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Slave part 8

"If I see you trying to touch yourself I will be f***ed to lock your hands behind you again," she tells me with a grin.

The new cook seems to bring a bright humour with him that we all happily share. I am actually smiling as I eat from the plate on the floor with my hands. I know that I should be crying because I am eating kneeling on the floor but this man's kindness somehow makes everything seem better for a while.

While we eat our simple slave food he tells us that he has been Master's cook for years, looking after his son while he finishes university in Europe. The girls seem confused; Master only has two sons but now they are told of another by this happy man.

"Do you remember when Master's tattooed slave left the island for a while years ago?" he asks the girls.

They look at each other and look up at the cook still confused; being too young to know about what he is talking about. "Yes," he says, ignoring their looks, "he is very proud of the young man that I care for. I am a slave in my own way as I have tended to the boy while he grows to be a man."

The man laughs again and leaves us alone to clean our dishes. My girls are buzzing with this new news while they leave me to clean and dry our dishes.

"I wonder what Master's sons will think when they hear of their new b*****r," Asia asks Russia.

"We can only hope that this new son is not as cruel as the ones we know."

I am still standing at the sink enjoying the freedom of having my hands locked in front of me when Tattoo walks into the room. "Master is having guests tonight, prepare the slave for them." I am starting to be frightened every time I see Tattoo, but I know that she is only doing as Master tells her like we all have to do.

The girls quickly lock my hands to the front of the gold belt around my waist and lead me out into the huge living room. In the centre there is a padded bench that they lead me to. They lay me on my back on it and begin to strap me to it. My arms are locked beneath me out of the way. The bench is short so that my head hangs down with my mouth open to be used by men and women. The girls tie my heels to my thighs with soft rope then use more to pull my knees up to my chest and wide apart. I lay on the bench prepared to be fucked by anyone who wants me as the girls leave me alone in the room.

Servants come and go as they prepare for the party but they ignore me as they go about their tasks. I feel so open, so on display as I lie with my cunt open. I can't help it but I am so wet that my juices drip down my ass onto the leather of the bench I am on. My mouth is as open as my cunt and I crave to have them used by some master or mistress.

"How can you think that you little slut," my small voice screams in my mind.

"Just fill my holes!" the other one yells with the lust that I feel.

It seems like hours but it can't be that long before people start coming into the room. They laugh and talk and occasionally someone will caress my naked body. Many of them take delight in pulling on the chains all over me and jingling the silver bell on my clit. As the night goes on people touch me just enough to keep me on the edge of an orgasm. The women look down at me with lust in their eyes as they play with my clit and pinch my nipples while the men touch me everywhere and push their fingers into my cunt treating at me like the slave I am.

At last, late in the night, a woman pulls up her skirt to sit on my face while a man pushes his cock into my cunt. I lick at her pussy with each thrust the man gives me. When they are done with me they walk away leaving my face covered in with pussy juice and my cunt filled with the man's cum.

People begin to use my body more often as the night goes on. Long ropes of sperm land on me as I lick at every pussy put over my face and suck every cock that is pushed into my mouth. Soon my cunt is so filled with cum that each time a man pumps his sperm into me it just flows down my ass onto the leather bench I am strapped to. I am covered in cum and my face is so wet with pussy juice as I lay there as a toy for Master's guests to use as they please.

A beautiful woman looks down at me while I lick at her hairy cunt to ask if I like what is being done to me. I can only nod my head yes as she cums on my face; I am not allowed to say no. When she is done with me she looks down at me with a sneer. "You are such a little slut aren't you?" she says as she walks away missing the small nod I give her.

I can only nod my head yes at her back and try to hold back a sob as a new man pushes his cock into me and yet another woman sits on my face. My tears mix with the wetness of the new pussy on my face as the man fucks me. I can't help myself, every time a man fills my cunt I tilt my hips up as best I can to urge him to fuck me harder even as I stick my tongue deeper into the pussy on my face.

On dares from the people around me some of the women even begin to lick at the cum flowing out me, but they never touch my clit with their tongues.

It's true what that mistress said to me; I am a slut. I know now that I always will be a slave and I am strangely proud at being called a slut as I feel the chains on my body and hear my silver bell ring out as another man pushes his cock into my cunt while I rub my pierced tongue and lips into the pussy above me.

The night is endless. I am used by the men until I am full of their cum and my face is covered with the juice of the women. Some men don't even fuck me; they just have the girls and Tattoo or even their lady friends stroke their cocks until they cum all over my body.

The party turns into an orgy with the masters and mistresses tearing their expensive clothes off each other. I hear the grunts of passion as the girls and even Tattoo are used by Master's guests. There are loud shrieks from the women as they play in the pool with the men and I am used again and again by anyone who wants to until the sun comes up.

I finally fall asl**p after the last guest leaves. Much later I am shaken awake by Asia as she releases me from the bench. When she has me standing with my hands locked behind my back again I look down at myself to see dried cum all over my body. I want to cry at the sight, but I can't, even as I smell the scent of countless women's pussies on my face.

Tattoo leads us to our cell to chain me on my mat and lock us in. I see that all of us are covered in dried cum as we are led to our cell.

I wonder where Tattoo sl**ps at night as she leaves us in our cell.

"Does Master take her to his bed?" I ask myself lying naked on my mattress feeling so very dirty with my body covered with the sperm of dozens of men and wet from as many women.

This is my second night as a slave and I cry myself to sl**p while lying naked on the thin mat on the floor with my hands locked to the wall above my head feeling so sorry for myself. I have made such a big mistake trusting the bastard that sold me to my new, handsome, Master.

"Did I just think that Master is handsome?" my small voice asks.

"Yes you did," is the answer from my loud voice as I fall fast asl**p.

There are no windows in our cell so I have no idea what time it is when Tattoo wakes us. "Time really doesn't matter now, does it," my small voice tells me. Tattoo frees my hands from the wall and locks them behind my back telling the girls to wash the cum from our slave bodies.

Tattoo looks and smells so fresh and clean while the girls and I reek from the night before. "When you are done cleaning yourselves bring the slave to my room."

The girls take me into the shower and play with me as they wash our bodies. My clit and nipples have calmed down and are finally just extra sensitive. I don't cum each time I am touched but the girls do get me so aroused that I wish that I could. They have me kneel in the shower and lick their cunts while the hot water falls on us as they wash the cum from last night away.

"Do you like licking us clean?" Russia asks me as I lick at Asia's cunt tasting the stale cum in her. There is only one answer that a slave can give. I nod my head yes as I push my tongue deep into the wet cunt above me. Asia begins to moan and pull my face into her as she starts to have her orgasm.

When she is done with me she pushes me across the shower floor so that I can lick Russia's cunt. The blond woman pulls my face tight between her legs as the water pours down on us. I taste the old cum in her as well as I bring her to an orgasm with my tongue.

When the girls are done using me they give us all douches with the special nozzle in the shower. Turning the shower off they dry me off; leaving me needing the release of my own orgasm.

"Get on your knees to take the final plug in your ass," Russia tells me when we are back in our room as she shows me an impossibly huge butt plug with my own blond hair hanging from the end of it. The girls giggle at the look on my face. I remember being told that the last one before Master uses my ass will have my hair in it as I slowly kneel and present my ass to her.

Russia pours oil down my crack and pushes her fingers into my other cunt to prepare me for the huge plug that she holds. Yesterday's doesn't even begin to compare with what is pushed into me now. They told me it would get easier each day but I feel like I am being ripped wide open again as the strong slave pushes the plug into me. When the widest part is in she pushes it home until I feel the base against my quivering ass but this time my aching sphincter doesn't slide down to a narrow neck; it stays spread open almost as wide as the main part buried deep in my ass. The pain of being stretched so wide doesn't go away with this butt plug; Russia holds it in me until I seem to get used to what has been done to me while Asia strokes my face trying to calm my sobs. When the girls finally help me to my feet I bend over wincing at what is being done to me. Doing a little dance in my high heels I wriggle my ass trying to get used to the feel of a telephone pole in me. That's when I feel my own thick, long, blonde hair brushing the back of my legs as it hangs from my ass like a tail, reminding me what they have done to my head, and making me sob again.

"Do you think you are full now?" Asia asks me in her quiet little voice with a smile on her face.

I vigorously nod my head yes hoping to avoid any more surprises, but there is more. As Asia walks behind me my loud voice cries out, "There is always more in this madhouse!"

"These people own you forever and there will always be more," my small voice whispers, "you will see."

Asia comes back in front of me holding a very large plastic egg, "You do know what this is, don't you?"

I shake my head no, simply denying that this can't go on.

Asia slaps my face with her free hand. She slaps it lightly but I understand and sadly nod my head yes; I am not allowed to shake my head no.

It is a vibrating egg and she plans to push it into my cunt. I am already so full with the butt plug; I really don't want anything else in me.

"Bend your legs and squat with your knees spread," Russia tells me, "we will put it into you with you standing."

She supports me from behind while Asia pushes the egg deep into my cunt. I feel its thickness pass the plug in my other cunt and know that I don't have to worry about it falling out of me as long as my tortured ass can keep the pole up my ass in.

When I am standing straight again Asia shows the remote control that she has in her hand, "Do you know what this is?"

I shake my head no to get another slap from Russia.

Asia turns a knob and I feel a throbbing deep in my cunt. I push my hips forward without thinking in my surprise at what I feel.

Asia smiles at me, "If you like that there's more," she chuckles.

"See, there always will be more; accept it. You are a slave now and forever," my loud voice crows proud at her prediction.

Asia turns another knob and the plug in my other filled hole begins to vibrate as well.

"Now we will take you to the slave that waits for you," Russia says as she locks a smaller leash not to my nose but to the ring in the tender skin over my clit. The light weight of the thin chain that pulls down on my most sensitive part drives me crazy with pain and a not so secret delight. The chain and the silver bell hang over my clit to excite me as the toys vibrate inside me and I want to cum but it is never enough.

I am so aroused as I am led out of the room by my clit with the vibrators humming deep inside me and taken down the narrow halls of the slave quarters to Tattoo's room. With each step I take in the high heels that they make me wear I try to make myself cum by squeezing my thighs together but the walk is too short.

"Get used to being led this way," Russia whispers to me as she plays with me by very gently pulling on the leash making the bell on the ring it is attached to tinkle loudly. I feel the pain and quickly follow her as she pulls on the slender leash "Master might not be as kind as I am today when he parades you naked in front of hundreds of people."

"What!" both of my new voices yell in my mind. I am getting worried about having two different voices there while I am not even allowed speak even one word.

I am left frustrated and unable to cum by the pain in my clit as I am led into Tattoo's room and f***ed onto her table once again with the two intruders in my body driving me insane but never giving me the release that I need so bad. The room I am in does has a voodoo look to it. I am right about when I heard that trace of the Caribbean in her voice.

"What is she going to do to me now?" I ask myself as I lie down and spread my legs to show Tattoo my open, dripping cunt and plugged ass while Russia locks my hands to shelves attached to tables by my side.

Tattoo walks into the room and puts her hands on me, "Please turn off the vibrators," she tells Asia. "We need her steady. I don't want this slave cumming every few minutes while we make her prettier."

"Every time Tattoo says that she is going to make me prettier I end up looking more like a circus freak," I think to myself, but I lay there quietly without struggling at her words. What else can I do? I am always chained and I can't stop them from doing what they want to me.

"Someday I will escape." I think to myself as I look up the slaves around me and suck on the chain in my mouth. I can't help doing that; it's always there. I think of it is something that Tattoo has given to me to constantly reminding me to never speak again.

The girls begin to work on my fingernails as Tattoo continues to touch my body; admiring her work so far. Her hands roam freely over me, touching me everywhere.

"Your tits are getting bigger," she tells me as she plays with tight chain between my nipples.

She's right, yesterday when I was lying in the sun there was slack on the chain. I moan at what is being done to me.

"Don't worry," she tells me, "when they finish growing I will weld more links to the chain to ease your nipples."

I actually want to thank her for that kindness as I lie on her table feeling her hands on my body; they touch each ring and chain and caress my new fat lips. She looks at the tattoos on my face and chest and smiles at me, "These are healing well, slave."

While Tattoo is playing with my cunt Master walks into the room. The girls instantly get off their stools to kneel at his feet. Tattoo just looks at him and sighs, "Master," as she continues to play with me. "See how your fancy responds to my every touch," she purrs as she makes me squirm on the table with her finger on my clit. I hope that she will make me cum in front of Master but she stops just as I am close, leaving me panting on the table.

Master and Tattoo begin to talk about me as she lifts her wet finger to his mouth to give him a taste of me. I feel that I am not even there as they as they discuss about what has been done to me and what will be done with me when I am taken to Master's island. I hear them talk about shortened tendons so I can't walk without heels and things they want done to my face and body by the plastic surgeon. The thing that scares me the most is the hysterectomy I am to have.

"I won't have her occasionally unavailable," Master tells Tattoo.

"Yes, like all your slaves, that will be done to her."

"Are you happy that I waited a little while before I had you fixed?" Master asks Tattoo. She leans against his strong body, "Yes, I look forward to seeing my son for the first time."

Master just says, "Pierce her thighs like the sides of her body," and walks away.

"Yes Master."

Tattoo turns to the girls when Master leaves the room, "What are you kneeling there for! Finish her nails! Bring me my piercing tools!" she tells them in a quiet, strained voice.

The room is quiet as the girls glue inch long nails to my fingers while Tattoo gives me more piercings and laces them with even more ribbons. I look like I am wearing a corset from my chest to my knees now.

Tattoo pours special oil from an ornate bottle over my body telling the girls to rub it in. She has them turn me over to do the same with my back. "Now take her out to tan." She tells them.

The girls lead me out by the clit leash to the sun deck and lock me to a lounge chair to bask in the sun while they play in the pool. I actually drowse off in the warmth of the sun after a while. Every once in a while I am woken by the girls as they turn me over. I feel like something in an oven but the sun soon calms me back to sl**p each time.

I am kept in the sun all day and almost feel normal as I lay with my arms and legs locked to the corners of the lounger. When the sun gets lower in the sky Tattoo joins the girls in the pool. I am hot and sweaty and I know that I smell like a cat in heat as I listen to the girls and Tattoo play in the cool water. They scream and shriek as they play a game of 'lick my cunt'. One of the three slaves will lie on her back in the water and play with herself while the other two fight to be the one to lick her cunt and make her cum.

I lay chained in the twilight as I listen to the girls play in the water. I hear Tattoo squeal when Asia catches her in a corner of the pool to lick her cunt and give her an orgasm.

Tattoo pants hard and holds Asia's head to her cunt to shout out, "Oh, you slut, you," as she cums on the girls face. When she is done she playfully pushes the little girl away yelling, "Next!" And the game begins all over again.

When the sun sets Tattoo gets out of the pool with a smile that says that she has lost more often she has won on her face. "Master has two guests tonight, make the slave ready. Take her to the second bedroom for their use."

I am led to a large room with a huge bed in the centre and made to keel just inside the door above a ring in the floor that my leash is attached to with my hands locked to the chains on my collar so that I can hold my tits up offering them to any master to use as they please. The egg is pulled from my cunt but the plug is left in my ass so I feel my own hair on my legs. I dare not move even an inch as I kneel with the chain in my clit holding me locked to the floor. Hours later two men come into the room to use me as they want. They use the key that they have to free me from the floor and take me to the bed.

Hours later, when they are done with me, they leave me lying on the bed covered in their sperm and needing to cum myself. I cry at being so used, so given like a whore to strange men for their own pleasure; men whose names I will never know.

"You liked those men using you, didn't you," the small voice says as I push my crotch up into the air in the empty room, wanting more.

"No, fuck you!" my louder voice cries even as I lie on the bed with the cum of two men oozing out of my wet cunt and drying all over my tits and face. I feel so very used; so slutty and wet. I want to touch myself to give myself some release but my hands are locked away out of reach like I know that they always will be.

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