slow exotic music, but my eyes are always on the host as I was taught. As the music swells to crescendo after crescendo I pay more attention to my cunt but never touch it because the master I am dancing for must give me permission. At last I kneel in front of Sheik with my knees spread and my head back on the floor when the music stops, my hands are caressing the edges of my very wet slave cunt waiting for permission to touch myself and finish the dance with a slave's orgasm.

The music goes on and on as I wait looking at Sheik with heavy, hooded eyes, caressing my thighs, my stomach, my tits hoping to hear the word, the nod from him that will release me into that short freedom I can only get when I cum.

I am so close to orgasm now as I touch my body everywhere but my cunt waiting for Sheik to give me a signal, a reason to give myself release. I pray that he will let me cum. After looking at Master for assurance Sheik nods his head at me. My hands fly to my cunt with one quickly fingering my swollen clit and the other pushing two fingers into me.

I groan as the music slows to an even more sultry rhythm. The musicians are controlling me now. I want an orgasm so bad but I must follow the tempo that is set by them as I lay in front of Master and Sheik touching myself for their pleasure, not mine. The band leader moves the tempo up a little and I am so close. Then he slows it down causing me to moan out so loud in my need to the laughter from the men around me. My hips move up and down as I slide my fingers over me and into me making my whole body quiver at my touch. The music picks up a little; bringing me so close then slows again to cause another loud frustrated moan as I move to their beat. My hands slide up and down my slave cunt, one playing with my clit while the other is busy pushing into me over and over. I am so wet that I can hear the sounds of my fingers in me over the music as I bring my self closer and closer to my release. My hips buck up at my imaginary lover, my black Master, as the music rolls on. Then it slows and I have to follow it; frustrated at how close I have come to what I need but must now slow down and wait for the music to pick up again. The men play me like a fiddle as I come closer and closer to release at my own hand then they almost stops the music so the men in the room can hear my moans of pure slave lust. And I do feel the need deep in my soul. I need to cum in front of all these men, to show them what a slut slave I am. When they start the music again I finger myself over and over until I have an orgasm that won't stop. I can't believe what I am feeling as I writhe on the floor in front of dozens of men and my Master as I cum in one long string of heart stopping orgasms. My slave cunt is so wet and I have to stop or die. I think I might even pass out from the pleasure I am giving myself and I know that Master will be pleased with my performance for Sheik.

I do almost pass out when I cum in front of all these men the last time. The music stops and all I can hear is my heavy breathing as I lay on the floor with my legs spread wide like the slut slave I am, my fingers feeling my wetness as I play with my clit in ever slowing circles. I surprise myself when a wet finger strays to feel my tight asshole and pushes in sending even more quivers through my cum wracked body. I have never felt so free as a slave. I am such a wanton slut lying on the floor with so many men watching me have one orgasm after another at the end of my dance.

Master leans over to Sheik, "She is yours."

"What!" I scream quietly.

"Master is giving you to the Sheik," my small voice cries.

"He can't!" the loud voice answers.

"I will have her picked up in a week, my good friend. Train her well, and don't forget to punish her," Master says before standing to leave the room.

"A week! What is this? Master is leaving me with this stranger for training. I am trained, aren't I? And punish me! How?"

"Any way Sheik wants fool." My loud voice tells me.

Strong hands lock mine behind my back again and grab me by my shoulders to lift me onto my feet to be led out of the room. No leash is used, four men surround me and herd me towards the door. In a panic I look around for Master but he has left.

"She's quite the fancy one isn't she," one handler says about me as I walk, no, sway in front of him; I can't just walk normally anymore no matter how I feel.

Rough hands touch me where they want as the men take me down one corridor after another. My ridiculously high heeled shoes tick and tack; echoing in the marbled splendor of the palace as I am hurried along. After a long walk we seem to be in another wing, a wing that looks softer, more feminine. I am led to a door guarded by naked men. Their collars mark them as slaves. When we get closer I gasp when I look a their crotches as I have been taught. They are eunuchs. Their cocks hang between their legs with no balls below them. I am passed by the leering, groping guards to the eunuchs and am led into another world, another century.

Tall wrought iron gates open for us and the almost men lead me into the harem; a lush garden filled with naked women. I almost stop at the sight but don't, remembering that I have at least three punishments coming already and I know that Master will have told Sheik about them. The garden is huge with ponds and tall palm trees. It is surrounded by a high wall on two sides with the others being open fronted two story almost ancient looking Roman style buildings with pillars holding up open balconies.

A naked red haired woman comes to greet me and take me from the eunuchs who go back to their guard duties, "Welcome to the harem of our master girl. We know that you can't speak and we know that we must see to your every need because of your bondage so we all will expect you to make us happy because we all must tend to you. I hope your tongue is up to it."

The woman walks to a nearby lounge chair and sits with her legs spread wide, "Make me cum girl, now."

I have no choice, I have to depend on these women to clean me, to feed me and, yes, to wipe my slave ass when I need it; I am totally helpless. I kneel and crawl between her legs to lick at her thighs then move up to lap at her very hairy cunt with my pierced tongue.

The woman sighs as I find her most secret spots, "My name is Fadiyah, and you will pleasure me when I wish, girl."

I nod my head yes and continue to try to make her happy.

"I bet her name wasn't that before she was captured," my loud voice tells me.

It's none of my business, I don't care.

When she is done with me I am left to roam the garden alone with her juices on my face. Soon another woman takes me to a couch and demands that I lick her too. I don't even hear her name; when she is done she just walks away like she is a master. I know my place here, I am less than a slave, I am a slave's slave and not much liked because of what they must do to keep me presentable for our master.

After licking I don't know how many clits I find an empty room to fall into a deep sl**p.

In the morning I wake with a need to pee and I don't know where to go. I walk out into the garden thinking to just squat and let lose but another early riser catches me.

"You silly slut! You can't do that!" she yells.

I stand and wait with my head down as she comes across the lawn to take me by my collar. She leads me to an open air toilet; a group of holes in the ground really and waits while I pee.

My hands are locked behind me so I stand and wait for the woman to wipe my cunt when I am done.

"You are so helpless, aren't you, you little slut," the woman says so quietly into my ear.

I sob and nod my head yes.

"I have to pee too. You can lick me clean when I am done. Maybe I will let you lick my ass too. So begins my week in a sheik's harem.

The first day is an endless string of woman's clits that I have to lick. When the sun does go down I am bathed and oiled with scents that I have never smelt before. The girls that attend to me seem envious and I wonder why.

"They know that you are going to be used by Sheik and his son tonight and, when they are done with you...well," My loud voice tells me.

"What then?" my small voice asks too quickly.

"There are a lot of young guards in this palace," the loud voice answers.


A eunuch comes into the room and beckons to me. My heart races as I stand to follow him down long hallways on my high heels with him holding the leash attached to my clit ring. I know that I am to be used tonight and maybe even punished. I feel so lost without Master but I hold my head high as my silver bell tinkles with each step I take. I start breathing deeply as it hits my clit over and over again. The man who can't use me just chuckles when he hears me have an orgasm. I can't help myself; just walking is a challenge since Tattoo put that potion on my clit so many weeks ago and this palace is full of long walks.

Two orgasms later we arrive at tall, ornate doors guarded by young strong looking men dressed in bright uniforms that take me from the eunuch. Their pants are so tight I can see the outline of their very erect cocks. The leash is taken off my clit ring and the men take me by my arms to lead me through the doors that almost magically open for us. Two nude girls, twins I think, bow to the men then close the doors behind us. Inside there is decadence, opulence, total grandeur and utter debauchery. Slave women; tall blonds, black beauties, Asian dolls, girls young and old from everywhere on the planet are laying on the cushions and beds in the room either playing with themselves or pleasing others with their hands and their mouths. Some use dildoes and other instruments on each other.

The only men present are Sheik and his son sitting in the center of the room on soft divans surrounded by naked slaves attending to their every need. Son is a tall dark man with intense deep set eyes. The slave that is stroking his cock has a long way to go from the base to its thick head. I lick my lips and suck on the chain that goes from my chin to my tongue at the sight.

That is the last thing I see. A slave comes up to me as I stand between the guards and blindfolds me. The guards lead me forward until I guess I am directly in front of Sheik and his son. My hands are relocked in front of me. I feel a chain attached to the cuffs. There is a rattling sound from above and my arms are lifted up by the chain until I am almost suspended by the gold cuffs on my wrists. Strong hands then pull my feet cruelly wide apart to lock them there with even more chains. I can't move. I am held tightly in place; open to whatever my masters wish to do to me. There is sound of footsteps as the guards leave the room. I am alone now in a room filled with female slaves and two masters.

All I can hear is my own panting breath and the moans of the slaves as they pleasure themselves. I am left alone in my darkness for what seems like hours but can only be minutes until a soft woman's voice whispers in my ear, "I won't gag you. Our Masters likes to here their slaves scream when they are whipped."

I am the slave chosen to punish you and I look forward to it. You'll like my whip, slave."

I try to shake my head no but there is a loud swish and the first blow lands on my ass. I have never felt such hot sudden pain before. I cry out my agony then cry again when the lash hits me on my back. Only two lashes and I am sobbing in my hurt, my pain but the lashes don't stop. The next one is across my slave tits. I can feel them shake at the hit then feel more pain as the hot welts rise. The forth lash lands between my legs. She must be behind me; the leather lashes hit my ass and wrap up onto my cunt hitting my clit making me scream until my throat hurts. I almost speak and lose my tongue then; I want to say, "NO!" but I just manage to stop in time and just scream out incoherent noises instead.

I wonder when this torture will stop. Master always told me how many canings to expect but tonight I have absolutely no idea when it will stop. The whipping goes on and on until I quit screaming at each hit. I just grunt. I never know where the next will land but soon most are on my cunt. Surprisingly I start to get very wet and then hot and start to moan as I look forward to each hit; wanting it, needing it as I come closer and closer to an orgasm. When it finally comes, the woman whipping me flails madly away at my tortured body; hitting me everywhere as I cum again and again in one endless escape from my body.

When the whipping is finally over, I am left hanging by my wrists with sweat running down my tortured body. I can feel each hot welt; remember each hit on my slave cunt and every one of my orgasms. In my pain I have never felt like such a complete slave until now.

"Is this what Master meant about being taught?" my small voice asks.

"Shut up!" my loud voice yells, "the night has just begun."

"What," I say to myself, "I can't take anymore!"

But there is more. I am left alone in darkness to hang by my wrists while I pant and moan out in my misery and, yes, my lust, my need for a cock in me even in my pain. I can hear the moans of the other slaves now as they get their releases from each other and I do want more. I want Sheik or Son or any of the young guards to fuck me in any slave hole they want.

After an eternity I sense slaves around me preparing even more tortures for me. Some sort of waist high padded bar is placed into the floor in front of me, my arms are lowered and my hands are locked behind me again. The chain is reattached but this time when it pulls my arms up I feel discomfort in my shoulders at first and then real pain f***es me to bend at the waist until I almost bent in half with my body supported by the bar. I am bent over so that my back is horizontal to the floor. I feel so exposed with my feet chained so far apart showing my open cunt to the room.

A man moves to stand in front of me; I know it from his masculine smell. He pulls my head up by my braided hair and I can't help myself I open my mouth for him letting out a long moan of total lust. He puts his hard cock on my lips so that I can lick him then pushes himself into me. I take every inch as his long cock slides down my throat. I sense another man behind me and feel him slide into my already wet cunt making me moan on the one in my throat. I wonder which man is where. I think the man in my mouth is Son but I'm not sure and I don't care; I am a slave with two of her holes filled and I am happy in spite of the painful welts all over my body. The cock in my slave cunt slides in and out of my wet hole smoothly; driving me onto the one in my mouth with each thrust and the one there pushes back just as hard until I am soon moving between them as they pleasure themselves with their slave. The man behind soon moans that he is cumming and pulls out to spray his hot seed over my ass and back. Soon the other man pushes himself even deeper down my throat and cums, pumping his sperm into my stomach while holding my head tight to him. I feel so depraved, so controlled as I stand bent over in my bondage covered in cum.

"She is a hot slave isn't she father," the man in front of me pants.

"Yes, she is. Let's let the men in now. They need their fun don't they," Sheik answers from behind me as his softening cock slides down my ass leaving a wet trail of his cum on me.

Sheik and his son leave me alone and frustrated in my need for release in my bondage. I hear the doors open and the happy shrieks of laughter from the slave girls as men run into the room. Being blindfolded and bound all I can sense is the men using the slaves in the room. I hear them grunt and pant as they have their way with the girls. I smell the heady scent of the men and the sultry aroma of women in heat. It's not long before I am penetrated from both ends. My mouth is always full with a cock in it; I can only moan on each one as men use me over and over. Some men use my slave cunt while others use my slave ass. I don't care; all I want is their cocks in my holes. Soon other men begin depositing their sperm in ropy trails on my back, on my face and in my hair. I feel the warmth of it in and on me as some have the girls stroke them until they cover me with their sweet, male smelling sperm. When I finally orgasm I almost bite off the cock in my mouth. The man pulls out of me with a loud yelp and slaps my face before spraying his spunk over my head. Lots of men slap me and spank me over the long night. They play with the welts from my whipping and pull at my chains.

I hear the other slaves, the girls, having fun with the men while I am just used and I feel sorry for myself until I have my next orgasm and then the next. Hours later someone lowers the chain holding my arms up so painfully and releases my legs so I can stand. The blindfold is removed so I can see again and what I see is a pure orgy. Men are either using slaves or drinking or sl**ping or just toying with them. I want more; I want men to use me and I don't have to wait long. I feel like the slave slut that I have been made to become. Each time a man uses me I feel the pain of my whipping and howl my joy at being used as I should. Soon my whole body is covered with drying male cum. I love it.

"Do you?" my small voice asks.

"Do you have a choice?" my loud voice replies way too fast.

No I don't. I have to, just to survive.

The night wears on and on. Sheik has a very large staff of men that use me over and over leaving me with their sperm running down my thighs in small rivers. At last I fall into a sl**p that has no bottom, no end, with no dreams.

Rough hands shake me awake, "Get up slave."

I wake to bright sun and pain. My whole body hurts; I feel every welt from the whipping and my ass and cunt are swollen from overuse. My jaw aches from sucking so many cocks. I need more sl**p.

"Get up."

I rouse myself to kneel feeling the dried cum all over my body. It peels off my tits as they sway in front of me while I rise to my feet.

The strange man that has roused me ogles me but urges me on out of the room. I need to pee but he doesn't care. We walk down corridor after corridor with him pulling at the leash he has attached to my nose ring. I try whining loudly to let him know that I have to pee but he either doesn't know or care about my needs. In the end I just pee; letting it run down my legs onto the clean marble floor as I follow the man, leaving little pools of yellow behind me. If I thought I reeked before I know I really smell now.

When we reach an elevator the man pushes me inside and punches the button for the garage level.

He sniffs at my smell, "God, you reek slave."

I can't help it I need to be cleaned and he obviously doesn't intend to do that. When the door opens we are in the garage. In front of us is a flat bed truck with a cage on the back which the man lifts me into. Another guard locks my hands to rings on the roof of the cage leaving me standing totally exposed. The two guards get into the cab to drive me out into the hot sun. I know that they have air conditioning up front but soon I begin to bake in the sun. Sweat runs down me as we hurtle down the highway towards a town in the distance. Peasants stare at the sight of a nude woman in a cage. They must think me a freak; I know that they are right. I am. I am tattooed and pierced with huge lips and tits and I really am beginning to reek even in the hot wind of our passage. When we reach the town crowds gather to stare at me. Women jeer at the slut they see swaying naked in a cage. Men look at me and whistle or call out rude words in a language I can't understand. At long last we get to where they are taking me. We are in the poorest part of the town that exists to serve the palace that Sheik owns. A guard pulls me out of the cage and locks my hands behind me again before leading me into a filthy bar by a leash attached to my slave collar. The sudden silence inside is startling; every man turns to look at me. I know what they see. A slut covered in sperm and her own reeking piss. I am led to a table and made to bend over it so the guard can lock the leash to one of the legs. He says a few words that I don't understand and leaves me.

My second day as Sheik's slave begins in earnest with some stranger in the bar pushing himself into me and pounding my already sore cunt until he cums. Another man enters me and then another. Some men use my ass while others use my cunt; it seems that every man in town knows that I am here, open for their use. The inn keeper makes sure that I have water to replace the sweat that rolls in rivers off my body in the heat of the bar. Soon I have pee again but nobody knows what I am trying to tell them because I can't speak and they don't have the key to my bondage anyway. I don't care anymore; I piss on the table. The men just laugh at me and throw water on me to somewhat clean me and keep using me.

When the guards finally come back to return me to the palace it is late afternoon. I am even filthier than before with fresh sperm rolling down my thighs over the dried mess from last night. I am covered with the sweat and semen of so many panting men that I have lost count of how many have used me in the last two days. I smell from my own over ripe holes and the drying cum on me. I want to plead with them to at least wash me before taking me out to the truck with its open cage but I can't. On the way out the door I trip and fall into the dirt of the street. By the time the guards have me standing again I am covered with muddy dirt and filth sticking to my already stinking body.

The two men don't want to come close to me now so a leash is attached to my nose ring for them to pull me out into the waning day. I realize that it doesn't matter who sees me now; I am a slave. When the cage door is opened for me I sob and crawl in to lie on the searing hot bars of the floor. They leave me in the fetal position not wanting to get in with me to lock my wrists to the rings in the roof to make me stand. The cage door slams with a loud clang and the truck starts out of town with me sobbing in the back. I have been beaten and ****d for two days now and I wonder what else will happen to me before Master comes back to save me from this madness.

"****d? Saved? Those are words for a free woman; masters don't **** a slave or save her, you silly girl." My loud voice tells me, "They use slaves until they are done with them then throw them away; sell them to someone else until you are sold one last time as an old whore in some mining town at the back end of nowhere."

"Fuck you, Bitch!" I think at that annoying voice even as I fall into an uneasy sl**p as we roar down the highway to even more torture, more abuse and punishment, "I can plan my escape, can't I? I can hope."

I miss Master.

Night comes quickly in the African desert and it is cold. The chill wind soon wakes me from my troubled dreams with my teeth chattering. I crawl as close to the cab of the truck as I can for some shelter from the wind but it is no good. By the time we reach the gates of Sheik's oasis compound I am freezing. Once in I stand to look at the palace and its promised warmth but we veer off the main road toward some low buildings. When we get closer I smell the pungent scent of horses.

Son is waiting for us in the courtyard between the barns when we pull in. There is a cold, gentle wind blowing across me toward Son causing him to wrinkle his nose in disgust and move to the other side of the truck.

"Are you learning, slave; are you being taught well?"

"What?" I think as I lay in the cage shaking from the cold, just looking at him.

The man sees my confusion, "Have you learned submission and humiliation?" he asks me gently. I see real caring in his eyes.

Son turns to the guards, "Clean her off with the hose before you even think about taking her inside. We can't have her scaring the horses. Have two girls brought down from the harem to finish cleaning her and hurry she is freezing to death. I'll be upstairs in my rooms waiting."

One guard drags my shivering body out of the cage to lead me to a hose while the other talks on a cell phone in his own language obviously asking for the person on the other end to hurry.

A strong jet of icy cold water throws me to the wooden floor outside the door of the barn when it hits me full on the chest and chases me as I crawl around trying to escape its hard blasts. The crud from two days of abuse is blown off me by the man holding the hose. When he thinks he has cleaned enough of the surface dirt off me he turns off the hose and covers me with a horse blanket to keep me at least a little warmer while we wait for the slave girls to be brought to finish cleaning me.

A car is soon heard in the distance. With a roar and a spray of gravel it stops near me. The guards open the doors to let out two harem girls and a eunuch who shoos the men away with fluttering hands. I almost laugh as I watch the naked, fat effeminate man with no balls push the guards away with soft words of anger. He is the one I had knelt in front of to willingly suck his limp penus for as long as he wanted. The slave girls rush to me and pick me up from the wood floor to take me inside and up some stairs. They know their way around the apartment above the stables. I am glad they are as naked as I am because I am still covered in baked on cum and grime. They can come into the bath or shower with me and get clean too.

"The poor girl is too cold. Feel her."

"Let's not start the shower too hot; it'll be too much for her."

I am used to having people talking about me as if I am not there now; I just look at one slave then the other as they plan what to do with me.

I hear the second name mentioned since I have been enslaved, "Mahdi will have drawn the bath and scented it by the time we get this slave clean enough to go in to soak so she can be prepared for master's son."

"Master's son? Is Son going to be the one to use you next?" my small voice quails.

"He did look at you kindly and he is having you warmed and cleaned. He can't be all that bad can he," the loud voice reasons; surprising me with what she says.

"I hope that fat eunuch doesn't get the water too hot. You know how he likes it."

"Yes, no matter how hot it is he'll never get his balls back, though."

Both girls are laughing as they lead me into a shower to wash me. The cum of countless men is washed off me and the shower head is used to rinse my slave cunt and ass to clean them as well. When I am deemed clean enough the girls lead me to step down into a large bath of hot oiled and scented water. I feel such a pampered slave as I lay in the hot water with the girls rubbing the oils into my body. I love it when their hands touch my nipples and play with my clit.

"I am such a slut," I sigh to myself as I loll back in the warmth feeling the girls touch me everywhere; their hands touching my swollen cunt and sore ass and nipples.

"You are a slave," my loud voice tells me, "you are what any master wants."

"What does Son want?" the small voice asks.

"We'll see."

After the last two days I don't care anymore.

The girls stand and pull me from the tub, "Come, master's son is waiting for you."

I am dried and covered with more scented oils before being led down even more hallways by a leash attached to my clit hood with my hands locked behind me into a room that looks very contemporary with chrome and white leather sofas and left there with the leash pulling down on the sensitive skin between my legs. Son walks in to stare at me and walk around me. All I can do is look at his crotch as I have been taught to do when a master is in front of me as I wait for his orders.

I feel so submissive.

"Where did that thought come from?" I ask myself.

"You always were a sub," my loud voice tells me.

I almost sob out my slave need knowing that the voice is right as I wait for a master to tell me what to do.

"You really are a strange and pretty thing aren't you," Son tells me as he touches my tits and caresses my body; pulling at the chains that hang from the rings in my face and body. I am thrilled by any man's touch now, but he is so gentle that I moan out as his fingers gently caress me. "Do you like being touched?"

I moan again and nod my head yes.

"What do you like best?"

I can't answer and he knows it as he continues to touch me.

"Do you like this?" he asks as he rubs the palms of his hands over my erect nipples.

I almost say yes out loud but nod my head up and down instead.

A hand reaches between my legs to feel my clit and I can't help myself as I spread my legs to give him free access to wherever he wants. His finger slides down and into my slave cunt then moves up to the clit again.

"Did you like that?"

Yes I do. I nod yes as I look into his eyes and push myself onto his hand; hungry for his touch.

"Is there anything you don't like?" Son asks as he pulls at my chains and caresses the tattoo on my cheek.

I shake my head no.

"Are you a true slave?"

I answer yes by nodding my head and pushing against his strong young body with my slave tits and trying to rub my clit on the hard cock that pushes out the robe he is wearing.

I have been used by so many masters and mistresses but this man excites me. I actually want him to fuck me, to use my body as he wants. As I need.

"You didn't just think that did you?" my loud voice asks.

"Did I?"

"Yes, you are a cum slut now," the small voice answers.

"Do you like being a slave?" the man who is driving me crazy with his touches asks.

Yes, I do. I don't even have to think. I nod my head yes.

"No!" I scream in my head too late. "Not like this! I've lost all control. I want to go home. I hate this."

"Isn't that what being a slave is?" both my voices ask at once, "Losing all control."

Son keeps touching me, "Use your teeth to undress me."

I am so hot, so wet, so much a slave that I don't even hesitate. I kneel in front of him to take the end of the bow that holds his robe closed in my mouth and pull it loose while looking up at his eyes. When it falls open I lean in to lick at his hard cock then stand to move behind him to start pulling the robe off with my teeth one shoulder at a time until it falls in a heap to the floor.

Son is beautiful, his broad back ripples with muscles, and his ass is perfect over the strong legs of a very athletic man. Not being able to help myself I rub my nipples up and down his back moaning out my need while licking him all over.

Master just walks away from me without a backward glance to sit on the couch with his legs spread to show me a hard cock that points straight up above a heavy ball sack that rests on the white leather cushion. Licking my lips I stare at the master in front of me admiring his toned body waiting for instructions, knowing those large balls have a big store of cum for me to swallow and feel pumped into my other slave holes. That gorgeous cock sticks up from a nest of thick black hairs. There is a thin line of them that runs up the center of his stomach to join the mat of curly hairs covering his well defined chest.

After long moments looking at me Son points to the floor in front of him. Knowing what he wants I walk towards him making sure that every part of me moves that should move like the slut that I am. The silver bell between my legs tinkles brightly with each step as I sway my body on my high heels for master.

"You are a cum slut aren't you," master tells me as I kneel between his legs to take his cock into my mouth. Masters have told me how good the rings that pierce my lips and tongue feel on them but the very best is the thick chain that goes over my lips from my chin to my tongue. With his cock deep down my throat I look up into his eyes to nod, yes. I am cum slut. I love the taste of a man's sperm in my mouth now.

Master leans back on the couch to put his hands behind his head with a long sigh of satisfaction, "You are a good cocksucker, slave."

He startles me when he claps his hands twice above my head. In moments the harem girls come running to kneel behind me.

"Bring me some scotch, slave," son tells one girl who hurries to obey his command.

To the other girl he says, "Bring me my favorite whip."

"A whip!"

"He can't, he's too nice," my voices wail as my head bobs up and down on master's long, hard cock.

Both girls soon return and the master I call Son moans out his pleasure while sipping his Scotch and holding the whip above my head as I continue to suck on him. I can't stop; I keep licking him and sliding my pierced lips up and down his long shaft with an occasional trip down to suck his heavy balls into my mouth. The whip is huge, it is terrifying with a thick handle and at least a dozen lashes with cruel knots on the ends. I know that it will bring bl**d from me when he uses it. I am so frightened but I mustn't stop pleasuring a master with my mouth.

"You like being punished don't you," my loud voice tells me.

"No! Yes! Oh, shit I don't know," I answer myself.

"He'll hurt you with that thing," my small voice cries.

"It doesn't matter. He will do what he wishes," I think as I suck his cock deep into my throat and moan my needs on him.

"Prepare her for me," master says as he pushes me off him.

I kneel back and wait, patiently, for what he has planned next.

The girls have me stand and lock my hands in front of me then lift them over my head to lock them to the back of my collar. I am totally exposed to Son's whip like this with my hands behind my head, my elbows out. I wait on my heels and can't help myself; I spread my high heeled feet as far apart as I can to give the lash free access to where master wants.

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