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Slave part 9

The girls take me from the room and lead me back to our cell and make me lay on the thin mat that is mine. I feel filthy as I lay naked with my hands locked to the wall behind me. Hoping that the girls will clean me in the morning I fall fast asl**p, naked on the mat with my thick butt plug still in my ass.

When I wake the next day I lie waiting for the girls to free me as I lick at the dried cum on my face. I wonder how many days that I have been kept as a slave as I taste a man's cum in my mouth.

"Is this the third day of my slavery or the second," I ask myself.

I have actually lost count.

"Do you really need to know what day it is anymore?" the small voice asks me.

My loud voice is silent; it doesn't matter what day it is, does it. I am either awake or asl**p; there are no more days of the week when you are a slave.

Much later Tattoo unlocks the door to our cell and releases my hands from the wall to lock them behind my back as I lay on the thin mat on the floor. "This slave smells like the slut she is. Wash her," She tells the girls and leaves us with the door to our cell open.

My life as a slave continues with the girls wiping my ass for me when I am done and showering the cum from my body.

I feel so helpless feeling the plug in my ass with my own long hair brushing across the backs of my legs as I am led out of our cell by the girls and down the hall to be fed on the floor by the cook.

"At least I can have my hands locked in front of me," I think as I use them to scoop up the gruel from my bowl. I am thankful that the cream covering it is just that, cream.

The days wear on as I begin my life as a slave. I hardly see Master at all; I only see the men and women that he gives me to. They use me as they wish as I am f***ed to give my body to them. I not allowed say no to anything they want. The women are harder on me than the men when they use me with their strap on cocks. The only hole in my body that they can't use is the one that is filled with the fat butt plug with my long blond hair hanging from it. I actually begin to hope that Master will finally take me there so that I can give these masters and mistresses my whole body.

Finally, at the end of a long, boring, day lying in the sun Tattoo tells me that Master is waiting in his room for me. My nipples are instantly hard at the thought of being used by my Master and my cunt becomes so wet. Tattoo pulls me to my feet and can't help herself as she touches my excited body. She pulls the plug from my stretched ass telling me that I won't need it tonight then leads me to Master's room by the chain on my cunt. She locks it to a ring by his door and knocks leaving me standing alone in the hall holding my tits up so he can see them when he opens the door. I wait for the door to open feeling the weight of the chain on my clit as it holds me there, locked to the wall. Every once in a while I move to make the silver bell tinkle hoping that Master will open the door soon.

When the door finally opens Master laughs when I try to kneel at his feet. The pain of the leash in my clit keeps me standing and I shout out my surprise. He unlocks me from the wall to lead me into his room. When we are in the centre of the room Master unlocks the leash from my clit and leaves me to stand naked in front of him. Master sits on a couch and leans back on it, "Show me your body!" he tells me as he looks at me.

I don't know what to do. I show him my tits and make my nipples hard with my chained hands but I see that he still isn't happy. I spread my legs and squat to show him my cunt and shake my bell and see him smile at me, "That's better but not good enough," he says as he stands and walks toward me. When he reaches me he unlocks my hands to relock them to chains hanging from the ceiling. I hear the sound of a motor and my hands are pulled above my head until I am just barely on my toes, even in my high heels.

"You have been such a good slave. I can't believe how good you are. The last ones were covered in whip marks from their feet to their necks by the time they got to where you are. I am disappointed, I like whipping my slaves just a little bit."

"There is always more," my little voice tells me as I hang waiting for what I dread to happen next."

"Yes, there is; quit being right you little bitch!" my loud voice cries as Master picks up a cane and swooshes it through the air.

Master puts his mouth next to my ear, "I will fuck your ass when I am finished caning you and use the body I own!"

When the first blow of the cane hits me on my ass I scream as loud as I can even as I feel the welt it gives me rise. I scream again and again as the cane lands on my defenseless body until I am covered in red welts. When he is done with me even my tits have welts. He lowers me to the floor and takes me to the bed where, after locking my hands to it, he uses my other cunt for the first time. After he cums in me he makes me suck his cock clean. I taste my own darkness on him as I lick and suck his cock until he is hard again and he fucks my cunt; not caring whether I cum or not.

When Master is done with me he has me stand with his sperm dripping out of my holes and down my thighs with my hands locked behind my back again. There is cum on my face and slave tits as well. Attaching the tiny leash to my cunt he leads me out to the front room where I see the three other slaves waiting for us. They are all standing in high heels with their hands locked behind their backs with ball gags in their mouths and chains between their ankles. Leashes hang from their collars. The body guards soon have me gagged and chained like the others except for my cunt leash.

Master gathers all of our leashes and leads us out the door to the elevator. The body guards follow with their hands way too close to where I know their guns are. When we leave the penthouse I become nervous at being naked and looking like the freak that I am in public; I am used to parading around in Master's apartment naked in front of his servants but now I am out where anybody can see me and know me for what he has made of me. I have become comfortable with myself being naked in Master's penthouse, but I know what I look like as I wait behind Master for the elevator to open beside three other slaves with my thick lips and my tattooed and pierced body dripping cum from my cunt and ass with saliva running down my face from being gagged as I stand behind the handsome black man that owns us.

When we enter the elevator I expect to see his finger push one of the buttons for the parking garage levels so that he can leave the building with his slaves naked but unseen but he pushes the one for the lobby.

"He can't do this to me! I am covered in red welts from being caned and his cum is flowing down my thighs!" my small voice shouts as the elevator sinks to the lobby.

"Of course he can!" the loud one tells me as the doors open to a lobby filled with hundreds of people on this busy Saturday night.

"Now strut your stuff. Act like you are owned by the black man who holds your leash, you slut!" the loud voice yells.

I feel so owned, so abused and so much a slave as Master leads us across the lobby. I feel every hot welt and every chain on my body and know that everyone who sees me knows that Master has just fucked me. His cum is still leaking down my thighs.

Because of my shorter chain I can't see the three other slaves behind me as Master leads us. I hear the sharp tick tack of our heels on the marble and the drag of our ankle chains on the floor as we follow Master through the lobby with every person stopping and staring at our nakedness. We must be quite a sight with ball gags in our mouths and our hands locked behind our backs as we follow Master on our leashes. Every eye must be looking at where my leash ends. I wonder why no one phones the police.

"Master pays enough for his apartment that he can do what he wants when he leaves," my loud voice tells me.

I know that there is only one way to get through the humiliation of what is being done to me. I hold my nearly bald head high and throw my shoulders back to shake my new bigger, pierced, tits while walking proudly through the lobby being led by a chain from my cunt. I sway my ass and show the people my filled other cunt with my long blond hair swaying on my legs as I follow Master like the slave that I am. I can't help myself, I stick my pierced tongue out at every man and woman that stares at me and shake my tits even more. I am actually proud to be owned and displayed as Master's slave with his tattoos on my face and between my tits.

"It feels good to be owned, doesn't it?" my loud voice asks me.

"No, yes!" my small voice yells even as I shake my tits at a woman who turns away in disgust at the sight of me. "She has cum running down her thighs!" she tells anyone who will listen.

It doesn't matter, I feel pretty the way Master has made me look; I have to. My lips are thick and perfect and just the right colour to suck a man's cock and my silver bell rings out so nice and loud above my cunt lips as I walk.

When we get to the doors the body guards open them to lead us across the sidewalk to the limousine that waits for our Master. I feel like the total slave I am as I crawl into the car in front of Master and kneel, wagging my plugged ass at the people looking at me as the other slaves crawl into the car after me. When Master gets into the car he pulls his cock out of his pants and removes my ball gag. I calmly begin to suck on him as people watch before the door is shut.

"Don't make me cum, slave, I just want you to keep me hard for the drive," Master tells me. I nod my head yes as I look up at his eyes with his cock deep in my mouth and slowly slide it into my throat to kiss the lion. Master idly plays with the three braids on my head nearly bald head with his hand as I continue to lick and suck him while we are driven to the airport.

When we are finally close to the airport Master pushes me off his cock. I kneel at his feet with the other slaves feeling my sore mouth as I watch him go soft enough so that Tattoo can put his cock back ion his pants for him.

We don't go to the main terminal but to a huge hanger out on the edge of the airport. As we drive up a small door in the massive building opens to let the limousine in. When we are inside the door to the car is opened for us so we can follow Master out.

I find myself in hell looking up at the biggest plane that I have ever seen being loaded with cages designed to fit the belly of it; each one is holding screaming girls and a few men inside them. The pleas of shrill voices begging to be let go is deafening as Master leads us to an elevator that takes us to a glassed in lounge above us. I am thankful for the silence when the elevator doors shut us in.

When the door opens I see two tall black girls that only can be twins slink toward Master with the grace of cats. They kneel at his feet and rub their bodies on his legs. I am so surprised that it is a while before I see that their faces really do look like cats with whiskers and faces altered to look like jaguars. They have red contacts in their eyes that have vertical slits in them like a cat. They purr loudly at Master's feet as he walks across the room to sit down. He pats their heads and plays with their tits as the girls and Tattoo are freed from their chains and gags while I kneel in front of him; always chained.

Master soon tires of the Jaguars and swats them away. He sees my wide eyes as one of the Jaguars crawls to sniff between my legs and begins to lick his dried cum from me while the other rolls on her back and plays with her open cunt. She dips her finger into her wet hole and brings it to her mouth time and time again as she purrs contentedly while feeding her own juices to herself.

"Do you like my a****ls, slave?" Master asks me as I watch the one who is licking me crawl to lick her twin's cunt. "All my a****ls except for these two are castrated, with the males missing their balls and the females missing their clits. But I love to watch these two cum on the floor at my feet. I even use them from time to time."

I can only nod my head yes.

"Come, and watch my plane being loaded," Master tells me as he lifts me to my feet by my collar and leads me to the window. There is a chain hanging from the top of the window that he locks my collar to.

Master's hand runs up and down the welts on my slave's body, making me wince with each bump then he plays with a nipple, making me shove my chest out and groan in pleasure, "Aren't you happy that you are up here with me as my fancy rather than down below being loaded like cargo?"

I agree with him; I am happier up here, even though I am altered forever, than sitting naked locked in a cage to be loaded into a plane wondering what has happened to me and who will own me. Some of the pretty young girls and boys sit in their cages crying with their heads in their hands while others stand and shake their cages in a mad rage, yelling at the handlers as they ride up the conveyer belt into the plane.

"Would you like to hear my new slaves as they are being loaded into my plane?" Master asks me even as he touches a switch on the wall. Instantly the room we are in fills with the shrieks and cries of woman's voices as they plead to be let go and the loud curses of the men as the cages slowly move up toward the planes gaping cargo door and disappear inside.

Master feels me shudder at the sounds I hear, "I used to d**g them before loading," he whispers in my ear, "but now I know that the experience of being loaded into a plane and taken from the life as they knew it helps to start breaking them into the new life that I and their new master's will give them. Look at the men as they struggle in their cages; they all have erections. If we were closer you would see that most of the girls have very thick nipples and wet cunts as well."

Master leaves me at the window wondering at the truth of what he has said.

I still wonder about what has happened to me since Master bought me, but at least I know it is my own fault as I look down at the misery below. There must be two hundred cages being loaded onto the plane with the last twenty going on empty; waiting for the boys from the Caribbean and South America Master tells me. But there is one final cage going up which has an obese middle aged woman in it with her hand rubbing between her spread legs. She is fingering her cunt as she is being carried up the moving ramp to the plane. Every few seconds the fat new slave looks toward the cargo door and fingers herself harder. The closer she gets the harder she rubs herself until, when her cage finally enters the plane, she comes with her mouth wide open and her body shakes in an orgasm that flops her huge tits around on her chest.

The girls come to stand beside me as I stand chained in front of the window. Asia points out Master's logo on the tall fin of the plane to me. It is a black circle with a gold lion in its centre just like the one tattooed between my slave tits. The lion on the plane has red eyes like Master's Jaguars, though. The black circle sits above a thin white line. I don't need to be told what the white line means after seeing all the young, mostly white, girls and a few men as they rode up the conveyer in their cages to their fate.

The girls begin to tell me stories about Master's island state and how he is given diplomatic immunity wherever he goes in the world because of the size of the island chain he owns and what he sells to the men and women that run the world. He can do whatever he wants in the homes he owns throughout the world. They tell me that Master has a fleet of planes to ferry the hundreds of new slaves he has captured from airport hangers everywhere, just like the one we are in now. I am shocked when I hear the names of presidents, prime ministers and businessmen and women that own slaves. I had no idea that slavery has never been stopped; the colour of the slaves just changed; it is whatever the new owner wants.

"Do you understand just how powerful our Master is? Russia whispers in my ear. I nod and suck on the chain in my mouth as I look at the silver plane filled with miserable, crying women and men.

"He owns everything that he wants."

I see that the entire top half of the plane is for Master and his personal slaves while the cargo hold below is filled with cages, each one holding a brand new slave on their way to the auctions of the East to be sold to whoever wants them. Some might even get lucky and be bought by a master from here; the country they came from while others may end in some brothel in a jungle somewhere on their knees like the girl I heard Master and his guest talk about. I hope that the floor between us and the new slaves is soundproofed so we can't here the cries from below as Master takes us all where he wants.

"Master has found that being loaded into the plane like this shows them what to expect in their new lives. They learn right away that they no longer have any control over their lives, or their bodies" Asia tells me. "When they are inside they are given d**gged water and food to calm them for the long trip ahead of them."

I can only nod my head as I watch the handlers close the cargo doors knowing that I, too, have lost control of my life and body just like them, but I will be riding on the same plane as those miserable slaves without the calming d**gs.

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