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Wife wants to whore

Wife the whore

After her first dips into the wild side Kathy came up with all sorts of scenes and some of them were just off the wall. We had been playing for about a year and out drinking at a bar at the hotel we were staying at for the weekend and Kathy watched as three different women came into the bar and were picked up by what seemed to be total strangers

Kathy followed a woman into the ladies room and started a conversation with her and found out that this place was a great place to meet guys for the workingwomen of the area. You should have seen Kathy’s smiling face when she returned to the table. She told me that the action we were watching was whores picking up their tricks for the evening. We laughed and had another drink when Kathy said she wanted to try that whore thing, I laughed and said sure but she was serious.

The guys at the bar all seemed nice looking and professionals with a certain air about them. Kathy said she wanted to see if she could pick someone up and turn a trick. The woman in the ladies room had told her that for $200 bucks she would have to suck a cock and get fucked in any position the trick wanted. $100 was the cost of a blowjob. You guessed it Kathy wanted the 2 big ones and thought this could be fun.

We talked about for just a few more minutes and as usual Kathy’s smile won the discussion. We agreed I would stay in the bar and she would have her cell phone in case she needed help, that is if anyone would want to pay her $200 for a fuck and a suck. Kathy smiled and said wish me luck. She walked to the far end of the bar out of sight from our table and sat down. I sat waiting to see if she came back by me on the way to a room in the hotel with her very first trick. I didn’t have to wait long.

Kathy shared after she returned that as she sat down on the bar stool a nice looking guy three stools down smiled and motioned her to come and sit next to him. She said at that point her heart was racing and her pussy was getting wet as she got up enough nerve to accept the invite. The tricks name was Tom or so he said. Turns out he was from the same area where we lived but two towns over across the river. The subject of the talks turned to sex and was Kathy interested and she said she dropped her hand to his knee and smile for sure. He asked the price and she said the usual, making sure that she didn’t mention money in case he was a cop. He smiled and said he could go two if that was OK with her, which she immediately accepted.

Tom offered her to go up stairs to his room and moved off his bar stool as he took hold of my wife’s arm directing his new friend to go with him. Kathy agreed and said now nothing too far out right? Tom said for sure and safe was also important, which Kathy knew he meant condoms and she said yes and moved off the bar stool on her way to be a whore.

The way to the hotel lobby was right by my table and watched as Kathy hanging on to Tom’s arm walked right past me never even a small glance. I will admit to be nervous and the time waiting for Kathy to return seemed like hours when in fact she came walking back into the bar in less than an hour.

Kathy sat down next to me and pulled out a roll of money and said well babe your wife is now officially a whore. We kissed and I said come on share the details. Kathy wanted another drink and said she would be right back, as she needed to go the ladies room. She returned and I said OK now details my little whore.

Kathy smiled and oh yes she knew I would want to know everything. She smiled and said well he fucked me and called me a bitch and a whore and even got a little rough.

So here are the details: Tom walked with Kathy to the elevator and once inside moved over to her and kissed her feeling her tits as he did this. Kathy said she knew he was going to be aggressive as his tongue went into her mouth and kissed her hard as his hand squeezed her right tit firmly. He looked down at her as he was taller and said your going to be a good fuck for me aren’t whore. Kathy said with that she knew she was indeed a whore and would soon be sucking on her first trick’s cock. The elevator door opened and Kathy walk out ahead as Tom walked behind with his hand on her ass. Tom unlocked the door to his room and they entered as he put the safety lock on the door and that sound went right to Kathy’s head and she felt a little spot of wetness slip out on to her panties.

Tom griped her and turned her around and kissed her hard again with his tongue almost chocking her. He stopped and said I guess you want the money first like a good whore and Kathy said coyly I don’t know what you mean still be a little bit cautious. Tom smiled she said and reached in to his back pocket and out of a very nice Italian billfold pulled out two hundred dollar bills and stuffed them down her blouse and said on your knees whore you belong to me.

Kathy said without hesitation that she complied with his orders and felt the strength of this man her first whore trick. As she knelt down she heard the sound of Tom’s pants being unzipped and his cock rock hard was right in front of her mouth. So with her cleavage stuffed with 200 and his cock there Kathy reached up and took hold of this nice cock and started to suck. Tom’s hand immediately went to her head and f***ed her to gag as he moved in and out of her mouth with a fucking motion. Kathy said she was too excited she could have orgasamed right then and there. Just the thought that she was now actually doing what women have down since the beginning, as it is said the oldest profession and Kathy was it’s newest member.

Tom enjoyed this whores mouth and it seemed like he might just finish off right there cumming in her mouth, but he restrained himself and had his bitch stop telling her to strip and get on the bed on her back in a fucking position. Kathy stood and unbuttoned the blouse expecting the money to fall out but it wasn’t until her tits were free from the bra that the cash lay on the floor. Kathy was on the bed and legs spread faster than a jackrabbit, knowing this was just a trick but for sure a fuck that she would totally enjoy. Her trick stripped and with his nice size cock got on the bed over her with a condom in his hand. He ordered Kathy to open it and place it on his cock like a good whore. She followed the orders and even used her mouth to push the rubber all the way on.

Tom’s eyes looked like a man posed as he lowered himself on his whore and said enjoy this bitch. Kathy felt him enter her wet pussy and moved her hips to get in sink with his fucking motion. Kathy heard a lot of words but really was just focused on getting fuck as a whore or not she was turned on, as she always was when a cock was pounding her cunt.

Kathy said the only thing wrong with the experience was that it didn’t last long enough, oh yes Tom turned her over on to all fours and fucked her from behind and gave her a good pounding grabbing her tits as he fucker his whore. Kathy just always wants more. Tom told her to lie back on her back and pulled off the condom and moved up on top of Kathy so his cock was once again ready for her mouth. Kathy smiled and opened up wide as the cock wet with her pussy juices entered and continued the fucking motion. Shortly Tom grip the pillow pulled Kathy’s face tight against him and told her to talk it bitch as he nearly drowned her with his load, even pulling out and giving her a face shot the lie she had not seen in some time.

Kathy thanked Tom as she picked up the money and took the towel that was on the chair and wiped his load from her face. She went into the bathroom and washed away the smell the best she could. Tom was on the bed when she returned dressed and ready to return to her husband down in the bar. She kissed Tom and even gave a quick kiss and lick on the head of his cock. Tom said thanks he hoped she enjoyed being his whore; she smiled and walked out of the room.

Even before Kathy was finished with her story I knew that she was not done with whoring for this evening.

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