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Sir Has A Guest

I paced nervously about my hotel room as I awaited my guest. It seemed unreal somehow. Was this merely another of the many dreams I had had so often about this day. No, I was in a strange hotel room hoping to make physical what had been an amazing fantasy. I worried perhaps that my guest had decided against this meeting we had spent so much time planning.

I met Chris about six months before by chance in a chat room. Something had drawn me to Chris. Something I could not quite put my finger on. A couple of innocent flirtatious chats quickly moved to exciting erotic exchanges. We exchanged pictures and e-mails. Our chats were filled with passion and lust as well as friendly chatter. When we began to talk of meeting, my desire to go further with Chris erased any fears I had.

Now that the meeting time was here, those fears were strong. Questions ran through my mind as I paced nervously around the small room. Would we be as excited with each other in person as we were on-line? Was I making a horrible mistake? As if to reassure myself, I went to my bag and withdrew a picture of Chris. One look into his amazing blue eyes told me all would be fantastic. I sat on the edge of the bed staring at Chris’s picture and drifted off into a fantasy of holding his sexy body next to mine. I was returned to reality by a loud knock on the door.

As I stood to answer the knock and pursue whatever the fates had in store for me. I felt the uncomfortable pressure of my hardening manhood being bent into an unnatural position in my pants. I quickly adjusted myself in a futile attempt to conceal my aroused state. I opened the door feigning a casualness I did not feel. Chris stood in the doorway with his head slightly bowed in a respectful fashion. Though I wanted to grab him up in my arms, his demeanor allowed me to easily slide into the dominate roll we so enjoyed on-line.

“Come in, Chris,” I said, commandingly.

He immediately complied. As soon as the door was closed behind him, Chris spoke softly, “Thank you for allowing me to visit you, Sir.”

My heart raced as I looked Chris over. He was so sexy standing there in his cutoff jeans and tee shirt, his head tilted downward. His broad smile and bulging shorts revealed his happiness at being with me. I placed my hand on his chin and raised his face up so that I could look into his eyes. I stared deeply into the blue pools that were like windows into his gentle loving soul. His expression told me he was mine. I leaned forward until our lips touched. As my tongue slid out, Chris opened his lips eagerly accepting my probing. My hands slid around his body as our kiss deepened. I pulled him close as my tongue darted in and out of his warm mouth playing tag with his tongue. I rubbed myself against him aching to feel his warm skin. Summoning all my will, I broke the kiss and went to sit on the edge of the bed.

Chris turned and spoke meekly, “Sir, have I displeased you in someway?”

“No, Chris, but it is time you revealed yourself to me, so that I may enjoy your sexy body!”

Chris smiled at my command and in a large voice said, “Yes, Sir!” as he pulled his tee shirt over his head.

My heartbeat quickened at my first sight of Chris’s smooth sensual chest. I watched in breathless anticipation as his hands dropped the buttons on his shorts. Slowly, almost teasingly he unbuttoned his fly, being careful not to let me see anything that the shorts concealed. When the last button was undone, Chris let the shorts fall to the floor. His cock sprung free, emerging like a charmed snake through the opening in his stylish boxers. As he kicked his shorts aside, Chris put his thumbs into his waistband and slowly lowered his boxers. As he stood before me nude, I involuntarily licked my lips.

“I hope I do not disappoint you, Sir,” Chris said, anxiously.

“Quiet pet! Turn around and let me see that sweet ass!” I commanded.

Chris quickly and silently turned around. I instructed him not to move and quickly stripped off my own clothes. Resisting an urge to run to Chris and take him in my arms, I casually walked over to him. I kissed the back of his neck and ran my hands over his shoulders and upper back. My fingertips walked down his spine. I felt him shiver as I traced the small of his back with my thumb. Then I cupped Chris’s buttocks and kneaded his firm ass flesh. Chris jumped slightly when my fingers dug softly into his ass cheeks. I slid my hands around to Chris’s abdomen and drew him close to me. My hard cock pressed into him as I brought my mouth to his ear and flicked my tongue along the edge.

As my hands moved up to his chest and began teasing his hard nipples I whispered, “Tell me Chris, are you here to be my pet and let me unleash your passion by using your sexy body for my erotic pleasure?”

“I am here for whatever you desire, Sir. As always I am yours to use as you see fit, “Chris moaned as my tongue caressed his ear and my warm breath flooded the side of his face.

I pulled back slightly and slapped Chris’s ass playfully before spinning him around to face me. He smiled broadly and though I wanted to convey the serious look of a stern Master, my inner joy caused me to beam back at him. I reached down and took hold of his cock and began stroking the length of his throbbing shaft. Almost immediately the look on Chris’s face told me he was close to loosing control.

I barked, “Do not cum without permission, slut!”

He whimpered, “Please Sir, you excite me so much, I do not know if I can control it.”

I took my hand from his cock reached behind him and slapped his ass hard. The sting on my palm told me his ass must be burning, but he showed no signs of pulling away.

“You will do as you are told, slut!”

Chris whimpered slightly, “Yes, Sir, and I expect you will correct me if I fail.”

I smiled at him and told him that I was sure he would not fail me. I had ‘punished’ him many times on-line and enjoyed the feeling of my hand slapping against his sweet ass. However, at that moment, with this sweet young man standing before me trembling slightly with his cock throbbing form the excitement of being with me, I wanted nothing more then to taste his sweet cock and have him shoot his thick cream into my hungry mouth. But, I managed to maintain the image of the stern Master a while longer.

I took Chris’s hand and led him to the bed. I sat on the end of the bed and ordered Chris to his knees. Finally, I was going to feel his lips on my cock as I had imagined so many times before. Chris kneeled motionless before me, awaiting my command.

“Is there something you desire, slut?” I asked casually.

“Oh yes Sir! I desire to pleasure you. May I use my tongue and lips on your magnificent cock and balls, Sir?” he replied.

I nodded and watched as Chris began to lick my swollen shaft as if it were a sweet, delectable treat. My cock began to glisten with a mixture of his saliva and my own pre-cum. Chris made purring like sounds as he licked the sticky fluid from my gaping cum slit. My body began to jerk in spasms of pleasure as his lips and tongue gently caressed my cum laden balls. I moan his name and told him what a hot little cock sucking slut he was as I pushed his head down gently forcing him lower. Chris’s tongue found that most sensitive spot behind my ball sack sending shivers along my spine. As I pushed him lower, Chris carefully spread my ass cheeks with his fingers and began to lick my puckering asshole. I squirmed and pressed against his face encouraging his tongue to enter me. I was in heaven when the tip of his hot wet tongue wormed its way into my tight sphincter. Within minutes I was afire with orgasmic lust.

“I cried out, “Suck me my sweet, sexy, slut! Make your mouth a pussy and milk my hot cock!”

Without hesitation, Chris kissed his way up my shaft and covered my precum coated cock with his lips. I held his head and pushed upwards sliding my cock into his mouth. He met my upward thrust by sliding his lips down my shaft. My cock met no resistance as it slid into his obviously experienced throat. I gasped as Chris deep throated me like a veteran whore. He bobbed up and down on me; fucking me with his sweet talented mouth. I screamed as my cock twitched and cum sprayed into Chris’s mouth. He held the upper part of my convulsing cock in his mouth as he sucked and swallowed. Chris was seemingly determined to drink every last drop of my thick, musky semen. Unable to take the intense stimulation any longer, I pulled my cock out of Chris’s mouth.

Chris looked up at me and I saw a small bit of my cum dribble over his lip. I saw his throat move as he swallowed what remained in his mouth. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to me, smiling and staring into his beautiful eyes. I licked the last drop of my cum form Chris’s lip and then kissed him deeply. Breaking the kiss, I beckoned Chris to stand before me. His hard enticing cock danced just inches form my face. Precum oozed over his tantalizing mushroom shaped cock head. It was almost as if I could see the large vein below the head pulsating. I took hold of Chris’s hips and pulled him forward. I lapped up his sweet precum before taking his spongy cock head in my lips. I kissed and sucked his glans as I began massaging his tight balls.

“Oh god, Sir! It is so amazing being with you, I know I shall not be able to control myself for long,” Chris moaned.

I grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed hard. I looked up at him and told him f***efully that he was not to cum until I released my grip. Unable to speak, he nodded his understanding. His eyes closed and his head fell back as I began to suck up and down the remainder of his throbbing cock. The hand not holding his shaft continued to massage his tight balls as my tongue and lips worked his delicious cock. Chris shook as he valiantly struggled with his body’s explosive desires. His moans of ecstasy echoed off the hotel room walls. I pushed my hand lower on his balls and began to work my finger into his tight ass. Chris cried out as he continued to struggle with his need to cum.

I released my grip and pushed my lips to the base of Chris’s hot shaft. His soft, bushy, blond pubic hair tickled my nose and lips as his cock throbbed in my throat. The removal of my hand from his shaft gave Chris the permission he craved. I plunged my finger deep into Chris’s ass and raked my teeth along his shaft as I pulled my mouth halfway back. I sucked hard on his cock and Chris exploded sending spurts of hot thick cum to the back of my mouth. He shot burst after burst of sweet cum down my throat as his hips twitched violently in my hands. Chris cried out and his body convulsed as the powerful orgasm overwhelmed him. I never wanted to release that sweet cock, but it seemed he would collapse if I did not.

I pulled Chris onto the bed with me and we lay together. I kissed and caressed my sweet pet gently, overjoyed to find that reality was even more exciting then our on-line play had been. Chris whimpered thank you Sir, to me in a dreamy voice. As I began to doze, I thought how fabulous it was going to be fuck Chris’s tight ass for the first time when we awoke from our nap. I pulled Chris close and dropped off into a deep sl**p. I am sure I slept with a broad smile on my face as my body rested and recharged for more play.

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